Pill Heads and Pole Cats

Compared to last week fiery diatribe, this week’s show was somewhat subdued. However, I’ve changed the original title [subdude] to one that seems more fitting. The moral of the week for myself was, never drink whiskey on a full moon.

roxy shirt

The above is one of the many fine fashionable [root of word being fasci] shirts available for young women under the fine “Roxy” brand, which as I pointed out, not so coincidentally, helps promote the latest pharmaceutical mind-destroying cocktail [oxycodone] being, if you prefer, “marketed” to or more accurately, “triggered” in the mass collective of sleeping children [the hypnopaedia].


Hence, a fair part of the show was devoted to the epidemic of pain-killers and other fashionable mind-numbing cocktails being heavily cross-promoted to our youth today [unavailable]. While in the near future, it may prove daunting to find a woman over 25 who’s anus hasn’t been rendered utterly useless [previously addressed], for now, it is already a challenge finding one that isn’t a pill-head.

blue riobunny shitboy basket

Aside from a perverse amount of ass references, degenerative social engineering, and the otherwise inexplicable featuring of one temple doggie named Russell Brand [noted previously], what do the above films all have in common? They are aimed at children. For those who are starting to grasp how NLP works, feel free to substitute the world “children” with the more appropriate phrase, “future degenerates.”

For those who’s eyes are still sealed wide shut, yes it is supposed to appear that the tree branch is going up the male blue-bird’s ass. I hadn’t realized the two latter films were also released at the same time of the year, not having seen the above posters until after the show. If you recall the shitting and eating of beans out of the rabbit’s ass, it should be obvious the chocolate bunnies represent turds, and if you saw “Despicable,” you’ll know the answer to the question “What’s the best gift a studio mogul could get?” A basket of little boy penises, what else could be better?

house of liesdavid in earth's shitthe shit boat

One of the main reasons I am so fed up with this alternative media [aka the truth movement] and have thus filed for divorce from it, is because it is composed of far too many people talking about “common sense” and “critical thinking,” but hardly any whom actually either have common sense or think critically.

As discussed, the mythos of Lord Rothschild’s “lighting-fast” schooners, may have been, full of shit [noted long ago]. Hence, it seems all too appropriate then, that the youngest notable Rothschild, David, is allegedly sailing across the Western Ocean in a boat made of [the Earth’s] shit. Do note the poster for the sanctioned Rothschild fable, features support for the Thor’s Children idea I’ve spoken of.

penis state wigs

One thing for sure, is that as time moves forward from here on, things are gonna weirder; a heck of a lot weirder than groups of women running around dressed as penises. Though, perhaps that really depends on our perspective? Honestly, if we stop and look around us today, can we say that trends, idioms, fashions, despoilations, and mutilations of the recent past, aren’t already beyond weird?

stupid fashions

We can go from the gross thoughtlessness of uttering a word like uncircumcised [last week’s topic], to unfat, unbald, unmolested, unmutilated, to eventually, one that may make some sense in the future world, which is the now, unstupid.

coin slut, get it?slut diarrhea

Is there hope? As the story I closed the show off with highlighted, perhaps, but only if our women stop being end-products of the social engineering, stop being cruel whores, and start being whole again [instead of just holes]. Us remaining “men,” wherever the vagina goes, we will follow.

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Oct 2010: Back on the Right Track [2] Mar 2010: My Dinner with Andros [4]

Note: Prior to Sunday’s show, I was a guest on Question 46 with John Preston to discuss Neuro Linguisitc Programming. I feel it went well and would make for good intro to any you may know, that you want to introduce to the topic or this rebel, sans fear of their reaction should they tune in and hear their mothers referred to as prostitutes. ๐Ÿ˜† Here’s said show: [unavailable].

~ by celticrebel on April 18, 2011.

32 Responses to “Pill Heads and Pole Cats”

  1. This pill head want’s to see how deep the rabbit whole goes ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. You may find this interesting, Ads going back to the 50’s some of them., the content of which exposes and highlights the Agenda propagated by the Medes. Its clear with eyes to see that the Death agenda in full effect today was seeded so so many years ago and put into the Humane Psyche insidiously at every level.
    Thanks reb, keep it [your work!] up

    LINK1: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/david-walliams-awfully-good/4od#3181991

    [This site is specific to the channel that aired the programme, if this content is unavailable outside of the UK i do suggest viewing it on t’ Tube….here]

    LINK2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mkw0mkL814o

  3. The Rebel path: the best show on the internet.

  4. By the way, I was thinking of the term or expression that’s used commonly these days, the phrase “it’s an eye opening experience”, yeah. I wonder which eye this may be referring to? Gee.. Hmm.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. notskeebo, put a wig, some lipstick, and a Louis Vitton purse on that, and you’ve summed up your average Florida gal.

    stephen aka digital sickness, unfortunately, neither of those linked vids is available in my area. This “region coding” bullcrap is likely another means of controlling/shaping slight differences among planned “groups” of pee-pols.

    deer1234, barring the show put on by those Naughty Nuns down the street, I’d have to agree. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Wes Tilson, well, I guess we both know the answer to that, though it’s a safe bet those more sucks-ass-full than ourselves can confirm with authority.

  6. “As you start to mature, you suddenly start to question ‘why am even bothering with this’?

    And it’s at THAT point that maybe that voice will speak to you and say, ‘Ah! this is about your self discovery!”

    – M Tsarion

  7. Great show as usual. Women have never been so divided amongst themselves as they are now: Nappy headed hoes brawl at Rutgersfest ’11

  8. good&diverse show, little bit of everything, kyle hunt should be co-host on the rebel path every now and then, love his insights…, eugene fix taht skype ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hey mr Re-bell, did you contact M.Tsarion recently? you mentioned a while back how you wooud try to get gim o nthe show sometime, I think it would be an awesome show, even hour or two, or anal stuff even got Tsarion scared ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Also that blogger person aferrismoon was a pretty interesting guest one time, if I remember correctly..

    did anybody seen Cronenberg’s movie ‘ExistenZ’ from y 1999, what a flick, lot of symbolism and allegory as usual, some subtle anal degenerative content also inside, very very interesting movie, check it out folks,

    thanks for all your effort, cheers, from balkan

    p.s. more nlp related topics are welcome imo ๐Ÿ™‚ in the future on the rebel path, bye

  9. “How to fight the New Galactic Order?”

    Let me rephrase this question to:

    “How do I not aid the New Galactic Order?”

    Alex already said it, you must think critically, always. This is the best advice you can possibly get! The rest then comes automatically. No critical thinker would give his consent to his own destruction, now would he?

    Nobody is forcing you to pay hard-earned $15 for the privilege of being programmed with someone elses ideas at a 3D cinema in your spare time, for example.

    I’m afraid that most people must come to this conclusion by themselves, or else they will resist any change they have to do to themselves… Personally, I happily consider any advice, and it was good advice coming from the Rebel! Thank you!!

    Fantastic show once again!

  10. Shattered Butterfly, that’s a nice quote. If only more would hurry up and get that realization. ๐Ÿ™„

    Dion Duffield, I could only stomach so much of that reality, knowing full-well the social engineers pop the champagne corks, having wildly succeeded in their efforts to turn girls into boys and boys into “girls at heart” [to lift a phrase from declan].

    longtime_listener_reader, we can only speculate as to whether scheduled and unscheduled guests shy away, be it the obvious, or the one unpopular topic more feared, “diet.” David Cronenberg, the director of eXistenZ, is one twisted fuck, but good at his craft (that movie referenced).

    Uptide, thank you. Well put. As I emphasized long ago, far too many among us complain about the horrific man-eating beast in the forest, while devoting most of our time and finances to hauling vast amounts of food to the forest’s edge.

  11. Thank you for making me “comment of the week” and for your response about circumcision.

    I had a good laugh about the comparison with the 10 fingers and the unbeheaded people.

  12. Thanks for addressing the ‘pill heads.’ It definitely should be talked about more often.. It’s a huuuggee problem that gets treated like it’s nothing and ignored by many. So many beautiful, capable people are turned into complete drones as communities are taken over by it.

  13. Missed the show due to a Jeremy ‘worms’ related problem, but will share some new-ish UK music with you:

    VID: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfJMqUN0FCE

  14. Especially if the hard earned 15 whatever has been done helping them. Remember who emitted this phony money. At least don’t use it to torture yourself on a 3D movie, get it off course and help locally ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. http://www.southparkstudios.com/clips/104279/sac-history

    Hey Rebel this one is just for you.

  16. Dear celtic, You are very definitely on the right track with occult secrets of how to work within this system of chaos.

    I’m not sure you are aware of it, but your leanings are going in the real direction of help for others.

    If you continue to care—you WILL make a difference.

  17. Biggi, it was an awsome comment, and based on the number of upvotes it got, many others felt so too.

    Lee, thanks. It is ridiculous how this epidemic of ridiculous proportions which has spared no social caste, and is destroying the minds of so many, gets such little attention.

    JK, we’re gonna have to send in the dewormers after Jeremy one of these days. Not a bad song.

    effel, Metro Bob said, “but, 3D movies are cool!”

    carolks, thank you! It is good to be reminded, that there are a few out there who are both listening and hearing.

  18. Ah yes, Some Bunny Loves you. I found that t-shirt online a while back and thought about you Alex.

    While there are those who are drugging themselves and numbing themselves on for fun on purpose there is there is the psychiatric industry which claim people have diseases they don’t really have, and give them pills which make them worse.

    Watch this short video on Psychiatry today (5 minutes)

    Uptide made a great point. Fighting against the system will only feed into the duality. By making our force against it stronger, the other side will not collapse as some may think, but feed into it.

    Those who proclaim they are “fighting the new world order” have already lost.

    Who are we? Who are we deep down inside?

    We donโ€™t know because every time we hear an answer that we donโ€™t want to accept about ourselvesโ€ฆ We DENY it. Weโ€™ll pass it off to somebody else and judge them for it.

    This is repression and we see what repression can do to us on an individual level, but what about on a collective level of humanity?

    What happens when the whole world refuses to truly see what they truly are on the inside?

    – Kymatica (film)

    Sorry for taking up a lot of space here, but I feel that needed to be shared

  19. Hey Alex,

    Great show, really enjoyed it! Just found this article on Henry Makow’s site. I think you’re starting to really make an impact, check it out:


    Thanks man, keep up the AWESOME work! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I found a video speaking a little about the earthquake in Japan.

    Is it safe to visit Japan? Where to and where not?

  21. I guess there are some, besides me, who enjoy not just the rebel rants but also the soul enriching bumper music. Well, with some googling of lyrics and some help from the rebel himself, I was able to get a collection of around 80 of the songs. So, here it is, The Unofficial Rebel Path Playlist

    Adam & The Ants โ€“ Stand and Deliver
    Angelic Upstarts โ€“ Im an Upstart!
    Anti-Nowhere League โ€“ Streets of London
    Billy Bragg – Great Leap Forward
    Blondie โ€“ 11.59
    Camper van Beethoven โ€“ All Her Favorite Fruit
    Crass โ€“ Big A Little A
    Elvis Costello – Green Shirt
    Elvis Costello โ€“ Next Time Round
    Elvis Costello – The Psycho Song
    English Beat – The Tears of a Clown
    Graham Parker โ€“ Donโ€™t Bother With the Local Girls
    Hazel OConnor – 8th Day
    Heaven 17 โ€“ Temptation
    Hรผsker Dรผ โ€“ These Important Years
    Hรผsker Dรผ โ€“ Up In The Air
    Jill Sobule โ€“ All The Young Dudes
    Marshall Crenshaw โ€“ Knowing Me Knowing You
    Marshall Crenshaw โ€“ My Back Pages
    Matthew Sweet โ€“ Evangeline
    Mojo Nixon โ€“ Burn Down the Malls
    Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue – Where the Wild Roses Grow
    Nick Lowe โ€“ Ragin Eyes
    Nick Lowe โ€“ So It Goes
    Oingo Boingo โ€“ Only a Lad
    OMD – 88 Seconds in Greensboro
    Paul Kelly โ€“ Bradman
    Paul Kelly โ€“ Deeper Water
    Paul Kelly โ€“ From Little Things Big Things Grow
    Paul Kelly โ€“ When I First Met Your Ma
    Payolas โ€“ Jukebox
    Pixies – Where is my Mind
    Pogues โ€“ If I Should Fall from Grace with God
    Pretenders โ€“ Mystery Achievement
    Ramones โ€“ The Return of Jackie and Judy
    Robyn Hitchcock โ€“ A Globe of Frogs
    Robyn Hitchcock โ€“ If You Were a Priest
    Robyn Hitchcock โ€“ Queen Elvis
    Saints โ€“ Just Like Fire Would
    Squeeze โ€“ In Quintessence
    Stiff Little Fingers – Silver Lining
    Stranglers โ€“ Duchess
    Stranglers โ€“ No More Heroes
    They Might Be Giants โ€“ Women and Men
    Titรฃs – Epitafio
    Toyah โ€“ Dance
    Ultravox – Vienna
    Utah Saints โ€“ Dreaming
    Utah Saints – Something Good
    Vigil โ€“ White Magic Spell
    Waterboys โ€“ Bang on the Ear
    Waterboys โ€“ Church Not Made With Hands
    Wolfsheim โ€“ Once in a Lifetime
    X โ€“ Johnny Hit and Run Paulene
    X – See How We Are
    XTC – Making Plans for Nigel

  22. Butterfly, thought of me? In what way? ๐Ÿ˜ณ My ex-wife, the truth movement, focused far too much on blame and trivia, and spend none of it improving herself. Ben, who made Kymatica, is one of the few people in the industry I respect; he had the balls to address the vegetarian/cruelty topic, and graphically.

    Wes Tilson, not sure about that take. Though his update is nice, he ends up linking to an article promoting dupes and low-level operatives. Better put: the “movement” came out of a rabbit/shit hole. Let’s crawl up it?

    LAN, Leon, but this go against everything Billy Deagle said about the DISASTER, which he said was “an extinction level event.” ๐Ÿ˜† Other than suggesting people give money to the red cross, that lad’s aok.

    jon, using a bit of Find/Replace along with Sort, I cleaned up your list a bit. While not complete (have probably played bits of at least 200 songs now), let’s add:

    4-Skins (The) – One Law for Them
    Circle Jerks (The) – Killing For Jesus
    Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Geno
    Margareth Menezes – Dandalunda
    Nikos Ziogalas – Veroia Thessalonikh Athina
    Replacements – Bastards of Young

  23. VID: http://vimeo.com/22015344 [ed: features feces, watch at own risk]

    also, roxy isn’t a brand, but a girl i know, who promotes parties in new york city. she is pretty terrible and has bad teeth. roxy cottontail is the name she goes by. shes jaded, and a big ho in those circles.

  24. Forgot The Sisters of Mercy. Lucrecia, my reflection played on the show. And it’s Nick Lowe, not Nick Love ๐Ÿ˜›

    PS: And also Berlin, No more words (a top 40 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ) and Sex

  25. Nlp is basically black magic. It is used to control the darkfroces that are locked inside our aura. Much of which entered our aura though the TV music and other means. In many self help programs nlp is taught as being a good thing ie you get what you want but at what cost? The pharmaceutical industry also prescribes drugs to keep these forces locked in our aura. People may feel better after taking drugs but the underlying problem is kept locked in by the drugs. If you really think about it you have to experience your programming out move though it not dulls it out with drugs. (It can be hard to expercne the weight of your unconscious in your conscious perception. Itโ€™s like sucking shit though a straw ha ha thought you might like that one. Programming is such a light word for this matter it is a very dark and sinister force at work. On the bright side it is amazing to see a lot of people with original thought s and who can express those selves as the thought has to battle a shit load of programming to reach the top of our minds and be expressed.

    Great show Alex keep up the good work. And thank you, you are helping a lot of people.

    PS: Hereโ€™s one for the juke box. Whip my tittles back and forth (youtube)
    [ed: some things are best left unseen, a shirtless fat guy doing the above is one]

  26. You should cite Alan Watt for your whole Rothschild spiel. I heard him say the same thing years ago.

  27. hahaha, I had to edit the link, even though that video isn’t far from what we see now. As for your friend “Roxy,” I’d imagine were she to literally hop down any trail, she’d leave behind a bunny trail of pellets she’s now physically unable to hold in.

    effel, and let’s not leave out the [now] on-topic “Mr. Rabbit,” by The Ophelias.

    Ben, I’ll agree on the dark nature of the programming, which is a form of sorcery. As for auras, I’m wondering if our auras are a reflection of our internal stargate, the only athereal light that can escape the [consumptive] black holes we’ve become.

    Rolf Eder, based on prior comments, I think you’re under the impression I’ve heard more than a few hours of Watt. Wasn’t aware he did a similar comic routine. Though, if he had used common sense to arrive at same conclusion regarding the poorly written myth before me, that speaks well of him.

  28. Could this be an homage to the rebels work?

  29. In Hop, E.B. leaves Easter Island via the new and improved rabbit hole and ends up in…… you guessed it, Hollywood. I’ll bet in all of it’s 3-D glory this is where your brain turns to gooey-goo.

  30. Hi Alex

    here’s a rap about being a vegetarian I thought you might like it.


  31. hey bud. thought this might intertest you. Article on the “ID Canal”


  32. Hey Matt,

    Nice find, I fear that when ole Jaye C. gets on the Daily Show and Gary Burbank they will innevitably rip him a new opening to his Id canal. Thus minimizing his findings.

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