The Collectivist Conspiracy [Death]

The show from last week has been recovered from the nether void of cyberspace and is now available again. Call it gremlins, human error, or a conspiracy of malintent, the glitches were annoying, and yes, it really threw me for a while.

technical difficulties

Despite all that, the show really progressed nicely, when the Celtic Rebel received a bit of proper inspiration. Is it that simple? That’s the show below:


Yes, another week, another Alex story. However, one to the extreme other end of the spectrum. The formula is really quite simple honestly. If you take chances, you live, and prosper. If you don’t, you’re just killing yourself slowly. The only thing that stops us from mixing is social engineering (the reason that romance is dead).


And the above [pictured] breakdown inevitably leads to the breakdown of intimacy, and the breakdown of the self. Your choices really are simple: death or isolation.


Had a bit of a time trying to find the source of the quote: “The living will envy the dead for that which their eyes will be obliged to see and their ears to hear.” Some sources cite Nikita Kruschev, while others cite The Third Secret of Fatima.

Regardless, during my precursory search, I found none that make the connection I’ve made, which is rather simple, dare I say indisputable: Collectivisim is Death.


Also beyond [reasonable] debate, though the average moron is too stupid to see it are the parallels between the Sodom parables and the present. But, most people won’t ever let their minder wander to the same place they eagerly guide their tongues and cocks.

That’s actually quite amusing, is it not? Hm, oddly enough the alleged Kruschev quote was regarding a nuclear war (which many alternative historians cite as the reason for the destruction of the um, shady pair). I’m really not suggesting anything other than that questions be asked: The Burning Ring does just that.

choose deathass is vagina

How nice it is to break down wisdom into meaningless slogans, whether to trivialize, misdirect, or even reprogram. As long as thought never materializes.

jesus salvationidiot resistance

Yea, the last of the predictive programming series of Terminator movies was a rancid pile of crap, as to which I detailed herein. However [and as noted] the use of the same meme by two completely disparage industries, may suggest coincidence or rampant stupidity to some, but for any who are starting to grasp neuro lingusitc programming, suggest something far more sinister.

I think this NLP layer may just be the one underneath the layer of coded communication between the priests and the temple dogs which my work had focused on this past year (which, would be the layer under the Social Engineering I focused on the year before that). Whiskey, while helping me recover from a bad start, worked against me at the end when i skipped past all of that completely.

brain-fucktila tequila

Now, we’ve got another term to drop from the conspiralexicon that the above-mentioned tag-team of miscreants gave us: regurgitation. It is inadequate to describe the process, and masks much from us in ever estimating the amount of shit we’ve eaten. Yea, that’s anti-NWO illuminati-exposer Tila Tequila above right.

And I’ll repeat what I said during the show under the influence of frustration, whiskey, fire, wine and ire: better to lose several billion machines/replicants/zombies than even one realized individual. Got a call from one genuine person at the end of the show. I’ll try to start leaving more time to hear from more of you…

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Note A: On this Friday, February 25th, I will be a guest on Daher with Zahra Ali. The show runs for two hours starting @ 06:00 PM [EST].

Note B: I have updated the Divorce Thyself from the Truth Movement show just prior to showtime, and it’s worth a review. It relates in many ways to this show, and may have been a contributing factor to my confusion.

Note C: I’ve alternately entitle this show/post “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” and “Collectivism Equals Death,” before settling on this new one. As to the conspiracy part, the show was 4 hours long and not 4 minutes long (in case the file you donloaded is the latter)

~ by celticrebel on February 21, 2011.

20 Responses to “The Collectivist Conspiracy [Death]”

  1. Just downloaded the show and listened to the whole four hours. I liked it, very minimalist. John Cage might sue though.

  2. I felt for you – so hard to recover when you lose your footing – but by god you made a come back – I was supposed to go out, but I stayed because the energy & words were so good when that whiskey kicked in 🙂

    Thank you a thousand times for the work you do

  3. Hi there Mr. Celtic the HUMAN REBEL. The show really surpassed the “high-trenched” technoilogical baboon endeavours from the first “extend-the-byte” anomalies.

    You know what they say: “That a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down”

    Sorry Mary POP-INS that line must be read this way: “That a BOTTLE of WHISH-KEY helps the REBEL taim any LUCY down” Have you ever heard about SANDEMAN?

    Maybe they can give you a better check, than those of the Illuminati. Probably you´ll be payed in red booze. It seems far better than brown shaity “mhoney”.

    By the way the embedded sound file of the show it´s not working!!! “File not found” Is this another baboon or MetroBob attack?

    Thank you for the individuality of what you are.

  4. very interesting show…, being real and being yourself and keeping your soul-mind-body connection is tough task these days definitely,

    I think wish to participate in human society is a normal, human instinct, at least on some level no matter how degenerated we got, we should interact with each other, after all we are social creatures(are we?), but they turned us from social to socially conditioned morons 🙂 coz today we completely erased and rewritten terms such as social and conversation, and now we have poking and fedbook, twitter, cellphones, wifi, tv, internet, whats left of loooking someone in their eyes while speaking/listening and actually hearing what that human being has to say, etc etc, what about word ‘friend’ ? yes maybe it is fri-end, fried in the end times,

    I felt very strongly on what you’re saying, it was hard as hell, loneliness and disconnectedness but it was last few years for me, maybe this extremeness eventually helped me on the long run who knows, at that time(i had to quit my BA college thing, just could not take the direction I was heading aka scripted life we usually subscribe to, serving the…establishment, the cube, living in zombieland..whatever, and with all the soc-ing folks around, starting from our closest family and friends, I was pretty much all alone by myself, especially in the ‘9-5 slave job’ situations, because if you don’t work alon or from home you are most likely being 8-9 hours a day surroundead with people you simply cannot establish any sort of connection/interaction through normal human conversation..awful, you’re being left on the margin bcs of whole variety of topics that your little persona is not fed up etc etc makes you feel weirder and like a ‘creep’ doesn’t it?

    Really sad, but eventually makes you a lot stronger for sure, and it was THE moment to go within, confront inner demons/’sam gold'(revolver), and to digest all the esoteric knowledge&info I have read but not fully comprehended and digested, that needed specific condition or trigger so I can fully(?) grasp it, at least for me it was like that,

    but I don’t necessarily agree that it will be only worse as time goes by, coz there are always options left that we can consider, first of all there are still plenty of sound/honest/authentic/sincere human beings not grinded by this degenerative force… that is why every one of you should not give up, just use your creative expression and powers, and uni-omniverse will guide you or drop a sync or two, it is genuine!!

    I have few more things to add, I like when u talk about your travELs, coz thats one of those (big) things that can really help(experience, change of energies and whatnot), and it doesn’t have to be 10000+ miles and lot of $$ spent…, go plant a tree, go stare at the sun ..whatever, am not gonna give you ad-vices coz you got you’re own vices&voices, and I really don’t wanna spill the cosmic kumbaya lightworkers bull crap stories around 🙂

    go and be human again, p.s. damn am wasted now, english not being my first language… aynways love you all, bye

  5. Came across this photo recently, which speaks for itself

    Then, i just came across this twitter post from the prostitute (literally) who is with charlie sheen in the carribean

    What’s more painful than anal sex? Not getting to have any anal sex. Would someone come fuck me in the ass please?

    End times indeed

    But enough of the filth of the priest class

    Great last two shows, i can definitely relate to the heartbreak, only really understood it after your show

    Just really beautiful work man.

  6. Glad the show was recovered, I had a feeling it would show up.

    Cheers 🙂

    Charlie Sheen Radio Rant: This article goes with the video above nicely. I think this is a black op of sorts. Something’s definitely up. Or maybe Charlie’s fighting his programming?

  7. good show celtic and good analogy about the envy the dead part. very true about the loneliness of this “modern times”, or more like it, “modern soul trap” … as trudell put it, this is the place your soul gets to be eaten … if you allow it …

  8. We are not here to “fix” or “save” the world.
    The world is in the state that it’s in for a reason.
    You wouldn’t be the person you are today without the conditions you have grown up in, you cannot learn in a perfect world.

    We all have to find our own way.
    Being an individual is not easy. It’s true that the whole “truth movement” is just another box for people to go into who don’t fit in with mainstream ideas.
    I have fallen prey, how stupid I am.

    This new direction is much appreciated, go wherever your heart takes you. Something wonderful might happen 🙂

  9. Again, I have to remark that you have exceeded yourself by hosting the current show.
    Since I have listened to the current episode, I am sensing an odd emotional mix of fear, anger, sadness, courage and joy. It seems to me that I have come in my life to a turning point, in which I am taking the battle for transition to a higher level of counsciousness and somewhat aiming to overcome the fear of beeing alive.

    Thank you for what you have done so far, Alex.

  10. Hey Celtic, I stumbled upon an article this morning that further highlights the fact that hollywood/medes/ruling elite are definitely using cinema to control the collective. This little blurb from the piece is pretty evident/disturbing enough:

    “A trailblazing few firms and studios have delved into the upstart practice of “neurocinema,” the method of using neurofeedback to help moviemakers vet and refine film elements such as scripts, characters, plots, scenes, and effects.”

    This article is sourced from the biz-mede rag Fast Company, pretty damn mainstream publication. I see it like this, this article was slipped into the news stream to reveal a little bit of the priest class’ craft to the m-ass collective. Morons will read this story and get even more stoked than their calcified manipulated brains already are about the future of cinema.

    Maybe by dropping a little kernel of truth out there via this article/meme, the ass-magicians in holy wood can be free of responsibility via some kind of karmic loophole. It places the direct responsibility on the nuham mASSES. You have mentioned something like this many times in the past, it made sense to me and now it seems rather effing obvious.

    The article goes on to mention how a firm by the name of “MindSign Neuromarketing™” worked with (doubt you’ll be surprised) James Cameron for Avatard. And another firm called NeuroFocus also works with hollywood and video game companies in all this mind manipulation. The CEO of that company has some pretty scary things to say about where he sees the future of cinema.

    So yeah man, it seems like our minds are set to be further molested by media in the foreseeable future. By the time I got towards the end of the article where they talked about Justins Beaver’s new movie I pretty much knew all I needed to know. The choice seems clear, if you do not want your head effed with, don’t go to the movies, especially ones where you have to put on scopes to view the bloody thing! Here’s a link if you’re interested.

    Thanks for all of your good shows and posts by the way Alex they’ve made positive impacts on my reality and helps keep me aware of my own individuality…which can be a difficult thing to do sometimes.

  11. Hey Celtic… Great show… You do have a good heart… I just dont know how you can sleep with so many women… you must of broken a few hearts… but thats not why I am writing you…

    The Oscars or WhorScars will be on Sunday… And I was shocked that Gasland got nominated for best Doc. I thought wow the oscars have really picked a good film but I know it won’t win… I also like foreign films so I was curious what movies made the list… And dogtooth caught my eye… what a sick and demented movie… Who would enjoy such filth only the hollywood satanist… Its just sick evil porn for the evil elite… what good does it do to make such a sick movie… 0%

    Ps: if you watch Dogtooth go to the about the 33 minutes into the movie and you will see everything you have been talking about on how the part where the pussy is replacing the anus for men and how women are being taught to like “lick” pussy over men… This movie is about making kids into pets and using them for sexual perversion… Yes the kids are grown ups but if they had used real kids their would be parents outraged and calling this film a pedo film… but the day will come when everyone will be zombies and no will give a fuss about pedo… Sick Sick World… I wish hollywood will burn to the ground… we have today the technology to make home movies for free with are families… How cool is that… We can do so much on are own sharing real fun and sharing love… Instead people would rather go and expose themselves to such filth from hollywood… Anyways I cant wait for tomorrows show… I hope you talk about the hollywood and how the oscars are just awards for Evilness… I dont know how Gasland made this the list but I think they need to include some good movies with the shit they produce or the world might smell something nasty and wake up…

    Hey celtic I have a question… I grew up scared of sex… Because of all the sexual diseases and I hate condoms “I agree that its toxic and unhealthy” but what do you do to keep yourself safe. Especially sleeping with so many Women… And what is your view on abortion… I read that in new york over half of all pregnancies end in abortion… And if you have seen the truthful pro life info of how the fetus is very much developed into a little humans then you would not want to pregnant some women and knowingly or unknowingly abort a baby… so the question is how do you sleep around without getting a girl pregnant and also avoid sexual diseases? And yes I know AIDS is a generic disease that has no solid foundation but that does not true for all diseases…

  12. I still think that Maynard James Keenan would sponsor the show and pay in wine, just not so sure it would be a great idea or a horrible idea! After a quick look at the web page, it is certain that it would not be a good idea..

  13. Great show again.
    I’m somewhat a new listener.I have read some of your old works.I think you should continue this direction.

    I’m not sure what to do in life in regards to self-expression(having a soul).I know one of the things that makes a human a human is free will and creativity.But I’m not sure how to experience self-expression(being a individual).Could someone offer help or insight?
    I know I’m stupid but please offer help/mercy.

  14. Great stuff. It seems like you’re pursuing a very interesting, worthwhile track. I agree with so many of the ideas you put forth here.

    If I can offer some slight criticisms, though (not really disagreements, more like modifications), I would say that most of the “NLP”-type “You Are The Resistance” stuff, which Alex Jones & co. are the (willing) victims of, is a fairly unconscious form of NLP. Specialized culture priests don’t need to take the time to personally whisper “Use the phrase ‘You Are The Resistance'” into Alex Jones’ ear. Rather, the various priests have created an environment in which no collective can think without latching onto manufactured (thus impotent) catchphrases and memes, most of which come from movies.

    Touching on this business (which would fall under the term “Revolution in Military Affairs”, which you might want to look into) is this article from a US Military journal from 1997:

    In this article Hollywood and famous culture creators are praised for the debilitating affects that their fantasy-wares will have on foreign cultures, making foreigners more docile, more easily Americanized, more easily taken over by the banking system which has used America. Of course, the domestic affect of this propaganda goes unmentioned, but anyone who can think about the situation from a military standpoint would realize that Hollywood propaganda would debilitate its major target audience (Americans) even more than the secondary foreign market. The point of all this is just to show that Hollywood-type images and phrases have indeed been recognized as weapons.

    In an environment like that, even if the Infowars/Troof Movement was completely pure and non-compromised, then it would still be unable to put forth any sort of viable rallying cry… for all such rallying cries have already been created and/or co-opted by the debilitating Hollywood factory of cultural weaponization.

    In such a culture, collectivism certainly does equal death. Collectivism already had huge drawbacks even BEFORE the twentieth century, with its electronic propaganda. But now? Now collectivism is even worse. It’s unimaginably bad.

    I’m not sure what you meant when you said that nothing in your search told you that Collectivism Equals Death, though. That three-word phrase is nice and concise, but the point has been made many times before. Even before the modern media revolution, a film like Metropolis drives the point home when we see the rows of the sullen workers. Though many such works of art eventually serve as a building blocks of the collective system, the point has been made before. Even in the internet/conspiracy community, I’ve heard Michael Tsarion speak many times about the death-life of collectivism. I don’t say all that to take anything away from you or your insights, but the point has been made before.

    Lastly, I want to put forth the idea to you that these “priests” and their systems aren’t all as unified or hierarchical as your work sometimes portrays them as. There are competing interests, “priests” who don’t play well together, who plot against each other, who trick each other, and even “priests” who have no information about each other. Maybe you realize this and agree, but the way you outline some of your connections make it seem as though you think every operative exists in a single-file, up-down system. They don’t. It isn’t even an arborescent system, but rather a rhysomatic (sprawling sideways) one, which only a relative few major “priests” who are able to influence significant portions of the operation. To be specific, just because Alex Jones is compromised and has some Hollywood connections does not mean that the people who made Terminator Salvation have any determined tangible connection to the Infowars campaign. I don’t say that to defend Infowars. And as I said above, I do believe that the Terminator slogan influenced the V For Victory campaign in a way that speaks volumes about the control system. But it’s important to realize that this isn’t conscious control. Rather, what we’re seeing here is evidence of OVERDETERMINED control due to the Hollywood system being so fucking huge, particularly in its “weaponized” influence to curtail and ideologically co-opt any would-be resistance. In other words, the spell that’s been cast is a huge one; it was cast on our whole society, and the military consulted on it. These little connections (seeing Alex Jones influenced by a Terminator movie) are but byproducts of a larger spell. That’s what I see. Unless you know of some specific tangible connection between AJ and someone who worked on that movie? In a situation like this, I don’t think any priest needed to talk to any temple dog. There are priests and there are temple dogs, but we’re dealing with a spell system that’s so infiltrated the minds of this society, that most of the time the assets just do what they’re supposed to do quite unwittingly.

  15. “roll up the rim to win”. they still using that one? dunno.

  16. Bieber, Stewart – does it even need to be commented

  17. Alex, people of the path- this Median Advert is insidious, and syncs in nicely with this shows theme. Here is the “cult of death” COLLECTIVISM meme in action… oh, and the eye of providence thrown in for good measure too haha, indeed.

  18. Ross, was unfamiliar with John Cage.

    alex robinson, thanks Alex. The show must go on.

    Bruno, good comment. Hadn’t heard of Sandeman. Everything should be working now, the conspiracy was foiled.

    almost human again, good name. Hm, now I’m reminded of yet another use of the creep-ing meme. But, yes, we must try and persevere (preserve) in the face of this creeping dehumanist onslaught.

  19. Jon, hehe, that picture of Sheen is “creepy.” 😆 Great find on the quote from one of the Sheen whores. The program runs on auto now, her Id Canal needs attention.

    Tilson, well, now with “hind”sight, it seems like a mix of brilliant PR with a heavy dose of distraction, nlp for truthers, and disinformation.

    paulo, thanks Paulo, the key phrase you said there is “if we allow it.”

    Shattered Butterfly, nice comment. But by admitting to stupidity and accepting blame, you have graduated beyond the truth movement. 😀 Congrats!

  20. Max, thanks for sharing that Max. I like the part about “the fear of being alive … a topic from one of the old Alex/Alex shows.

    breye, there is some kind of obligation in practicing the craft, where you have to reveal a way out to your victims. Cameron’s open admission of the manipulative potential of the New 3D and the nuggets openly demonstrated in the AfterLife shitpile (per max’s note) come to mind. We’ll have to send our man Metro Bob to cover the Oscars. 😉

    Nick, yes, I have broken a lot of hearts, but more importantly, I have had my own heart broken on several occasions. Casting aside this particular “programmed fear” is one of the key ingredients to living a rewarding life. Still haven’t made it all the way through DogTooch, this alleged production of “independent” Greek cinema .. it is so dark. As to your last question, I obviously can’t get into it all here, but it’s important to learn to trust your senses, during the act, more importantly BEFORE, and of course, after.

    Ryan McAlister, wouldn’t any sponsor influence and thus, be influenced, by the relationship? 😕

    LAN,Leon, I know you are young, and hence part of the formula is wisdom/experience, which hopefully, you will go gain without fear. Another is by focusing/practicing on your creative side while ripping out the programs, you will develop yourself.

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