The Peasants are Revolting [5]

If you haven’t read the updated version of the write-up for last week’s show, well, you really need to. Tonight was yet another installment of the fire and ire series.

celtic rebel wiffle bat

I guess I am bit guilty of false self-promotion, as at the beginning of the show [unavailable], I said there would be little fire or ire to come from this hungover lad, but a bottle of [relatively] cheap wine helped immensely.


Below, are the images of the ranger [i.e., adventurer] who bears, in my opinion, a striking, make that un-mother-fucking-canny resemblance, to the once and future king. One could say “coincidence” at the risk of being foolish, really foolish.

david or viggodavid or viggodavid or viggodavid or viggo

There is something rotten indeed in the state of Mankind. All one has to do is follow one’s nose, which will lead them, and hopefully, not blindly, into the sad fact of shit/death/ham [i.e., 22] and our tenacious grip that our callous indifference is who we are. To embrace death or choose not to die, that is the question!

love deathhamlet morons

Speaking of “ham,” it also occurred to me of late, that in the vernacular, the buttocks are sometimes referred to as the “hams.” In a recent conversation I had with former guest Eugene, I was reminded that Ham was the son of Noah, who was given the boot for sodomizing his passed out father [well, according to the “good book”]. Eugene’s related piece on this foul topic is now under development.

ham rapes noah

Coincental however, was that while looking for the below [left] image from the discussed movie Something Wild, the subsequent album randomly appeared. The “Children of Sodom?” What the fuck? Or maybe, it was just synchromysticanal?

something wildsomething sick

Speaking of Sodom, and Lot’s wife, who judging by today’s pornography, may have been a millenia or two ahead of her time, there definitely is something to this Salt/Semen thing. Let’s not forget that after he got tired of his wife’s anus, Lot, per The Lord’s instructions, took to his daughters. Praise the Lord! Alas, why Sex in Her Shitty retold the tale.

Seeing the same bukkakish theme [a whole lot of semen] in the first two posters [below], forces me to wonder whether splashing the white words 500 million across the face of twink boy-toy come lately Jesse Eisenberg refers to volume of sperm.

saltfacebooksemen love

Some may find that speculative, because they are in denial about the nature of the system. I won’t even bother trying to explain the last of the above movie posters. If you’ve been reading/listening at all, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

behind as in ass

While watching the promo for the latest mind-fuck [mind-rape is actually a much better word here] from the Priests of Holy Wood about another of the show’s topics [Facebook], I discovered yet another coincidence. As soon as little boy blue, aka Jesse says the words “left behind” the above girl’s in-viting rear end appears. As I speculated in a prior show, this incidental timing, which I’ve seen on a few occasions now [that my eyes are open just a wee bit wider], is a technique of the neuro-linguistic programming we’ve been subjected to for so long.

It probably explains why we’ve been so stupid for so long, we failed to realize that pretty much any reference associated with Pirates relates to sodomy. Is “yaaaargh” the noise one makes when a peg-leg is violently inserted into their booty? Do I really need to go so far now as to bother explaining the significance of the “eye” patch?

butt piratesbrown eye

There’s only one thing Pirates, aka “men of fire,” and thus occasionally also referred to as flamers, are good for, and that’s ass-immolation. Not so coincidentally, America’s “blue-blood” nobility are the rewarded offspring of the Pirates who so faithfully served Queen Elizabeth. Sodomy was, the source of their wealth, their, let’s say, bread and butter. Do you really think they would, pardon the expression, turn their backs to the practice now?

Hm, so Robert De Niro [¿descendant of Nero?], who started off his ka-rear at the bottom, playing a lowly “catcher,” in Bang the Drum Slowly, and who is now, at the top [as in a “top”], showed us [alternately better read as “mocked” us], precisely how this Ivy League system of feces and sodomy works in The Good Shepherd, played an extremely effeminate Pirate in Stardust. None of that is coincidental.

noise annoysass gaurd

The above left came up while I was trolling about for some image related to YouTube. The depicted “boy” [who, by some stretch of the the imagination, fits the term] was listed on an article as one of the few people out there who makes a good living off of YouTube [in his case over $100,000 per year]. Not only does it clearly demonstrate exactly how/why the new media is quickly becoming nothing more than noise, but it also supports my hypothesis that if Metro Bob were to take a couple more steps in the right, um wrong direction, he would be HUGE.

What the fuck? The Rainbow Bridge is the route to AssGaurd? Oh there’s gotta be a better way to get there. Hm, this Loki may have to rethink of my plans for ye Gods.

The search for images regarding to the scam known as Wikipedia was a bit easier. The latter of them [above right] came premade from DesertPeace. The first, however, just required a slight touch-up. For the curious, I’ve contemplated the origins of the term before, and the show discussing Bronxville is worth a listen.

Do note the Wiki logo has a VVV/666 embedded in it. Oh, how crafty! What does it mean? I have no idea but I’ll throw another possibility into the mix. VVV is DEATH (X3), when we look at it from the 22/HAM perspective. Three [dead] little pigs?

Moving on, I’ll note that he second of the above images is of one Hale Berry, the same who so eagerly confessed that there may well have been some “shit” involved in the price of her fame [read article if you have no idea what I’m talking about]. I”m guessing from this new pic [thanks to yet another anon], whether by intent or not, the elites are communicating a message to us. Either that, or she, Hale, is admitting a lot more.

Alas, combined with the above it serves as a nice wrap-up to the article with two very significant things I have learned this past couple of weeks. One, there’s no such thing as “ire proof.” And two … oh well, you’re gonna have to listen in this Sunday for that part ….


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Note: Do I really need to write-up a policy for the chat room? There are lots of several moderators with the ability to ban people. At the end of the show, unless someone was being particularly offensive, the bans are lifted. If you come in and respect your host, my guests and each other, there should be no problems.

~ by celticrebel on October 4, 2010.

23 Responses to “The Peasants are Revolting [5]”

  1. Nice show again, CR. Seems like hair of the dog did you good!

    Would be good to hear your thoughts on travelling, with a focus on Brazil – especially since I’m going there soon!

    By the way, do you think it’s about time we started calling it the Old World Order? After all, it is bloody old. And calling it new might actually be giving it power, especially when repeated over and over like a mantra, or spell. It may allow space to leave it behind, stop being in protective mode, and move on to growth.

    I kind of like the palidromic OWO too – two holes with the W/M inbetween. Given that they’ve always liked *certain* holes so much.

  2. your not drinking synthetic wine are you? dont be mistaken here in niagara falls ontario wine is made in 4 days! 4 days! wine should take YEARS oh my goodness i cant stop laughing

  3. You’ve been very busy CR so have I and I can’t keep up with you!

    I’m a smoker and I’ve decided to NOT to quit.
    I’m switching to cigarillos and plan to keep it to a minimum. The stress of cold turkey would damage me more.

    What’s your take on nicotine– quitting, cutting back, switching??

    CR, anybody?

  4. Fully envelope the persona of Israeli Bob like Andy Coffman did with his character. Instead of keeping Israeli Bob locked up between segments, do the opposite, atleast for a while. Maybe you should marry a Jewish Girl and start killing some Palestinians. Just for character research ofcourse.

  5. hey alex, glad i could contribute with the info about the sodomy of 3 year olds to create a split personality, I also find it amusing that people automatically dismiss certain info due to their religion or whatever institution they come from, Im not a christian by any means, but that info was extremely valuable.
    keep doin your thing

  6. Sundaemon, thanks. It did help. I think now that this series is done, I need to rebalance towards the positive. Perhaps thoughts on travelling and enriching our life experience are in order. Yea, it is the Old World Order, except it’s meet the new boss, slightly worse than the old.

    myles, well, people drink Michelob Ultra, so why not synthetic wine?

    defne, good for you. It does seem that the forces shaping the new society are more focused on stopping us from smoking while they fill us with more new toxins than ever before. My thoughts on the topic were the focus of an entire prior show.

    James Ratte, there was an Israeli Bob? I’m thinking Jew Bob would be catchier and far more annoying to those prone to be annoyed. 😉

  7. I quit cigs a few years ago because the cigarette smoke from most shitty cigs give me ashma problems. Do not be mistaken most cigs are toxic just by their very chemical brew, buy organic i am not against smoking but i am against poisoning yourself! I smoke weed i do not do alcohol, cafiene even if its tea in fact my diet is very unique. I eat nothing but fruit, cannabis/hemp seeds, some veggies and tree nuts which are fruits of the tree.

    Is fruitarian a word?

    Also cannabis/hemp can be converted into FUEL, PLASTICS, paints, soaps, fibre, medicine and much more the most nutritionally dense seed on planet earth, 2 tablespoons of hemp seed has more nutritinonal value than the biggest salmon you can catch, and it has no mercury in it.

    From my experience when i quit alcohol a few months back, I got my vision back. When I smoke weed in meditation I can astral travel, im relearning so far im just flying by things. I do not write anything down its all in my memory, meditation helps me remember experiences and even how places looked in the astral, for example i can still vividly remember what the asteroid belt looks like in the astral from my experiences in high school. I started smoking weed at 18, alcohol at the age 2 but that does not count, my first concious experience with alcohol was 18. When i first toked i seen the education system for what it really was where before i was blind to such the degree of the manipulation that takes place. Im 24 now still have not gone to college and im never going to waste my time or energy, let alone my funds on some corporate business out for profit at the students expense mentally, physically and spirtually. Maybe thats why i have my imagination, individuality in tact. Some of my friends still dont believe me even after they are going to college for the 3rd time because the last courses were a waste, as if this time its different.

    I know trust is not something thats automatic anymore, it still is for me I trust peole until they show me i can’t but please research what i speak of the control system in my view can still be taken down if the means to which humanity is being controlled is removed. IE: resources. Artificial resource scarcity creates economies like today! If cannabis/hemp were grown all over, come on people think there are not enough prisons for everyone then abundance would be created, therefore profit margins are really tight unlike the huge profit margins in todays oil based society. all plastics are made from oil, there are 7 gallons of oil in every tire. cannabis oil is not only the logical choice, but really people need to be STUPID not to want this obvious choice that would free us all.

    im 24 figuring all this crap out and eveyone has been living for how long and little has changed. I noticed the ontario symbol is kind of like a celtic symbol sideways, a new store opened commisos they sell all local organic foods, kraft dinner is not sold there. i also just started buying NON PLASTIC juice boxes! Peace


  8. Surprise, surprise.

  9. Alex, you seriously need to watch this episode of the cleveland show

    right at the beginning, during the basketball game, in your face
    obama sun symbolism
    degradation of black masculinity

    i never realised just how bad it was in animation

  10. Dion Duffield, ah thanks Dan. It was good timing on your part to reintroduce me to the work of Marion Knox at this time when it makes a lot more sense to me. Sorry for neglecting to give you a proper “shout out” during the show. Hence, let me thank you here!

    myles, they do seem intent on putting even more noxious chemicals in cigarettes now, and that is because they wanna make people quit, or kill off the smokers/rebels, whichever comes first. You should probably also look at my show on smoking and prohibition, as it relates to your main focus. But, be it alcohol or marijuana, it was all about disempowerment of the people and consolidation / enrichment of the select servants of the ruling class.

    I know you’ve since poster 3 more comments in regards to the topic you feel so strongly about, but you’ve spoken your piece here and it technically, is unrelated to the topic of this write-up/broadcast, hence I’m not including them.

    David, well, obviously to us, who aren’t blind to the trend [i.e., “programming”], it is of no surprise. But, I tell you what, those numbers are really low and do not jive with what is happening on the streets/bedrooms today. I guess they wanna let the morons know, but make sure not shock anyone awake that it ain’t natural.

    Chris, uncanny timing. Your note came in right before dave’s write-up below (though, since i was sleeping, neither was approved until the next day). Thanks for the link. This episode may have broken all prior records in regards to number of anal sex references per minute.

  11. Holy shit.

    The season premiere of The Cleveland Show, titled “Harder, Better, Faster, Browner,” was over the top.

    This is a fairly long ANALysis and I’m not sure where to post it, but I wanted to get this out there since this might have been the shittiest half hour of television I’ve ever seen.

    The intro introduces us to the main character, Cleveland Brown, who has returned to his hometown of Stoolbend (wtf?) Virginia. Part of the intro has Mr. Brown singing on top of a rainbow platform, telling us that “there’s new friends and old friends (all dudes by the way) and even a bear.” Cue the giant bear with shirt, tie, and no pants. So yeah, Cleveland is gay. Pretty obvious.

    Now comes the first scene. Cleveland’s adopted son Rallo Tubbs is playing basketball. He speaks the first lines of the show:

    “Kobe’s got the ball. He’s really having his way with his opponents (all boys). He’s gonna take it right at the hole whether they like it or not. He sneaks in the back, sees an opening, and forces it in!” Like father like son, I guess.

    Rallo is wearing a number 24 (6) jersey. Cleveland comes out on to the court with a number 6 jersey. And yep, shortly after Cleveland tells his wife that he doesn’t want to brag, but she’s more like his 6th lady. Bingo. 666. What that number really means I have no idea, but you know when it comes up you’re in for a major crapfest.

    Cleveland then takes his daughter to school and meets local rapper Kenny… West (voiced by Kanye West) and his daughter. Kenny tells Cleveland that he just wants to give his daughter a good education so she doesn’t grow up to be in one of his music videos. Ha. Cleveland then congratulates Kenny on the fact his wife is gone for six months. I wonder what Cleveland has planned?

    Kenny drops his 4 year old daughter Candace off at Cleveland’s (yes there was a line referring to pedophilia) for a play date with Rallo. Candace tells Rallo she’s a straight up freak and ready for anything. Hmmm. Wonder what she’s ready to do for Rallo?

    Next scene is in a hip hop themed diner. After Cleveland and Kenny’s daughter enter the first shot is a mother giving her lip smacking son a hot dog. Kenny works there as a rapping waiter, “Fight the flour, fight the flour (flower? pussy?), you gotta bite the flourless cake!”

    Say wha?

    Homeless Kenny then moves from his car parked next to the old muffler (muff?) shop into Cleveland’s garage. As Cleveland announces this to his family, one of the openly gay characters on family guy makes an appearance and says this is “awesome.” The gay character then tells Cleveland he’s got a whole mess of snack packs outside in his minivan. Cleveland giggles like a girl. Earlier in the show Cleveland asked his son if he could have his snack pack because he saw his wife “put it in there.”

    No joke. Sorry, I know this long, but this was just too much. And yeah, it gets worse. One eye worse.

    So Cleveland’s wife is pissed about Kenny movin in. Poor woman can’t get any. She begins to “run away from her problems” by drinking a bottle of Tyler Perry presents Wine, given to her by Kenny. “It’s rich, super fruity, and not complex at all.” Looks like Kenny’s going west.

    Cleveland takes Kenny to his dude filled bar (bear included) called The Broken Stool, and one of Cleveland’s friend’s does a beat box routine for Kenny, “poop, poop, poopity, poop,” while drinking “Stoolbend Lager.” On the wall behind them there’s a dartboard (anus) with an overflowing beer bottle leaning in it’s direction. The bear is holding his beer bottle right where you’d think he’d have it. Cleveland tells them he’s teaching Kenny everything he knows.

    Then standing underneath an exit sign, Kenny and Cleveland tell each other they’re both terrible (TEARable). Then they both giggle while their arms are completely limp wristed. They’re both dressed all in blue by the way.

    Kenny then starts imitating Cleveland by walking around with a mustache. Cleveland, phallic beer in one hand and phallic sandwich in the other asks Kenny if he’s ever had a cheese steak with a mustache. He then “accidentally” squirts the cheese all over Kenny. Splat! “Don’t worry about it. Just grab a shirt out of my closet. We adults can change clothes (roles?) anytime we want.” Cleveland’s wife enters, “Cleveland, what have you done to that poor boy?” “Filled him full of awesome!” Cue Cleveland flexing his arm and making a fist. “You’re turning him into you!”

    Cleveland then surprises his lingerie laden wife by telling her that he and Kenny have written a hit song and are going on tour while she has to stay and look after the kids.

    Now here comes the best part. Cleveland and Kenny are in a diner.

    Cleveland: “Well, it’s been four days and you’re still not famous. I don’t get it. We tried having a rap battle like in 8 Mile. We tried getting you addicted to drugs like in Walk the Line. There’s one movie we haven’t tried, we haven’t tried Ray.”

    Cleveland then tries to stab Kenny in his left eye. “You wanna be famous or not?”

    Then there’s a newsflash on the TV. A little girl is trapped in a well. When they show the shot of her in the well… well, it looks a girl poking her head out of a shitty anus. I wish I could capture the shot. Kenny and Cleveland do a benefit concert for her. “Be-Cleve in yourself, grow a mustache, smack your wife’s ass, freely pass gas.”

    The two make a music video, which for some reason includes Kenny dressed as a hotdog and a half naked Cleveland holding an enormous thing of mustard. Kenny then fires Cleveland. “You’re rap knowledge begins and ends with Kurtis BLOW.”

    Rallo, who was dating Kenny’s daughter, decides he’s gonna leave her for no other reason than the fact that he had to pay 12 dollars for bruschetta. Well, it just so happens that when he pushes the bruschetta away the tomato looks a hell of a lot like a vagina and there’s a sprig of parsley on top (someone here mentioned the Bill Hicks routine where he says an underage pussy looks like a paper cut with a sprig of parsley on top.) “Do you know how many guys wish they could leave when their girlfriend’s in the bathroom? 100 percent. I’m going to go play ski ball at Cheesy (cheese steak?) Charlie’s.”

    Don’t go West has given me some nice new glasses to see the world with. Unfortunately, it’s all shit out there.

  12. Okay–you’re right, not that I doubted you. I was surfing to links on this site and turned the channels on the tv to find Monster-in-Law with Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez. The scene that was playing was of a dinner party in which Fonda served her daughter-in-law to be a meal with gravy that she has spiked with nuts, something that Lopez is allergic to. Fonda and her assistant, played by Wanda Sikes are discussing it in the kitchen realizing it’s too late to stop. The conversation is something like “oh no she’s eating the gravy– what can we do? maybe escape by the back door!!!!!!” Then Lopez is seen with a very swollen face and lips saying “I feel like I ate some nuts.

  13. You need your own crazy fucked up yet totally real “conspiracy” message board. Fuck Chatango. That’s good for those who have Sunday nights off. That’s it.

    C’mon. A real REBEL community needs to come (cum?) together. Vaginally, of course. Not ANALLY.

    Say wha?

    Fuck the Icke guy who loves The Cleveland Show (ooh… Cleveland mentioned 9/11 being an INSIDE JOB), and loves James Cameron’s uber military 21st century technology and Elton John’s Yellow Brick Road and those 4th dimensional REPTILES… ooh spooky… I think one molested me in my sleep last night… FUCK YOU AMPHIBIAN REPTILE CREEPY BELLY WALKIN’ BASTARDS!

    Oh snap!

    And fuck the Infowar/PrisonPlanet/Obama Deception/CAAAAAVEEEMAN WITH A 170 IQ and 2 inch cock/I’m a fuckin shill for Russian ALT Hipster TV and whoever the fuck else likes gravy.

    You got enough respect from all the premier bloggers and even from major peeps like Tsarion (Don’t Go West is one of his recommended vids). Time to go big time. You’re on Oracle and I’m sure people are spreadin’ the word. You need a place for all of us to talk and to get to know each other.

    Keep the good shit up. Just sayin’ is all.


  14. News Anchor Cracks Up Over Women named Dikshit

  15. Thor’s hammer is “Mjolnir”. This unusual reference shows the hammer in a lap of a broad shouldered girl. Wink! Another reference has pigs flesh being put on the anvil to be blown. This mates to the wallet of Judas with the 30 pieces of silver. The wallet is the science of “mooney”. Early wallets were a pig’s ear folded and also has reference to “pudenda” .. thus pig’s flesh and women’s menstruum are “unclean”. This is the foundation of law .. to make outcast or second-class. Once you have tiers you regulate the flow between tiers.

    Its not the hand that rocks the cradle (and this is the women) that rules the world, its the one who forms the mind of the women that rules the world. So if you make women “unclean” through the wall of law, wallah magically you have created a gate of the gate itself. THE gate being the women.

    Mjolnir is also T or Tau or TV, the hammer of the mind, the former of mass consumption. Belief comes by hearing or logos or semen penetrating the womb of your mind thus we are all women in our heads, ie pregnant with the semen of words. This is the secret of ALL language not just English.

    Mjolnir in modern usage shows itself to fulfill “any advanced technology is magical”. ACC in his later years shows he know the “hammer” full well.

    T, Tav, TV means “the mark” and as T or cross and all crosses are unfolded boxes. Salt is the supreme box .. the great preservative of MEAT.

    This magic has been shared adnauseum at the Stream!

    Hot cross buns!

  16. CR this is right up your alley:

    Satanist explains the Rites of Sodomy

    Australia’s Global Satanic Legacy And Future

    By the way, you owe an apology to Patrick and the rest of the readers/listeners. You know why.

  17. Thought you might find this interesting to your ongoing work Celtic. Facebook founders added to NAMBLA group on Facebook. A disturbing use of social media advertisement/news to add to the global consciousness. There is no denying your work uncovers all of this craziness. Thanks for all of your hard work!

  18. Anderson Cooper offended By Vince Vaughn’s new Movie. “That’s so Gay” is unacceptable according to the Word Police. Here’s the story:

  19. REgarding male to female/ f to m –
    Jacob , a male, fought with an entity til dawn and it blessed him with the name Israel.
    Now that I srael is the name of a state and all states are feminine , he is now a she.
    I wouldn’t want to be around when Shekinah gets home.


    PS: also watch Jon Stewart/ Bruce Willis interview Oct 5

    Full of …. uhhh

  20. Hey Celtic, Love your work man, was reading your updated peasants revolt {5} and noticed u had a little something of Children of (s)odom.. I am not sure if you know or not but the band is called children of Bodom. I do agree that the b looks a lot like an S and I am sure that it is intentional. but I thought I would let you know if you did not. keep up the good work Celtic. and I will keep reading it. peace and love

  21. Youtube is not all bad, still some interesting content.

  22. Hi Alex,

    Good show. I know that you speak some other languages-I don’t if french is among them. The de if de Rothschild is a specific reference to nobility. It’s added when some is elevated in society.


  23. IDK if you’ve seen this show, Modern Family. I’ll let the episode speak for itself but it does have salt, chocolate milk, princess castle w/rapunzel on it, cutting, and roses. Just another ABC/Disney feel good family show that warps your mind beyond recognition.
    Chocolate Milk

    Princess Castle (starts at 1:27)

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