The Peasants are Revolting [1]

I was on the airwaves this Sunday and, as promised, brought the fire and ire along:

angry rebel

Well, at least I think so. The callers and chatters seemed to concur. Listen to the [below] show and judge for yourself [downloadable]:


Those who missed the Labor Day Special also missed the debut of Metro Bob’s Hot Film Reviews©.That segment, depending on who you ask may have not gone too well. He reviewed the latest gay buttsex spectacle, The Expendables:

Hm, that image was made before shooting began. The lineup obviously changed, and come to think of it, nobody other than the cast of Latino extras was really “expendable.” Guess they can’t kill off their big-name ass-trophy boys they brought in. Speaking of one old horse, this Italian [Prize] Pony came up in the chat.

Come to think of it, for the time being I’ll open up this poll and you the voter, can determine the future of yourself, this great nation and Metro Bob too.

That’s not entirely true, but I gather most reading this know better than to think their vote has ever meant anything in a democratic system of control. But, I will consider the results.

Monica Bellucci, is the actress prostitute, that “starred” [by every possible definition of the word] in the anal trauma spectacle known as Irreversible. I neglected to mention, that this film helped kill of my [false] snobbery/faith that at least the Europeans, not yet as stupid as the Americans, can still make semi-intelligent films about something other than anal exploration and fascination.

monica's titsmonica's titsmonica's tits

I must say, Monica does have a really nice set of tits on her, but that will only get you so far, and nowhere in Hollywood. The people that run that town are only interested in your orifices, and one more so than the others; and that would be the one Monica is promoting below [left]. Consider Irreversible as Bellucci’s informal audition for the big-time.

Her ten minute ass-rape scene probably also served up the necessary amount of predictive programming for actress/prostitute wannabes. There are some interesting/telling articles on Belluci here, including how one Sienna Miller said the referenced scene “traumatized” her. You stupid whore, it was supposed to.

monica's exitmonica's facial

As for the shot on the right [above], use your imagination. On second thought, don’t! Yes, that is Monica yet again. Did I mention she has a nice pair of tits???

Speaking of The Matrix, I still marvel at how many “free-thinking” and “awake” um, “individuals” [yes, I say that fully in jest], still cling so tightly to the dingle-berries of programming that film force-fed them. Are we that gullible?

free your mind

Of course we are. Like all good symbiants ought to, we took the propaganda the Masters of Holy Wood imbued us with and propagated them along. We did exactly what the think tanks programmed us to, predictably behaving just like the good little thoughtless slaves we were meant to be. We “chose,” of our own free-will:

choose stupidlyfollow the rabbired pill cheer

Red Pill Cheerleading? Hm, that sounds all too appropriate. If you take the time to follow the white rabbit into a rabbit hole, he may not come out so “white” anymore:

chloe sevignyoral sexbrown bunny

On occasion, you’ll see him come back colored some variant of brown. That’s prone to happen to little bunnies that crawl [or “twist” themselves] into shitholes. The gay community has long known of this [nsfm], so why doesn’t your average straight heterosexual idiot?

The crappy film above, made by one Vincent Gallo, gained a little bit of notoriety because it actually shows Chloë Sevigny sucking Gallo’s cock. I couldn’t make it through The Brown Bunny, because it was all so boring (crappy in every sense).

knightly hole

But, at least it was honest. I still marvel at how many times I hear people talk of these actors as if they (a) have some kind of talent, and (b) are something other than prostitutes of the rich and powerful. The promotions of these sex slaves are so blatant, defending them just reveals the depths of one’s stupidity. So, stop it!

Away from the stargate exit, and back to the entrance, it serves a function other than advancing your career [kah-rear], The idiocy of hot dog consumption also speaks volumes of the depths of human stupidity [I’ve written of in detail before]:

Suggestive Franks

Aside from the phallic training, and the inside joke forced on a gullible public (yes, people have been stupid for a long time), there is the brilliant caveat of getting people accustomed to swallowing a phallic package of shit [literally] and death:

The formula is completely consistent … inside an environment he can control. The bigger the environment, the easier the control. … so the opponent simply distracts their victim by getting them consumed with their own consumption.

The bigger the trick and the older the trick, the easier it is to pull, because — They think it can’t be that old, they think it can’t be that big, … for so many people to have fallen for it.

— Revolver (2005)

All they need to do is help us along. As said during the show, few of us will question the programming that we received before the masters expose to us that the latest programming was a lie. We will then proceed to do exactly what they want of us, serving them and damning ourselves along the way.

They simply offer us [their] little “choices,” so that we can consent to our demise:

eat and die

For those unfamiliar, the above scene is from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life (1983). And, I have to [begrudgingly] say, that it demonstrates specifically what I’m talking about, and it does so brilliantly!

Another caveat of the system, is that as long as we can point to other idiots among us, and feel superior to them, we are far less likely to look within. Case in point: those dumb enough to think the Empire’s war of aggression were about “defending freedom” or such nonsense. Many a “red pill” swallower can point at them and laugh the sheep[le]. Don’t mistake the system’s use of basic psychology for genius.

freedom frys

For those unfamiliar, it is true, a few restaurants in the USA actually did replace “French” fries with “Freedom” fries a few years ago. To that, I can personally attest. By the way, if you will be paying for the above by check, please make it out to “Israel.” The Legions need your participation. Think of it as a “kosher tax.”

pederast most wanted

Hm, come to think of it, the faces of the people above seem to have something in common. Oh, what is it? Talentless. Check. Ugly as sin. Check. Degenerate. Check. Rich. Check. Perverse. Check. Is there something else? They sure do look alike.

brown eye blind911 Back Door

Yes, Fight Club, aside from predictively programming this truth movement, was probably a nonstop metaphor for man-on-man anal violation; a long-running “inside” joke on us. Don’t feel bad, I fell for it too.

Just in case there are a few out there who still don’t refuse to believe me, I leave you with this shot from the closing credits [courtesy of one alert zorro], “proof:”

going out west

Although technically, do we really need more proof? Isn’t the modus operandi of the Priests of Holy Wood more than enough? Poor Brendan [below left]! His blessing is also his curse: a Jew with the rugged good looks of a prototypical gentile leading man. Hence, why he gets so much work, and so many “work-outs.”

The latter image [below right], actually came up by chance while looking for one of Phil Collins. Seems [overly] appropriate placed right where it is now.

brendan's shitgravy train doctor

Come to think of it, technically, if we take the R out of PROOF, we get POOF.

Someone who has a penchant for the anuses of other men, is occasionally referred to as a POOFER. The term, and I apologize for this, deals with farting, as one’s rectum, if it has been recently abused, tends to pass gas, hence the “poof.”

Vanished? But, if I put the 666 [i.e., 18], back into POOF, then I can furnish yet another PROOF [the above image]. That, my friends, at risk of boasting, is why many of you come here. The scene, is of the [discussed] irreversible ass-rape, but the numbers and symbols, reveal and say way too much. I leave synthesis to you.

truth movement programs

The above collage, is a hodge-podge of things prompted by my finding a banner (button) someone put out the internet, so that bloggers can let others know how “awake” they are. I’m guessing the end result, will ruffle a few feathers. Good!

If you are offended by any of the numerous inclusions, please take a step back first, and remember, that I chose many, for the purpose of making fun of my prior self.

To the delight/chagrin of some, the next show will be a continuation of what I started this week. If you truly enjoyed the show, there is a donate button on the right. Until next week …


:: :: :: :: ::


Note A: I’ve been somewhat uplifted by finding some new pieces written out on the internet, that were in some way, inspired by my work. Here are two:

Note B: I will be a guest on Question #46 with John Preston Sunday, prior to my show. So, yes, I’ll be doing five hours of Radio next week.

~ by celticrebel on September 5, 2010.

28 Responses to “The Peasants are Revolting [1]”

  1. Wow “I want to Break Free” here, I’m VERY VERY honoured to be mentioned on your blog Rebel! Just to elaborate on what you said about my piece being inspired by your work, neigh..the entire blog is inspired by your work! If it were not for you, chances are I would be stumbling round in the dark right now, I most certainly wouldn’t have a blog of my own.

    Keep up the good work!


    Hilarious and thought provoking at the same time.


  3. My wife has noticed a disturbing trend in the commercials here on french teevee. A re-ocurring theme in very different products. In one, a couple are out sitting near the edge of a cliff. The guy gives the woman a cup of coffee and asks how it is. all of a sudden, his portion of earth gives way and off he goes over the cliff. The woman takes her sip and says, “Ahhh,“This is just great, now!” In another, A woman arrives home to find her husband has just put the finishing touches on a newly installed kitchen. He stands aside, beaming at his handy work and asks what she thinks. She pushes him out the window and says something to the effect of, just perfect now!”

    Another thing she’s been noticing, is a re-ocurring theme in some of the pop videos aimed squarely at teens.. the promotion of suicide as the opt-out plan to the drudgery and hopelessness of day to day life on the planet.

    Chocolate or choc-o-laa now has replaced merde/shit as the new slang term.

    Grew up in D.C. and yep, that place is as queer as a 3 dollar bill. Never been hit on my so many guys in my entire life, but the upside for pussy lovers (like myself).. easy pickings…

  4. funny you should mention “irreversible”… at the pub on friday night, an acquaintance made a comment about the movie and said, “yeah, the bitch from matrix 3, persephone, get’s butt raped for like 8 minutes…. it’s an awesome scene!! she’s eff-in hot, man!” he then reflexively said, “wow! look at the ass on that one” [looking up and down at a fergie wannabe]. this is the same fanatic of “truther” movies (i.e. zeitgayest, lucy change, money mASSters, bend games, etc.). such retards… but, upon reflection, i can see how i was sort of in the same place about five or so years ago. so, the process continues, and we grow and learn. on with the journey. cheers to you, celt 🙂

  5. Chris, you’re welcome man. You earned the listing, your analysis was spot on…

    Dion Duffield, thanks mate! Believe it or not, before the show I had misgiving about letting loose…

    Carl, yea the trend your wife noticed has been building for a long time and is now all over the place. Years of strong female leads matched up with emasculated males, combined with oil-industry funded feminists instructing women to stuff battery-operated plastic devices into their hoohoodillies. It’s getting worse and worse…

    raffi, he said “an awesome scene?” I guess he’s gonna be fighting the new world order TOMORROW instead. 😀 That scene was nearly unbearable, the guy even asking at one point, “Is that blood or cum?” Perhaps, the name refers to the psychic imprint the film leaves?

  6. Great return to solo shows Alex. Just fyi, when I called in I had to use the 512 number, the other one wasn’t working at all. Also, the universal sub/consciousness seems to have picked up on one of your revelations as well.

  7. Fire and ire ruled. This week’s showed ruled. Thanks for your service to humanity. You may be deviant but you are a good man 😉

  8. Hey Celt, great show. I, too, shall fight the New World Order the day after tomorrow!

    Did a bit of analysis of a movie you’ve mentioned a few times, Revolver, which may interest you: How to overcome the artificial ego, part 1

    Every scene is significant, pretty much, so it will probably end up being a 3-parter. But given the incidence of 3s in the movie that’s pretty apt!

  9. nice show metrobob was hilarious

  10. Immortallywounded, nice link. The sub/un-conscious may be catching up, but consensus public consciousness (aka mass denial), still views a “hero” as something to emulate 😮

    Brian, thanks mate!

    Sundaemon, I think more analysis of that movie is always welcome. No wonder Guy Ritchie’s been consigned to doing nothing other than making supergay Shercock Holmes films.

    Jon, judging by the poll, people either really love or really hate Metro Bob. I think that’s a good sign. 😀

  11. Thought you might like this.

  12. Hey alex, something i found for you in hungary during sziget festival. three stalls from this bar, guess what? a rabbi :D.

    PS: Check out the ‘flowers’ and ‘mushrooms’ on top of the bar :). also i had another funny. I saw a product called clearasil stayclear. Think i will stay clear of it :).

  13. Everyday there’s something new (to me at least)under the tree…

    Rick Santorum’s Anal Sex Problem

  14. In Czech [ and other places] the UNDERGROUND, SUBWAY or TUBE is called the METRO, so Metro Bob takes the subway etc.

    Perhaps films with ‘subway’ scenes should be re-examined.

    In UK and definitely Oztralia the word is ‘poofTer’

    Carl makes a good point about this media-made ‘ woman’ who is utterly shallow and dismissive of human life.
    I doubt many woman find it funny.
    The husband does something ‘nice yet is relegated below some vulgar ‘luxury’.

    From Wiki about film with Marlon Brando called LAST TANGO IN PARIS:

    The film’s scandal centered mostly on an anal rape scene featuring the use of butter as a lubricant.[9][10] Other critics focused on when he asks her to insert her fingers in his anus, then exacts a vow from her that she would prove her devotion to him by, among other things, having sex with a pig. Vincent Canby of The New York Times described the film’s sexual content as the artistic expression of the “era of Norman Mailer and Germaine Greer.”



  15. Vigilant Mommy, I gather Obama’s making a discreet nod to those who know he’s a “temple dog?”

    Joeri, hehe. But, rotate then post, mate. Rotate then post. 😉 Nice find, and probably just syncronistic.

    zwoof, well, I guess I, and I would hope, a few readers have learned a new phrase. Why do, um, people, have to come up with names for such???

    aferrismoon, ah keen observation … though, I have no idea what Metro Bob does at night. According to him, he shags women. 😆 I can’t believe I had forgotten about that film, seen so long ago. Way ahead of it’s time, and I’d guess a reason why Brandon could later command “top” dollar.

  16. hey Celtic! drank my wine with a friend; a recent, personal tradition that started, oddly enough, before u recommended it. as always, we genuinely appreciated the show… I laughed out loud about the “disinfo agent” and “truth movement” comments. I have always found it…. weird…. that people are so quick to attack or support a source in order to prove/disprove their source’s ideas… It’s really a shame that people rely on sources to create their own reality, or opinion. it almost feels like others(not all) surrounding me have a hard time coming up with their own opinion if it’s not dictated first. I kind of believe we should look at everything and everyone skeptically and critically… and light-heartedly…. to apply it to what we actually KNOW and have observed, and then compare, argue, concede former judgments, etc. to what we already thought… who really cares if someone is a disinfo agent?! really? because that’s the deciding factor of whether u can learn something from what this person 9is saying? I hate this idea, because i get so angry, and condescending, but, in reality, everyone is a disinfo agent in their own right(manipulating defense mechanisms, using pre-existing ‘education’, etc, etc.). why is it so uncommon to use critical thinking skills, and not accept anything(or nothing) as false? can we, as humana, not just take everything in with an open mind, yet come to our own conclusion? it upsets me because this is such a simple, obvious statement or idea that just doesn’t seem to be acknowledged….??!!!

  17. Please, Alex, don’t have that Metro(sexual) Bob back. It was the all-time worst facsimile of Moon Unit Zappa’s fifteen minutes of fame I’ve ever heard. Otherwise, stellar & not just a little salient observations, as is to be expected of you. Sometimes humour itself is the best heads-up to stuff people need to hear about. Thanks for continuing to fight the Good Fight. ~ Anadæ

  18. Okay, straight up, man. The British accent from a while back and the metro impersonation makes me want to put a boot through my speakers. Just my opinion of course…

    Other than that great show. Helped remind me of my own hypocrisy, which I think is probably abound in all of us at times and if you’re actually gonna fight this crap you gotta put your money where your mouth is.

  19. Muito obrigado Mr Rebel – I was much in need of that recharge – thoroughly enjoyed the fire & ire! You got a lot of chuckles out of my son too 🙂
    Looking forward to another heated gust in part II.

    Ewan’s mention of butter reminded me of a movie I came across during research – may or may not be of interest

    very best to you

  20. anna, thanks for writing in and your participation in the chat now. Isn’t it easier to attack/destroy than it is to create? I didn’t mention it, but your words put that in my head. Until our next bottle. 🙂

    Anadæ, great comment and much appreciated. It looks like half the listeners agree with your Bob sentiment. If you can do a beter Moon Unit impersonation though, would love to hear it. 👿

    David, there’s never been a British Bob to my knowledge. Anyway, thanks and I think this series was needed for many, myself included.

    too long in this place, glad you guys enjoyed it luv! Beleza! Hm, interesting movie s[t]ync there, which predated Last Tango by 12 years. It shows how over the period they could be more overt. Rather than openly suggesting Taylor was into anal, they had to make up some story about how BU was a phone exchange (first layer of disinfo). BUt[t], nary 12 years later … they could just ram the butter right up on in that rear exit right on the screen and call it “art.”

  21. jews dont run the world… and the holocaust did happen… and the protocals of zion are a forgery… ARE YOU SURE…
    If the truth gets told you would pass it off as NWO agenda…
    this goes back 3 thousand years not since the Rothchilds… You dont know everything… if england ran the world why are they so destroying themselves… whites are hated by the jews… and that include you celtic rebel… its now a royal conspiracies or the vatican… why would hollywood make movies to destroy them make fun of them and lie about them… have you ever seen a movie made about the talmud… nope…

  22. Rebel of a Celtic nature, you have shown your genius of synching the media darlings and the movie agendas. It is sad to me somethings you present. The rabbit hole for me was finding occulted information through knowledge. Now I have this jaded idea you present. You are truly helping me sort this stuff out. It is just demoralizing to find the cruel and sick mindset that is part and parcel of Holly wood. There are many movies that are wholesome,fun,interesting? This black iron prison get’s me downe sometimes. Truth is good, but sad sometimes. Thankyou for your insight. Dennis

  23. “Don’t crash a party full of bankers; Burn the house down!”
    – A quote on the inside of a Housemartins album I used to own

    Thanks for the promo of my blog! I can tell you the exact moment of inspiration: When you replied to one of my comments by reiterating what the Joker/Ouranos/Chaos told all of us: “Start Living!”


    the living tiki

  24. I’ll fight the new world order, right after this post.

    haha, great show, good job for pointing out Larry David from Curb Your Enthusiasm. My brother in law and his friend think that shows hilarious, and just take everything as a joke, even the pedo jokes. I personally don’t think it’s funny to joke about that sort of thing.

    “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has everything you’ve been talking about, everything.
    “The Nightman Cometh” they joke about Pedophelia is a boy in the play, and they have a song that goes like this,
    “Gotta pay the troll toll to get inside the boy’s hole”
    Can’t be any more blatant than that.

  25. Nick, you are making a lot of statements there that have jack-shit to do with what I spoke of during the show. I can only gather you are unfamiliar with my work. Why not start here. This goes back a lot further than 3000 years…

    Dennis, coming from you I sincerely appreciate that. I know my subject matter can be quite disturbing, to say the least, but it is necessary.

    the living tiki, a great lyric to throw in there mate! Goes really really well with the show and the series that was to follow. Thanks man!

    ShatteredButterfly, loved is completely acceptable and should be used more, and in my opinion, freely given more. 😦 It is amazing how resistant people are to the idea The Matrix was designed to take them for a ride … on a road to nowhere. Thanks for the words!

  26. Nice blog. I can still remember the first day I came across you’re blog. I was checking out vigilante Citizen and saw a link to you’re blog. So I checked it out and loved it after the first 15 lines I saw(love in the normal human way so don’t be scared I believe in the sentence you have to go back from where you came, but I added my own line which is, a new place that looks like home but isn’t home but still is great to be :p).

    Anyways the reference to the red pill users is great. A lot of people think their awake( I was and still am, but a bit less now, like them). People ask me how can we stop the NWO their plans for total controle and why don’t people see what you see. My thought on it is: The NWO allready has total controle because we as a people are afraid to change or think we need to stop them from gaining controle. They have it allready and we use it everyday. Money, TV, Fame. It’s time those red pill users wake up and help their neighbours and than their neighbourhood and hopefully they inspire others to do the same.

  27. I had 2 hot dogs today (oh and 1 coca cola) and I’m fighting the nwo tomorrow!! 😀

  28. Hey there. I was thinking and have a theory. I think the “Jack” spoken of in Fight Club (I am Jack’s Spleen, etc.), is Johnny Depp. He has Jack tattooed all over him. Sexy Brad and Ed sync with good ole John Boy, don’t you think?

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