A Good Year for the Apples [II]

Alex Robinson (NZ) was back this week for Part II of Good Year for the Roses. However, before we delved into that arena (basically yet another shithole of endless codes for anal put before us by the temple doggies), it was important to take a step back and remind ourselves exactly why we are here:

lucy winelove the penis monsterlucy apple

For those scratching their heads now, that reason would be to be human . As highlighted by my stories of the week early on in the show, that simple task can prove quite the challenge, when the nu-hams we are surrounded by are eagerly rushing in the opposite direction, determined to drag us [down] with them.


While a lovely variant of Lucy may have escaped my clutches, the experiences were helpful to my humanity, and good material for the show [above and downloadable].

girls love dickwhore university

Now, I’m not recommending the Rebel’s snatch, drug and relocate your daughter plan as the solution for everyone, but can rest my laurels on one aspect of it. If you send your daughter to university, there’s a virtual guarantee she will end up a whore. With the former option, she may at worst, have to prostitute herself for a meal early on, but regardless of what happens, she will never end up as a whore.

The first image [below] was sent to me by one jonfan, and represents a creature met by one astral traveller during a hallucinogen trip. Yes, very very interesting.

lucifer visionjesus likes adam

Alex touched on her thoughts regarding Jehovah as the archetypal narcissist, settings an example of how not to parent that would last eons. I’m sure some will have a hard time contemplating the sense she made, but that’s just programming.

Alex [M]: “Guess the name of the game the kids were playing: cornhole!”

Alex [F]: “You have raised my hopes and dashed them most expertly.”

Speaking of the programming, for those engaging in the sponsored spring orgy rituals taking place all over approved locations in North and Central America: hotel managers be advised, start buying darker sheets. Christianized Anal is, of course, sanctioned upon high; not like we didn’t see that coming [spoken of many a time]

apple assgay matrix

Eventually, we got into the main topic [as advertised on the venue], which is Apples, but as stressed, particularly during this series of shows, the rabbit hole [of stynks] is endless when you begin to explore this symbol [¿perhaps, an aural cymbal?[. The Apple is in some instances, as Alex suggests, just A Pill, something else for as to swallow before the rape of our minds [or in some cases, ass] begins.

FYI: Yes, both of the man-boys displayed in the above [right] image are in fact, authenticated images of The One: Key-Anus. Bamboozled “awoken” followers of The New Gospel According to The Matrix, will just have to deal with this nugget.

dkny applescandy for kidsapple brown ass

Sometimes the apple/a-pill is “red,’ but the [alleged] “choice” can be presented to us in a variety of colors. Honestly, it doesn’t matter what colors of the spectrum our false options come in, all that matters is that we swallow them. Hm, why are “delicious” candy apples always covered in some type of sugary brown substance?

isaac newtonsnow white

“For kids?” How else would we swallow these ridiculous fables of Ben Franklin and such? As sodomite occultists like Morpheus have learned, you must rape the mind/ass early [and often] to create a perpetual victim, aka “a model citizen.”

Newton was truly amazing: he learned that you couldn’t discover GRAVITY, unless you first found a source of [SH]IT from which to mix the GRAVY in. The media will gladly hand us dolts an unlimited amount of A-PILL’s to ingest daily, but those who have uncovered Solomon’s Key, are consuming a different lot of APPLES.

it gravy boyit scared girl

Are the above images from the movie Alex recalled another example of “gravitas,” or just yet another gravy-toss in our collective stupid faces/feces? Did I [during the show] refer to such people as “seedy?” Hm, apples are loaded with seeds.

apple muffinhole choiceapple butthole

Many others have written of how The Apple [when sliced length-wise] can represent the feminine, be it the sacred or the luscious physical delight. But, nothing is ever all that simple. As I was to personally discover through blind chance, what you see, depends on how you slice it. Yes Eve/Lucy, I missed your sublime hint.

We have options. One road leads to life; the other [as one whirling dervish of a flighty muse once chimed] “death.” I need not point out which is which, right?

sexual variationsraped boy

As [regularly] discussed, how often do we repeat/digest the memes given/fed to us without question? An Apple a Day? You are the Apple of my [brown] Eye? Empire and epoch-destroying Apples of Discord. Snow White’s poison Apple/Apill [which was also red]. And let’s not forget: Apple Brown Betty. 😯

Weren’t there already more than a plethora of clues that a “seedy” element lie behind William Tell’s amazing threading/slicing of his own son’s apple? And let’s not forget the countless stargate traversing pine-apples from Don’t Go West.

brown eye opengolden asspenis worm

Didn’t occur to me until after I wrote this up, that the Apple of Discord was golden [that will make more sense after the follow-up regarding golden-asses]. I’m sure when you to begin to look around yourself, you will find countless more. Be careful not to lose an eye in the process, and above all, try not to be a Dick about it.

dick cheneymy name is earlearl bottom

While it may make for higher ratings were I to to continuously yell out “end of the world” or “buttex,” there are answers, and they are really simple. Do we really need a television show to remind us of that? Plus then, if we go looking for what lies underneath, we may find exactly what we’re looking for [as promo suggests].

We’ve made it through the over-hyped and inappropriately named Supermoon, and countless other fictitious fear-based programs, and the most imporant thing to do is keep laughing at the insanity. Well, at least until the 11/11/11 Assoprolypse [® CR] begins, we’ll still be here trudging forward…

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Note 1: We touched on the South Park 911 Episode during the show. Even if you’ve already read it, I’d recommend doing so again [more topical now than ever]. Of relevance to the show, is the closing scene of said episode: “gravy toss?”

Note 2: Some weird technical glitch had disabled comments and ratings for this post temporarily, and we suspect one Truther Bob of hi-jinx. Hence, even though this post is older I encourage you to do both.

~ by celticrebel on March 21, 2011.

14 Responses to “A Good Year for the Apples [II]”

  1. Around the first hour mark this show really settles in nicely. Alex(nz) and t.c.r. sometimes have an odd chemistry, but this time they both relaxed and good points were made. The highlights I found resonant: Alex(nz): The college system keeping young people from traveling. Religion turns people into non-people. Healing was also mentioned! The rebel path: making strides and changing paradigms.

  2. Great “Show” (of your strength) Rebel. Its about time “We” realised “They” are “Us”. You Are The Only God I subscribe To

  3. I always prefer the show when Alex Downunder is on, the feminine balance makes a difference.

    Re: deep-seated Catholic guilt. When a baby is born their brain is very underdeveloped, and throughout childhood it develops area by area at specific times. For example, the language area develops between the age of three to four, so if a child is not exposed to language at that time it will never have it, as the few feral children we know of have shown. This is because the actual physical structure of that area grows then, it responds to external stimuli and this template becomes the framework for language throughout life. Deprived of the stimuli, the framework cannot grow. This also applies to balance, hand/eye co-ordination and so on at different times during childhood. The priests know this, and as the Jesuits say ‘Give me a boy till he’s seven, and I’ll show you the man’.

    So I think the whole trauma/fear/guilt religious programming that children are subjected to is designed to actually shape the structure of the brain around these concepts, to hardwire them in. Remember this is not psychology, it is physiology, it is the physical reality of cells and tissue and permanent neural pathways. To use a computer metaphor, it is not a programme, it is part of the operating system.

    This means that the god/religion part of the brain (which is a specific frontal lobe) and the primary sex urge are wired up to the guilt/fear/shame part of the emotional area by the trauma-based mind control process known as ‘church’ and ‘Sunday School’. Incidentally, before the King James Version the word ‘church’ did not appear in the bible, instead the word was ‘congregation’ i.e. the gathering of people, but with the KJV it became ‘church’ i.e. the institution.

    So if this trauma happened to you as a child, I don’t think it can ever be escaped, it is part of what you are. That particular wing of your 3D prison was built by the priests, it will last a lifetime. You can develop coping mechanisms certainly, but ‘stamping on the cross’ will always be a traumatising experience. ‘Once a Catholic, always a Catholic’ as they say.

  4. The Alex and Alex shows are my favorite.

    I like how the Wise Wonder from Down Under tells the Reb he’s programmed (like everyone else) .. probably the only guest that could get away with that.

    I could listen to these two laugh back and forth every Sunday .. “the 11/11/11 chastity belt” .. wonderful.

    The apple stuff towards the end of the show was very intriguing.

  5. deer 1234, an “odd” chemistry? Well, we are polar opposites. 😉 Yes, I think we explored a good range of topics on this one.

    Stephen, flattering but, egads! 😯

    Ross, a very useful and concise summary of the process there. I wasn’t aware the Jesuits had that saying. However, Alex’s recent work has been looking into unwiring or undoing the childhood con-struction…

    Duke Westfold, yes, she is. 😆 Thank you. It was a fun show.

  6. What do programmed-by-hip-hop people call jeans that really ACCENTUATE a woman’s, er, behind?

    Oh, just APPLE BOTTOM JEANS….referenced in about every single song

    “Shawty had them Apple Bottom Jeans [Jeans]
    Boots with the fur [With the fur]
    The whole club was lookin at her
    She hit the flo [She hit the flo]
    Next thing you know
    Shawty got low low low low low low low low”

    -t pain (get low)

    Another one of those weird coincidences, anyways great show

  7. Alex NZ: “There wasn’t an alternative.”

    – In reference to Newton and the laws of gravity and I guess for all of the apples we were swallowing along the way.

    I just thought it resonnated with me that if you were raised and encouraged to do things on your own at an early age you would come up with alternatives more readily in your later years. I was often called a doubting Thomas by my father for not instantly taking heed to what was being “taught” to me.

    I just may have been born walking the rebel path. Love your work and often find it to be most revealing.

  8. Thank you for another healing broadcast Alex(es). Just some things I recently noticed in the scientific community: The equation for current in circuits is Q = W/V aka a phallus being inserted into the anus = VVV(666). The units for the inverse of resistance (conductance/flow) is Siemens.

  9. Hi Alex,
    Another interesting show, only started listening since being made redundant from work. Stumbled upon your blog and Started from the beginning and can happily say i’m up to date with it now. I think your on the right track although I still love the shock and awe.
    On hearing the first time you really started ranting about something you reminded me of the late Bill Hicks.
    I’m from England so your tentacles are reaching out to the nether regions.
    As i’m up to date with your blogs thought i’d add my share, although probably nothing special.
    Appaling – Apple in
    Appealing – Apple in
    Both sides of a dialectic
    Like it or not, either way swallow that pill
    love the split endz, xtc etc..
    Thanks Paul

  10. Jon, I’m sure there’s a ton more out there in the hip-hop [shit-hot] medium. Reminds me to add use of the word “shawty” to the admissions of stupidity lexicon. 😀

    IAmLonefrog, nice comment. Perhaps if we can infuse in a new generation of children the modality to question, challenge and rebel, there would be no system that will remain standing?

    thegoldenphone thanks. It really is everywhere, huh? Hehe, “siemens.” 👿

    Muggybonehead, up to date and didn’t blow out a neural circuit … glad to have you then. 😀 Nice point on appaling/appealing…

  11. In today’s episode of “Things Stolen Directly from the Rebel”

    We have, for your examination, the episode “Boys Night” of the television show “Modern Family”

    Now, the show had previously referenced a character named Longinus, and on this show we get to meet him. For reference, these shows are airing when almost a year ago the rebel was posting on the same subject, see here https://celticrebel.wordpress.com/2010/04/13/jesus-box-event-horizon/

    So Longinus turns out to be a muscular yet feminine black person. An attack on the masculine and the black individual, all at once, so why not name it after the guy who potentially raped the jesus on the cross?

  12. Thanks for that,good show! …. a couple of things that went through my mind: Isaac Newton and the “Apple-Gate” scandal: When you think of it seriously for over 30 seconds it is a ridiculous story: should be as in the cartoons, when the dumb rabbit has a 1 ton weight dropped on his head “Now THATS Gravity in action!”. Also heard about the death of one of Hollywoods Reverend Mothers, Liz Taylor, when i was in my pub, i heard a report say that fans were “placing flowers on her star”, i started laughing in this serious situation and wondered out loud if they may be Roses (Buds) being laid on her Anus., erm Star.

    PSS: Gawd damn! i meant to add this: Alex, you gotta read this Definition, another english Grammar orientated bit of ‘smithery

  13. Hi Alex & Friends,

    Really enjoyed the show this week, as usual. It was extra good though, in my opinion. Once again I’ve been provided with a LOT of insight and clarification. Thank you!

    anyway, I hope it’s OK to post these links, they’re just a few odds and ends featuring Richard Bandler – the co-founder of the name Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

    1997: http://www.myspace.com/video/vid/49078043

    1989: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Loe6W-gVW-A

    1982: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjMyODAzMTAw.html

    Later, and keep up the GREAT work! 🙂

  14. Hey Alex and Alex, I had just gotten round to listening to most of the good year for the apples archive. I was browsing and found this pretty much right after hearing the both of you talk about Wilhelm tell.
    Hope it makes you laugh.
    All the best from the Netherlands.

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