Ignoble Turnkey Day [THE TRUTH]

Yes, I took last week off. I am a man and I have my needs, some of them being social. But yes, there was a show this week, and it was about “THE TRUTH.”

handle the truth

Unfortunately for most, just like any time of the year that any Holy Days come about, many so-called “truthers”, or self-professed warriors against tyranny, will look far and wide, anywhere but within, where the scary truths might lie. However, as you may well know by now, the Rebel and discomfort meet frequently:


Can you brave it [not available]? By blindly honoring “traditions,” we serve the system. By not questioning, we consent to the system, and condemn ourselves.

unhappy turkeyignorant and indifferent

Not only do “hand turkeys,” of which we are prone to pat our children on the back for and line our refrigerators with, speak to the retardation and sad lack of creativity we accept from our children, but also of rewarding them for turning away from their nature and becoming, as said previously: very ignorant and extremely indifferent to the plight of anything outside their myopic indoctrination. Hypocrisy!

ralph waldo emerson

I got into the “real” history and reasons behind Thanksgiving during one of pre-Rebel Path Dinners of Andros series with Stygian Port. I would seriously playfully recommend My Dinner with Stygian Port [0]. Beyond the appropriate root step to get from there to here via our transformative internal stargate, the show gets into the notions of how we digest energy and emotions, and muses over the alchemical path to immortality. Yes, a non-vampiric a philosopher’s stone.

The above video, which I do not believe was inspired by this show, was made by one of its listeners, Lee Iovino, a former member of We Are Change. To Lee’s credit, it speaks directly to my tenuous grasp on a thread of hope for humanity; it confirms there are some among us who can “handle the truth.” I presume many, especially mirror-dodgers, won’t handle the below truthful image too well:

happy dead christians

Preposterous? Really? Give me some access to a few key media outlet points and I could have the above image on Greeting Cards within 20 years. Sentiments similar to those above have been repeated and treated with indifference countless times in modern history, and could easily be replicated. Creating such an algorithm is a rather simple task when our morality is not only so ambiguous [as painfully explored], but also so subject to the fashion of media trends.

Which, as discussed [during this show], is the exact reason we’ve been given “Religion.” Normally, when someone is seeking spiritual answers, the ambiguous divisions of what constitutes piety or virtue, would lead to a lot of questions. Thus, through ReLegion, questions are replaced by inconsistent [¿incontinent?] dogma.


Holy Timing led to an opportunity to watch the latest bit of social engineering, Skyline. I was curious if it would actually address the most obvious correlation between our contemptible actions towards other species, and the advanced aliens towards us. But, as mentioned, in the middle of the chaos and destruction, the film chose [was told to] emphasize that smoking is somehow worse than sure death.

Yea, they want us to quit smoking. For some reasons (as speculated on before), that is really really important to them. Oddly enough, the movie ends with humans being used for research, and possibly as a food/nourishment source for the aliens, which as I’ve been saying, we would have absolutely no right to complain about it.

sarah jessica horsesarah jessica moose

The dramatic closing featured a timely, fashionable allusion to some of human to alien genetic-splicing, and is thus, a good segueway to Part II of the broadcast, which dealt with our own interbreeding of our earthly masters. Too much inbreeding can lead to tragic results [see above]. Us peasants, on the otherhand, the more we interebreed, the more beauty results [case in point, the lovely women of Brasil].

Interestingly enough, if you google “Sarah Jessica Parker,” you have to scroll down quite a bit before anything other than the most complimentary photos of her turn up, which would suggest some connection for her, leading to I suspect “blood.”

As stated, I do believe that the descendants of the nobility and their warrior class servants [Thor’s Children] are occasionally forced to breed outside their bloodlines in order to produce somewhat visually appealing people, and hence our eye-cons [icons]. However, that all said, it is interesting friggin ridiculous what a dumbed-down public can be conditioned/programmed to accept and not question:

There is a case study: a small group of well-programmed people among us, which after intensive differentiation by the regimens of race and religion, see themselves as somehow distinct from, and far superior to their neighbors. Hence, their neighbors are treated much like Westerners treat animals. The results: the horrors of Palestine and a steady stream of willing participants ready to put on an IDF uniform and participate in the wholesale slaughter of “those dumb animals.”

This tangent led to an telling revelation of what the term “constitution” may suggest. Israel also has a constitution, and seeing that it allows for burning animal-children alive, we can see what a rancid pile of shit that is. Speaking of shit:

bend it like a hambend it like a boy

The above, and the corresponding article from The New Yorker prove that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is a conspiracy afoot. Well, beyond doubt unless you’re dumb enough to believe that a “woman” named Aimee Odell wrote the article. And, I suspect, also explains something like Don’t Go West gets pulled off of the net. Perhaps it was reaching a point where the average fool stopped dismissing it?

new yorker

Thusly, why I felt a need to capture the above. Your average moron, who has been rendered practically incapable of seeing patterns, will dismiss the above as one of chance and coincidence, as they have the other last 10 million times they have seen similar inappropriate projections. Such disability, is what allows the likes of Disney to get away with the “rogue animator” excuse for ages and ages.

While talking to Emily at the end of the show, mentioned another pattern of late notice: how the cameras have moved away from focusing on “hot babes” during breaks at sporting events, to little boys. Others have since noticed too, but most, as said, will dismiss it for “family focus” or some other regurgitatable “reason.”

dumb cuntkathy snatchgriffin whore

I think were we able to teleport a group of Prostitutes from the Last Days of Rome into the present world, they would, based on observing how much focus today’s average woman gives to her vagina, think there was something seriously wrong with them. At the nexus point of all this crap, we find one whore named Kathy Griffith, participating in a pedofilic preteen beauty pageant, telling the contestants about waxing her hoo-hoo-dilly, and even going so far as to get “vajazzled.”

Oh, and lastly, stop using the world “Brazilian” to describe a vagina made too seem child-like. It’s another colloquialism that ultimately proves nothing more than one’s idiocy; another way of saying, “I repeat whatever the media wants me to repeat, but have no experience of my own, or critical reason to ever question anything.”

Don’t do it!

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Note: I’d like to thank my friend Audra for appraising me of Kathy’s participation in the pedo-pageant schlock-fest and her inappropriate banter [which may make it into Don’t Go West V3]. What ethnic group does she belong to again? I forget.

Seems whatever agenda is out there that degenerates or hurts women, she’s there in the middle of it. Yea, that would include pushing cancer under the guise of preventing it (and referencing an Anti-Christian meme the sheep won’t notice). I could go on about Griffin, but an article about this same whore sticking glue and sparkles on her mons, is yet another that makes you wonder about how the conspiracy operates (overt stupidity versus subtle manipulation).

~ by celticrebel on November 29, 2010.

22 Responses to “Ignoble Turnkey Day [THE TRUTH]”

  1. Hey wonderful show!!! Had a blast and learned so much!

  2. Miley Cyrus’ Little Sister Selling Sex to Little Girls


    The piece of above demonstrates exactly what this weeks’s show was referring to, the blurring of the lines between what’s right and wrong. Turning adults into children, and vice versa, turning children into adults. Sick stuff.

  3. Just the fact that ‘Don’t Go West’ got pulled means you tapped into the jugular for sure.

    You talked a little bit about the issue of sexualising children. But I’ve been noticing a worrying trend in the fashion industry directed at women – especially their underware and nightware – but not many people have mentioned this. Just a short trip to the mall can be an eye-opener. I’m noticing stores selling these items with cartoons and blatant childrens themes, but sold to women.

    No self-respecting female could really wear this stuff, with pink elephants, and manga characters, or Betty Boop images, without it being pure manipulation. There’s a store here – not sure if its in America or Oz – called Oysho and the window display makes you think its a kids store…look a little closer and you realise its actually all womens lingery! Obviously this stuff is designed to place the female body into a specific…what should I call it…situation/circumstance? Personally I think its quite warped when a woman of 35 prances around the bedroom dressed like she’s 8 years old…very sick! It maybe a male fantasy and obviously its engineered. But seriously, do guys think that’s sexy?


  4. You gave me a product idea, i could make my fortune and LIVE THE DREAM from this: Titanium Steel double mortice locked (for insurance purposes)Anal Chastity Belts!Coming to Ebay Soon! only £300 $220

  5. Emily, it was nice to have you back. You even managed to attract your very own little troll in the cat room. 👿

    Will Tilson, I was surprised by the date on that article, as those pics are now fairly old. For the record, I spoke about this long ago, and even suggested the lingerie “story” may be inaccurate.

    Marty aka Marie, thanks. What you describe there is this phenomenon [i.e., in newspeak, that means social engineering agenda] to put women in a state of perpetual adolescence. Sadly, judging by such and the vacuous emptiness exhibited by women who are even in their 40’s now speaks to the success of the program.

    DigitalSickness, you may as well make some money off these trends of human degeneration I discuss week to week. Why not, right? 😉

  6. “Dawn of the flexisexual: The new word for the women who refuse to play it straight”

    Should be – “Dawn of the Zombiesexual. The new word for women who have been programmed to be gay.”

  7. Just to illustrate the point, this picture in the below link shows girls out on the town NOT in fancy dress…this is what they actually wear for real…

    ‘Howay man, it’s not cold!’ As Britain shivers, Newcastle girls prove they’re not frightened of a bit of snow

  8. One of the reasons that people are more responsive is because the things we’re describing are more obvious–microchips are no longer sci-fi etc. I started reading this stuff in the 90s and people thought I was barkin.

  9. A new low.

    Legalizing child pornography is linked to lower rates of child sex abuse

  10. Steven UK, well put. What a load of crap. I love how the article says “refuse” as if such women are making a conscious choice. How bout, “these zombies will eat anything.” 😀

    Marty aka Marie, I guess the Newcastle girls are a whorish lot! Though, the Florida girls will give them a run. The other night it was below 30 degrees out and in club row, there are women running around in the streets with midrifs, cleavage and buttcheeks exposed. Staying warm officially second fiddle to whoring it up.

    Pam, that’s a fair observation. It is harder and harder not to notice.

    zwoof, really speaks to the alleged “press.” At least one of the comments was refreshing: “Bet this guys research is supported by NAMBLA? Right once again! Kensey would be impressed with this professor.”

  11. Gordon Gekko: The one thing you have to remember about WASPs: they love animals and hate people. …

    Wall Street (1987)

  12. Human Resources: Social Engineering in the 20th Century

    Human Resources explores the rise of mechanistic philosophy and the exploitation of human beings under modern hierarchical systems.
    Topics covered include behaviorism, scientific management, work-place democracy, schooling, frustration-aggression hypothesis and human experimentation.


  13. Raping a turkey.

    That’s what did it.

    I’ve been able to say goodbye to every single type of meat except for two: Bacon and eggs (I’ve been trying but I LOVE breakfast). No longer. I look at meat now, any meat, and I can think of only one phrase, and the rest of the horrible inhumanity you described inflicted upon one terrified innocent animal:

    Raping a turkey.

    We are all Michael Vicks.

  14. Good for you, tiki

    I too am now physically repulsed by meat and the smell of meat. It just goes to show HOW PROGRAMMED we can actually be, there are millions of ppl who think it tastes good…and obviously this is because of constant drip drip drip feed since birth of television ads, shows, movies, radio, school, etc all telling them to eat up sparky!

    PS. Just rewatched the futurama “problem with popplers” about them eating the young of another species…Really great, deep episode with a lot of stinkcromystic themes…for example…the guy they go into business with to sell them is “Fishy Joe”…thats pretty self explanatory…And he makes them a “great deal” when they are selling popplers for $1/dozen…he says “You give them to me, and I’ll sell them for $2/dozen…I’ll even give you $1/dozen!” So they get involved with this sketchy corporate guy with no benefit to them…they are just tricked into thinking it will benefit them. Also later Fishy Joe finds out the popplers are sentient, and he doesn’t even care, still stuffing his face with them and saying “Who’s gonna stop me?”

    It’s up to us as individuals to make choices to stop these monsters…the Fishy Joes of our world.

  15. Quex, wow! You quoted a line from the “gay cock loves gay anus” Charlie Sheen movie and passed it off as wisdom. You’re a good replicant! Have you ever seen how “blue-bloods” treat animals? I gather not. Why think when you can repeat instead?

    Lugh, you know, you are allowed to speak once in a while. 😛 Hm, hell and lizards … interesting correlation.

    the living tiki, Great comment. Someone else personally contacted me about the power of that expression/revelation. Perhpas I’ve grown so jaded to man’s inhumanity over time, that I thought little of it. Thank you!

    Jon, another great comment! Excellent catch on the Fish Market interpretation, something I had missed. Who’s gonna stop us? Only we can! Love it!

  16. An article on the roots of pedophilia among the power elite:

  17. Hey CR,

    Lenon Honor has done a series of fantastic presentations entitled “Hip Hop, The Hidden Hand, and The Degradation of Black Masculinity”


    Are you going to have him back on the show?

    Happy Vegeburger Day,


  18. Awr is light. In Suares’ian it is”aleph-waw-raysh” or “supreme potentional in union/copulation with universal container”.

    Its sound as a phoneme is or, ore, our.

    Aleph is ALP, its gematria is !+30+80 = 111. In Suares’ian it is “aleph-lammed-pe” or “supreme potential being driven organically in time space by an orifice/mouth”.

    To be this is to not believe it but to be it. Only an in-to-it heart girt with a serpent is able to hold this. This is called empathy, the message of Judas. Peter is petrefied and cannot hold this.

    The wink this week is “our/ore/ar-son-nick” or the “light of the adversary”.

    A crash course in Eugene…

    Lesson 1

    Lesson 2

    Lesson 3

    Lesson 4

    Lesson 5

    The only thing left is to “navagraha”…

  19. This is not my normal source for news but it has to be No.1 when it comes to weird world order stories…here’s another piece of fodder for your followers…Pedo related story about Barbie!

    Never say I dont’ give you anything!

  20. U.S. Naval Barracks built in the 60s was designed as a Nazi Swastika. CNN does fluff piece on this “conspiracy theory” .. 😉


  21. Talking about humans as alien food Ben Franklin [ I think] wanted the national bird of the/an US to be a turkey – gobble, gobble!

    One wonders how it may have played out if it had , Thanksgiving would celebrate the eating of Americans [ bit of a stretch maybe].

    Ben Franklin – Franklin Pierce – Benjamin Franklin Hawkeye Pierce ?

    [ at Franklin Pierce wiki page is portrait in a Masonic pose]

    Anyhow I’m sure MASH had a lot of subliminal stuff in it considering its popularity –

    ‘Suicide is painless’

    Arsenic is the 33rd chem.element and the first isolated on record in 1290

    33 makes Hebrew word GL – a shaft; wave.

    Using ‘shaft’ the 33rd degree implies ‘shafting’ people. Also ties in with the Miners who got stuck down a mineshaft and are now celebrities [ aka getting shafted without realising it]


  22. Something all meat eaters should know…

    The Green Plate: What Every Meat Eater Should Know About Humane Certifications


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