Back on the Right Track [D2]

If there are two Rebel Path shows of late that I would label as “not to be missed,” the closing of last series is one, and this one would be the other. It would serve mankind [i.e., us] well, to spend far less time focused on the ins and outs of the far end of the human stargate, and focus a bit more on what we stuff into the other.

a bunda

Just for the record, no one has yet to take me up on the breast sponsor suggestion. That was, “just for the record,” because I was completely kidding, of course. 😉 As to the topic, I’ll let the show do most of the talking [download podcast]:

Personal feelings aside, I think anyone, of sound mind [not programmed], and I do mean anyone, would be hard pressed to explain how the image below does anything else other than demonstrate our own ignorance, indifference and hypocrisy.

three tortured pigs

And to think that there would be any excuse, regardless of whether when or if any “real” aliens arrive, they turn out to be good, evil or just plain sensible … we should hope they are better than us, otherwise they would either put us out of our misery, or dole out some form of cosmic justice. The absolute worst thing they could possibly do is subjugate us just as we’ve subjugated those we deem inferior.

alien agenda for rubes

I think that mindless parishioners have a different word for it. What was it? Oh, “dominion.” As Percy Bysshe Shelley so eloquently put it: “It were much better that a sentient being should never have existed, than that it should have existed only to endure unmitigated misery.” Undoubtedly, over the next few weeks, you will hear many far different takes on the above movie (Skyline), and it’s a safe assumption, most will come from those without the verve to look into their own programming.

Can we be naive as to think we will somehow escape the fiery furnace that we have personally worked so diligently to create? Cruelty and indifference are not hallmark signs of an advanced species. The first step is spiritual advancement.

The above two images irrefutably serve to highlight just that. The two below, from the discussed Futurama episode [The Problem with Popplers], reveal far more:

There was a very good reason why at the very end of this episode, even after they [allegedly] learned their lesson, the crew went right back to their old ways. Because that is precisely what we [have been conditioned to] do as well. Predicting human behavior, to some, is as simple as predicting the the results of a software program that one himself has written.

There is also a reason why the camera pans out through the window to a prison like vantage point. This “oz/hell” is a prison we consent to. No, the Medes, were not trying to implant your mind with the [empowering] idea of going vegetarian. What they are doing is creating a formula/spell to generate your consent, because by you laughing along, at yourself and your own indifference, and not making an effort to change, you consent to the prison your masters are creating at your request.

During the show, I misquoted Bender. He rationalized serving up a dolphin by answering the “But dolphins are intelligent” question, with “Not this one. He blew all his money on instant Lottery tickets.” As they bicker over who gets what morsels of dead flesh, the Professor adds in, “Toss me the speech center of the brain.”

A little less subtle than what I remember. Likely also not coincidental is his Blood Red “Heil to the Chef” apron, which in a couple of scenes looks a lot more like “HELL TO THE CHEF.” Well, that would make a lot of sense, for what type of fate awaits those who prepare the tortured remains of sentient beings whose only crime was being deemed less intelligent, and therefore, deemed unworthy of ambiguously humane treatment. The remarkable similarity to Lucy’s condemning apron from Nine Miles Down, is likely just synchronicity, but more so, a damn telling form of it.

inception joke

As, I’ve already said on a few occasions, the movie Inception, is nothing more than Revelation of the Method; the Priest Class telling us exactly how they work us over via the medium of media. It is this implantation of their software programs and subroutines as “our own ideas” that will no doubt lead many a reader/listener to scoff at, or rationalize away the core of the basic spiritual revelation reminder that I am [re]presenting. It is also what makes everything you see below possible:

With the programs of ignorance, indifference and hypocrisy firmly entrenched in the human psyche, perhaps the “ambiguous morality” discussed while looking at Salò could be the final nail in the human coffin. I mean yes sure, here we are, some of us making great strides at seeing the programs that were embedded into us.

But, how many excellend “spotters” are then proceeding to rip them out, or as Alex [the penisless wise one] said, “vomiting them up?” Have they made us so blind that we can no longer see? Or, is it something deeper? Are we just so accustomed to blindness, that we fear we may lose/find ourselves should we open our eyes? How can we look into the mirror and not see ourselves staring back [prior article]?

As an aside, I include the Marx Brothers poster as their incrementalist role in our devolution was discussed. Now, I have to mention that on top of serving us a helping [of shit] called “Go West,” the case for ducks and their repeated use in cartoons as an anal metaphor has been documented. Thus, “Duck Soup” could be yet another gravy reference. Would that, at this point, really surprise anyone?

Until a great number of us can look at the above sign, and in a very overt, public [with no programmed fear of being excluded or mocked], and unambiguous manner, express nothing but shame and revulsion we as a species, won’t be going anywhere.

squirrels nuts time travel contact digestion shit mind blown

As the first half of the show may have been a bit heavy for those seeking “the truth,” tried to keep the latter part relatively humorous and light and brought on a couple of surprised guests: Alex from New Zealand and Jeremy from Stygian Port. Still, a couple of rather deep and interesting areas were revealed and explored.

vagina pussy hairless hairy right wrong

Think I managed to get the derailed train of thought back on the spiritual track. The next show will be a continuation of this new series.



Note: This show is part of a series. The prior show was Train Wreck o’ Sexual Healing [I]. The following was Gravy Trail Derails No Shit [III].

~ by celticrebel on October 27, 2010.

19 Responses to “Back on the Right Track [D2]”

  1. A Space Odyssey > A S.OD – yssey followed by 2010 , the Year we uhhhh made ……!

    ‘Its full of ……ass-tronauts!’



    Tila Tequila taking about “satanism” in videos!

  3. Rebel, great show. One of your best, I think.

    It seems pretty clear that the elites’ philosophy is “MIGHT MAKES RIGHT”. And if they can get us to practice that philosophy when we subjugate the lifeforms under us, then that just gives them even more right to subjugate us.

    But regarding this theme in relation to the alien stuff, I think the alien invasion scenario is actually a metaphor for what our elites want to do to other planets. Longterm, “they” (or at least some of “them”) want to colonize the universe. So I take your point about how stupid humans would love to BBQ some aliens, but I actually think that by the time “we” take to the stars, the elites will have culled regular people off by then. I’ve always been amused by how certain people think that space-travel is for “us” someday. It isn’t for regular people at all. It will be for genetically engineered research/colonization brigades. Maybe that sounds loony to some people, but I think that’s the eventual plan, and it’s the only way to pragmatically make sure that missions THAT longterm would work. Of course, it’d probably be centuries in the future. But one thing’s for sure: “we” the commoners aren’t ever getting outside the solar system.

    Keep up the good work. You’ve said that you get pessimistic sometimes, but you are doing good work and you are influencing people for the better. All we can do is try to impart wisdom to each other on a personal, realistic basis, and that’s what you’re doing.

    You’ve actually influenced how I eat. I’m not a vegetarian. I probably won’t ever become one. But I try to eat better, not to eat obviously mass-produced meat, and you’re a part of my rationale for that. Look, no offense, but I don’t believe in karma. But I believe in morality. Eating mass-slaughtered meat is immoral, especially when you don’t even realize what you’re eating. Say what you want about Christians (I’m not one), but at least when they said grace they THOUGHT about the animals that gave their lives for humans to eat. Today most people don’t even see their meat as what it is: dead, tortured animals. People should at least be aware of that.

    Lastly, I don’t mean to be pedantic, and I’m just trying to help, but…if you really want to look into the English language…there are explanations for where words come from. It’s not like Francis Bacon and King James invented standard English out of nothing. Yeah, they were probably both gay, but all those “butt” and “ass” words that you’re noticing go back much further. Standard English was made up of different, independent dialects of English from way before 1600. YES, what Bacon did had a nefarious side to it, but you don’t have to be paranoid about every single shocking element of the language. No offense (REALLY!), but if YOU insist on associating EVERYTHING that reminds you of an “opening” with an ass, “falling” with defecation, and rod-shapes with penises, then OF COURSE you’re going to see it everywhere. I KNOW that Bacon was a perv, and I KNOW that Hollywood is disgusting, but openings, fallings and rod-shapes are just basic geometrical concepts. Words like “but” and “as” predate Bacon, and predate “butt” and “ass” (donkey) as slang for rectum. You can trace this stuff. And, yeah, MAYBE all the linguistic records are false, but knowing them is better than just blindly blaming Bacon & co. for everything. The English language is evil enough, but you could say that its cruelest trick is that its hyper-connotative nature makes people see whatever linguistic connections they want to see.

    Just trying to give you some perspective. Please don’t take it the wrong way. Sorry for going on so long.

  4. I love you but could you just make this background color a bit lighter so that it would make it much easier for all of us to read? Not talking white but at least gray.

    At least the comments section??

  5. aferrismoon, hehe, good points.

    Lugh, wow Tila takes time off from whoring to fight the NWO and humanity. Oddly enough, she’s on equal footing with most of the hosts/bloggers out there.

    NSindix, your comment starts strong but falls apart at the end there. You make suppositions based on statements I never made and fall back on the disinfo about dialects from the oxford press.

    defne, there was a poll some time long ago about background look and feel. But, I’ll note your complaint and consider it when/if I update site again.

  6. Greetings to the Alex with a penis 🙂
    It’s our tv/computer free day here, but I felt compelled to come & leave a message. It’s from both me & my son. It’s amazing how often Tv free days can lead to great conversation.

    We got to talking about your last show. I mentioned how much I have thought about your comments regarding what cruelty to animals does to the human race as a species. Although I don’t eat meat I had not taken the time to think about how animals are mistreated in so many ways. I also came across a book which took these thoughts even further, about how we have no regard for the plants that feed us – no simple gratitude that one life ceases to exist so that another can continue – it has been an eye opening week & I have not been able to prepare food without thoughts like these – I am very grateful for these thoughts.

    My son eats meat, I would never impose my philosophy on him, but he says that he agreed with every comment you made & has given thought to them himself, but had not come up with any answers. He really appreciated that it was not a ‘vegetarian attack’ but a stand against cruelty. In order to follow through I am going to seek out free range meat for him, it’s a step. It’s all about steps.

    I have been humbled a lot by your show & the guts it takes to say the things that almost no one wants to hear. Also I’ve been wondering just how much meat eating is part of the programme & not a ‘choice’.

    I think what you said points to that ambiguity that most of us live our lives within – to know/feel one thing but turn away & do something else – where does the ‘truth’ of such actions go to – does ambiguity cause ‘truth’ to fester within us I wonder.

    Alex & Cos

  7. This post at AANGIRFAN is worth a look [ or nor as the case may be] –


    It notes his new line of nail colouring called ‘One Less Lonely Girl’


  8. We’ll reading the responses I’m betting this going to be a good show.
    About food eating being part of the programming is something we should be carefull.
    i for one are a meat eater. I do love meat, but I don’t really like KFC and macdonalds and so on. It seems i love meet is because of the way my mom cooks it(think it’s the love she put into it, which might cancel the hurting of animals before they died).

    Anyways I also know that 2 much Soja isn’t that great either and it’s used to lower ones sexdrive and semen working. I can’t say for sure which is better. No meat or meat. I just think we have the body 2 digested both meat and plants and thus I do believe a healthy balance of those is needed(we shouldn’t forget our fish offcourse :D). I’m going to listen to this show tonight and add something to my comment.

  9. This is a triple A show, Aliens, Animals and Arses. The ‘Alien threat’ as you have shown it in this show is just terrifying…YES, we do eat almost everything else, so with this logic, if super-advanced aliens turn up…hide the hot sauce – OMG!

    The cosmetics industry is one of the few unregulated areas where governments give free reign…I can see why. I once signed a petition for the anti-vivisection league in the UK and their members turned up at my office with posters and leaflets for me to give out with horrific photographs of animal torture. I had to ask them to leave because they put me in a difficult position at work. Those pictures disturb me to this day.

    I think there is (or was) a difference between animals being used for basic food purposes and used for experimentation and explotation for entertainment…now we don’t see the ‘tasty creatures’ as part of the animal kingdom, unless they’re lions or gorillas, they are just part of the ‘food chain’.

    Karmic weight is an interesting concept and I can see how that works, I guess the Aliens will prove it for us.

    I have recently been thinking about how movies and tv programs affect our emotions in different ways. I watched a sad movie and thought about how it ruined my evening. Then I realised that if you took away all those sad and upsetting stories, all the violence and heartache that viewers are bombarded with (including through the news) then people’s emotions and therefore their thoughts and well being in general would be improved in an instant…does this make sense? Our masters obviously don#t want this.

    I see the programming in the programming now.

    The television represents the masses – if you see a story unfold in front of your eyes enough times you soon can’t tell what part of the story is truth or just some depraved imagination. A popular program calls an older woman a ‘cougar’ and then women themselves start using the word (as if it makes them more intelligent becuase they ‘know’ that this is the ‘correct term’, they heard it on the tv.)
    Dinner is served!

    Persons of heft protest health club’s ad

    P.S. I forgot to say – no offense to ‘fat’ people – with that link above!

  10. too long in this place, beautiful comment. I do believe our DIE-t is programming: disassociation from an early age so that a formula for our own consensual demise is arrived at, all deserved … hence we choose to DIE on the T (cross).

    Hence, why so many refuse to ever look into this area of “truth.” The infected area is that where the nerves are most inflamed and sensitive. Cutting into this area will hurt the most, so most will choose to avoid it, hence pretend it’s not there … denial creates the ambiguity.

    aferrismoon, hehe, as expected the writer of the article is clueless. That poor boy’s anus must be HUGE.

    Uno, your comment is fair, but I have to not the karmic dismissal. If a man tortures people for a living, but then comes home and tucks his daughter to bed, does it make him a good man? No amount of love can compensate for or remove [from the flesh] a lifetime of abuse, insanity, terror, fear and suffering.

    Marty aka Marie, great comment. Yea, the programming is ridiculous, and very effective. I think of the differences in cruelty that self-professed “animal-lovers” accept without question, based on no logic, but predefined list given by the media as to what purpose each animal serves.

  11. ola alex com um penis 😉 i enjoyed the show, as usual. despite my carnivorous nature, i must admit the more and more i read and hear about eating meats, the more i am disgusted…from the physical to the spiritual implications. it is so wrong. like i always say, if we are capable of torturing and enslaving animals, what difference regarding humans?

    so, after this nice filet mignon, i’m gonna fight the new world order and burn down a slaughter house, then take my kids to a zoo! 🙂

    on another note, i found this quote to be muito alex:

    “In the life which Man has made for himself on Earth, his institutions, in contrast to his personal relations, are the veritable slums, and the taint of moral obliquity is still more distressing in the least ignoble of these social tenements of the Human Spirit – for instance, in the churches and academies – than in such unquestionably malignant institutions as Slavery and War.”

    – Arnold Toynbee

  12. Hey Alex.

    Nice episode of South Park for you to enjoy. Notice the eye symbolism as well as a visit from an unlikely octopical demon creature you have mentioned in previous blog posts.

    I think you will enjoy this! I think it really does show that whomever writes south park is a great fan the conspiracy blog movement, including yourself.

  13. Been mostly vegan for over two years now, for very selfish reasons,,, ie my health. Videos like this one and some of the others in the right hand column steered me this way. It has been a very easy switch because it made perfect sense to me. Because of my change serveral dozen people near me have changed their habits mostly due to self-imposed peer pressure and awareness.

    Caldwell Esselstyn, MD, chief of surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, discusses his 18-year study whereby he reversed severe heart disease in every patient in his program — who had all been sent home to die by their cardiologists. Dr. Esselstyn shows you how by changing your diet you can prevent and reverse heart disease. A low-fat plant-based (vegetarian) diet is the key.

    Make Yourself Heart Attack Proof

  14. WOW, you were in rare form on this one rebel. Fire and ire is music to my ears, kudos.

  15. raffi, thanks for the honesty and nice quote, I will return it with another, “Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.” — Bradley Millar

    Chris, yea, that episode was basically a long running series of anal-jokes. Yea, I think at this point, we can safely sey they are reading/listening.

    zwoof, well, going back to the above quote, for whatever reason one does it, isn’t the world a better place as a result regardless?

    Dion Duffield, appreciated mate!

  16. Honest words hurt the ears just like good medicine is bitter to the tongue.

    The Plutarch quote, damn that is strong. I sure don’t eat meat anymore, havent for a while. You got my dumbass thinking though, with the Karma thing, and some post that said something about “I can now look at you in peace and not eat you”…or something along those lines with a little pig in the picture. That song “Killing for Jesus” reminded me of that part in the bible that says something about having dominion over all the beasts of the land. Yeah, that’s pretty much how I “used” to see animals. Just unprepared critters waitin’ tuh’be fried/baked/sauteed/broiled/roasted/skewered/chewed up!

    You mentioned the Dead Kennedy Logo once, I look it up and I just couldn’t help but notice they look very similar to this guy’s sigil.
    This other guy though, kinda fits in with the degradation you mentioned, as well as when I heard the torture to death from Salo, this guy just instantly came to mind.

    Micro=Macro Indeed…
    Enough of that now..

    Now that whole thing about small steps and stuff… this may be miniscule but you know it’s a step regardless.

    I am flirting with women now. Yeah yeah, I said it was a small step, but I’m trying to be positive here. It was hard of course, all those years of bashing stupid ideas into my skull! But now it is getting easier.. You know what felt liberating to hear, was that saying the Brazilians have. “Best time to approach a woman is any time & any where.” and Lenon’s approach to life, Fearlessness. Courage!

    Just hearing those things wasn’t enough to change me though, I had to go out there and put effort and action. I am very thankful to you guys for the positive ideas. Looking forward to another show of yours wherein you speak of HOW IT IS TO BE A MAN, as you mentioned in this last show…

    Anyways, Time to stop my rambling.

    Peace & may good women come your way! 🙂
    Or rather, vice versa!

  17. “Katy Perry says she’s a freak in bed, “a 10 out of 10.””

    well i guess we know now where the horse arsehole comes from…..

    PS: Hey, nice update to this post.

    I just wanted to point out, you actually DIDN’T misquote Bender. He did indeed say the “tuna net” line when the episode originally aired. However, this line was edited to the “instant lottery ticket” line for future reruns.

    Keep up the great work man.

  18. Hollywood Stars Being “Whacked”? The whole Randy Quaid situation..

  19. Y know,there is a japanese comicbook series named Gantz,and this type of scenario is/was happening.A alien giant race that look a lot like humans but with superior technology wipes out millions of humans using weapons or imprisoning them in their motherships to strip them down and systematically kill them in slaughter houses(that resemble real slaughter houses) to use’em as a food source.They even cage them up for public display(a zoo).I’m not reccomending reading this series though.

    Anyways,don’t give up Mr.CelticRebel.

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