Blood and Chocolate com Passion

This Vagina Day marks the one year anniversary of The Rebel Path on Oracle Broadcasting, hence I opted to reach deep within myself and pull out something truly inspired, special, and above all “human.” In the spirit of the Holy Day, this week’s commercial-free show was dedicated to “hearts,” blood and chocolate.

blood and chocolatevampires and shit

However, as is the case of the above two images, the former leans on creativity and metaphor, without adding the now obvious Western connotations. The latter, on the other hand, aside from being uninspired, is obviously about butt-sex.

Judging by the number of people that dropped off within the first hour of the show, I know many had no desire to bother with such non conspiratorial trifles, and that just fine. I am not doing the show for them. I am doing it for myself, and those who want to hear something beautiful. If you do, prepare yourself for something quite different.

imperial bedroommy aim is truearmed forces

The below e-mail, received the day after the show, is all I really needed, to confirm I made the right choice, and am going in the right direction [made especially poignant because the point was communicated rather well by a non-english speaking person]. Something truly wonderful is happening here.

have listened to your latest show. beautiful, well done and unexpected. it had an effect on me. i dreamt of my “one”. she left me ten years ago. we were again in bed in my room in my parents house and she told me how her life was since she left me. it disturbed me a little bit, this experience. (she told me, that she now has 3 children from 2 different men and more stuff like this??).”

“Thank you for summing this things up for us.”

The above images are artistic works put out by the “angry young man” whilst in his prime. The below magazine covers, reveal there is much more to the story of yet another rebel who, by hook or crook, eventually repented. Why? I don’t know.

elvis must repenttop shitmakersdon't tell anyone

As a former fan, I have to admit it is still somewhat painful for me to see Declan Macmanus pictured in the company of such notable degenerates and manufacturers of shite. And yes, someone at Rolling Stone probably chose to write the word “immortals” in shit brown for a very good reason.Here’s the link to the referred to lyrics page.

just like candyjust like anus

Not everything means something, but on occasion, it does. One important part of self-realization that came out of this show, is that, and hopefully others, get further removed from the [programmed] conspiratorial mindset to see personages as good/evil [black/white]. Whatever conclusion you arrive at regarding above individual, you cannot not deny the beauty and humanity found in the material of the show’s content.

Perhaps even notorious pederast Ben Franklin had some redeeming qualities in his youth? Well, that may be a big perhaps. 😉 Regardless, the dualistic mindset is an integral part of the “truth” movement, and another good reason to divorce it.

beautiful eyesbeauty trap

I closed the show with a personal story about beauty, and hence close this with an image sent to me by yet another Alex, of such, which is a breath of fresh air in these pornographied times, as was this show after so many constipatorial themes.

“He said I appreciate beauty. If I have one, then it’s my fault. Beauty is on my pillow. Beauty is in my vault.” But, even the lure of honest innocence can lead one down the dark road of suffering entailed herein. But, that’s OK. It’s part of the human experience. And a hell of a lot better than the [consented to] nu ham experience our brethren are dragging us towards. More humanity to come.



Note A: If you downloaded the show prior to [2011-02-18], an updated version has been put out on the Oracle servers since. If your filename is not in all lowercase, you have the wrong file.

Note B: The above image/link is to a Commercial-Free, Edited and Improved 128kpbs Version; Way better than the 16kbps original.

~ by celticrebel on February 14, 2011.

24 Responses to “Blood and Chocolate com Passion”

  1. That was a soul-filled show – you really got me thinking about feeling again & how I just don’t do that enough – but that’s the key, the key to living – in the world I grew up in, it was ‘feeling’ that was denied, except for fear of course – how can you know you’re alive if you can’t feel all your feeling?

    Only corpses don’t feel.

    Wonderful show, wonderful work Mr Rebel

  2. CLIP: My Video


  3. Mr Celtic (the) Rebel in us all (this sound bad?!- no pun intended) either way my thoughts are more than welcome to be with you any time considering the consciousness hero of NORMALITY you´ve become during this path.
    Now i´ll gladly reboot to another time when “Valentine´s Day is Over” and the smell of expiring Roses lead me to new grounds of the inspired you´ve helped me to see.
    Many many thanks and keep it moving on…as always clean and uncut for the sake of humanity.

    …let LOVE be the reason why…

  4. Don’t put your daughter on the stage Mr Achy Brakey

    How Hannah Montana has ruined our lives, by father of the £20m teenage star

    “Cyrus, who played Miley’s father and manager in Hannah Montana, even claimed in an interview with GQ magazine in the U.S. that his family is under attack from Satan.”

  5. I recommended (for the ‘tertiary educated’ musicians) listening to Elvis Costello’s’ discog before embarking. WOW, I never realized such great folk musicians existed in the USA. So many college educated musos would not comprehend his style and prominence after Borg entities such as Dylan.

  6. alex robinson, yes, good point, the dead feel no pain, or much of anything for that matter. Hence, why the social engineering is working overtime to instruct us to emulate those no longer living. Part of “the plan” I’m sure.

    celticrebelfan, it would seem that having my video yanked has caused those whores more trouble than leaving it alone would have.

    Bruno, no it doesn’t. 😀 Great points.l Great comment!

    steven uk, this story reeks of bullshit. I’m not sure what they’re doing, but this could well be a test to counter the negativity surrounding the star, playing on people’s sympathies, or just along the lines of Tile Tequila’s exposition of the NWO.

    dystopeon, well said, though technically, I believe Elvis/Declan is Irish. Hence, why he keeps the company of the Queen’s servants/knights now. 🙄

  7. I definitely understand what you’re saying about women being more receptive to this subject matter. In my own way I’ve been trying to convey this information to people. I’ve kind of shut myself off from many people over the years, and upon getting into this line of research, I haven’t been able to keep my mouth shut, so to speak, about it. Mostly I’ve used what social networking sites I’ve been involved with, such as MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube. Rather than requesting friends or what not, I just left my profiles un-private. It’s alienating for sure to try to talk about this stuff, but I’ve never given much of a $#!^ about that. Anyway, the point is that I see some of these people from my past around on occasion, and I can always tell the ones who have seen what I’ve tried to share. The males mostly look at me like I’m completely insane. Seriously, the looks I get make me think these guys think I belong in a straitjacket. On the other hand, the females from my past, who may or may not have liked me back then, seem to be in love with me or something. I think I, along with many of us, are discovering what it means to be a real man. And I think it’s exciting for women to see something that obviously isn’t all that prevalent in our modern world. Frankly, I’ve never had much confidence when it comes to women. I’m not that bad looking, I’ve just never really felt like a real man… until discovering this line of info. Now I’ve started to recover what I had when I was younger, before ‘education’ fully took effect. I’ve always felt that something was wrong. All through school, I could never really put my finger on it. I mean, I knew I hated school, but I just thought that was the way of things. I didn’t think it was because school was deliberately there to turn your own true nature on its head and make you into a little obedient zombie. But Alas! I’ve learned the truth now, and I’ve realized that passion is something that has been missing from my life (or rather, drowned out from beer/booze/or whatever else) for far too long. Passion should be what guides all of us. It’s what makes life worth living! What is the point of life, if we aren’t having fun and enjoying ourselves and loving and laughing? If we aren’t doing that, we’re only existing, and coasting, and I can’t think of anything more boring than that! Sad to say, I witness it everyday.

  8. So many songs about love, but very, very few about what happens after. Thanks for bringing an amazing album to life with your personal stories. I’m wondering if you’ve listened to “Skylarking” by XTC, which spans the life of an Englishman from birth to death (Pales in comparison to “Blood and Chocolate” though).

    On Valentines day, a local morning news show had a wood chipper as a publicity stunt to shred “memories” of bad relationships. It just seemed so sad to see things created out of love (photos, letters, gifts) being destroyed because the relationship didn’t “work out”. I myself have a worn, years-old receipt from a cafe for two hot teas I will never part with. Every time I hold it, I’m back there again in that moment with Annie, talking and laughing about everything and nothing.

    Don’t it always seem to go….

  9. From the article: “Wax on, wax off” is now “Jacket on, jacket off,” and the original star of ” The Karate Kid ,” Ralph Macchio , wasn’t so sure the reboot — starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan — was a good idea.

    My thoughts: I know this is one of those things that could be viewed as grasping or reaching to find a problem, but this has been a “joke” for quite awhile, my friends would say “it’s a jacket off day” (jack-it-off) as just a stupid joke while taking off their jacket off. I even heard it on the Bob & Tom radio show not long back, same type of thing, just something silly to say.

    Now here’s hollywood using it in a way that a grown man is saying it to a boy. To me it’s just more sick suggestive crap from Hollywood that they can pretend to be ignorant about.

    PS: Its like a disease that’s infected all the movies… I think I need to do a Honor thing and leave the internet and tv world for good… 🙂

  10. not only are so.park & robot chicken biting your ideas, but so are health ‘gurus’

  11. Very good show and interpretations; This is a ever important topic, and trully the root of our troubles.

    Here is a little something just to take in consideration, a good song often works on multiple levels: Blood and Chocolate was his 11th album (101, ministry of love, dualities), after the release of The King of America. The album was released in the UK by DEMON records and in the US by COLUMBIA records. Six months later he started working on his TwELfth album is called SPIKE, Maybe he is telling us how there is a Dark and a Light side to him ? and to all of us. Please pay attention to all the details in that Cover. Released by the Warner Brothers. “The Beloved ENTERTAINER”, who got spiked on the TwELve.

    By the way, “Vanilla Sky made no sense”, that was a good one, other movies like The Fountain and Valley of the Flowers, are about this subject in my opinion. Even The movie “What (wet) dreams may Come (cum)” talks about it … inspired by Dante and the Pantheon Bar, but instead they suggest you to stay.
    I’m sorry for being such a Buttfreak, I mean, Filmbuff. 😉

  12. Thanks Alex, I’m listening to all my Elvis Costello albums again and gaining much more of an appreciation for his work. Nick Lowe is another under-rated artist who wrote good music. The band I’m playing in right now currently covers a few Nick Lowe tunes (So it Goes and Trying to Live my Life without you) as well as “What’s so Funny about Peace Love and Understanding” (kind of a mix of both Elvis’ and Nick Lowe’s) Awesome show, keep up the great job! 🙂

    PS: Little Fat Asian Kid Performs as Christina Aguiler; I thought the Lady Gaga Fat kid was bad, boy was I wrong!

  13. this show hit uncomfortably close 2 home
    at a certain point the relationshit was more
    shite than happiness so why drag on? its insanity and too many people do it out of obligation, fear, or some other nonsense. live and feel for sure…

    PS: i think there is a very specific reason why the 33 chilean miners or “minors” coverage was jammed up our stargates by the way

    have you seen the ads for this new movie “sanctum”. Maybe they should call it rectum

  14. I saw this 2 days ago & was shocked at the number of people on this list. It’s scary how many of these poptarts have been abused. On the other hand, I’m wondering if the poptarts have been encouraged/forced to lie about being abused? It seems that these poptarts think that “the mass public” is their therapist? I find this very troubling.

  15. Hey celtic. Being too ugly and old to have experienced love myself, I nevertheless found the show illuminating. Liking the new direction. How we perceive ourselves, create our own reality and relate to others is the key, I think. You’ve given me plenty of food for thought. Thanks rebel.

  16. I thought your Blood and Chocolate com passion show was really excellent. I’m noticing more and more references to anal sex in popular culture especially music. I just happened across Toni Basil’s hit, Hey Mickey, with one the lyrics being “take it like a man”. I also noticed in the video that all the dancers appear to be men! Or at least, very butch women. Anyway I think the show is awesome and I like the direction you are going in. Thanks.

    Mindbomb by “The The” is another excellent album, some of the lyrics are extremely pertinent to the present day .

  17. Good show

    I tried to interpret the lyrics of Blood and Chocolate on my own.I was wrong and my interpretations started different than yours.

    I have felt hurt but I don’t know and don’t think I have felt the same passion and heartbreak you speak off.I don’t say this out of pride but I say this out of sadness.

    On a similar note,I want to feel passion but I don’t know what kind of risks I should take.I’m only 17.Once again,good show and keep on growing.

  18. Here is a joke, i thought you may enjoy:

    what do you call a Paedophile with dreadlocks?

    A Pedarasta

    Lets always remember to bring humour to the table, for its a great dinner guest

  19. The lyrics to these songs are enlightening. I can’t say the music itself is all that interesting to me, but the message is the most important aspect of art in my opinion. As I’ve always felt and many others have said before me, art is meant to be uplifting and changing to your consciousness in a positive way. As I’m sure you’re well aware, there’s a huge void of anything meaningful coming from any source of so-called ‘art’. I’m an artist myself and I must admit I’ve been very lazy (or so I thought) with my art. I’ve been thinking lately that it hasn’t been so much laziness but for so long I’ve just been uninspired – not because there wasn’t an abundance of inspiration around me, but because there’s just so much noise inhibiting true creativity: school, careers, jobs, media, routines, blah, blah, blah. I can’t recall how many times I heard when I was younger, when family or relatives would see my drawings they would say, “Oh that’s so good! You should go to work for Disney!”. At the time I was uninterested. Today I’m disgusted when I think of that prospect! So much of education and mass media is geared toward steering our creativity into predetermined avenues and eventually destroying or enslaving that creativity to serve our would-be masters. Upon studying Edward Bernays’ ideas on propaganda, it’s clear that appealing to people’s emotions is much more effective than reciting facts, figures, or statistics. I think comedians are some of the most effective harbingers of truth. They speak to your emotions more than your intellect. Though I don’t agree with many of his views, I thought this video was not only hilarious, but very telling as to why many get so sucked into the mainstream media garbage, then the ‘Truth Movement’, etc.

    Though I believe the conspiracy/truth movement is a very necessary step in a person’s development, it can’t be dwelt upon for too long. It ends up being yet another trap to distract people from truly living.

  20. Hey Alex, read this today and felt it summed up the state a lot of people are in quite well:

    May be of interest to all listeners / readers out there!

  21. Sorry I drop off after the first hour, I just have to go to sleep and finish listening on the morrow 😀 I love this album.

  22. apparently the ending for the movie – I am number four .. has the hero and his friends going west ..

  23. Mac, thanks for sharing. They will always remember the ones whom were passionate. The ones who were collectivized, like wallpaper patterns in a house lived in long ago, will blend into obscurity.

    the living tiki, I actually own Skylarking but was unaware it told a story. Ouch, that “wood shredder/chipper” story is painful to contemplate. So many fools throwing away treasures and rushing out to collect shite.

    Nick, interesting point, I was recently trying to remember who it was that raised it.

    raffi, they will do what they do 👿

    Mystery, Babalon, I went ahead and trimmed your post down as, one the Crimes of Paris take was rather speculative and two, it goes against the entire spirit of this show. We talked about the subject matter on a prior show.

  24. bought a copy bro, keep up the gw 🙂

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