Divorce thy Truth Movement

A voice from the past resurfaced this Sunday: Jeremy from The Stygian Port, aka my partner in time crimes from old podcast days. Our repairing may not match the draw The Naughty Nuns pull down, but despite dearth of naked virgins, twas good.

naughty nunspapa bear

We came out swinging on against eye-con Franklin Roosevelt, who in all likelihood was quite the deviant. We may not have “proof,” but there’s his name, the implications of the former, and the implications of the latter. Why cover it up?


Was nice to have my sidekick, cohost, straight-man back again. His fanbase will doubtlessly be happy, though the worms may not. The show’s above [download].

to be or notflaming prince

Here’s the quoted inside joke from Hamlet, allegedly written by that [possibly quite literally] wanker Shake Spear, courtesy of one Bacon for us Nu Hams:

Upon his bloody finger he doth wear
A precious ring, that lightens all the hole,
Which, like a taper in some monument,
Doth shine upon the dead man’s earthy cheeks,
And shows the ragged entrails of the pit.

The following Biblical quote actually relates to a prior show about “the gate”, but I was too ignorant back then to fully comprehend the meaning of the passage.

Matthew 07:13: Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Here’s that picture of Bushie’s Turd Blossom, and speaking of Georgie Boy, I wrote this ancient article half in jest, long before I could honestly imagine how ridiculously true it may have been. Oh, and for the record, the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade pales in comparison to the world’s largest, which is held in Tel Aviv. That shouldn’t really surprise anyone who has a even the slightest clue as to what’s going on.

men of israel

For the record, my pootube channel is now gone, but what did you really expect? The official “reason” is captioned below. My version of it is I dared to ask why/how one of my videos violated their “community guidelines” and my account got yanked within an hour of asking. Honestly, what would you expect? Youtube [aka Pootube or Jewtube] is about propagating the propaganda, and not analysis thereof.


I didn’t know this new little tidbit during the show, but oddly now, when you look for my account on PooTube™, you are presented with alternate options, most notably videos about “social engineering” from the Alex Jones show. While the reasoning for this may be obvious to anyone who has followed my work, it won’t be to the average moron that uses the Noise Tube [as George Romero properly suggested].

Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of programming algorithms might conclude that manual manipulation and encoding would likely be required to account for this intentional misdirection. Good job ye temple dogs! Your massters are very proud!

content theft

For those unfamiliar with the Andros/Dinner series, a “temple dog” is an old term denoting male prostitute that served/funded The Priests/The Temple. Little has changed over thousands of years, except our ignorance of this practice.

While the specific meaning of the term “rabbit hole” may be long known among insiders, undoubtedly, there is a concerted effort to repackage material I present, and convince the public idiot mind that some Temple Dog put the idea out there.

whore trainingwhore prey

In the meantime, as exemplified by the typical personals ad one might encounter, the dumbing down and whorification of women continues unabated. But, let’s call a spade a spade: the program to stamp out self-expression is assimmolation.

Honestly, do you think there is anything that makes the average follower of the truth movement somehow any smarter or more self-realized than the woman discussed or either of the two pictured above? The answer is really rather simple:

got assthen think

Hence, why it’s official: I am divorcing myself from the truth movement. I gather I should copyright the phrase MK-Mega, because indubitably, once everyone else catches up with the idea that they were had and like everything else has been spoon-fed to them by Holy Wood over their lifetime, the conspiracy movement is just refeeding them same information [shit] that they were spoon-fed [hm, that’s a hell of a lot of shit] … either opportunists will represent this idea as their own, or the temple dogs will be instructed to put this into their programs.

It is time for a lot of us to admit that we’ve been had, over and over again. Any truth-monger who hasn’t admitted it publicly, or to themselves, is utterly useless to others, much less themself. You guys may want to consider filing for divorce too.

not the gravy

And yes, I was being truthful honest: a lot of sheisters and conmen are now moving into the conspiracy arena. This is only going to get worse as the rancid feces poured out by the likes of the Dark Horse General a few years ago and considered insane by the general public, gets bantered about by mainstream-fed morons in grocery stores across the USA.

How can you spot these sheisters? Well, if you’re capable of thinking critically, it should be quite obvious. What are they selling you? Caveat empor. Buyer beware.

poo onionsdirty hairy

Perhaps, that might be asking people too much? How can we expect people to spot all the small-time scam artists in this [appropriately named] “movement,” when they can’t even see the most blatant displays of in your face propaganda?

One blatant example: the present V for Victory campaign led by the Dark Horse General. We were too stupid to see it when the Wackoffskis poured V for Vendetta over our eager faces, so why expect anything different now? Yes, there’s a damn good reason the “artists” used blood red for the “V” in so many of the posters. Any in doubt, just read The Burning Ring of Fire [beyond said article, the whole series].

v for vaginathe mist

Hm, it didn’t occur to me until long after the show aired that the end-time scenario film, The Mist, took place inside a grocery store, which is the exact same place I heard the dead talking about the coming Civil War. I’m a little creeped out now.

I think I’d much rather face the illuminati, rather than the “legion” of morons programmed/brainwashed to hunt down and kill the imaginary “evil illuminati scum.” Better to face the unknown rather than predictable bloodletting/insanity.

i see fat people

Hence, it also connects us to the locale where many of the above pics were taken. Mounds of toxic waste walking around a store that sells them toxic waste, shitting out “opinions” they were spoon fed. I think I”m gonna be sick.

Looks like the Nu Ham is just about ready for “processing.” Is there some other conclusion that one could arrive at? Oh, and speaking of processing, I kept accidentally referring to Jimmy Hoffa as John Gotti. While speculative as to the amount of missing people consumed yearly, one could draw an inference that some form of “mad cow syndrome” has occasionally been surfacing in the populace.

mind fucka bit excited

Did I really need to even talk about the insidious form of mental trauma young women who [willingly] subject themselves the Black Swan mindfuck are in for? Doesn’t the poster alone say more than enough?

And speaking of “creepy,” the above photo of Hillary Clinton should be placed next to the definition [in an ideal world]. That poor kitten is about to get “eaten.”

Come to think of it, the posters for Megamind are also pretty upfront about what your kids will be exposed to. On the first, the cast of characters are all presented: the obviously homosexual yet closeted gay man, the pederast, the [prize] little boy and the flamer. Ha, “it’s big for a reason.” These pederasts sure do get off the size difference between their weiners and that of children. Yes, the sound you hear is them laughing at the parents who bought tickets to this shit-fest.

For what it’s worth, the movie came out on 5/11, in other words 55, which is the gematraic weight of “Satan.” Not sure if that means anything, but you throw in the derelict combo of Ferrell and Fey, and you can safely surmise that whatever the motivation behind the film is, it ain’t “good.” Until next show…

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Note: This show, and the divorce, have been building for a while. If you are relatively new, I’d recommend the entire Peasants are Revolting series; the start of the divorce.

~ by celticrebel on January 31, 2011.

28 Responses to “Divorce thy Truth Movement”

  1. Since it came up in chat last night (well a few hours ago), I’m clarifying my position on the Lenon Honor issue:
    I will always have a deep admiration for Lenon’s insights, particularly “The Workings of Evil”, and “The New Breed”, where he points to prayer being food for the “gods”. (I think it was “the New Breed”)
    I fully understand why he would want to stop pursuing this line of inquiry. I understand when the machine puts pressure on you and your family, the rational choice is to stop pursuing those lines of inquiry. I understand that.
    My problem is his apologizing to the people he, unequivocally, exposed. I stopped reading the list after he apologized to Rhianna and Jay Z. In my opinion, that apology was the single most disgusting display of cowardice I’ve witnessed in my 35 years of life. And I’ve personally been party to many acts of cowardice. So if some of my comments in the chat were a little harsh, that’s the reason. I know I’ve been long winded here, so edit or delete. I just wanted to explain my position.

  2. Guns, roses, V’s, and little boys… another disturbing example of how your observations are correct: http://www.zimbio.com/Perla+Hudson

  3. That was a great show, but I would like to point out that Robot Chicken has been all about the Ass (the dirty Harry) since it’s ‘inception’…These guys have been in the businass for a very long time; He was even named after it, I dare to say Seth Green was breed to be a ‘entertainer’.

    To me it only proves (one more time) that you have been getting the Codes right, but you are only catching up and not the other way around. Carrot Eats Rabbit, Holes reversal. However, I also believe that the priests only rely on tradition and don’t fully underestand all they are doing.

    “Tapping a Hero” : Law & Order has never been chickenfied till now. President George W. Bush receives a gremlin. Don’t miss “The 33rd Year Old Virgin” starring Jesus Christ. Smokey Bear remembers how he got his name. The Law is Jupiter. Robot Chicken = Abraxas

    By the way, “A life in the day: David de Rothschild The eco-pirate, 31, on his voyage across the Pacific in a recycled-plastic boat” Is the Eco Pirate turning 33 on 2012 ?

    Track the Plastiki (as if the whole bottled water idea was reasonable in the first place), featuring in the background: Phallic Hammer of Thor, Skull and Bones, One Eyed Pirate, One Eyed Octopus, Holy Spirit, Dead Merman, Hippocampus

    I shouldn’t have to mention that all those traditions started long before the ‘industry’. Like you said, there is nothing new about the new world. Check out the early Career of the Iron Ass (Sherlock Holmes) movies like Tuff Turf, Soap Dish, Johnny Be Good …

    In Soap Dish for example, they have a scene where somebody is staring at Robert’s Ass with the all seeing eye in alignment …. (it goes much more symbolically, but I would have to watch it again).

    Ham Anus. From Southpark: IXXI = Auspice Maria … NINE ELEVEN, NINE ELEVEN, THE LADDER TO HEAVEN !!!

    The ideals of the so called Illuminati are real, but they are not at all what we were sold, he would call himself SPARTACUS for a reason. Who happens to be an extremely gay series and played by the same guy who played Michael the Avenging Assangel. Their very same ideals are now being released on the media, on Zeitgeist, on the Green Movement and many other places …

    For the original writtings : Blind Scientists and Intelectuals are a dangerous bunch and it’s easy to see a Hive type society in the works, but the slaves will be Free without Willy.

    There is a “MK-Mega” going on, one of the names for it is Project Venus. The Television Broadcast System is a military project, back in the day it was released with a documentary teaching people what is television, made and presented by the military, I have searched for a long time but couldn’t find the original video, it was quite revealing.

    The word Nephilim can In a way be underestood as Monarch or Gigantes (Titan), a word that doesn’t mean Giant. “This is also the rendering suggested in the Targum Onqelos, Symmachus and the Samaritan Targum which read “sons of the rulers”, where Targum Neophyti reads “sons of the judges”. The Judge is Scorpio, The Eagle / Phoenix.

    Monarch butterflies have something scientists call “Genetic Memory”, Assassin’s Creed is about genetic Memory, and the Ass Ass Ins are Nephilim. Their names : Altair and Ezio, both mean eagle. And Adam and Eve end in front of the Holy Mountain. The Sons of God are the Sons of Seth, according to the Book of Adam, Seth is very much related to Jehova:

    The Death of Abel: [23]3.2 Then God told the angel Gabriel, “Say to Adam: ‘Do not reveal to Cain the secret plan which you know, for he is a son of wrath, because his brother will be killed by him!’ However, let Adam not be sad, for I will raise up Seth for him instead of Abel, and he will resemble my image and he, so QAC will teach you everything of which I have a memory. But do not reveal this to anyone but Adam!”

    That implies that Sethian Bloodlines carry all the memory of the Jehova God, The Rosecrusian claim to be the children of Seth who are said to have the knowledge of the stars.

    “The offspring of Seth were said to have disobeyed God, by breeding with the Cainites and producing wicked children “who were all unlike”, thus angering God into bringing about the Deluge.”

    Downfall of the Rebel Angels. Pandora = Pan Door / Ham’s Labyrinth. HAM = AURIGA = CAPELA. By the way, Black Swan is running for the Divine Spear, but King George is going to Win. Another assault is the movie Enter The Void, directed by gaspar NOE (Irreversible), this time trying to play on our spirituality.

    You are very right when you say that all movies, on every country are the same kraft, guess who releases all the great classic films from all over the world ? Janus Films. The Adversary is Behind the Mirror.

    Seth encounter with the Beast : [38]11.2 How did you dare to open your mouth and eat of the tree of which God had commanded you not to eat? (It is) you, (because of) whom (Mahe emmendation) the aspect of everything has changed.

    We ARE in Eden, it’s just that “the aspect of everything has changed.”, after we turned into pigs.

    PS: Just think about it, Dirty Hairy is a real asshole with everyone, and it was on the TV last nightโ€ฆ

  4. Mat, judging by the number of contrary votes to your comment here, it obviously stirred a bit of controversy. Controversy forces people to think, and on the rebel path, that is a good thing.

    Recapitated, how cute is that! ๐Ÿ™„ They’re dressing they’re children like cracked-out homosexual streetwalkers.

    Mystery, Babalon, while you raise many valid points, I’ll disagree on your first supposition. As I discussed on the following show, the rest of the content suggested a little “homage” (the holy wood term for “thievery”). In the future, are you to write-up a comment longer than the article itself, it’d be preferable you post on your site and link from here, as I may be prone to trim them… That all said, a very enlightening comment.

  5. 6 hundred and sixty six nautical miles from mecca to temple mount. If you do leave the podcasts, the world would be a dimmer place. The fluoride has now been shown to envade not just the water but the food – so I imagine the stupidity levels are spiralling out of control. Ok, i’m off to get a hot dawg

  6. hey check out Letterman w/Justin Bieber, he’s wearing a red hanky, left side. So in old code, he’s a receiver and in new code a fister? small hands? Also the very beggining part is waay dodgy, to say the least.

    PS: oh, I just watched a little more โ€“ he also has a rose on his shirt. Iโ€™m gonna stop pointing out stuff now โ€“ itโ€™s too much.

  7. “My problem is his apologizing to the people he, unequivocally, exposed. I stopped reading the list after he apologized to Rhianna and Jay Z. In my opinion, that apology was the single most disgusting display of cowardice Iโ€™ve witnessed in my 35 years of life.”

    The single most display of cowardice you’ve witnessed in your life? Really? Where do you live? Superhero World?

    Or perhaps it was rather the understandable actions of a man who has recently been involved in a very nasty spat in which the welfare of his pregnant wife and children were endangered. If you listen to the outcome of that spat you might perhaps understand where Lenon is coming from and why he may be backing away from his work and issued such an apology.

    Iโ€™m not claiming to be a hero. I get up. I go to an easy job where I am well paid. Other than donations for the cause and a comment on this and a few other blogs, my involvement in [cough] โ€œTHE FIGHT AGAINST THE NEW WORLD ORDER,โ€ is minimal. Perhaps a more accurate description of that involvement would be cowardly. Lenon, on the other hand, has confined himself and his family to live in poverty while he has produced some excellent work that has added to my understanding of the world.

    Lenon has put himself out there to be, figuratively and almost literally, shot at.

    Mat, how brave have you been recently?

  8. Hey Rebel. Just wanted to be the first to bring your attention to the UFO sighting in Jerusalem.

  9. 20 questions with Jack LaLanne from 1984 Playboy Interview

    Q14 Playboy: How do you react to the notion that gays have ruined health clubs for heterosexuals? At what point does all this physical culture become narcissistic and, to some minds, gay?

    Lanne: This is bullshit! I was the first one to start health clubs, right? In 1936. I had guys coming to me who were the pillars of society. Bank presidents, lawyers, judges. I won’t mention any names, but they were all homosexuals. Nobody knew about it but me, because during the first year, I had to massage to stay in business. And these guys used to offer me money, you know, if they could just blow me or have love with me. I’d tell them, “Whatever you want to do is your business. But you could write me a check for $1,000,000 and I would never let a man touch me. This is the way I am.” But I’m a great believer in live and let live. The only thing that gets me is if they try to force themselves on me or if one of these old queens takes 12-, 13-, 14-year-olds, gives them money and forces them to go around with his friends.

  10. Man claims Glaxo drug made him ‘gay sex addict’

  11. Pavman, another very interesting factoid there.

    dystopeon, I feel pity for little Justin actually. That poor boy has probably been victimized/violated more than we could imagine.

    Steven UK, shot at? I won’t speculate here as to reasons why, but have to say, that it is shameful, how the few people among us that put out “original” content are compensated ridiculously poorly in relation to the snake-oil salesmen and proponents of the consensus conspiratorial shit-stream.

    RUMPLESHITHEAD, quick someone call Stewart Swerdlow ๐Ÿ˜†

    Christ, very enlightening bit of “truth” by La Lanne there. As I’ve been discussing of late, having such predilections are probably requisite to one being allowed to become a “pillar of society.”

    Antares, while intersting, yet speculative, you’d think by now, we’d know better than to take any pill handed out by the Pharma Cartel. Funny to note the article uses the dubious term side effects.

  12. i am lizacomelately…and for that i am thankful

  13. Holy truth movement, a fucking UFO over Jerusalem C Reb. Check out this angle

    he he ha ha lolz this ufo shit isn;t letting up

  14. Actually UK Steve, you’re right. I regret writing that. Just try to understand that it was my initial reaction to some very distressing news, and I tend to be a bit of a hothead. While I’m still disturbed by those apologies, Lenon’s always been a decent guy, and I shouldn’t have lashed out like that.

  15. MK-Ultra never stopped, “officially” maybe, that’s what they told us of course…but they still need their individual MK slaves/robots for ass-ass-inations, media programming the masses (via MK-celebs), school shootings, delta(programming)-force type soldiers etc etc…

    afaik they tested “mass MK” in Jonestown and other places, and obviously 9/11 was also mass trauma based mind control for the whole planet…

  16. @ Mat. Nice reply. I understand where you’re coming from. Please forgive my rather flippant post.

  17. lizajean, you are welcome here.

    Floyd Anderson, come to think of it, as the “alien” religion is being mass-promo’d, it’d make sense that THEY, along with the xTians, Moose-lems, and daJooos would all lay claim to the mount.

    mace556, yeah, no doubt what we’re experiencing is the tramsmogrified program. The beauty of it is those most mind-controlled will be the last to know it. Conan Drum!

    Steven and Mat, good. Settled. Done! ๐Ÿ™‚ Time will tell.

  18. Hey guys, Here is what one of my friends had to tell me about the rose, I know it’s an old topic but I get my clues when I get them, anyway, hope you enjoy.

    “About the rose, I think first, at its most basic place in the Atlantean culture, it grew wild in both North America and Europe, and wild roses smell so sweet and the petals are delicious and rosehips are mini-apples you can eat for major vitamin C. So in their original culture, the Atlanteans saw it as a valuable plant. And maybe a sign that Europe was sort of a part? of North America, and so their rightful escape after Atlantis? (I wish they’d just gone back to North America and had to face normal social selection to get mates – then they would have died out!)

    The trick, of course, is that roses are so prickly. So this naturally combined, metaphorically, as they made their skin pink through interbreeding with whites. By following the rose’s tactic of sweetly attracting bees while violently guarding against animals wanting to eat the plant structure or trample it. As a general rule, the Atlanteans either create, co-opt, or claim things as their own. In this case, they co-opted the rose’s qualities.

    Ra means king, so Ra’s Island = Poseidon (Greek P = R)

    This switching around between P and B and R in the formation of English means that posie and rose, and boss, and posse, and so on, are all really saying the same thing “of the Kings” or of the Ra’s, Ros, Ross.

    Now, a cultivated rose, to be red as blood, and with all flower petals being something like female privates, I’d say now it’s used as a pure Julia/Lucius symbol, the idea that their blood was pure Atlantean royal bloodline from Caesar and the Roman Sulla and Cornelius families, both of them were trained assassins, hence the blood and the sword of the thorns, plus you’ve got her sleeping with “Jesus”, her son Lucius, so the crown of thorns comes in, a sicko way of showing he was literal royalty whose family was letting himself be tortured for the sake of a con and to make a martyr, and then you’ve got her murdered violently by her father Julius Caesar in a bloody Caesarian-section murder probably, in which a little bud, her baby girl, was removed and given to Octavius, and became the grandmother of Caligula, etc. Just my latest hunch.”

  19. IAmLonefrog : That was very Interesting, this topic never gets old. This is the Robot Chicken Episode of the Rabbit Hole. This thing has more Asses than the Cleveland Show.

    It’s partircularly disturbing around 5 minutes, Rabbi-t Sex in PAN DOOR, “now he is going to nail all the (Justin) Beaver he wanna” and he shoots an arrow into a Target written “In The Butt”, Beaver used to mean something else … I guess that’s what happens everytime you shop at Target.

    Lady Bird Johnson’s Funeral : That was weird to say the least …

    “Ye first sign is that of Voor and in nature it be ye true symbol of ye Old Ones. Make ye thus whenever thou wouldst supplicate Those that ever waite beyond the Threshold.”

  20. Truth Movement Fraud ; Hemp Fuel Revolution 2011


    โ€œMake the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.โ€ – George Washington

    Do check out the links on my truth movement fraud videos I have.

  21. You’re either A tormented genius or you’re Unsane. Or a mixture of both! ..And of course, the unsanity is a product of the fractured society, and of the Unconscious/subConscious trauma which has befallen the human condition. I think, you know, to comment (from such an aware vantage point) on the condition of insanity is to know insanity. It is to be totally aware of the Fractured condition, to be fractured ,and yet to be a source of healing, while becoming healed. I hope you understand me, im of the opinion you probably do, without mushrooms.

    All i know? I used to watch Family Guy and Laugh…Now i watch with a mixture of indignation and amazement. And, like yourself, with certain reverence for the genius of it.

    “Keep it up” Alex, its the desired direction:)

    P.s. On the discussion of ROSES: Check out this Theirstoric Cult :The Foundation faith of God. This is but one of many names they have gone by, and here we have the “Black Rose” centre affiliation. Check out the works of Tsarion particularly “The Age of Manipulation” for an insight into these scientology psychopaths:

    link 1 The Black Rose centre Las vegas

    Link 2 Tsarion talks of the Foundation faith of God Cult

  22. Joe South wrote the Rosegarden song not some woman

  23. IAmLonefrog, the phrase “a cultivated rose” takes on quite deviant implications considering my work. Probably best suited for this post.

    Mystery, Babalon, good point. They may as well retitle Robot Chicken to either “Five Minute Analfest” or “The Celtic Rebel was Right.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yea, despite the “longhorns” excuse, way too weird.

    Myles O’Howe, I know you are passionate about your cause, but it really doesn’t have much to do with this week’s show.

    DigitalSickness, can we settle on Unsane Tormented Genius? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    Kent Holm, Bo Green, thank you for clarifying that. From what I can see of South, the double-entendre was likely not his intent. Hard to say it wasn’t on the subsequent “mega”-hit (1971).

  24. Apologies but the quote is not from Hamlet, it is worth anal[ysis] though: = Titus [tight ass] Andronicus SCENE III. A lonely part of the forest … and it continues…..

    So pale did shine the moon on Pyramus
    When he by night lay bathed in maiden blood.
    O brother, help me with thy fainting hand–
    If fear hath made thee faint, as me it hath–
    Out of this fell devouring receptacle,
    As hateful as Cocytus’ misty mouth.

    Regards, The Mongoose

  25. Hi Alex, I’ve listened to Alex Jones to hear some of his guests. That’s how I found out about you. Alex Jones repeatedly has said the natural reaction to what the ‘elites’ (or whatever moniker you want to use) are doing/always done/are going to do is to be very angry. At least one of his guests (that’s one the better reasons Iisten to AJ) points out that one of the emotional states the ‘elites’ want us for us to be in is anger (as well as fear). One of the explanations is that it has to do with the state of mind the ‘illuminati’ wants us to be in at death for entry into the afterlife (their beliefs/religion/reptilian/troglodyte agenda (laughing required for the reptilian/troglodyte agenda part?)). If listeners will just use their memory they will find correlations like this. I question if the ‘heard’ can actually believe anything they say or write because of the kind of separate species they say they are (?). And yet as far as I can tell all the ‘researchers’ depend on what they say and/or write. The philosophical concepts like ‘truth’ the greeks gave us are for some reasons (not good)(running around in circles?) One of the ‘pleasant’/ancient control systems? Ah, philosophy, another science (the ‘elites’ love (psychopaths don’t love do they?) /are using science (or science/knowledge is using them? (obsession maybe?). Please excuse my ramblings. Determining what is reality (another philosophical concept) is such a bitch. And modern languages to express anything too. Everything is larger in Texas including… AJ? Don’t laugh, that’s probably what the ‘elites’ want us to do also. Be ‘good’. Ah heck, another damn philosophical concept! Pursue happiness Alex? (declaration of independence) I am going to stop my rant now.

  26. Truth movement, they say ? ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Chris White’s rant to the truth movement!

  28. I’ve only been listening to your show for the past 6 months, so I just got around to listening to this particular show this past Friday(the 13th!).

    Anyway, you mentioned some guy asking you the latest conspiracy and that you joked that The Illuminati was creating a woman with 2 vaginas.

    A few hours after listening to the show, my friend was over. I was trying to look up something on You Tube(about the Archons, I think) and on the home page a title caught my eye: THE WOMAN WITH TWO VAGINAS!

    Synchronicity? Illuminati?

    Anyway, thought it was a funny coin-ki-dink! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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