Watching the Detectives [Again]

Dennis Fetcho from The Illuminatus Observor was back tonight for his second appearance on The Rebel Path. Given the option of “droving” or “flewing,” he chose the latter to come all the way form Amman, Jordan and join me for another meeting of minds in the Top Secret Celtic Rebel Underground Command Bunker™.

celtic rebel illuminatus observor

Fortunately for me, this time, I was able make it through the show without a bucket of ice water, and Dennis chose to stay up all night. Three hours go quickly when you’re discussing the codes behind the codes. Here’s the show:


We talked about The Craft, how language shapes consciousness, Aleister Crowley, Manly P. Enis and a number of both cryptic and obvious matters. Dennis has written his own piece on this ourstoric meeting, Rebel Path Radio Reprise Wrap-Up .

solar cultnumber of the beast

One of these issues is the demonization [by intent] of tools [knowledge] that can be used to our benefit, be they the big ball of light in the sky known as The Sun, to numbers themselves. This video (Monster Engergy Drink Exposed) is the discussed example of well-meaning people propagating fear and false knowledge based on a lack of depth of study/insight. The audiences reaction is the perfect demonstration of how quickly paranoia works its way into the mob.

Note: In retrospect, I find great humor that lately, more lunatics who’ve taken it upon themselves to “expose” people like myself and Dennis. The title of the above video should really put the lunacy into perspective. For the record, I suspect that the chemicals in sunblocks/lotions are the number one culprit of skin cancers.

anton laveysodomy

As I said to Dennis, why would anyone need “expose” me, when I have exposed myself? I am The Beast, and of this I have written of at great length. Despite the objections rising from Crowley’s dead lips, to this claim, I remain resolute.

The two above images are screenshots from the referenced video, and used as a convoluted means to suggest that lightning and the pentagram connect the Monster drink to Satan. Anyone who’s been following my work, will recognize the tell-tale signs, the charm is simply a key identifying LaVey as a sodomite. For any surprised by my statement that Tiger Woods sodomized Obama: the proof is in the pudding.

dreamworks skg

While getting into the conversation correlating BLUE and LUBE, MORN and MOURN as well as REAL and REEL, I neglected to add, that not only [as noted before] does REEL define REAL, but those who are so eager to define the latter, have to REEL us to them in order to do so.

There are a few “reels” featuring minor variations of the Dreamworks boy fishing for souls from the moon [a possible interpretation], but in one I’ve seen the hook being thrown dead center in the screen, as if at the audience. Yes, this is part of the consent formula, them telling you exactly what you are due for by attending.


This may be a bit mind-bending to contemplate, but if our language determines our thoughts, which per the holographic model, can be used to shape our universe, than language is the tool that determines at the very root, how our mind operates.

“In the beginning, there was the word.”
John, 1:1

Obviously then, the logos can be a far more powerful tool than any weapon those entrapped by a language could even dream of. Taking that into consideration, we could reason that powers exerted by the Priests of Holy Wood pale in comparison, to the architects of language that came long before them. Out of this mind-walk, I also realize that incorporeal corporations create logos to define themselves.

miss isis pipianal isis

Thanks to Dennis I saw a layer beyond the layer of the great stream of Miss Isis. Pi and Pi can also be represented by two circles. Hence, infinity. Coincidentally, that’s a slight twist on eight, the number of the Rebel. This may warrant further analisis.

Other items of note: The Roman numerals Dennis mentioned also connect us back to the box/grid/zion spells of binding that I first started exploring back in my Hammer & Anvil Series. While the extent of controlled exercised by the forces of Judaism and Zionism is debatable, their detrimental effects on us all, is not.


We got a bit into the hidden origins of well, just about everything it, would seem. Interestingly enough, the above [right] image of Plutarch, of whom Dennis spoke highly, is from a site I found of interest: Plutarch’s Essay on Isis and Osiris, as it takes us back to Egypt. For me, the most observable detail in favor of Pythagoras [above center], is that he is pictured with someone that is not a little boy.

crowleyhassidic rabbi

While I do strongly feel that Aleister Crowley’s “do as thou wilt,” is far more sage wisdom than that espoused by the slave-mind oriented Ten Commandments, it is by no means, and should never be interpreted as complete. I think the below words of one Andy Partridge hit much closer to the mark:

Welcome to the garden of earthly delights
This is your life and you be what you want to be
This is your life and you try it all, this is your life
And you be what you want to be, just don’t hurt nobody
‘Less of course they ask you in the garden of earthly delights

To close on a further positive note, when detailing the depths of our own ignorance, and listing all the means by which that is used against us to imprison us, we don’t forget to note that there is a notch on the yardstick that denotes that we are fact are having today’s conversation and that people are listening to us.

A Few [not so] Arbitrary Rebel Path Shows on Related or Similar Subject Matter
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Note: For those who may have recently come into my work, whether by following Dennis here, or via some other random means, I have done two shows, which many have suggested were relevant turning points in my path/their growth [both write-ups have recently been updated and expanded]. The first was The Peasants are Revolting [6], and the second was Back on the Right Track [2]. If you only read/hear two other Rebel Path shows/posts this year, those should be them.

~ by celticrebel on November 15, 2010.

24 Responses to “Watching the Detectives [Again]”

  1. hey alex
    check this link out its a youtube of a clip of the BBC toddlers channel called Cbeebies

    i didnt make the video, just check out what the woman is making

    your right mate its everywhere, they even target toddlers i thought it was only disney doin it.

  2. OMG, in the latest simpsons bart surfs on a river of gravy, and some of the gravy gets spilled on nelson, and he makes a frowning face!

    PS: Um, watch the video in this link, really strange things, this clearly isnt an accident that this video was made…

  3. Heard on an oldies station this morning “Big Bad John” by Jimmy Dean (the sausage guy).

    One stanza. “Then came a day at the bottom of the mine When a timber cracked and men started cryin’

    Miners were prayin’ and hearts beat fast

    And ever’body tho’t that they breathed their last, ‘cept John”

    The song starts with a description of ‘Big John’

    He stood 6 foot 6 and weighed 245. Broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip. Everybody knew you did not give no lip to big John.

    Rumor had it that Big John came from New Orleans.

    Yeah it’s out there.

  4. Sorry I kicked you in the balls with that video I made a little while back Celtic Rebel. I deleted it from the internet during last nights interview.

    I enjoyed this one.

    Great to hear you Fetch.

  5. Hey Floyd – good to hear from you on this thread and the offer of a truce is welcome from my side. From the time I was made aware of the dispute I was a bit disappointed because I feel we are all on the same team. I hope the CR extends an equal truce and we can work together.

    I know I personally gave my recommendation of your efforts to the CR and was surprised you sorta went after him.

    No need to divide our efforts within the larger house, so to speak.

    I do see us all working towards the same goal and I know few work as hard as you Floyd to create energy and eyeballs to the larger problems we all face.

    Thanks to everyone for coming and listening.

  6. The Blue Man. Gotta see it to believe it..

  7. ok so about 12 or so years ago this song comes out – I always thought it said ” im blue im in need of a guy. im in need of a guy” so now maybe, just maybe im not crazy after all – makes more sense than ” I’m blue da ba dee da ba die..”

    also, coming form russian heritage – blue is sounded like – galie-boy – (galley-boy)? the whole pirate saga – which is also if you say ‘ti gali-boy means your gay –

    Gali-bsti is a food which looks like a penis – its a meat wrapped in cabbage leaf. kinda funny now i think of it – maybe a russian/eastern european version of a hot dog, lol.

    You have touched on the word pederast which is also the same term in russian for peado.

    Also there was this band in the 90’s in australia called chocolate starfish – they always said its the rear end of a cat – so i guess the whole starfish – asterisk has been around for a while. I started to read asteriks and obilisk in primary school, and even though i never knew wtf they ever talked about i was fascinated to always read or borrow the freaking books!? So how does some obscure comic become popular amongst kids? ever touched on the marketing of the books? could be interesting if anyone knows. cheers.

  8. I can’t watch don’t go west v2 or access that user account’s channel on Vimeo. It says “Sorry but we couldn’t find the page you are looking for. Please check to make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly. You may also want to search for what you are looking for.”Was it suspended or deleted for some reason? Sorry if this isn’t the right place to ask this.

  9. Natalie Portman showing off her “fabulous” fanny. Fannytastic!!
    savage thong alert

  10. well pretty good show celtic! always good to hear fetch, and little relief from anal-isis and similar dark brown topix 🙂

    just wanna drop few more thoughts…
    I urge everyone to go and see (again, new pair of eye:) film called goonies, hmm lets see story about a young boys..i need not to go any further 🙂
    and yes almost forgot, mr steven spielberger and mr richard donner!! hollywoodoo yay
    hmm and this guy r.donner also made film called conspiracy theory, watch that asap also, year made 1997, bear that in mind while watching mel gibson)

    and lets get back just a sec to movie goonies, in the movie one of the boys says:”one eyed billy (supp. concerning some mystical old pirate) has found treasure..” – nuff said!

    I searched in the dictionary for the term ‘goon’
    *1.Informal . a hired hoodlum or thug.*
    a. a stupid, foolish, or awkward person.
    b. a roughneck.
    1. Slang . stupid, foolish, or awkward: a goony smile on his face.
    *2. Informal . of or like a goon; thuggish; brutal.*

  11. Great show! Have you ever read Secret teachings of all ages? You should give it a chance, there is some incredible info in there that ties together what you and the fetch do. There are several sections on gemotria, really is an extensive and powerful book. I would agree “Manley P. Hall” might not be his real name.

  12. Great show! I saw on The Soup a French video, supposedly for potty training, that featured toddlers pooping, being pooped on, a giant pink BUTT aimed at a child’s head. It was disgusting BUTT it was all cartoony with that tinkly music they play for children. I tried to find it online BUT I couldn’t. Sorry for the obvious BUT pun.

  13. as if we needed more confirmation that those with strange occult knowledge are definitely reading this blog, the latest south park featured a whole episode dedicated…..half to the disgusting rotting flesh filth that 90% of people put down their gullet every day….and half to the infamous-from-dont-go-west-legendary-homotoy SHAKEWEIGHT!

  14. Hi Alex,

    Was watching a movie last night with Kurt Douglas. I believe it was called “Escape from Los Angeles”. One of the characters was a heavily masculine transvestite.

    His name?

    Hershey – as in chocolate, and the script was written such to drive the name point home.

    So indeed, your work outs another one…

  15. wow just watched the futurama holiday special…it was weird to say the least..def a lot going on there, and i so thought they were gonna tunnel into the hollow earth, but yea im still digesting it as it was only my first viewing

    i think futurama and to the same extent south park are the most interesting to look at because these shows are consistently making their audience the “butt” of the joke, while at the same time their audience is actually much smarter (or maybe not, but they definitely believe they are much smarter) than the average person watching mainstream tv is

    shows like family guy and the simpsons which, while they have the same themes, have much less sophisticated plotlines, less developed characters, etc…they are basically made for ppl dumber lets say…

    south park even comes out and basically says this with their episdoes where cartman gets extremely upset and goes on a rampage (2 parter) because ppl have said his sense of humor is “just like family guy”…basically, imo, the viewers of the show “are” cartman…so the makers are coming out and saying “you guys think youre so smart cause youre fans of our show and maybe….will watch family guy, but really believe south park is the superior show? u guys are being fed a pile of dung! u guys should be even more ashamed for falling for it, because you are the smarter demographic!”

    anyways, hope u can talk about this subject, im not very articulate or smart, but these things are just blatantly obvious if you watch any mainstream tv show, or cartoon especially, because, cartoons, the target audience, is always gonna be younger, children basically…i mean i was watching all these shows as a child and it def had an affect on my development

  16. Rain
    There’s a kind of rhythm to it all.
    I’m not sure how to articulate this but people that write poetry use language in strange ways – where there are those who understand the message and others who cannot fathom what is being said…poetry is often called ‘a craft’, as you create ‘new’ meanings to
    different sentences/word formulations.
    Annually (as one caller mentioned) we here about how the English Language dictionary is being updated to include new words being used, like slang incorporated as ‘new words’ into the language, with ‘new’ meanings etc…so its an evolving thing which, in the future, will .
    have no resemblance to its former self.
    P.S. There was a team of (fringe) language researchers in Greece – I can’t remember their official name. They studied the meaning behind each letter of the Greek alphabet and demonstrated how each letter of the phonetic of the word (for the letter) also had its own meaning with relation to each letter of the alphabet – for example – loosely translated – the word Alpha for A was made up of words which meant God and light and creation – They have written a book, only available in Greek at the moment, but the research is fascinating – If I understand it correctly – it is like Gematria but not using numbers but different levels of language divided into decimal places…or something like that?!

    PS: here or hear – you decide!!

  17. hey Rebel,…Interesting stuff, entertaining show, glad I made the time to stop by; maybe you might find this info an interesting alternative regarding the number 666 and its relation to man –

    NCBI-GeneID: 6464


  18. Japanese man collects sex dolls and says he can’t be with real Women any longer.

  19. You have to see this link, Alex. These bastards are so insidious. Of all the BILLIONS of chinese words to teach kids, those lackeys of the elite,NickJr.foster upon us the chinese word for snow and it sounds exactly like the swear word “shit”.Sorry, I don’t think this was an honest mistake….

  20. This article is way too obvious.

    Can’t go west or even go east.

  21. hey i was just watching futurama its the one where bender is chasing fry in 2012 (the time travelling episode) bender gets in a cab and Al gore is the driver bender offers 100 dollars to chase the cab fry gets in…anyway the cab crashes and ejects bender so the “camera” pans to Gores face and he says “damn i could have done with that 100 dollars it would have paid for 1 gallon of gas” with the backround music being a bit sinister!
    anyone else seen this? pre programming maybe?

  22. The reason I like this site so much – the comments section is full of even more great insights!!!
    I laughed so hard at the chinese word for Snow…
    I laughed even more when I found this so I thought I’d be flexible and share…

    Dr D’Felice admitted flexisexuality had become fashionable as a result of its recent celebrity endorsement..Unquote.


  23. Speaking of “Watching the Detectives”, here’s a very profound documentary that is playing right now, It’s entitled “What in the World are they Spraying?” .. I hope it’s ok to post this, but I thought it was timely and relevant.

  24. Nice show, i’m off to watch some wrestling. Not gay enough? how about gravy wrestling?? well then

    If im ever in need of a pick me up, the chance to watch others wrestle in Gravy is very uplifting.

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