Gravy Train Derails: No Shit [D3]

Despite the best intents by the gremlins of technology and my own little demons of absent-mindedness, the show somehow went on tonight. Hence, there really was no format. Technical staff and callers became surprise guests: magick, fun follows!

An early topic was the ongoing effeminization of males by the media, and the predictable and [by intent] extreme dissatisfaction that females programmed to be attracted to girlie boys will inevitably associate with all men in general.


Due to the slew of problems leading to a nearly worthless first 30 minutes, I am releasing an HQ [high-bitrate] commercial free version of this show [temporarily unavailable].

I’d like to thank Abery Jane for being a good sport, and making the show fun. For those curious, here’s an older article where I mention The Hannah Montana™Drag Race of Father Deconstruction [among other seedy agendas].

Boys shaving, or otherwise removing, all traces of masculinity from their bodies, and girls being reprogrammed to find such desirable, is but one reason/example. Reconnecting us to another of this show’s themes, is the mysterious “three seashell” method of rectal cleansing from Demolition Man (1993). In hindsight, that was probably one of the gayest most overtly homosexual movies ever made. Keep in mind the movie was an alleged representation of our future world. Yea, it’s part of the joke, that most viewers didn’t get: the future will be gay, very very gay.

I know I’ve been teasing you guys for a long time that I would finally reveal something useful: how to properly clean your own bottoms. But, until I got into this line of research, I felt it wasn’t really necessary. Well, now that I finally grasp the agenda a lot more than I had before, it seemed it was finally time. People do need to eventually learn. On the other hand: it may be even somewhat self-serving. 😀

Ryan called in near the end with a topic worthy of a show unto itself: the program to convince Americans that a trip to prison means sodomy or death. But, that is not the case, or more appropriately, should I say was not the case. No doubt, that over time, all this predictive programming may be having some affect on prison mores.

I’ve written of HBO at length before, hence it should surprise no one who’s been keeping up with my work the “network” would have put out yet another program full of utter lies about reality, which conveniently bombards the male psyche with curiosity about anal violation. By no one, I mean no one with a critical mind.

On of my random guests, was Gomer Kyle, long before he went batshit insane and advocated [t]his world would become a better place if only we could get rid of all the “niggers and mexicans.” Anyway, Gomer had me back on his show three days later and tried to get me to refocus on my old task of building the ark [show unavailable].

If you haven’t read my entire Burning Ring of Fire series, the show may make little sense to you. For those not quite familiar with my work, fear not, this arc/ark will not be going anywhere near where either of the ignorant boy bands below might dream of.

Boy, those three asstronauts look really excited to be going to Uranus! Above, we have two songs released over 40 years apart, that pretty much repeat the same stupid joke. Yes, the joke’s been running [on all of us] for a very long time, and yes, homosexual men have long been programmed that the asshole and its byproduct natural result are a big part of their own culture.

As emphasized on the [latter] show, I honestly don’t feel that the direction my work took over the course of the past year, was in any way a distraction, or should I say “derailiment” of my arc/ark building task. To go one step further, I’d say it was extremely relevant and mind expanding. The two below pictures really sum up why I’ve had to carry “the ring” for this time, despite exposure’s deleterious effects.

The above alleged joke of an image could alternatively be reviewed as truth. Did the demiurge [Jehovah to some, Zues to others] come along and teach Adam how to clean his own ass, or did the demiurge come along and retrain Adam to stop cleaning his ass via natural means, and to instead, use one that led more to [left more of] said demiurge’s fecalfeliac leanings? Who knows! But, there are multiple other layers of understanding that come from understanding ourselves so deeply.

The second image says a lot. God damn, that second image says a hell of a lot.

The ticket to get on the arc, as I’ve said, is not one I’ll be handing out, so despite the wonderful opportunity to at least get some hole out of this, I don’t have any tickets. That’s a ticket you’ll need to buy, as Eugene once commented, “with your own soul.” And, if you are so set in your ways, that you’re too stubborn to admit the possibility that you don’t even know how to clean your own ass yet, odds are you’ll never look within and get to know your own soul. That’s just the way it is.

I will be trying to wrap up the healing series next week. The one after that, Dennis from Illuminatus Observer will be on, and then who knows what after that….

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Note A: If you haven’t seen the updated text/images for last week’s show, you need to. Also, you might find this last-minute afterthought of interest.

Note B: I’ve been made aware that on occasion, various versions of these shows are put out on the internet. I would just like to inform any out there who download such, that these versions may not contain 100% of the show material or unedited, as I am unfamiliar with the uploaders.

~ by celticrebel on November 1, 2010.

27 Responses to “Gravy Train Derails: No Shit [D3]”

  1. hahaha/jajaja, i quite enjoyed the party. i’ve been to brasil and remember the toilet hoses. god bless brasileiras… and their bundas (at least the less miley’d generation)!! of course, watch for the scars from liposuctioned, borg bundas, which seems to have become the norm in rio…. resistance is futile.

    btw, in the movie “outsourced”, the topic of lotahs are covered. also, here’s an interesting youtuber discussing the benefits of washing vs. wiping your ass.

    nowadays, you can narrow down most TV programming relating to: medicine/doctors/hospitals, law/courtrooms, police/military/investigators, “reality”/soap operas, supernatural/occultism, and of course “news”/talk shows. basically, indoctrination galore.

    but in all seriousness, discussing the above media recycling, diet/nutrition, stool consistency/amounts, obesity, toxic semen (which probably contributes to the increase in prostate cancer), anal sex, and wiping your ass all ties into the same trend: the degradation/perversion of humanity at the expense of the spirit.

    with all that asside, keep moving forward and in the positive direction, alex. i found another powerful quote:

    “One should confront the misfortunes of life not with despair and dejection but in the same way that one confronts the sudden arrival of an unwelcome guest – with a smiling face…. A nation that is given to lamentation will never amount to anything.”

    – Krikor Zohrab

    p.s. mike adams is nutrition’s dark horse general

  2. I thought it was funny that Abery Jane said that nothing bigger than 3 inches and 1 inch in diameter should be inserted into the anus. How convieniant for Spielberegstein, those specs mean that it is safe for him to be in your anus! Surely, I jest. Or do I?

  3. Well done, celtic! 🙂

  4. and another reason they have us sit down on a toilet like that is the position…if u have a sitting toilet position that just needs to be rotated 90 degrees and then u are in the “position of initiation”

    PS: also i have a question thats been troubling me…can u just go poo then shower? really would like feedback on this asap

  5. raffi, great comment! Ah, those Brasileiras and their lovely round CLEAN bundas! 😈 Heavenly! Great quote and I loved the bit about Nutrition’s Dark Horse General. Be afraid, be very afraid! 😆

    Ryan McAlister, hehe! That probably describes Herr Spielberg’s weiner to a tee. 😀

    Moritz, thanks!

    Jon, good point, but am going to have to assume the latter part was a joke. Or, maybe one painting a grim future where such questions may be entertained.

  6. Your guests were pretty interesting today. I think the show was funny and not such a ‘train wreck’. Anyway, Celtic Rebel, this is the ONLY site that I can say this on, no one knows me here so I can talk about this to you and your listeners free from any judgement. I am currently working in adminstration for a group of gynecologists (seriously)…

    Halloween has passed but the horror continues. Apart from the daily abortions that I have to write up in my database, yesterday I had to pretend not to notice as the boyfriend of a patient used the toilet nextdoor to my office to masturbate. He was doing this so that his sperm could be measured. He passed the small plastic vessel to the doctor who was standing in the doorway, near my office door. Luckily I wasn’t asked to take it and give it to the receptionist to send to the lab, he did this himself.

    Usually it’s woman of all ages and their sexual problems that I have to pretend not to overhear, but listening to your show tonight has brought the trauma back to me!

    Call me old fashioned but the sperm of strangers is something I usually don’t think about or discuss. (Of course, there’s no guarantee when listening to your shows).

  7. This was a really great episode.

    I was also going to chime in about the distinction of “wiping” your ass vs. actually “cleaning” it. Why is it that the action is always described in terms of “wiping”, when really what we should be doing is “cleaning”? Obviously, because our social programming doesn’t want us to actually CLEAN ourselves…but if you try to do so from repeated wiping, then you’re going to waste a lot of toilet paper and still not get clean. I’ve been running a little bit of water on my toilet paper for years now before using it: 1) wipe with slightly wetted toilet paper, 2) wipe/dry with a bit of dry toilet paper. It’s simple. People, you need to really start cleaning yourselves.

    Lastly, maybe some don’t want to hear this, but “colon” and “colony” really aren’t connected. There are actually several different similar sounding “col-” words in English and they all derive from different Greek and Latin roots. There’s just no connection, guys. The “colon” organ comes from “kolon” in Greek, which also means the organ. “Colony” comes from a Latin verb meaning “to settle”. They’re unrelated. That’s not to say that I don’t think there are interesting METAPHORIC links between what happens to colonies and what happens to colons, but I think to insist upon a REAL connection would be like going down another rabbit-hole. That’s not to say that the standard English language wasn’t sneakily manufactured (IT WAS!), but I think it’s best to look at specifics and trace word-origins.

    And, hey, maybe none of those ancient Latin and Greek words really existed. Maybe Francis Bacon thought, “We must HIDE the link between ‘colon’ and ‘colony’! So we’ll create fake Latin and Greek words and say they each came from separate sources!” Maybe that happened. But I don’t think it’s likely.

    Great show, though. I really, really enjoyed the guests and the discussions.

  8. I saw Being John Malkovich last night. The portal they climb into which allows them to see through John Malkovich’s eyes is actually his rectum. John Cusac when he first climbs in puts his hand in shit. When they get flushed out beside the New Jersy Turnpike, they are covered in shit. Just thought I’d mention this … thanks….

  9. I cant agree more with your guest re Prison sex- Im so glad someone brought this up, it is yet more media conditioning and fabrication.
    After having been in Englands prisons system during my misspent youth (well, misspent twenties actually) i can tell you categorically that this whole droppin’ the soap and fresh meat white guys being pounded in the ass by huge Brothaz is B.s! Im not saying it doesnt go on, but like your guest said, its not a case of rape, it would only happen if your willing to let it happen! and only a very small minority of cases compared to ratio of population.
    And anyway, it was well known prison staff were putting bromide in the Tea and in hot water ports on wing landings to stop inmates getting erections. So if this wasnt to stop inmates from shagging each other, which it patently wasnt, why the hell do it?!
    Anyway, Great show, enjoyed it- i laughed mostly:)

  10. Marty aka Marie, the show was definitely fun … hm, the stem of “funny.” Anyways, thanks for adding to it with a slice of life. We must discuss the trauma to expunge it! 😕

    NSindix, good distinction between the process of CLEANING versus WIPING. One would suggest to well, “clean,” while the other would suggest to spread something around. On the concept of colonies, my ears are open, but you are simply wrong. Even historically, under periods of Empire, those servants sent to serve in the colonies, felt betrayed over being “sent away to some shithole.”

    I also know you’re a bit of a shit-stirrer yourself. Is there a reason you come in periodically, under various made up e-mail addresses, and alternate your rants from extremes of love and hate?

    J Krishnamurti, ah yes! Had forgotten that movie. And sure enough, as you point out, the JM “stargate” dumps one off in NJ, constantly referred to by New Yorkers as a “shithole,” and covered in um, “mud.”

    DigitalSickness, thanks for chiming in. It is a topic that needs to be addressed. The media has worked in overdrive to program fools to expect some homosexual sadist’s fantasy world and many such fools, who’ve never been near the system, will argue endlessly that they “know” well, jack-shit!

  11. Showing how the mind is formed … a great example of Revelation of the Method is the recent admission of “CIA as papa to modern art.”

    Goes along way in also buttressing McGowan’s expose on the creation of 60’s and 70’s music. It was a Dionysiatic muse of the government to start with.

    Its all crafted rebellion. After all P.K.D. did say it so well “the Empire never died” and “to fight the Empire is to become infected with Empire”. Golden shit my friend, golden.

  12. I Hate it when your right

    NRL star confirms sex act with dog

  13. Something else to take into consideration: Have you noticed how omnipresent thong underwear has become? So we now have these girls who don’t know how to clean themselves properly going around all day in a thong, so that a thin strip of fabric is constantly rubbing up against their dirty anuses. The fecal bacteria then runs down the thin strip of cloth and makes their vaginas just as putrid as their improperly cleaned anuses. I’m really starting to agree with you that this is just all some horrendous joke against us peasants and that the elites really are laughing it up.

  14. wow! celt really great shows! learned so much

  15. eugene, interesting, the tentacles seem to reach everywhere. Great quote about the empire.

    Pavman, trust me, I too hate it when I’m right.

    Rolf Eder, excellent point. You really hit on something there. As I addressed in a later show to follow, prompted by this undeniable factoid, when combined with the new prepubescent hairstyle, bacterial infection rates are surely rising steadily from this trifecta.

    Sojourner, thank you!

  16. Aye, good times, Rebel. You broke the previous record you set for live listeners on my show. Thanks for the visit.



  18. Give Us This Day Our ‘Daily Show’

    Outside the celtic circle you just don’t see people talk about social engineering. Mr Fish hints at it in this article. Enjoy

  19. “Yeeeeeeah Boy”,

    Or is it “Yeah! Boys!”???

  20. In reference to western bathroom habits, you might also add that the way in which westerners’ sit, instead of squat. This unnatural position adds undue blood pressure into the process that would not occur should one ‘make’ naturally by squatting. Billions (half the world) of healthy eastern folk can’t be wrong, plus they almost exclusively wash with water. I think it’s a point worth mentioning along with water-based toilet hygiene.

  21. properly cleansing (internally and externally) with water is all that’s truly needed to maintain hygiene. i’ve been on the “no soap, no shampoo” kick for four months today… i’m amazed. that’s all i can say.

  22. Can any “paleo-hygienists” out there answer me this? How would washing without soap work out after say, performing a full tune-up and oil change on a van?

  23. When one’s shit is of the right consistency [ as in not eating ‘shit’] there is no need to wipe one’s rear end.

    Animals generally don’t use toilet roll.

    In Demolition Man we find that Arnie is or will be President. he didn’t but , with the feminisation programming going on, his wife Maria Shriver said this:

    “Back in 1960, President Kennedy talked about the torch being passed to “a new generation.” Well, five decades later, the torch is being passed . . . to a new gender. There’s no doubt in my mind that we women will lift that torch. We will carry it. And we will light a new way forward.”

    Kennedy’s hit being a major move on the US Psyche.

    Stallone acts as Spartan – a well-known iconic name in gayville

    Stephen Colbert has Spartan and Busboy as some sort of companies making his programme [ the end credits]


  24. Hello, you want a weapon in the pooh war?
    thought it appropriate to talk about the bidet.

    “The bidet is designed to be sat upon, legs astride, and facing the direction of the faucet – where you’d simply turn the water on, and spray it in the direction where cleansing is needed.

    The bidet is almost always arranged in the spot right next to the toilet thus, encouraging personal hygiene.”

  25. @phildegrave

    please be reasonable. if i had grease, toxic chemicals, etc. on myself, i’d clearly use soap. the ‘no soap/shampoo’ approach is obviously for day-to-day, regular showering. i usually quickly shower twice a day, once in the morning and once at night (or after working out). the only thing i use other than water is a small scrubbing towel.

    the first 5 days took adjusting, as if my body oils were acclimating. but after, the showers seemed to have a steady efficacy. today, i have no body odor. my skin and hair are very soft and vibrant.

    so, if i really need to use soap/shampoo, i’ll use it. but, at this point, i have no need or desire to use it, and the results have been impressive.

  26. Howdy all – newcomer to celtic rebel here, been thoroughly fascinated by this next level of info. Was recently watching an episode of the social engineering-laden “Community”. The male protagonist was showing his female love interest (another feminist atheist, yawn) a photo of his condo’s bathroom. Her reaction? “Is that a bidet?” He sheepishly (in both ways) blames it on the condo’s previous occupant. I also recall Bruno Drundridge in the ‘Australia’ episode of the Simpsons asking “there’s nothing wrong with the bidet is there?” when Bart calls them up. I live in Oz, and trust me, I wish bidets were stereotypical here. In 27 years, I’ve been in 1 home that had a bidet.

  27. Another De-Evolution picture which was removed from

    Re-Upload: (let alone the no-body-hair, but why is he – bottom left – so skinny, he is looking ill)

    In respond to

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