The Peasants are Revolting [3]

Sunday was Part III of my Burning Down the House [truth edition]. The below image pretty mush sums up my summary of the [seriously misguided] “truth” movement.

second hand smoke kills

Where the hell where all these “smart” people when the above fascist hot air was being pushed on us? I’ve already covered the topic of the hateful anti-smoking movement and the reasons behind it. Most recent show is below [download]. Enjoy!


Plenty of fire and ire was doled out, despite “adventurer” David de Rothschild not being able to make it, which I gather, was of little surprise to anyone. I doubt the world of radio could have tolerated so much hotness in one place at one time.

hot green gaysbig green thing

Is it me, or does it seem highly suspect that almost every single “hot guy” on EarthFirst’s “honey list” is [most likely] a poofer indicative of something? if you’re curious as to what other boy-toys made the above [left]], here it is.

People will swallow anything. Anything! An excellent example of this is the article the above right picture is from [linked]. What do you think the odds are of the “big green thing” title in conjunction to David displaying something to the little girls, while just below it, in same article on some random “kids” site, it has a picture of a little boy with the caption: “It’s the small things that make the BIG difference!”

sweet gravyegg in shitare you wiggling

The laughter you hear is them laughing at you! I now present you with The Rebel’s Postulate: As the number of random blatant obscene references approaches infinity, the chance of coincidence approaches zero.

It’s just gravy boys. The joke is on you. Every one of the above posters suggests exactly what I’ve been talking about. This is not an accident. Are you wiggling yet? Are you wiggling a certain part of yourself in a certain part of someone else?

hot green gayshot green gays

Thanks to my readers, I was reMinded that Pink Floyd was rather explicit when they dropped the hint [i.e., told us outright] what “the name of the game was.” It’s called, “riding the gravy train.” That’s why the record executives, before they promote potential stars, will first ask, “Oh, by the way … which one is pink?”

gay steinbride of frankenstein

This game has been going on for a very long time. A very long time. Come to think of it, in The Bride of Frankenstein, the creature’s reaction to finding out that his mate would be female, was far [in the extreme] from positive. Maybe it had something to do with him having lighting inserted into him when he was created?

gay lightningass lightning

Speaking of meat suits, or alternately, cadavres/cadabras, forget about the current prince/princess of HAM/DEATH/V, the [ΒΏlady?] Gaga. Pop eyecons have plugged the same shit [dead meat] on us before. And they will continue to, for as long as we remain oblivious. It’s just mockery. Yes, the peasants, are revoltingly revolting.

gaga meatbeatle meat

Meat the Beatles? The above album cover was allegedly pulled due to the reaction to it, which is kind of puzzling to me. The same people offended by it, can probably dissociatively consume the below creatures, while through indifference, consigning them to a short life of unendurable suffering. As long as we don’t hear the screams!

three little pigscute pig

“It were much better that a sentient being should never have existed, than that it should have existed only to endure unmitigated misery.”Percy Bysshe Shelley

scary swinepig flewmen are pigs

But, don’t worry, the media, and that would include The Priests of the Holy Hard Cock, will help us dissociate, while trudging along on our own karmic path to oblivion. Fret not, that path, though “dirty” will be “loaded with sexy extra bits,” so we will, of course, enjoy the hell out of it. Oblivious and happy in our own ignorance, just like the three lads pictured above [right]. Happy as pigs in shit?

pigs on the wingflying pig

Someone once dared suggest that pigs might learn to fly. And, I have to wonder where the expression, “when pigs learn to fly,” came from? We would also be wise to remember that the same band, Pink Floyd, who told us the name of the fame game, long after the above meme was put out, later crooned a [waterless] song called about mankind reaching beyond/evolving/overcoming called “Learning to Fly.” Thus, now I have to ask, would that be Swine Flu or Swine Flew?

joy division

There are those among us who would burn any damn pig who’d dare attempt such.

holy wood bbqshit barbecue

Hence, the caveat of the game is to convince us that rather than aspire to higher levels of consciousness and [true]spiritual growth, we should overburden ourselves with dense karmic weight, and burn in the ass-pyre that serves them and not us.

Holy Wood BBQ? Are you fucking kidding me? OH, and by the way, it is also not of coincidence that the above [right] image/placard translates to “bullshit society.”

ass worship

I’d like to thank Alex Robinson for the above pic, which, in case you have no idea what the fuck I’ve been writing/talking about for the past year, reminds us where the “shit” comes from. If you’ll recall, Bender, aside from being constantly anally-fixated, was featured in an episode where if he said “ass” one more time, all creation would be undone. Oh, by chance, the same episode began with Henry Kissinger pining for some “ham” flavored gum.

Thanks to Alex again, this article about above episode returns us right back the The Rebel’s Postulate, and makes us wonder how far the grasp of the tentacles of the ass-worshiping cult of Jehovah/Set/Typhon/Zues [add name of derelict god here].

no female required

To deny their campaign has turned our attention to the feces production area would be, well, asinine. As said in show, it goes far beyond that, destroying the sacred feminine, and of course, with our consent. An Added Bonus: if you take everything female out of the equation, then full-blown gayness also gets a helping hand.

black male mtv masturbation regimen for white girlsmasonic floor black dudedisney ass programming

What many people fail to understand, as discussed in my social engineering podcast, is that every single tiny step along the way has been shrewdly calculated, and would not have been possible, were it not for every little step that preceded it. I’ve also discussed the black/white issue before [linked], so need not expand on it in order so that robots don’t accuse me of being “racist.”

After all, I’m not the one who made the below [right] movie in these enlightened times, nor the other one [left] in the unenlightened times, that came before. Wait a minute. Are we supposed to believe, even for a minute, that Samuel L. Jackson would actually have sex with a woman that doesn’t look like a little boy? Oh, please!

mandingoblack snake moan

What may be worth mentioning now, is that BBQ (also known as barbecue) has long been a staple of [false] black American culture. Again, I need not expound on why black Americans are so lost, but a good indicator is that after they gained their freedom from slavery, they adopted the religion of their masters, rather than turn back to their own they were robbed of.

As many a foolhardy Christian likes to point out, Jesus worked overtime over the last 2000 years to stop “Satan” from modifying/mistranslating The Bible, and ensuring that what was taken out of the “Good Book” [such as reincarnation] met with his, um, “will.” Well, that would explain why he was sleeping when Africa was being raped and enslaved, and didn’t have the energy to stop that. Hallelulah!

butthole awareness

But, don’t worry, the elites really are color blind. The above program is aimed at people of all races and creeds. Yes, even “The Jews.” It be time for all of us good niggars to go, willingly, to the doctor, and, um, get gay. Make the master happy!

reamed outbutt raped

Wait a bloody minute. Depends is promoting that men go get rectally curious, and hence, increase the likelihood that they’ll engage in activities that may damage their anus, and hence increase their adult-diaper customer base? Fucking brilliant!

They, as you likely have heard by now, are obliged to tell us exactly what they are doing to us, and what we are consenting to. That’s how magick works. You must enter the contract of your own destruction willingly. You must sign the dotted line.

hot green gays

Is your programmed neural construct so petrified that you can’t see that the 11th of September, was little more than a human barbecue of sorts? They always tell us exactly what they are doing to us. Methodically. Specifically. Religiously.

hot green gaysgay bbq

Voila! How much more fucking obvious do you want them to be? They’re trying.

pig pokewar pig

The pig always gets it in the end. In case that was lost on anyone, I’ll repeat it. The pig always gets it in the end.

The show, will go on….


:: :: :: :: ::


Note: Thanks to one fellow host at Oracle, Nemo Denovo, I got to hear the ridiculous video that our kids are being programmed with: You Have To Choose Sides. For those unfamiliar with David, he’s one of the big Global Warming proponents. When I said “Greenpeace was a subsidiary of Rothschild NV,” I was half-joking. But, yes, every major environmental group has been subverted via the subtle manipulation of well-meaning idiots within [I wrote of this a long time ago].

~ by celticrebel on September 19, 2010.

29 Responses to “The Peasants are Revolting [3]”

  1. Hey Rebel
    I have a fund that fits into the category of brain-washing by pure magic …
    The word “Glamour”. Also look for the magazine “Glamour”

    “Glamour” originally referred to the magical and occult powers of necromancy.
    Etymology: Glamor(also Glamour)”magic, enchantment, spell,” (especially in phrase to cast the glamor

    Best wishes from Germany

  2. loved the broadcast (as always). in rio, “hippy hoppy” night must have been at “helpy”… which has been shut-down, btw. as for your mention of pigs, i always found it interesting how orwell’s “animal farm” had pigs being the dictators which eventually learned to walk upright and behave like humans. anyways, in the deep, insightful words of mystikal, “shake yo ass, but watch yourself!”

  3. Just came across this film from my childhood then saw the poster for the film (unreal). Found this suitable image link:

    Anyway excellent site, bye

  4. Slightly off the topic, but are these the type of people that have helped shaped our society – me thinks so…. there is nothing wrong with a bit of ball groping between friends

    PS: No comment

  5. Hey CR,

    A great article on the Dark Horse General.

    Fighting the Illuminaughty is big business

    Can I stay in a tent on your lawn please?

  6. Adept, yea that “spell” occurred to me long ago, not because I was smart, but because the movie The Craft, made it really clear. Wrote about it in once in relation to the clown mask.

    raffi Help-e closed down? I’m probably one of the few people who spent over a year in Rio and never went there. Guess I’ll never go. Oh, btw, no it wasn’t a ref to said place. This was a club in Leblon full of mostly patricinhas, which it’d be a safe bet such wouldn’t be caught dead there. πŸ™‚ Interesting Farm observation…

    garyr, hehe, replace the guy on the poster with Tiger Woods and instant sense, and of course, LULZ! πŸ˜†

    Pav, hm, “Candy Darling (she was born James Lawrence Slattery)” looks a hell of a lot like Lady Gaga. God damn, Steve Tyler looks like a horribly failed cloning experiment.

    Steven UK, not a bad article. WTF, someone voted it down? Will the closet AJ fans please stand up. πŸ‘Ώ Maybe the General needs more space for all the young male assistants he’ll be bringing under him to help fight the infowar?

  7. Great show, Rebel.

    Decided to look into Willow Smith after you mentioned her. Horrifying. The people here need to see this for themselves.

    Here’s her official website:

    If you click on the pink triangles in the above right corner her eyes change color for your delight. And here’s the “teaser” for her upcoming single:

    The erotic nature of most of those pics is seriously fucked up. There’s two shots at 43 and 44 seconds in where she’s wearing a skirt with a skull and bones on it. The letters underneath it (I think they’re two X’s) seriously look they spell the word “sex” when you just glance at them. Definitely a subliminal mind fuck going on there. Not to mention the shot of her sitting/riding a phallic skateboard or the super seductive pic of her at 2:09.

    Then there’s the leopard print clothing, fuck me hand signs – a double v hand sign appears to be her official symbol, one eye shots, 5 pointed stars, skulls, a red carpet pic, and a general erotic nature to most of the pics set to super sexual lyrics… “whip it good” “Whip it real hard.”

    Not sure if this means anything, but the Gematria of her name curiously syncs with both “Barack Hussein Obama” and “Alice in Wonderland.” Just throwin that out there.

    Expect her to be promoted outside of the tween/teen demographic. The pedophile agenda is in full swing.

  8. Ultimate Fact: The Illuminati are a gang of poker playing dudes in black t-shirts, sitting around a round table, smoking cigarettes and making plans for establishing the NWO while talking in distorted voices.
    I know this, because I watched this film about how bad and Satan and stuff Rock n’ Roll music is. It makes the founding fathers of the USA very sad.

    Gimmick idea for next show: Dark Horse General Impersonator Contest for listeners.

  9. I blame parents. They put their child’s happiness first instead of their well being, and want to be their best friend. Well, that’s doing society a huge disservice, b/c these kids are literally raised by the media.

    If you can’t raise a child right, then don’t have kids. Don’t sit them in front of Sesame St either, because the crap they’re putting out there to these kids is unbelievable.

    Who in their right mind thinks it’s appropriate to have Katy Perry on a show that 5 year olds watch???

    Katy Perry on Sesame Street.

    WARNING: May cause your eyes and ears to bleed. eek!

  10. This is Alex Jones here.. I’m sick and tired of your bullshit celtic rebel! And so are all my little infomaniacs! I’m gonna teach you a lesson punk! When we get in the ring… I’m gonna show you the true meaning of pain! I’m gonna pound you real good until your’re begging on your knees! I’m the true New World Order fighting champ! You’re gonna pay! You’re the fraud not me! Obama Deception, terrorstorm, tv/ are all coing to get you! I want that apple pie! And all my little infomaniacs out there… say your prayers… brush your teeth and be nice to mom and dad… Celtic Rebel… All my little infomaniacs are gonna run wild on you aarrrrrrrrrrgggghhhh πŸ™‚

  11. This came to my mind when you started getting all wrestling talk @ El General


    I think I may have embedded it wrong, but I just copy and pasted so not sure if it’ll work.

  12. David, I didn’t really want to look more into it, due to the corrosive nature of that bloody song. But, wow, that promo video is extremely telling. I, hence, talked about it on the most recent show. A quick sum: she’s already been anally violated, but her upside-down pink triangle is still shreddable and on the market. Sick “shit.”

    Max, I think I watched that same documentary. It rocked! πŸ˜† If you can do an AJ voice, you are welcome to call in.

    Shattered Butterfly, you are correct on that part … as people, especially younger parents have been trained to be their kid’s friend instead of their parent. I’m just surprised Perry didn’t bear hear massive anus on the show.

    J Krishnamurti, hm, probably a good reason for the syn between infomaniacs and nymphomaniacs. If Jones will put me on the show, I’ll gladly bring an apple pie along … oh, and maybe my rape prevention kit. πŸ˜€

    Ed, well, it should have, as it was modeled on AJ’s rant when he did have the spritely David de Rothschild make an appearance. You replace every mention of “professional wrestling” in the above vid with “alternative media” and “wrestler” with “radio host” and … sense follows.

    Wait a minute? Did the commentator suggest going around 720 degrees? WTF? That would suggest either extreme dumb luck or occult knowledge.

  13. Forget media programming. You’re way off, Rebel. Juice boxes and kettle chips are to blame for the current ass fixation.

  14. That queasy feeling is a clue there’s a real conversation about race happening. Thanks for going there. Keep it coming:)

  15. Will Smith, you’re a monster.

    For some reason this show made me think of the anagram penis = spine. Maybe swine?

    Almost fell out of my chair laughing at last show’s wicked awesome mockery of Rush, a band I admired until they got super nerdy and sucky after Moving Pictures. Plus I found out (unbelievably!) that half the world HATES Rush (hint: they’re called girls.) PLUS I was getting really tired of their logo being a naked guy’s butt in front of a burning pentagram. Yeah, how could I not “see” that?
    You had trouble (comically) remembering what I once considered the greatest rock lyrics ever, so I will reproduce them for you here (from “Tom Sawyer”):

    “Though his mind is not for rent
    to any god or government,
    he’s always hopeful, yet discontent.
    He knows changes aren’t permanent,
    but change is.”

    I pitted those lyrics against the Rebel wisdom (in my mind) and got a reply instantaneously:

    How can you rent something you’ve never owned?


  16. Hi Rebel , Thought you might find this pic useful.

    An anagram or two of what it says on his butt: “Bring into”,”Tiring nob”

  17. Wonderfully vibrant show – I miss hearing it live, but it still packs an iry punch (haha not sure what to make of this:
    “Iry-Hor … was a Predynastic pharaoh of ancient Egypt” πŸ™‚

    Anyway I wanted to comment on your greased enlightening comments. I watched an old episode of Banacek last week (1970’s detective series starring George Peppard) – I very quickly got the feeling that the Peppery one was gay & not long after that came the weirdest scene packed full of what can only be gay innuendo & ‘scenery’. The ‘innuendo’ included a threat to come down on Banacek like lightning – the feeling I got was that the cast were well in on the joke – have found a link that includes the bolt in question

    This programme like so many portrayed a suave, (apparent) womaniser – I’m quite sure our subconscious knew what was going on, but what, I wonder did that trickery do to our psyche? Being gay or not, is not the issue, it’s the deliberate mind fuck that’s not so hidden within that is twisted. Another memory has been reclaimed. Maybe that’s the only reason left to watch all this crap – to remove the grip of our emotional attachment & see what was really there all along.

    Keep the rage burning as long as it cleanses YOU.
    Then go wild πŸ™‚

    Best to you

  18. Lenny Kravitz or Metro Bob?

  19. I was a cornpacker…

    Lenny Kravitz asks, β€œAre you gonna go my way?”

  20. An old episode of Monk, “S07E09 Mr Monk & the Miracle” I’ve just seen was rather unexpectedly full of utterly blatant & constant references to faeces, bums making gravy, ass-fixiation, emphasis on moustaches & dressing in brown monk cassocks.
    Rarely watch any tv anymore.
    Just another reason not to bother at all.
    Though seeing torture being pushed in all my sci-fi programs & other dramas is what put me off the most initially.

  21. This is the first time I’ve seen the blue ribbons for prostate cancer. Damn!

    Oh, and Willow Smith and the Obama girl are 9. I wonder if they’ve had the Guardasil vaccine.

  22. Good Show, Quick question have you ever seen ”The Celluloid Closet”?
    Looking at the surface of the film won’t help. πŸ™‚ Brought to you by HBO. πŸ™‚ I thought the documentary was more about what they hide and how they hid it.

  23. Just skimmed through, but was reminded that pigs are roasted on a spitshoved up their anus.

  24. I think Asterisk and Obelisk came up on a previous show. Well, I stumbled upon this today:

    Also, I recently half watched a movie called Little Monsters. It’s about a kid who befriends a blue monster that came up from under his bed. The monster can only enter the human world by coming from underneath any kind of bed. “Where there’s a bed…there’s a way” says the blue monster to the kid.

    This movie is filled with all kinds of shite and all kinds of creepy undertones. The ruler of the monster world is a man/monster, named Boy, who wants the kid to stay there forever…and be his “pal”.

    Why Such Cruelty? The movie ends with the kid and his friends exiting the world of the monsters by crawling out from underneath a bum….in California.

    Supposedly the original script was intended to be much darker that the final version. Anyway, I flipped through it and noticed this line that was supposed to be said by the blue monster:

    “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

    That line sure keeps showing up.

  25. I’m a black person myself and I so agree with you when you say that BBQ isn’t a black tradition. Oke black people do infact cook their meat till it’s fully cooked(yeah we kinda dislike rare meat) on a fire, but we aren’t fond of meat that still is red or bleeds. That is mostly a european thing and us black people adopted that with BBQ. It looks cooked but is still kinda raw in the inside. Guess we needed that black outside to fool ourselves.

    It’s also funny that a lot of black people follow the religion of the people that traded them as slaves. And even said it’s oke to do so based on things written in the bible. I’m not anti religion or anything, but I do know that it isn’t 1 religion that is the perfect one. It’s time people share their own idea’s and thoughts and start thinking critical.

    I’m planning to write a blog about religion and I would like you to read it aswell Celtic.(oh yeah you and lenon Honor in 1 show is always nice to listen to :D).

  26. Maybe it was the power of suggestion but, I ate a deathburger for dinner last night. =:-O I just now realized how eating hamburgers and hot dogs is considerated by the mASSES to be patriotic. How many people do you know do this on The 4th of July? What about popping fireworks? How wasteful is that?

    I wasn’t really following the whole Frankenstein made a monster penis that goes around trying to kill every damn body. I actually read most of book once in high school and all the way through in college. I really enjoyed the beginning of book because of the framing and setting.

    Did somebody say, “Juicebox”?

    How about a rap song that makes the sexes hate each other? I have seen so many of these lately. Men Lie, Women Lie

    Keri Hilson has a new song out called “No Boys Allowed.” In this music/softcore porn video Keri Hilson turns into a streetwalker at the end and leads all of the black women to throw their men’s clothes out.

    Overall, I sincerely enjoy the show. Listening to you makes me feel good because somehow knowing that not everyone is buying into all of the bullshit, gives me hope for humanity and all is not lost.

  27. hey celt, don’t forget the rainbow lovin’ “Wiggles” from Australia. They actually sing about “fruit salads” to young children around the globe.

  28. I know that i’m years late in commenting, but i looked at the link provided to “National Geographic Kids”, and almost keeled over at the symbology behind their icon entitled “inside scoop”. (no pun intended on my part) An anus looking circle, an electrical tower, a spark?!? Could they spell it out a bit more? sheesh

    I’m sure i’ll end up mentioning somewhere more current, but there is a song off of the 3rd installment of Meatloaf’s trilogy that is titled, “in the land of the pig, the butcher is king”. It follows a ditty entitled, “cry over me”. Hmmmm….

    As a voice of the future to this spot in the past, Willow Smith is now !! years old, and is still one to be pitied.

    I could go on and on about all of the great points you and your allies bring up, but won’t take up more space here. Thank you for doing what you do!

  29. “Everything tastes good with horsey sauce including soylent green.” Nice one

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