Train Wreck of Sexual Healing [D1]

First of all, I’d like to apologize for taking so long to get the accompanying pics up, and for my backlog, um huge pile, argh … curses to you anally obsessed pederast wordsmiths of Buttlish … anyway, you get the point. The last article is up [read it].

box of chocolates

The show this week, was supposed to be about healing, but ended up being all over the place. Though some surprise[d] guests did make it on, at first, I thought it was a bit of train wreck, but listen and judge for yourself:


One of the topics that came up early on was the miraculous rescue of those poor trapped miners in Chile, also known as The Invitation Only Supergay Party at the Mineshaft. Is that a ridiculous supposition? A picture is worth a thousand words:

chilean miner party

Metro Bob may have not been on the VIP list, but still no word on whether Bruce Willis accepted his invitation. We’ve been so ignorant for so long, why should we expect the obvious to become evident the millionth time we see it? No, most won’t, and as I’ve learned since I took the time to make my documentary, even fewer will after it is presented to them in an irrefutable manner. They’re just too far gone.

The phenomenon below allows the below scene to be thrown in our face. But, as an aside, there definitely something to the Salt/Semen thing, and thought I can’t quite grasp it yet, it is slowly unraveling before me/us. The latter poster above is kind of odd, especially when contrasted with Salò. This goes far beyond the word “gay.”

I don’t feel the need to write up more human-degenerative Simpsons episodes anymore. I’ve already done it [even pointing out the pornographic aspect too], and the people that refuse to see it … I don’t think they ever will. Heck, doesn’t the regular weekly opening sequence that prefaces the couch gag tell us enough?

How many more pederast semen/creme in butthole references would it take? But, I do have to admit, that I had missed the far subtler, and far more clever [and more deviant], “A noble spirit embiggens even the smallest man,” engraving. How sick!

On the positive side, we did get to the topic of boobs, which are very “healing”. But, I have to admit, the above picture of two lovely but useless pairs makes me very sad. One program for men, and another one for women.

Obviously, neither of those young women is a lesbian, but both have been reprogrammed/convinced of it. You older lesbians that grew up not influenced by the shit-stream of MTV and Pornography know exactly what I’m talking about.

That all said, I’m going to continue the show/theme this Sunday and try to get this train off the gravy track and back onto the one of healing.

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Note A: Thanks to one Jake Green [presumably not his reel/real name], I was informed before the show began the following week, that the Chilean, um, miners, had to sign a confidentiality agreement to not discuss events transpiring in the mine. This proving, that just a little intuition can go a very long way.

Note B: And the paragraph above, now proves, to me, that reel and real are essentially, and intentionally, the same word, because the former defines the latter.

~ by celticrebel on October 18, 2010.

38 Responses to “Train Wreck of Sexual Healing [D1]”

  1. train interrupted … maybe not such a bad thing for an agent of chaos


    PS: also, this might be a little random but Los Angeles is an anagram for Angels Lose. I thought about this while i was wasting away in one of my lectures at college in the “cerum theatre”or as i call it the “the rectum tear”

  3. Good bit on the feet on the ground. My uncle always wore no shoes or socks I think its time to start that. If shoes were made from hemp fibre they would last a lifetime and be biodegradable. Nothing has to be toxic, hemp provides biodegradable plastic, fuel that grows 7x faster than corn ethenol and repairs acidic soil, fibre, oil, the most nutritious seed, the best medicine that cures cancer (everyone is addicted to pharm pills and dying of cancer right?) Anyone aware of the company in canada making 22 cannabis fibre vehicles that won’t dent and are biodegradable? If more people were aware of these things the more companies that would start making them.

    Growing your own food has many benefits not only for your own health but for the mind and spirit.

    Sorry if I am posting too much its not like anyone is listening.

  4. check out the new “community” episode, with “e pluribus anus” (translated: out of many, asshole) on the Greendale Community College flag (and a STAR).

    PS: fyi you can see that “community” episode currently free on NBC’s e pluribus anus!

  5. this is a great article about goddess symbolism in freemasonry it states that 666 represents the goddess and mentions that “The word God comes from the ancient Indo-Europeon languages and originally it meant vagina.”

  6. James Ratte, maybe a blessing.

    Dion Duffield, a very clever. Perhaps a shuffle tells yet another part of the story.

    Myles, not doubt that shoes made of a plant material would put us much closer in touch with the ground than the present choices of death (leather) or shit (plastic). Someone may be listening.

    Frank, sounds like a winner, from what I gleamed, the plot is about a bunch of ass-tronaut wannabe’s trying to enter [each other’s inner space]. The mission flag seems to tell all.

    marie, actually, even though I disagree with some of the conclusions, it’s a good article, and it really hits the mark when it addresses the demonization of wisdom.

  7. Sodimites,will get it in the End. lol

  8. I feel Like we were all in this train wrecks caboose. Perhaps this a clue to why “they” say the safest part in a plane during a crash is in the rear.

  9. to me sounded more like a reunion of friends, rather than a radio show 🙂 quite good 😛

  10. Bumper music for this show?

    Vernon Dalhart Sings ‘The Runaway Train.’

  11. Eagle021, sounds about right. 👿

    Rob, I thnk that applies to train wrecks as well. Maybe something there. And so it was on the Titanic [movie/story] too!

    paulo, thanks. It was fun.

    Ryan, that’s a nice little cross-section you put together from two of the net’s leading disinfo sites. Thanks!

    Steven, I love it! Woulda been great to play during the show. Gonna look for a clean recording…

  12. choo choo !

  13. Buzz Lightyear Penis Cup for Kids..

    PS: I wasn’t even looking for this type of crap, literally crap.. Just take a look at this clip, I think it’s either from a TV show or a movie.. Un-frickin’believeable…

  14. well it seems hip hop has finally ‘cum’ fully out of the closet lol interesting shot of soulja ”boy” and 50 cent [XXL Nove 2010 Cover]

  15. If this cartoon wasn’t from ’86, I’d think they were following your work.

    It’s got everything: Rainbow, Brokeback cowboy, and of course, the ship flying into a giant chocolate starfish at the end. You have to see it to believe it.

  16. Homer Simpson ‘is a true Catholic’ – Telegraph:

  17. kostas, 😀

    Wil Tilson, well, how else do you expect them to condition otherwise-heterosexual young boys to fellate authority figures? Yea, that clip I’d seen before, straight from the mind of degenerates and into the minds of receptive innocents.

    roger ailes, barring penetration and/or a money shot, I can’t imagine that cover could be made any gayer. Oddly enough, the average idiot still can’t see it (probly the reason for the “hater” distraction for mAsses).

    Mat, wow, how did the average dolt miss all the damn crotch close-ups on that kid’s intro back then? 🙄 Never mind.

    Christ, I remember this making it’s way through the alt media circles. Reading the article, it’s obvious that the author isn’t as stupid as his theory, hence we can assume he’s saying that Homer is a good catholic, because he ASS-FIX-I[NITI]ATES the boy weekly.

  18. Screen capture shows Neo’s passport in The Matrix has an expiration date of September 11, 2001 [IMAGE]

  19. Wow celt, I really enjoyed this show! i learned a lot from it and it made me think about things differently. here is an idea I am developing: sole=soul wearing shoes somehow separates the soul from this reality. Still pondering it but i think the concept is intriguing. at any rate, i hope you do more shows like this because I really like hearing a dialogue between you and the callers.

  20. hey Alex. even those who claim to be awake are into fecalphilia

  21. If you could, I’d like to hear your opinion on “pegging.” It’s a new sexual activity that’s gaining popularity in the states. It involves a women sodomizing her boyfriend/husband with a strap-on dildo. I was shocked when I first heard about it, but after reading your work, I can’t say I’m that surprised.

    People were discussing it in the comments section of an article on about how anal sex is gaining popularity among women.

    Strange times we live in.

  22. Worth a look into the case of Colonel Russel Williams – he lead a double life – army officer and transvestite rapist , stealer of women and girls underwear.

    There’s some pics of him dressed up that he took himself, but the best pic. at ‘Ziofascism’ I can’t get as that blog is now ‘unavailable’

    Try Twelfth Bough , post ‘ emotionally fluent’.


  23. the living tiki, when you see The Matrix for what it is, predictive programming for the coming truth movement, which the 09/11 (HAHAHA/JOKE) was meant to kick off, you see why the expiration (must sell by) date.

    Emily, nice to have you back. Yes, something to the SOUL and SOLE sync.

    Chris, not surprised, that thread didn’t last.

    Rolf Eder, they are going to keep pushing ideas like this into public consciousness, until more and more of the forward-thinking [most programmed] leaders start doing this (reasoning it was their own idea). Nothing effeminates a man faster than anal violation, be it by a man or woman with a toy made of toxic shit. The agenda is served, more males get neutered.

    aferrismoon, it would seem to make a lot of sense that these “initiates,” after having the secrets revealed to them (via a cock up their arse), would engage in such. Though the link isn’t clear to many, such proclivities in Jewish Intel/Mafia circles is fairly established.

  24. Captain Teague shows his one eye!

    Dizknee may dump him for his issues.

    Do you have any sympathy on you friend? If so I could use it to add to my booty. Arrharr.

  25. On the subject of cartoons [Mat] look at this little Homage to the cartoons of yore, see how many depictions of STARS feature ….Its especially weird to see how He-Man (as the wimpy Adam) grabs a hold of his big sword,erects it to the sky and is imbued with lightning as he becomes this ripped macho man, even the lil’ pussy next to him turns into a tiger:)

  26. Our S. American friends are coming along nicely. Seems nowhere is safe anymore.

  27. Enjoyed the “train wreck” show. Wish lady Alex could’ve stayed around a bit longer.

    I’d never heard that Billy Colon(y) skit before. Compare and contrast the two Billys.

    The first Billy (angry):

    “The man’s a fucking serial killer…if I turn ’round and this guys zipping his fly, murder will be done in this room!”

    The second Billy (helpless victim):

    “He’s messing around in there…he gives me this almighty – AAAGGGHHH!…he grabs my willy….HELP! I’ve been captured by deviants posing as doctors”.

    They’re one and the same, surely?

  28. Re: miners (minors?!), gay disco etc: Pet Shop Boys Go West Live Brits 1994


  30. A secular Jew arrives at some astounding conclusions!

    Watch for yourself.

    Now where is that donkey car of mine? I’ve got a date in west central Jerusalem at some place called Knob of the Cranium. XOXOXO.

  31. Big red penis shows up on weather map during a news broadcast.

  32. Wow, just wow

    Hotmail Active View – “Mud Days”

  33. I just finished watching the most recent South Park. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it but I had to tune in cause I heard Mr. Macke was going to be the star. I was hoping for a few laughs, but like Simpsons, Family Guy and other similar shows, it is apparent that there are no longer any actual comedy writers at work. The episode featured a small boy being raped by an owl, the death of a Christ-like figure, ayahuasca-style shared hallucinations, and a butterfly prominently displayed for no particular reason. Not very humorous, but then again I suppose it’s no longer really meant to be.

  34. The Rebel is so correct. Just watch his film ‘Go West’ and you can also be enlighten. Just looking at the video posted ‘Pet Shop Boys’ I see (2) guys dress up as sperm and in the back miners dressed in the color of feces wearing pineapple colored hats ala pineal gland. My subconscience is starting to rule.

  35. As a new listener, I feel fortunate to have merged into the Celtic lane of alternative research with this episode. A self test and tribute to the miners video can be found here:

  36. @roger ailes That picture is so wrong in so many ways :D. I looked at it and it just became more worse with every second I looked at it. 50 remove you’re hand please.
    Soulja boy pull up you’re pants.
    50 remove the cap please
    Soulja boy you should be thinking you G what you coming so close for?

  37. Let’s make this comment 34, I hate that 33 sychronicity 😛

    We normal, educated, well-read* queers are getting a little sick and tired of being lumped in with the NWO sickos.

    *Yeah, I get it, normal queers are way too far between. Goddam these NWO fuckers. Queers were supposed to be the “Two-spirits”. People who showed the rest of the world the Coyote aspect of God. Heh, but then again, this whole ending cycle seems to be a huge bittersweet joke as is anyways. Perhaps things will get better next time. Eh, what do I know?

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