A Good Year for the Roses [Part I]

Well, it finally happened! There was no show on January 2nd, and then the gremlins conspired to stop one from taking place on January 9th. What is it that they say?

butt rose

Shit happens? Yet, on Sunday, January 16th, Alex Robinson and I finally got together and put out an ourstoric show on the topic of Roses. That’s it below::


The show, being the first of this new year, The Year of the Rabbit, picked up right where we left off last year. Interestingly enough, the image above came from a funeral director’s site. Hm, the jukebox in my skull now queues: “The chairman of this boredom is a compliment collector. I’d like to be his funeral director.”

mighty rosealmost bluechild abuse

Those lines happen to be from one Elvis Costello, and as said during the show, I cannot expect you guys to rip out the programs which have been part of the process of defining yourself until I do the same. Speaking of those programs, I guess if someone can’t note the intentional similarity between the rosy lips on the boyish young men boys in the below photos, it’s simply because they don’t want to!

boy rose lipsneo rose lips

So so ignorant and so so damn proud of that. It’s exactly the attitude and the willful malice that may have driven one Elvis to abandon the living; the same that blatant disregard with which we so openly honor the memory of the pederasts who enslaved us, while mocking he who tried to liberate us.

jehovah the pederast

But, how can we, nuhamkind, even begin to comprehend the mysteries, if so few of us are willing to look no further than the surface? As became evident in the chat room this week, most who hear the term “human stargate” still think of only of the [rosy] anus, and for lack of better [englicious] terms, get stuck there. Hm, maybe a good reason for all the OpenLeaks, DP Oil Spills and other Miner Immolations?

Moving on, aside from having voices like Harpies, absolutely no talent whatsoever, and honestly, the kind of looks that make them a coin-toss come time for copulation when matched up versus my morning constitutional, what do the two below actresses, singers, prostitutes have in common? I can’t seem to remember.

midler jew rosestreisand jew rose

For the record, the two above movies, are essentially the exact same story retold through a slightly different metaphor. For anyone who hasn’t figured out what that is yet, this composite, using much of their own crafted imagery should make it a[ss]bundantly clear [warning: revelatory, but graphic, and not for the timid]. Oh, and by the way, that Kris Kristofferson guy, is extra extra extra creepy!

I’m sure that many of you who listened to the show, are now finding out indeed that just as yet another yenta crooned, Everything’s Coming up Roses.” As the show and title have suggested, this process will continue.

Much love!

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Note A: There was an impromptu one hour show last week I did on Blog Talk where I waxed poetically about the lunacy and idiocy of the “truth movement.” In case anyone’s confused, “the truth” is precisely what Morpheus offered his naive neophyte in The Matrix. Said show, may, or may not, ever see the light of day.

~ by celticrebel on January 2, 2011.

51 Responses to “A Good Year for the Roses [Part I]”

  1. happy poop year

  2. Alex.. A Rosed PiG

    There is so much to this topics. Eros, arrows, arose, roads, Colos of Rhodes, Colon-ization with roads, A Rows, etc.

    There’s even Rosed Beef.. which is another term for the “box” of a woman.

    Thanks for letting me steal some of your listeners.

  3. Great song

  4. Rebel, This no longer surprises me…

    SpongeBob Squarepants Bikini Bottom Groom and Go!

    -Thank you

  5. Search for “roses” on Youtube, and this is the first item you are greeted with (skip to 0:53, and I would suggest using mute):

    OUTCAST: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YU2RuXCvRk

    If I was not already aware of what is going on, I would not be laughing hysterically at this. This is complete madness! We really are being made to wallow in our own feces. I believe the end of the world/”civilization” as we know it, has already passed and is being celebrated. Does any of this look like blood to you? Beware; information overload!

    DIMMU BORGIR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jfon11JIRg

  6. Skies of Bacon

  7. greg, considering that all the contestants are boys, the judges all look metro/curious, and the “loaded” closing words, that was “disturbing.”

    Ferdinand, you mean “another rosed pig.” 😀 Hm, the ships did allegedly have to sail in between the giant’s legs, and it was long a base of those who discovered Solomon’s key, so maybe…

    alex robinson, uhu? 😕 Ah, you mean the song I had posted whilst waiting for a tech-free week to do the show. Yea, it was awesome 😀

    aluminumfalcon, sadly, it doesn’t surprise me either.

    ohiomjt, that Outcast song was on the limitless list of items we didn’t get too. It’s a catchy ditty that many an ignorant song might/has sung along too unawares. It’s also obvious that the authors of the song do not like women. I’d suspect the Scandinavian Black Metal, like Industrial, was yet staged another temple dog division.

    Ryan McAlister, hm, keen observation I had not considered before. The perfectgrid in the sky for the nu ham? Perhaps we’ll soon be seeing bacon-flavoured anal lube and bacon-laden feminine hygiene products?

  8. Family Guy episode Boys Club / Leg Transplant

    Joe: Quagmire tell us about that chick with the inside out anus
    Quagmire: You mean Blossom?

  9. i can just hear the super-effeminate bret michaels with his a la brokeback moutain chant: “every rose has its thorn”. of course, it’s from their “open up and say… ahhh” album (the delayed “ahhh” is just too deliberate).

    and, of course, our slavery wouldn’t be complete without hearts/vaginas & roses/assholes for the upcoming valentine’s day. never mind the abundant & highly-controlled carbon rocks being sold now for the special occasion that will indebt most hardworking fellows… just another way our “rose” is for the taking by these architects.

  10. Was there a show this week? (9th Jan – or no show in Oracle’s archive)

    Are you OK? Did you find the mushrooms again? 🙂

  11. Mom is about to wake up.
    I showed her the latest French Vogue Kids “special”. She asked me, “why are they all doing this?”

    I need help here folks.

  12. The new song H.A.M. from kanye west and jay z stands for “Hard as a Motherfucker”. Here is how the chorus goes:

    “I go HAM, hard as a motherfucker, to show these niggas who I am”

    So now we will have brainless fuckwits screaming out ” I go ham in this bitch! Im hammin right now!

    Pure evil genius

  13. “ohiomjt January 8, 2011: Search for “roses” on Youtube = result. If I was not already aware of what is going on, I would not be laughing hysterically at this. This is complete madness! We really are being made to wallow in our own feces. I believe the end of the world/”civilization” as we know it, has already passed and is being celebrated.

    That song is complete with hypnotic backing beat to put the listener in trance while hearing the words without necessarily knowing what they’re talking about.

    End of civilization, nah, they’ve been doing this all along, it’s just more open now. Lot of interesting responses to this thread at glp

  14. Mongoose, lovely! 🙄 Wonder if they speaking of Katy Perry? Hm, just occurred to me she’s also wearing a “ham corset” in that picture.

    raffi, no doubt Bret Michaels has bent over many a time and said “ahhh,” “ugh,” and “eek” many a time.

    Steven UK, the show finally took place on the 16th after two failed weeks of trying. Some may say “unforeseen tech problems,” while others would guess some forces were doing their best from letting the material we presented um, “leak” to the ignorant.

    defne, your Mom after the suggested intro [by other commenter below] may be ready to start listening to The Rebel Path 👿

    Dion Duffield, sick shit. I’m guessing were they to face a naked woman Jaye and Kanye would be “soft as a pansy boy.” The geniuses, however, are, in every sense of the word, behind these doggies.

    Fritz, yes, good point about the catchy/hypnotic beat. Singing along absent-mindedly is “consent.” The caming-up of our homes, is as missed by the stupid conspira-movement, something future generations will welcome, thanks to reality-tv, camwhorism and desire for attention/stardom.

  15. Man, sometimes it’s hard when you are so right.. David Newman – The War of The Roses The War of Roses was fought around when the English language was first being crafted. This could tie to the Rosetta stone too.. I can’t wait for the show.

  16. Fury as Channel 4 teaches youngsters Kama Sutra positions in graphic ‘Joy Of Teen Sex’

    Daily Mail: A graphic Channel 4 show that teaches teenagers Kama Sutra positions has been branded as ‘porn’ by the UK’s leading broadcasting watchdog.
    Controversial new series The Joy Of Teen Sex aims to offer advice to youngsters concerned about their sex lives.

    But the programme, which airs after the watershed, contains graphic scenes of lesbian sex as well as offering a ‘guide to anal sex’.

  17. that person just above me needs help. why are they all doing this ?

    i will answer, but your all about to witness a classic case of the blind leading the deaf hear.

    right, since its vogue kids your on about, the basic answer is , walt dysney was a pedo and hes generationaly influenced all the other ppl in power to be pedos. there. tell your mum that or go and watch all these and put it in your own less direct words

    ok, cant ignore a cry for help. now down to why im posting

    im well happy to get 2 direct replys out of 2 posts from the rebal so im going for the jackpot third time lucky


    but not for me. for my 12 year old son, hes the only one in the house that doesnt think im crazy so this morning he says , hey dad

    “what about scoobydoo and shaggy you know as in doo is poop and shaggy is shagging” so im like, why have i never notcied that before so i said well done and sent him off to school to tell his pals, lol

    last week he was educating his class that hearts are actually vaginas.

    any way anychance of a shout out for “DARREN FROM SHETLAND ISLANDS” for relizing scoobydoo and shaggy possibly have another meaning? hes only 12 ya now

  18. Man, you won’t believe this!!

    PS: Major Censorship of Dire Straits song “Money For Nothing” by the CRTC (a board of morons). Canada’s getting really bad for this type of Authorized P.C. style B.S. Read below:

    PS: New Zealand and Other Countries Ban Names For Babies. Yes, it really had come down to this. What’s next? Baby Licenses?

    I think this really goes to show how the power of words truly affects the world around us. When the feds get involved and make it a law to ban certain names, that’s just insane if you think about it.

  19. Berlusconi practises “bunga-bunga” on teens.

    Urban dictionary definition for bunga bunga is anal rape.

    He learnt about it from Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi.

    PS: Paedophilia ‘culturally accepted in south Afghanistan’.

  20. thank you stu! language is a huge barrier. i’ll wait for the right time to translate.

    i talk to my friends and some say that they’re happy(!) with the way they live their lives and that they don’t want to be subjected to “disturbing stuff”.

    i can understand avoiding the movie hostel, but I don’t understand avoiding TRUTH that will depress and scare you first, but will eventually lead you to a more peaceful place later on.

    we’ve been programmed to eat, to have sex and to SLEEP only.

  21. It is becoming difficult to differentiate between original ideas from these writers, and said individuals using ideas directly from this blog! I stumbled onto this Saturday Night Live “Digital Short” on a forum

    I decided to do a search for more of these Andy Samberg skits to find a rose amongst this tripe. I found this on my very first search result

    It is mind-numbing observing what television has become, in such a short period of time, since I stopped watching about two years ago.

  22. [this comment is for the show (16th jan)]: I totally agree with you breaking from the truth [bowel] ‘movement’. Especially Kubric & Wells, this media was designed for ‘synchronistic’ consumption. To make them [us] consumed with our own consumerism.

  23. Greetings Consumers. A friend passed me the Press release for The London 2012 Olympics under the premise that 6.6 million tickets were being made available to the public for 6 weeks. Ok. But, when i looked at the London Olympics Logo, as on the page link, I noticed that it looks very much like someone giving a blowjob. This is not me seeing more into it and reaching….have a look for yourself.

    Great show Rebel, and thanks for Turning Me On this week …to Star Theory’s blog:)


  24. man, i miss meat (eating 2-3/month)…. or, is it that i miss death? i guess my habitual death-fix became ingrained into my existence. oh well, time for living.

    “The gains accruing to an individual from a well-established nut-and-fruit-diet would be far reaching. His domestic economy, by virtue of the time-and-labor-saving simplicity of a mostly fireless housekeeping would give rise to surprising assets. Furthermore, the relation between man and his associates in the animal kingdom would find a perfect moral and ethical adjustment. There would be no justification for killing or taking of life, for the sake of life; no dependence on animal sacrifice for our existence. Released from this awful task of compulsory ‘slaughter of the innocents,’ man would rise into a living protective power of peace and good will to every creature within his zone of influence, aiming at a consecration in place of a desecration of expressions and opportunities of life. His attitude towards his dumb and helpless neighbors would be serene, sweet and peaceful, with no grim implement of murder, concealed in the caressing hand.” – Dr. Gibson

    PS: we are the engines and have been engineered to power the machine going nowhere (for now). keep up the good work, alex. the last broadcast was excellent!

    Because for more than a thousand years we have been abused by alien tyrannies, we assume abuse and tyranny to be an integral part of the human condition, very much like death and taxes. – Ara Baliozian

  25. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=rosebud


    Many explanations but i guess he was not talking about his sled. (not kane but welles i mean)

  26. Ouch my brain……. the clown [video]

    PS: Could it be?

    Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ cover art revealed

    looks like a rose to me.

  27. Back in October I happened to catch on PBS a taped showing of the various performances at the White House for Paul McCartney receiving the Gershwin award. Watching Paul check out Jack White’s butt as he was leaving the stage was priceless. They even had the JonASS Brothers there (and definitely not for their musical talent!). With my “They Live” glasses it was quite entertaining (and informative about everyone in attendance) until I saw Elvis Costello take the stage.

    No! Et tu, Elvis?
    I thought, “I’ve got to let the Rebel know about this!” And then I thought, “Naaa… he probably already knows.”

    the living tiki

  28. I Just played around with a Grease song with a video editor, ‘Summer Nights. It is sung in Spanish and shows some interesting connotaions if you dare!

    VIDEO: Summer Nights – Grease – A gay spanish perspective

  29. good show rebel, I like the new take on roses and all that stuff… butt can we even digest all this twisted info, it’ll be hard to swallow 🙂

    from the song lyrics in link I droppped:
    “…Listen to me, listen to me, baby. listen, baby, help me,
    Baby! help me, help me! listen to me, talk to me!
    You wont burn.
    Red, red roses.
    You wont bleed.
    Pinks and posies.
    Confess to me, girl.
    Red, red roses,*
    Go down!…”

    – pls. go check the rest of the song on the link, as far as I can say looking at the lyrics, its tied up with last edition of the rebel path, and good to see it with our new upgraded glasses

    ..I like KB music, pretty good songs and lyrics, but this one seems kind odd to me…, probably hidden masters in the music industry (a&r department and other twisted scums from the inside) they’ve been working hard to degenerate and degrade music and the message artist originally intended..imho, or they are on the board with the ‘satanic depopulation agenda’ LMAO, cheers

  30. Sorry- post no.2: Erm, Good show. The Roses. Elvis Costello. While listening i went and watched the Utube Video “A good year for the Roses”. Seems the Rose theme pervaded a lot of Costello’s Music (whether that was later in his career as you speculate, i dont know, i dont know enough about him). Fantastic Thoughts on the Grimoire of Fairy tales & Ryhmes from Alex, re Beauty and the BEAST (Terminology for a peadophile in England). There are others of course like “Twinkle twinkle little star”, also the “Fairy” story/myth of the ‘Tooth Fairy’: who comes into a childs bedroom when they are asleep, takes their “First tooth” and leaves them money for it, that one is as bad as Santa Claws.

    Anyway, i also went a looking for the Shakespeare/Bacon “A Rose by any other name”: and it appears there is more than one Shit connection and the Speech/Sentence did indeed contain allegory to Poop! See:

    “A story, much favoured by tour guides, and as such highly suspect, is that in this line Shakespeare was also making a joke at the expense of the Rose Theatre. The Rose was a local rival to his Globe Theatre and is reputed to have had less than effective sanitary arrangements. The story goes that this was a coy joke about the smell. This certainly has the whiff of folk etymology about it, but it might just be true”.


    PS: Wow Pavman that Grease Vid was Odd!!^^ Odd..but..Hilarious!:)

  31. I respect your opinion, but seriously. Check out this song: Death in June-Rose Clouds of Holocaust

  32. Hey Alex great show…
    I am sick of all these butt and fart jokes…
    I know kids as young as 5 making them… And where are they learning them… Movies like Yogi Bear… It had the song “I like big butts and I cant not Lie” as a main part of the movie… That song was a grown up song but now its a kids song…
    Have you seen this funny video… It will make you laugh
    its about Alex Jones…
    Have you ever seen Ryan Dawson work

    This is a classic example of how the truth movement has been taking us all on a joy ride to no mans land…

    I think Ryan Dawson is a true rebel like you and would be a great Guest for a future show… He lives in Japan so your midnight show would be perfect for him…

    PS: One last note… on Drummer Boy…

    Drummer Boy sond by Debi Nova… A MUST SEE… She will go far in the music industry if she keeps singing songs about her bum…

  33. Got the singing pedo priest wrong in a previous comment. It was a different singing priest, not the little drummer boy priests, whoops!


  34. VID: Stiff Little Fingers – Wild Rover (Live)

    Quick couple things.. I know you like your subliminal ads:

    Great series on the music industry and the film to a lesser extent:

    Some links I posted on the chat before:

    Anyway.. Valentines is coming up! Are you getting someone something special, Rebel? Maybe a bouquet of ro.. Aw, damn.
    Well how about a box of choc… aghh!

    PS: Prometheus Rising.. by Robert Anton Wilson. Great read, but check out page 61.

  35. Hey Celtic Rebel I think you might be wrong about Orson Welles movie Citizen Kane… Orson Welles started his hollywood career with that movie… He was given a unlimited funds and power from the jews in hollywood to make his first movie “That is unheard of in Hollywood” never making a movie and given all the money you want… BUT WHY? Well he was not given 100% freedom he had a jewish writer help write the script… Herman Jacob Mankiewicz wrote most of Citizen Kane… And William Randolph Hearst was the target… And for a good reason he was the most powerful man in hollywood that was not jewish… And they wanted him, his wealth and his power… How dare a gentile try and own hollywood… William Randolph Hearst tried with all his money and influence to prevent the movie Citizen Kane from being shown but he was no match against the jews in hollywood… What better way to destroy someone then to destroy him through film… William Randolph Hearst never said in his death bed rosebud… The jews put those words in his mouth to make him out as a evil pervert… Yes only the insiders in hollywood new what rosebud meant and I think William Randolph Hearst also new the meaning that is why he hated the movie so much… I believe he is quoted for saying that if Citizen Kane is released he will expose to world that the Jews run hollywood…

    So why did they make the movie to destroy him…Have you seen the Hearst Castle in California this guy was rich and powerful… He just was not born jewish… He was hated so much for that they took aim at his family too… Just look at what happened to Patty Hearst his grand daughter… I sure the CIA mind control programs had nothing to do with this

    So hollywood putting rosebud was not expose Hearst but to destroy him… While the ones who like little boys sit back and laugh at us dumb americans… JUST PURE EVIL RUNS HOLLYWOOD… but they will not make a movie to destroy themselves…

  36. VID: Mr. Wizard Take Out Of Context! – Episode 4

  37. Might want to check this out wine drinkers if you are vegan. See whats really in your wine, and why you should drink vegan friendly wines.

    Even the folks on the International Space Station might be on the gravy train.

    VID: Gardening in Space

  38. Unhappy bday to a historical collector of “rosebuds.”

    A “wreath-laying” ceremony, how appropriate.

  39. I just realized something, in Canada (and England) there’s a chocolate candy called “Rose Buds”, and they actually resemble little turds. Here’s a picture of Rosebuds. I couldn’t find a better picture. They used to come in boxes and were made by Cadbury.

    PS: Also, the English language is full of Nominalizations. These are words that are verbs (actions) turned into a noun (a name). For example, when someone says “I have depression”, what they’re saying is they’re making themselves feel depressed (action), but they say “I have depression” which voids and takes away their own creative power over the process which they are taking part in. So when someone has a “great love” for cheese burgers or what have you, they are nominalizing the experience, which has a hypnotic effect. Politicians, Doctors, all sorts of Authority figures talk in these type of hypnotic nominalized patterns, and that’s how they access deep structures of the subconscious mind.

    Later, great show btw.

  40. the movie black swan. marketed as this ultimate dark and intellectually fulfilling thriller. did anybody watch that??

    it’s a HORROR movie with all the right elements and a porn movie that stands in between soft and hard.
    and in between the incest, the blood fest…

    If the script was solid than I would welcome the gory, but it just wasn’t.

  41. I found the reason why ‘ashes ashes we all fall down’ in Loughner’s ‘Your new symbol and number’ … its also found in the STS 133 Patch.

    I noted on 11/11, ie KK day, that Dino DeLaurentis died, ie 76 King Kong and that STS 133 holds the clue to “191” (as 19+20+19+133=191) in its two twin 9″ cracks. Get it? 99 cracks on the wall for this great Humpty Dumpty.

  42. Now I’m thinking, Lucy never intended malice. She just kind of jumped the gun. Now her fate is tied with ours (Lucy in the sky with Diamonds). I think you’re right, she was never “evil”. We, as a species, need to show gratitude by getting our act together.

  43. Aha, good one on the Rosebud [ might the man who took the boy away for a ‘better life’ actually be Citizen Kane he is Charles FOSTER Kane.


    Thanks to your investigations we are now ‘ Bud-Wiser’


  44. Black Roses, by Sloppy Seconds (very underrated band)

    And one by the same band, The Mighty Heroes

    I think the lyrics in these two songs are relevant to the post above, the show, and the theme of Roses and heroes. (rows – rose). The codes are being broken and doors are opening 🙂

  45. Terrific show. Hopefully the large number of responses to this post is indicative of growing popularity.


    “I got a feeling inside of me
    It’s kind of strange like a stormy sea
    I don’t know why I don’t know why
    I guess these things have got to be

    I gotta new rose I got her good
    Guess I knew that I always would
    I can’t stop to mess around
    I got a brand new rose in town

    See the sun see the sun it shines
    Don’t get too close or it’ll burn your eyes
    Don’t you run away that way
    You can come back another day

    I never thought this could happen to me
    This is strange why should it be
    I don’t deserve somebody this great
    I’d better go or it’ll be too late”

  47. I for one hope the curse of poopularity passes over..

  48. very good show, refreshing as always, i have a few brown-celluloid-made-in-hollywood things to look for,

    damn…gus van sant is a sodomite and priest-pedobear lover for sure, few of his so called movies deff worth checking out, not really for watching and enjoying, but rather for autopsy purposes 🙂

    I esp. recommend ‘my own private idaho’ (starring key anus reeves) and ‘even cow girls get the blues’ also key-anu priest lover 😉 ..there are few celtic decoded sodomite referrences such as starfish, rubber rose and so on… cheers

  49. Hi. reading your stuff and refreshing a realization of it all. Thank you.
    By the bye, kris Kristopherson is a sex slave handler, and Babs is MK ……according to Brice Taylor in “Thanks for the memories”

  50. Ferdinand, and it’s a “black comedy” 😮 Hope we delivered, um met expectations, oh whatever

    Mongoose, lesbian and anal, who’d have thunk 🙄

    stu, ah, your boy deserves a shoutout for seeing what we have been too stupid to see for so long. Although, seeing I’m still getting caught up, it will be long after fact.

    Will Tilson, as said in a recent show, the ADL has outdone itself dumbing down the Canucks. One more thing, for future ref, please try to combine your short links/comments before submitting…

    Brian, interesting, yet one important thing to remember when looking at these sanctioned/released stories is the political motivations behind them. Someone writing “Paedophilia culturally accepted in the UK/USA” would be, just as, if not, far more valid (especially considering the nonstop sexual marketing of children by western media).

  51. A nice documentary on feces for those comprehending french.

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