The Peasants are Revolting [2]

If you missed last week’s show/post, well, you’re gonna need to look/listen. This week’s show was a continuation of the same, just a bit less fire and ire this time.

deep inside job

Since this was the weekend of the anniversary of the immense butt rape of the psyche known as the Mass Human Sacrifice that Took Place on the 11th of September, I felt the need to delve into the topic somewhat. What do rape statistics tell women? That it’s usually someone you know? Inside job!


The show’s above [download link]. Kudos to one Matt from London for passing the Caveman Versus Scientific Dictatorship rant. The image sums up my take on it:

yoda sorcery

Sorcery, plain and simple. If you haven’t seen the video of the spell being cast, you might want to. Neglected to mention another take on the possible meaning of the word “kite.” Technically, it is an airborne object that one controls from the ground. So, yes, a remote controlled plane could be a kite of sorts.

Get ready class: Kite Plane Must Hit Steel! To some, the word order may have appeared somewhat different, but would not have to someone who speaks like Yoda [prior thoughts]. Yea, you know, Yoda, the strange little devil creature that Albert Pike worshiped, and that pederast George Lucas repackaged for the idiot-minds of the popcorn-munching assholes who pay for the luxury of being programmed.

lord of the anus

Speaking of the Lords of Feces, I hope I haven’t ruined yet another mind-control experience for you, you know, Peter Jackson’s tell-tale tail about a group of little boys, and the men that love to love their, um, “ring.”

ANUS: 1650s, from O.Fr. anus, from L. anus “ring, anus,” from PIE base *ano- “ring.” So called form its form; cf. Gk. daktylios “anus,” lit. “ring (for the finger),” from daktylos “finger.”

The origins of the word, in this case, tell us much [kudos to one “deer” in the chat]. So do the little nuances of both of the below images [from boy-toys of the gaylites].

Alice in Wonderland, The Ring, Contact, and The Matrix, aside from some minor details, were all about little girls saying goodbye to their pussies and taking the alternate dark route to death/enlightenment [hence, why the effeminate boy key-anus was cast]. The revelation genre is just another joke on us to some extent.

They are emboldened by their revelation of the method. They know their dirty little secrets [my recent ongoing area of exposition] will be beyond belief to your average educated idiot, and that those who catch on and dare suggest it, will be ridiculed.

the gay shepherd

The day after the show, I rewatched the part of The Good Shepherd that I relayed from memory during the broadcast. Those few minutes alone were filled with details I had previously missed, by not understanding the context. Not only was Matt Damon wearing a dress among among a bunch of randy sailors, but the tune he was singing went, “I’m just a buttercup, sweet little buttercup.”

Yes, buttercup, as in dealing with “butt.” Butt, as in “Butters,” the anally focused boy character from South Park [prior musing]. You may also remember the pornographer from Boogie Nights confessing, “I’m not a complicated man. I enjoy the simple pleasures of life: lollipops in my mouth and butter in my ass.”

deep inside bonesmen

The Bonesmen showed up in the theater for Mattie’s performance, and the scene brought them great joy; wide smiles [shown twice]. They then come around backstage, with a backdrop suggesting their arousal, One then comes up behind young Matt and addresses him as “Miss Buttercup.” Rather than turn around and shake his hand, buttercup reaches back and they hold hands like lovers.

Another Bonesman ask, “What’s it feel like be a woman?” And Matt, obviously still unaware of the sodomy he is due for queries, “Why would you like to know?”

heidi klumshitheidi klumshitheidi klumshitheidi klumshit

After the show, someone in the chat room shared the above set of images with me (sorry, can’t remember who). They are of Heidi Klum’s own initiation to gravy.

Most telling is the the last of the images, where someone took great care that not even a trace of um, “chocolate” is located around her butt crack, and especially not her anus. There is a reason for that: to communicate to whoever the shoot was intended for that the feces Heidi is covered with, is someone else’s [i.e., not her own]. I do apologize. I know that’s disgusting, but that’s what they are into.

eye to eye

I’ve written of the “three rings” before, but hadn’t done the Gematria on the word Toyota. It’s 96, hence it syncs/stynks with two of the names of the chief patriarch of the anus-worshipping cult, Yahweh/Jehovah [69]. Stygian Port resurfaced during the show, and informed me, via the chat that in Gematria, there is a +/- [1] rule, hence LGBT could work out to 42. For the record, that is not the answer to the mystery of life, but more likely the answer naive initiates are given before they are sodomized by the perverted mystery schools [see dennis’s comment to our show].

bruni's back doorcarla bruni mk doll

The first of the above images was from when I was first looking into the meaning of the “spade” symbol [BRF4], but also emphasize the “demon hole” angle, and I surmise only rational summary for the cult’s particular fascination. Thanks to Alex, I saw that someone else other than myself connects the Rapunzel story to anal sex and fesces [can’t say i concur with his “twist” on the tale/tail, but worth a gander].

The woman making an effort close the back door above is Carla Bruni, the wife of the President of France. Hm, that would be the second Italian ass model/victim who has come up in the last two weeks. She may have not been mentioned during the show, but the last of the above images is one of those that makes you say, “What the fuck!” Carla. Doll. Italian. 42. Pliant. Naked. Mind-Controlled. Ready.

no pride at all

Aside: If someone has any fucking clue as to how the above image, taken at one of the New York LGBT Pride parades, in any way conveys any sense, no matter how small, or any definition of word “pride,” please let me know.

Now, the below [left] image is for consideration and by no means, a conclusion, but it does make a little too much sense. Didn’t the church used to say that masturbation was the means by which the Devil entered the minds of the young?

self pleasure is evilpriming the gift

Speaking of the young, the above right image is of young Sasha making “the sign.” Like mother, like daughter? Yes, that was taken before she was given to the King of Spain in the year of her magical ninth birthday. Are we ready for Willow Smith now?

priming the gifta new jackie opriming the gift

If Carlla Bruni is mind-controlled, and went through the alleged Presidential Assassin/Model regimen and Prostitute Fair is calling her “The Next Jackie O,” Sarkozy may want to grow eyes in the back of his head. Hm, there’s that 69 number again [and note the odd little cross symbol]. This cover is a communique.

For the record, it looks like her efforts to close that back door after it was open, failed. Carla is capable of requesting that someone insert a finger up her ass in seven different languages [now, go back and look at the etymology of finger and anus]. The sky is the limit for a woman of such talents [ask the old Babylonian god of the sky, Anu]. I wonder what kind of porn the daughter of Morpheus made?

you choose death

I wonder why she [Fishburne] is doing it [making pornography]? Does her career choice suggest that yet another Montana has had an inappropriate amount of father-daughter bonding? It’s a safe bet the person responsible for her degrading choice of professions is very likely her abuser, and is probably the one and same mental rapist of millions: he who implanted the receptive mind of many a movie-goer with all this propaganda of choice.

“The Matrix” has you! Indeed it does. The phrase was yet another inside joke/job on those it would program. You are free to choose whatever you want as long as it takes you down the rabbit hole and leads you to wonderland. Exercise your free will: select from our options of between HAM / 22 / CADAVER / V / DEATH / CORPS[E].

piece of death

Next week should be the final installment of this somewhat connected series / rampage. I did close the show sending out love and hope to humanity, but forgot to add, that excludes all the dumb cunts going around wishing death on everyone and smiling like idiots as they propagate symbols they’ve never looked into. Unless you guys girls are flashing the symbol as a “fuck me” invitation to the Rebel, well then, you idiots can all go fuck yourselves.


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Note: Prior to last week’s show, I was a guest on Question #46 with John Preston. I’ll post a link to that as the archive becomes available. Some may or may not get a kick of me dealing with some woman who, expressing her own opinion, was determined to talk about “those dirty blood-drinking muslims.” People do what they’re told.

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  1. Hey Alex just a thought on the whole ’33’ degrees and what not- I have read from masonic sources that the 33 comes from the 33 vertebrae that run from the tailbone to the neck…this might tie in with opening of the brown third eye when it is violated….maybe opening up some kind of stargate of some sorts. Just thought i would throw that out there. Great show

  2. Wow — that was an interesting show. I never heard the “Kite-Hit-Steel-Plane-Must” chant before, so I watched it on (Youtube). Very creepy.

    At first the word “kite” didn’t make sense — to me it meant a toy or a bird. But the dictionary has solved the riddle:

    4. Finance. a. a check drawn against uncollected or insufficient funds, as for redepositing, with the intention of creating a false balance in the account by taking advantage of the time lapse required for collection.
    b. a check whose amount has been raised by forgery before cashing.
    5. a person who preys on others; sharper.
    –verb (used without object)
    7. to obtain money or credit through kites.

    I’m thinking “Put Options.”

    Oh, and by the way, women cut their hair short when they have babies because babies will pull on long hair. Having short hair also makes it easier and less time consuming to stay neat and clean. Babies take up more time and energy than most young men realize.

  3. “A family that sleeps together stays together.”

    This quote comes to my mind whenever you get into that topic of living with your parents when you are over 18 years old. I wonder from which source this saying originates, hence one can reconize a suggestive meaning in it.

    Anyway, I think that this paradigm that when you are over 18 you are only a credible person when you don’t live with your parents anymore is meant to weaken the support of people for each other by making them more isolated as this idea enhances a self-centerd mind set.

    Today, funnily enough, many young adults are forced to live with their parents due to financial reasons while both, parents and their children, feel embarrassed by such a situation because they are programmed to feel this way.

    I wonder if you have any plans to publish a book. Inspired by your break-out plans out of this spiritual prison an idea for such a books title flew in my brain.
    There is this book about self-discovery with the title “If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill Him!”. Maybe you should call your book “If You Meet Jehova on the Road, Rape Him!”. 😛

  4. Don’t permit my elven whirreds to glamour your ego & swell your head, Alex, but I must say this one is/was/is an excellent podcast. Ever hear of another Celtic rebel, Edmund Burke? He’s the defiant political critic who encouraged the nascent American colonies to break away from British rule (among many other POV’s) & who is the author who penned the oft times inaccurately quoted adage, The only thing needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing. Tonnes more of his words of wisdom can be relished here. What I’m declaring in couched terms is, as a practitioner of the Art my(s)elf, for good not ill, mind you, might more of us who are aware of the black magic at work here (your & commenter Moira’s citation of the evil spell recited by innocents key to your argument & not just a little disturbing) take up the sword that slashes the binds of slavery, shackling us to the NWO’s machinations? Thanks for using your noggin to think independently & not just smash skulls. Remain ye thrice blessed ~ Anadæ

  5. Dion Duffield, yes, it is. I’ve talked about it before and how the perverted mystery schools believe that opening the third eye (pineal glad) can done by inserting a penis into the brown eye. And thanks!

    Moira, my bad for neglecting to add my other interpretation of “kite” during the show [now in write-up], but the definitions you bring up raise interesting possibilities as well. Well, I guess I many not like it, but when a woman is with infant, her [instinctual] purpose is probably not to attract more men… 😐

    Max, yes, the stigma associated with keeping the family together has been a very dastardly and succesful pogrom. Perhaps if I did write a book, those acedemically-minded [or alternately, “handicapped”] would take my work seriously? On second thought, maybe I should not write one then? 😉

    Anadæ, yours words are sincerely appreciated mate. I also enjoyed this quote from Burke, which seems to sync specifically with what I’m talking about in this set of shows: “The hottest fires in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis.”

  6. nice show. we continue to learn and grow. i’m not afraid to admit i’m taken in regularly by the social environment and the spells cast around me. even though i don’t watch television (and am careful when exposed to any form of media), the propaganda saturates, confuses, and divides our communities; what’s wrong becomes right. the environment around us becomes a reflection of that mediator… so, we’re bombarded from all angles, even if we try to “abstain”.

    it’s all too obvious how gaaaaaay television programming has become nowadays. but, what’s more obvious, and disappointing, is how complacent and ignorant the mASSES (btw, kudos to you for coining that term) remain despite it being ridiculously blatant. i guess this is the way the programmers get their spells and hypnosis to work: via our own manufactured consent.

    interesting how most of our programmers spewing out ultra-shite programming are all openly gaaaay (these are just those that take the pounding from the insiders, but also enjoy it on an extracurricular basis). pay special notice to their prolific “work” and how each has changed our society for the worst.

    p.s. peace/V/22 to your short-haired, boyish neighbor 🙂

  7. The schoolroom chant seems like a bit of a stretch. Kite-Kit-Steel-Playing-Must seems closer to what they’re actually saying. Even then it wouldn’t surprise me if there was something going on there. The etymology and numerology of those words is probably worth looking into as are the page numbers the teacher relays later on. The fact that out of all the damn words in the English language kite (a flying gizmo operated from the ground) and steel were both used is enough to sound the sync alarm in my opinion.

    Great show by the way, Rebel. A little bit off topic, but I had the misfortune of sitting through Hot Tub Time Machine with a few work buddies/zombies the other night. What a load of shit… pedo bears, father jerking his son before they attempt to tag team a women, strange references to a “nine” year old girl – I know you’ve wondered about the nine year old thing before. The only thing I’ve found is that nine years is the age when a girl can be married off and coughRAPEDcough by her husband in Islam. Definitely curious to get more info about that age since it seems to be coming up a bit now.

    Anyway, as soon as the hot tub vortex opened up I was waiting for an anus sync (too much rebel indoctrination!)… and whamo! What’s the first shot after they’ve gone through the vortex/stargate/anus? A fuckin’ squirrel eating a peanut. We all know how peanuts pass through the human stargate intact, but that was also enough to keep me on alert whenever a squirrel makes an odd appearance in a movie. There’s a scene in Anchorman where a character claims to have gotten so messed up the prior night that in the morning he shit out a… squirrel. Later on another character apologizes for eating the “chocolate covered” squirrel.

    Something odd going on with those critters I’m telling ya. Keep on the lookout for ’em.

    PS: I’ll leave this for now, but I just decided to do a quick search for squirrels in movies and it appears Steve Carell (the one who ate the chocolate covered squirrel) voiced a squirrel in Over the Hedge. Here’s some posters with the squirrel:




    Definitely some weird shit going on.

  8. After listening to Jones for years, I felt very empowered by Alan Watt and his older “blurbs” and interviews a few years ago, back then he used to talk alot about the same topics you talked and wrote about and this eventually led me to your blog one day…he talked about looking within and deprogramming yourself, about synchronicity, the x-box illuzion and not to fear anything etc…in his books he also explained the masonic code aka “english” and how the homo/pedo priest class runs the world…I learned a lot from him and he was an important part in my personal journey/evolution, but he never was my “hero”, only a teacher, and btw he also explained this hero(in) thing and why the matrix movie is a masonic story that gives us these heroes like Neo etc…

    His newer radio shows are indeed kind of “boring” and depressing tho…

  9. First time I heard the video with the kids at the grade school when we were “attacked” on 911. Wow what an eye opener.

    Alex Jones seems to have picked up after the original NWO critic Bill Hicks passed on.

    Watching the VMA’s another twinning. Lady Gaga got lots of air time. You must be aware of Lini Morgana who had the talent to be the next pop star. Both are from NYC. Lini “fell” from a high rise hotel (in NYC) October 2008. She was only 19 years old.

  10. This may or may not have anything to do with the latest installment of the Celtic Rebel’s show, but I think it’s worth a look. This is a link to Queen’s music video for the single “I want to Break Free”, and well it speaks for itself. Check it out:

    The song was written by their bass player, John Deacon (the old lady holding the newspaper that reveals the headline “They Never Had it So Good”. Keep your eye on the Big White Box around 2:00 in. and the transformation that takes place with Freddy. There’s lots of stuff going on in this video, and it’s not just Queen dressing up as characters from Coronation Street. (dressing in drag seems to be a rite of passage) During the middle sequence, everyone appears to resemble dairy cows (milking cows). Nice metaphor. 😉

    Also, this IS something Celtic Rebel has touched on many times before. The Pink Bob Wig. Well, this one REALLY speaks for itself. It’s entitled “Are You Running” (For the cure for “Cancer”). I just saw it on TV and my jaw dropped to the floor… Canadian “celebrities” wearing pink bob wigs pushing Cancer research propaganda. Check it:

    Acclaimed Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent looks pretty happy to be wearing the wig of shame. What a douche-bag! He’s the last one, right at the end. 🙂

  11. David, a stretch to those who don’t recognize sorcery [hm, almost wrote sourcery], when it is afoot. The “magic age” came up while working on the first cut of my documentary, and since I’ve learned the Talmud teaches gentile girls are “ready” at nine. I’m sure those at the tip of the priest class, be they Jewish or Muslim will come up with all sorts of “religious” justifications (rationalizations) for their perversions.

    Ah, the Squirrel Nut casing technology (jodi foster craft) for making it through the vortex [w]hole had not occurred to me! Yes, great point. Oh my, if the insanely phallic first poster for Over the Hedge is not proof of how utterly fucking stupid the average parent is today, it’d be hard to find one more damning.

    mace556, fair assessment. I hope it didn’t come off that I was suggesting he was in the same class with the fear-monger caJones. Your note reminds me of an old assessment of our daddy complex. The line between one jaded by mankind’s stupidity and a useless guru may be a fine one.

    butters, you know I have to laugh every time I see your name, right? 😆 As crazy as it seems, I still can’t get past the incredible similarity between Hicks and Jones. Was unaware of Lini, but some are of the impression that celebrities are replaced/switched-out/replicated all the time.

    Wes Tilson, off-topic but interesting. I got a laugh over the comment back-biting from Queen fans angry that Lady Gaga fans dared make a connection. Our brand of feces from the queen’s boot-lickers is better than your brand of feces from the queen’s boot-lickers. F’n sad! The shit and adrogyny theme connects to the “out”ing of the pederasts and all things connected to J’s 42.

    Ah, I neglected to mention on last week’s show how those who take the time to raise money from breast cancer research are among the dumbest cunts out there, and yet another argument, that “we” are the NWO.

  12. jump on in!! anal sex 101 for the mASSES.

  13. Hi, this is Michael, cousin of Peter Jackson… I’ve been listening to your show for a little while, just wanted to make a couple comments about this last show. Theres a reason why P Jackson makes his movies in New Zealand (with the exception of “The Lovely Bones” which was rubbish)… the reason is because he hates the smell of (sh)it in Hollywood. He’s said he can’t stand the place repeatedly in interviews and his biography. Whether there’s a video locked away somewhere showing Jackson ballgagged while getting rooted in his bottom (like the black guy in Pulp Fiction) I don’t know. I find it hard to believe that Pete would do that but who knows. And by the way, when Gandolf is leading the mob through the mines of morea or whatever… he doesn’t say “lets go down here where the air stinks the most” …he says “the air doesn’t smell so foul down here” therefore this is the way out…
    And Alan Watt… If you listen to early stuff he did with Jackie Patru, you’ll hear that he wanted to call his books etc “Cutting Through The Bullshit” but he went with matrix cos ‘bullshits’ not PC. You say Alan Watt left you feeling depressed or suicidal so you turned him off, good, thats the best thing to do in that situation. If you want to feel nice and buzzy after you’ve listened to some show that puts you in the mood for twisting the night away down at the local gay bar then good for you. Theres David Icke or Lenon Honor telling you how to raise your son’s or whatever. Na Lenons alright, just a bit preachy in his vids. Just one more thing, that caller was classic ha ha.. “ah.. um.. Alan Watts a dumbass…ah.. he asks for donations ..ah he plays the same song… ah um…that dumbass… I kind of agree with him.. ah … but Alan Watts full of shit… dumbass…”
    This isn’t an attack, i like your work and I thought the documentary was great. Check the latest Land of the Lost movie. Lots of material in there.
    Thanks, keep up the good work

  14. Hey Rebel,…Geat work, as per: I don’t know if you’ve ever done a number on the Olympics, this little girl grew up real quick after playing a lead role in the ‘opening ceremony’ of the Sydney Olympics; they dangled her in the air over the stadium while she sang: She went on to be a real star posing in schmutt mags and turning to letting the jew schmutt media take pix of her schmoo. What a start this kid got…




  15. The cross symbol on the V of Vanity Fair looks like a BUTTon. benjamin Button , Brad Pitt , hole, went backwards in his life, reversing the flow , from 3rd eye to his royal eyenus
    I heard Woody Allen has kicked Bruni off his movie as she was so bad .
    Bruni = Brownie


    Sure if little Nikkie Starcozy sees Carla in pink he should run

  16. Great research Rebel, Peace. free metrobob

  17. raffi, I’m sure you are aware that you are indirectly promoting the promotion, right? 😉 But this line [implanting of idea] is quite damning:

    “The ass is the most democratic orifice—we all have one,” Taormino begins ominously. “What lots of men don’t realize is just how good it can feel for them, because the prostate gland can be directly stimulated. In fact, every man should get f—ed in the ass at least once before he dies.”

    A page right out of the gay agenda’s playbook, and building a case for yet another illusionary “g”-spot. One-fourth? That sounds ridiculously, and hence, intentionally, low. Even in the 90’s studies were suggesting 60%.

    J Krishnamurti, thanks for sharing that. If you could ever ask you cousin, I am quite curious as to whether the embedding of the priest class’s symbols is done subtly by unseen hands in the production versus the director. His choice of actors reeks [in all sense of the word], but that could also suggest you either use their actors or find yourself Polanski’d. Lovely Bones reeked of social engineering agendas though.

    Had I been aware that Watt preferred “bullshit” to matrix, I’d probably have left him off. The caller’s views were not my own, I for the record, would be quite happy to get the exposure Jones brings, and still make fun of him 😀

    veritas, was unfamiliar with Nikki Webster, but judging by the set of pictures you provide, it’s a good {beyond safe] bet that she’s been sold sexually to a sick amount of people, and her price has since dropped substantially. Ha, her in the Wizard of Oz and Sandwiched between two fem-boys!

    aferrismoon, ah keen observations mate. Can always rely on your talents for breaking words apart. Alternately read: “woody allen kicked bruni off the set as she was too old. 😉

    chuck, efharisto filo! Bob shall be unleashed again.

  18. Great show again bruther, funny you mention Rapunzel as this will be the next forth coming drek spewing from the EMpire known as Disney: TANGLED PROMO SITE

    Might I mention that the original title WAS ‘Rapunzel’, but was then changed to ‘Tangled’… hmmm…

    And for my next ‘Guest Request’, since you’re hankerin’ to be spreading some more love around, you should have Freeman on…

    THAT would rock…:)

  19. Perhaps the man is proud of the fact that he got drunk as a skunk while partaking in the gaiety of the event? The colors in his dress- pink and blue- are commonly associated with bisexuality, though. Maybe he’s proud to play for either team? (As a side note, you should look into the symbolism of the inverted pink triangle and what it has meant to some. The Nazi regime, in particular. Why adopt something that your enemy tagged you with?)

    Although I’ve never seen The Good Shepard, I think it was an obvious choice to cast Matt Damon in his role after reviewing what little bit of the film you have covered here. Many homosexuals lust after him. Or is the blond hair, blue eyes, and innocent boyish looks? Another ironic Nazi/Hitler connection?

    Also, I found a great Alice in Wonderland image, the other day. Hope you enjoy it.

    And, finally, Montana Fishburne checked herself into a California clinic on Monday. The reason for her admittance being “anger management issues”, but they are also planning on running tests to see if there are “any underlying behavioral or mental health issues”. Hmm… Do you think they’ll find anything else?

    Looking forward to the conclusion of this series of shows, Alex.

  20. Listened to the show last night – had tremendous fun in the Rebel playground.

    Am glad you brought up stupidity – your show confirmed my own worst suspicions about myself – while you were talking about the 101 highway my son remarked on the similarity of lol to 101 – how could I not have seen that??? Also numero-logically l = 3, if the 0 stays in the middle we get 303 – two prominent numbers of the mA-tricks movie.

    Excellent show – keep ’em coming
    sincerely stupid 🙂

  21. This one I just couldn’t resist posting. This is a link to a music video by a French “band” called Eiffel 65 for a song entitled “Blue”. This was originally released in the late 90s (1998-99) and was a hit (at least here in Canada). This video and song is chalked full of codes and all that jive. It’s called “Blue” for Christ’s sake!!

    Here’s the link: The lyrics are vague and ambiguous in nature. The Chorus sounds like he’s singing “I’m blue I’m in need of a guy, I want to something a guy..” Something like that. This video contains the actual lyrics, but just listen and watch for yourself 🙂

    Take it easy and keep up the great work Celtic Rebel 🙂

  22. Transcend, “get tangled,” “enchanted,” .. my Disney is becoming really obvious with their intent to entrap the minds of its victims! Could the prince be any gayer? “Knees apart?” In this case, I may have to side with the author of the rapunzel anal-isis, that he may just be looking for her cock. 👿 Ugh! I’m sure the idiots will take their kids in droves.

    I’ll consider your request, Freeman and I could make for an interesting mix.

    Shane, I’m sure a lot of gay men have wanked over the thought of Matt Damon, and a lot of rich gay men have literally “wanked over Matt Damon.” Wow, that “whore” scene was in the movie? Thanks for the update on the “other montana molested by her dad.” I’m sure they’ll drug her up and keep her quiet… As for the pink triangle, as the [updated] image shows, it is open to a few interpretations, but “effeMENization” seems consistent.

    too long in this place, I AM here to amuse and entertain. 😈 The “lol” thing came up in the chat room too, so it’s good to know that when we all sync our brains together, we can overcome years of stupification. Hm, maybe the 303 was the “laugh” the makers of the movie had at the gullible audience, and the fools who’d then spend years anal-eyes-ing it?

    Wes Tilson, I remember that song from clubbing. Catchy little tune. But, alas, obviously a gay anthem, that dreams of a world where EVERYONE is blue/gay. A “blue corvette” is obviously a gay penis. I can just see the gay mafia [social engineers and priests too], snapping their fingers to this little ditty.

    OH MY! Here’s further undeniable fucking proof and support [SpongeBob is Blue]. Well, deniable to dissociative morons, but that goes without saying.

  23. Hey Reb-el 😉

    Nine eleven, eh? The day the shit hit the fan. Yet another crappy crap saying handed down to us.

    AJay’s mental rant re-minded me of that of Peter Finch (who died soon after the film, and just like in film, of heart attack. hmmm) as “Prophet” Howard Beale in the flick Network. “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.” Flick by Zionist Paddy Chayefsky. Boy do they ever enjoy mocking “the peasants”.

    Huge Oscar fuss too that year between Paddy C. and PLO “supporter” and “activist” Vanessa Redgrave. More like spy imo. Still it was a Gigantic mind fuck for the hoi polloi. Especially when you see a photo of Redgrave (oh she’s so radical oh hahaha) kissing that Lizard Queen’s ring earlier this year. Redgrave was so effin’ obsequious that even many kiss-asses noted it.

    Also (related to overall shite) don’t know if you know but the Huggies diaper new tag line is : Enjoy the ride. If that isn’t fuckin’ freakin’ mentally evil then I don’t know what is.

    btw, here’s a clip from this movie, A face in the crowd, which I saw the other night on teevee. From 1957. Yup, they sure are mocking us. Those ossified el- Holly wood fuckers. They’ve been doing it from time: Face in the Crowd (1957)

    Anyhow, interesting listening to part of your show for the first time.

    oh, almost fergot. I larfed when I first read your title to this piece. The peasants are revolting? Yeahhhh, but are they also rebelling. heeehee

  24. Sorry, just came across these pics and had to link em. The most famous squirrels in movies – Alvin and the Chipmunks: IMAGE1

    And seriously… wtf? IMAGE2 IMAGE3 IMAGE4

    Maybe it has something do with squirrels burying their nuts in the dirty ground…

  25. Hey CR,

    Great show as usual…

    Everything you say about the co-opted unthinking troof movement is spot on; as illustrated by this interview with Andrew Johnson and Dr Judy Wood. They look at the evidence and beg to differ with the “official” thermite conspiracy theory…


  26. I wrote about the same squirrel in January of 2007.

    His name was Icarus, one teacher of Nemo. The dots are all there. So long ago in a land far far away. Squeeking Fromme knew it, Charles knew it. And the inventor of cartoons knew it. Visit and see for yourself.

    If you dig hard enough in the LOTR you find that Tom Bombadil knows its not worth fighting Sauron. He says so himself. Aragorn may be new King in the next age. It will only end when we go back, way back in the time machine to wben the King was ritually sacrificed each year. Not like it is today with sucksession of blood lines ensconced on piles of corpses with their fingers in the world’s ass.

    Eeeh aaah!

    Hierosyloma Est Perdita!

  27. an especially spicy meatball by the rectal prolapse/depends undergarments advocate:

    “Most of us are taught at a young age that our butts are dirty, that they shouldn’t be shared with others, that they are not a source of pleasure — all of which aren’t true.”

    – Tristan Taormino, author of The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex For Women

    Tristan Taormino/Tryst n Tore a mean O

  28. Thank you for confirming what I’ve been suspicious of concerning the young Obama. Her clothing has always projected something, like too much skin for the occasion or those awful tutu skirts that are in the stores now. My daughter just started kindergarten and the taller girls in her class are wearing the tween crap including the Disney brat of the moment collections and lots of peace signs.

    You are probably aware that the Gardasil “vaccine” is being recommended for girls as young as 9. If your 9 year old is having sex, you’ve got bigger problems than cervical cancer.

  29. i heard alex j talking with lord monkton this week…he was complimenting him and apologized for his flattery by saying ” i dont want to pour gravy on you” for real dude i will try to find the clip on you tube

    Found it: [11:18]

  30. A comment on my own site forwarded me to your excremeditations over the anal-eye-zation of reality. First rate, Rebel. Good Job, as we sometimes say.

    The problem is one of increasing awareness. All metaphor is mortally bound to the processes of the body human. We have entered the phase of reality in which the human mind awakes to the socio-political and metaphysical potential of anal concerns. This mode has been forcefully ignored by Western culture for as long as history could possibly allow and to achieve exactly the events of 9/11, which itself is, in its simplest description, the baptism of mankind in its own filth.

    Your ‘analysis’ supports the same view of 9/11 as that of Jean Baudrillard, vis, as ‘the ultimate event’. Because, in the bodily sense, after the asshole has been well reamed out, what is left to explore? The sole remaining possibility for human ‘progress’ is now entirely limited to a successful ‘moonshot’. Within this meme one discovers the meaning, for instance, of the discreet connections between 9/11 and Kubrick’s ‘2001’, which includes a specific reference to anal evacuation prior to a ‘moon landing’.

    I think it is reasonable to extrapolate that the present build-up of anal frenzy is, for the deep reader, proof positive that reports of man ‘on the moon’ are utter fallacy. 50 years oughtta be plenty of time for the fascination to degrade itself into the programmed apocalypse and consequent destruction of humanity, with our occult purpose finally served. The ass-adoration you document must surely indicate the as yet unrequited bum-lust of collective soul, and thus the moon remains a virgin white and not the bloody red of pestilence foretold…

    …for the moment.

  31. Alex Jones actually mentioned the film, The Good Shepherd this last week. Specifically, saying it was directed by Robert DeNiro.
    Alarm bells went off inside my head recalling another film starring Mr. DeNiro. This one, called Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein has many really really gay scenes of DeNiro and Branaugh(the director) wrestling nekkid.
    Worth a watch.

  32. If my cellphone wasn’t so archaic, I would ask for your “Captain Caveman” remix to be my new ringtone.

    I wasn’t planning to make this comment long [you don’t have to print it], but this show was the perfect CONtext to issue a warning to all your readers/listeners from quite possibly the biggest moron in the universe. But first an apology:

    Sorry about throwing around your rewordings of things like “Holy Wood” in my blog without so much as a footnote. I blame it on my overzealousness to deCONstruct my reality and wanting these new definitions to become commonplace. I have more than corrected the oversight and will place great importance in the future about WHERE I got this information. Funny thing about reality… it keeps changing on me.

    How am I a moron? It’s for the same reason you were wrong about only one thing in your show: I “wasn’t fooled” by 9/11. In fact, I even casually predicted it would happen in a conversation/bet with my sister about the 2000 elections (even narrowing it down to “late summer, first year” and “a war triggered by some stupid staged event like Oklahoma City”). And that was my reply to her when she woke me in a panicked call that morning: I said,”You remember our bet? There you go.”

    The exact moment I became the stupidest friggin moron ever wasn’t when I was so “dis-illusioned” by then that I pulled the covers back over my head and muttered “great.” No, it was when I then immediately jumped out of bed, pulled the wrapping off a new video cassette tape, stuck it in the VCR and pressed record. I ALREADY KNEW it was a CON, and here I was having to prove it! WHY? TO WHO? NOBODY CARES. Not even my family. I should have known that. Research should ONLY be done for one’s own enlightenment/escape. Don’t worry, others will seek out the info you share if they care about themselves as well.(I have a whole photo album of chemtrails if anybody wants it.)

    I knew 9/11 was going to happen because I started out as a ten year old kid watching Leonard Nemoy in “In Search Of” and then spent the next thirty years absorbing ANYTHING paranormal/conspiratorial. My brain was a paranormal research computer that did absolutely everything with the information except one thing: THINK ABOUT IT. But in 1999, David Icke took all this information in my brain and made a shift in my perception of reality by showing in a video the occult/masonic street plans/buildings of Washington D.C. and Paris: Two cities I had personally walked around in, which now suddenly became very “alien” to me. The ancient evil control over humanity (whomever it was) became VERY real in my mind, and realizing that EVERYTHING was bullshit made reality very simple to figure out. Except I forgot to label ABSOLUTELY everything as bullshit (A cartoon? The Simpsons? A part of it? They made fun of Masons!) I was ignoring the psychic intuition sparked in me by Icke’s video. It also hurt me by not consciously confronting the horrors of reality, like the pedophilia aspect. Instead of no longer listening to Bill Hicks (whom I had previously admired) because in a comedy routine he started talking about having sex with a minor [not sure at what age, but described her vagina (!) as “a paper cut with a sprig of parsley at top”] , I should have yelled “WTF? This guy’s a monster!” and questioned WHY. The Celtic Rebel is very correct in calling things what they are, like fucking cunts. And Lenon Honor is very correct in taking things very slowly and methodically. Much like Sam Neil forcing Laura Dern’s head away from the leaf in order to see the dinosaur next to their jeep in Jurassic Park, Lenon Honor HAS to hold your head in place and say “LOOK” in order for you to “see” things as they really are and how REAL they are.

    But my moronity got even stupider. After 9/11, I thought I was so clever in saying “I’m outta here…” and following the rebel path in finding my own tanerlorn with a trial run month long trip to the exact opposite of my reality, Indonesia. It had the exact opposite effect however, because I saw the same social engineering over there that the Rebel saw in Brazil. I thought the “WESTern lifestyle” was simply taking over the world. Heh. Nonetheless, it was EXTREMELY difficult for me to return to America. Add to all this the deaths of both parents and some other crappy stuff and you have someone who




    I credit the Rebel (and ALL of you) in jump starting my psychic intuition again [CLEAR!] and bringing back the awareness that my reality had become surrounded by bullshit. AGAIN! (CD’s and DVD’s are falling from my shelves like so many dead flies.)

    But my warning to all is this: Don’t get so bogged down by trying to escape this prison that you miss the purpose of this life (which seemed to me the main topic of Rebel’s last show): Learning to love one another. Now you know the Creator has a sense of humor – our sex drive was designed to almost involuntarily FORCE us to become intimate (and possibly learn to love each other, if only briefly.) How long do you think the human race would last if we all looked like those Twilight Zone pig-faced people? The Creator even (hopefully) gave an automatic love freebie to you when you were born so you would know what “true” love is: A mother’s unconditional love.

    You know that happy wonderful feeling you get when you think about the love your mom gave to you? Now go out in the world and make a total stranger feel the exact same way when they think about you. It doesn’t have to be everyone, just one other living soul.

    How hard is that?

    Excellence, Rebel! Excellence!


  33. REmember that movie friday? dr, dre has a song on there that the chorus goes a little somthing like this… Ring Ding Dong.. ring a ding ding ding dong…
    hahah awsome

  34. Lol the moment I check the link for the Plane must hit steel I’m 2012 person to watch it :p. Yeah the galaxy is really telling me something here :D.

  35. Ok.. NOW the hair styles of resent years are starting to make sense to me. Since 2009 I’ve been noticing braids everywhere..for some reason, young women started braiding their hair all over the place. My initial thoughts were braids often associated with young girls ->pedophilia. (school girls..britney,pony tails, braids etc). Add rapunzel/anal sex/feces to that… what a cocktail! thanks for the link 😉 although I’m always suspicious when it comes to freud,not my fav kinda guy..

    peace & love to you rebel

  36. annemarie, you raise some valid questions about Network, and at this stage, we have to wonder if pretty much anything the priests give us is a mind-fuck. Great clip.

    David, wow, heinous! 😮 Definitely something to the use [as by the medes] of squirrels, nuts and shithole traversal.

    Steven UK, I spoke of the possibility that Insane Judy may be one of the few people on the right track in one of the old podcasts.

    eugene, good stuff mate!

    raffi, wow, what a surprise to hear that from that Vile Cunt of Ass Fisting: Trista TearMyAno. 👿 She was in DGW2.

  37. Vigilant Mommy, yea, they’re even pushing that “vaccine” on boys now. Questions about this new [and likely fabricated disease aside], the point you raise would make to much sense, no? 😀

    johnmn, thank you so much! Priceless material for shows to come.

    mark, appreciate it Mark, I”ve enjoyed your rants as well. Well, they don’t call the “end times” for no reason. What’s next? Part 6 gets there.

    Peter(pan13), seems like everything Branaugh puts out is the “gayest screen version” to date. No wonder he gets so much work.

  38. Whats Gwaaan homeboy?

    yeah so i was perusing this old file of yours, noticed the sasha Obama flashing the Baphomet [or whatever the kids call it these days] and needless to say, the similarity between sasha and the one “whip my hair, whip my ass Im Willow smith” piqued my interest. I found this video, of the apparent in initial meeting of the spanish Elite and the what passes for American elite. whats interesting to note: Michelle took her daughter to the King ALONE, just the two of them, and left the Big Man Barry back home.

    Although the body language is quite rehearsed and wooden in the vid, notice how El Kingo del spaino quickly takes charge of little Sasha , taking her by the shoulders, separating her from Mother [Mother doesnt seem to mind] and henceforth keep her by his side.

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