A Douple-Dip in the Bunker Bath [X2]

This month [August], Alex Robinson made two appearances at The Doubleplus Secret Doublegood Sexy Celtic Rebel Underground Command Bunker ™ for a set of shows centered around the differences between the sexes, and hoping to make a genuine effort aimed at healing the programmed [and widening] rift between us.


Had the Bubble Bath all ready, but no [alternative] radio history was to be made. Were I to hazard a guess as to why not, surely it’s the mistrust women have for each other. 😈 Perhaps, someone was fearing that Lucy would poison the well? 😉


The first show [above] was on August 1st, where we talked about a number of things [download of show], most delving into the programming we have been subjected to since childhood. If I had to make another stab in the dark, I’m sure some of my own areas of focus and proclivities could be put down to programming.


Men and women have indeed received an undue amount of programming, turning them upside-down, and the whole bloody world along with us. Nothing, not one god damn sacred institution is what it’s been sold to us as. Synchronicity does not lie.


This show could be considered a continuation of the Romance is Dead series I did back in April. I gave it out as between-show homework assignment and I would consider it inflammable material for anyone interested in making a genuine effort to understand themselves and each other.

The sacred feminine has been all but destroyed in our world. The glorification of zombies via the media, in essence has made necrophilia a de facto sex practice.


Both of the sexes have gotten their share of destructive programming. At its root, you could argue what “they” have and are doing, rather successfully, is turning men into women and women into men. Healthy heterosexual relations are key to “life.”

men propbutt sex

Aside from the slew of anally focused themes embeddeded in the above advert [such as “my ass is my emb-ass-a-door” and “invited to kiss it”], it intentionally plants the idea, into women, that the girl pictured above has a “big” butt. Huh?

What we tried to do was go stretch beyond comfort and begin to further dismantle that false personality, that voice in our heads, which is determined to try and stop us from living our lives. Oh, and as that Alex claims this Alex said, “passionately.”


Hence, I expect more resistance along the way. How many of us are truly willing to look in the mirror and see our own dead face staring back at us? It’s a big topic, and the Medes have been wrecking our heads for so long, that the bullshit “battle of the sexes” has, for many of us, become nearly instinctual. Thus, we ran out of time and Alex was back on August 22nd to continue:


We again tried to offer up a dose of healing and a healthy dose of play, hoping to break down the deeply ingrained programmed rift between the sexes. Honestly though, I think few who tune in to this type of radio really care to hear this.

dirty zombie

One such person would be the above young woman dirty mindless whore, who would just as quickly have eaten her way through 1000 meters of feces, if only the misogynists that write Sex in the Shitty had put that modus operandi into the script. Speaking of [it], despite my noble intentions, I am sure my listeners/readers knew, that sooner or later, the source of such material would enter the show:

children preyass worship

The Priests have long known what some of my work has been uncovering, and they no doubt created the praying/preying position to serve some entity your average zombie can barely imagine. The entire ritual for the [m]Asses, appropriately named [m]Ass is calculated with scientific precision.

As brought up in the show, the lexicon surrounding it hides little. All that matters is that the parishioners participate and ass[u-me] the position. Anal Vampirism!

shit and bloodthe poo nanny

I’ve spoken/written of the topic many times, and as I’ve expressed recently, I feel there is a lot more validity in that line of thinking than the media-fed one of blood drinking bisexuals; the same receiving extremely heavy rotation these days. Aside from this season’s opening admission of anal fixation, the Rolling Stone cover didn’t accidentally make the blood look like anal leakage. {*1*}

Now, compare the former image to the one from our first show, and then the one subequent about children living on a shit-farm [above right]. Hence, I grew curious as to why the latter part of the title is “The Big Bang.” It makes little sense unless one considers that Don’t Go West proves that “bang” is what one might do to a drum. For those so inclined to prefer something that is as “Tight as a Drum,” then the wise know that anal leakage can best be avoided by Banging the Drum Slowly.

shitty bangpenis catcherknobs and sticks

And yes, a “catcher” is gay slang for “a bottom,” i.e., the recipient of the banging. However, as I’ve surmised before, a few more years of this type of programming, and it really won’t matter. Hardly anyone will care and people will be quite happy to Shitty Shitty Bang Bang all day long. Going back to last week’s game

The Answer: Bedknobs and Broomsticks.
Question: Is it “Name Two Things One Can Stick Up Their Ass,” Alex?

Bingo! {*2*} Undoubtedly some, will accuse me of speculative reasoning to arrive at above conclusions, and that’s because The Priests know they can afford to be so obvious. They are the ones who have so cleverly programmed the mind to react in that manner. When the Media informed the mind that “the illuminati hide things right under our nose” [via the da vinci code] that was a hint, not a revelation.

preying mantispreying toilet

The praying mantis serves as a good example of how synchronicity can be used to decode the language construct. Not only does it assume the prayer position, and [the male] pray for his [sexual] wishes to be fulfilled, but afterward, he is preyed upon. Have those sitting in the “pews” ever considered that?

Speaking of, “praying to the toilet bowl” is another common metaphor. And on that note, I’m tired of crawling through shit and will take that much needed bath now.

rebel lair

I guess I should also mentione that preying to the gods of regurgitation is a habit taken up by those who, [usually] out of programming, drink far too much, a topic we touched on during the show, and that my Drinking Driving & Smoking show/article expands on that and Alex’s seat belt story. My old From Polygyny to Monotony article is also relevant to the discussions. {*3*}

Trying to move forward, if we [the sexes] stop blaming one another, and devoted some time in front of that mirror, blaming ourselves for our programming, that might enable those “little decisions” we can make to take monumental leaps.

blame menblame yourself

No doubt, the topic/programming, is huge; far bigger than the two of us, hence Alex and Alex will likely be a regular feature. The rift, in my opinion, is far more relevant, and beneficial to our growth, than 88% of the shite out there.

I may or may not do a show next week, but starting next month, expect a heavy dose of the angry rebel. It’s been too long since I’ve done a show on my own, and have a backlog of vicious kicks to deliver. As Alex said during the [2nd] part of the show, “you gotta have balance to move forwards.” Those who like that side of me, are in for a treat…

A Few Other Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
Jun 2010: Too Long in the Shit Aug 2010: Bathtime in the Bunker
Apr 2010: Romance is Dead Feb 2010: Valentine’s Day is Over

*1: It’s also worth mentioning that the vampire on the left, Eric, killed [¿assassinated?] another male vampire by staking him, while he had his cock up dying vampire’s ass. On top of that fecal nonsense, you have yet another push of the MFM threesome theme. Yes, the Vampires are bisexual, just like the Emo Kids. While, as said, I will be making a concerted effort to bring more homosexual people along, I can’t help but note that “bisexual” is really just another way of saying “thoroughly-programmed.” [LB]

*2: From the creators of Mary Pop-Ins? So much “magic,” huh? Note that “our fine four-fendered friend” from Bang Bang suggests “feathered,” as in a duck. There may be some kind of weird thing going on between ducks and butts that I don’t quite comprehend yet. Of late, a couple of videos were pointed out to me: one entitled The Donald Duck Butt Conspiracy, and the other featuring Daffy Duck [@5:50], quite ecstatic to have a, yes, “doorknob” go up his rectum. [LB]

*3: I’m taking some time this week to get caught up on an endless ToDo list. One of these ancient tasks was to add some photos to a really old article about Sylvia Browne. I’d recomme perusing it, notably for the part about the “purple light,” which made little sense to me back then. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on August 23, 2010.

36 Responses to “A Douple-Dip in the Bunker Bath [X2]”

  1. hahaha, look at this mess. red bull driver after winning the hungarian grand prix yesterday. safe for work mind you.

  2. Great show both! Touched on a lot of good points, definitely need to hear more though, looking forward to part two.

  3. Just wrote a huge comment about what I disagree about from this show – my computer threw a fit and shut down on me…I’ll take that as a sign!
    I have to commend you on the excellent choice of retro 80s music. great stuff. Alex has such a naughty laugh. Its funny listening to her giggle at you and your sexual exploits (syn.exploitations)

    I disagree with various things, including when you say that we are just animals with language etc.

    Anway, look forward to more.

    Passion is the thing that separates us from the animals, that, and the human mind. If it were true that a lot of the animals are smarter than us, then why aren’t they in control of the planet, or, why isn’t there a Dolphin in the Whitehouse for instance..? This is just a thought that makes me laugh everytime I hear it!!!


    Lady Gaga Arizona Gig – August 2010

  5. stan, far too staged to be put down to coincidence. Wow! Sick. Probably more appropriate to last week’s post though.

    Jon, thanks. I think we hit on some points/ideas that really need to put out there. You won’t have to wait long, she’ll be back this month.

    Marty, disagreement is healthy, but I see humans engaging in self-destructive activities that animals only exhibit when confined. Wouldn’t a dolphin be far too smart to ever want to waste his years doing absolute shite in the white house?

    Until humans start showing signs of intelligence, I’ll hold the opinion I expressed.

    Scott, I like how he/she (señor gaga) keeps throwing out that all-inclusive and bloody meaningless LGBT basket. We’ll probably see a PFA added to it soon: pederasts, fecalfeliacs and asexuals.

  6. great insights man (and woman)
    cant wait for the next one
    Accept “I’m a Rebel”

  7. Saw this in the Daily Mail today: ‘It takes quite a bit to make me cry – what was I doing?’: Delita on her emotional exit from Britain’s Next Top Model

  8. Hey alex, It’s joeri from the netherlands. While listening to you and alex i happened upon this picture right after she made the comment about how we are expected/programmed to do everything by ourselves in school. Made me chuckle. [image] hurray for synchronicity.

  9. Mr. rebel, you can’t blame Ventura for accidently taking a dump in your tub. We all know what happens to one’s backside in Hollywood.

    Reminds me of this story about Willy Nelson crapping in hotelbeds and leaving it for the maids to clean it up.

    It seems that anyone surrounding Alex Jones has some rectal disfunction. Except for Jones, he taught himself how to push turds out of his mouth.

    It’s all about the turd eye Mr. rebel.

  10. jason, thanks mate. Song message heard!

    Jaspal, jesus f’n christ. They are bloody determined to push fecalphilia on the masses. It’s bloody disgusting and bloody predictable.

    And just in case the shit theme fails to register with the average cunt reading the Mail, note how they throw in a bunch of terms to plant the idea subliminally: “butt naked,” “i was going to be sick,” and “the elimination process.”

    Joeri Labijt, that’s an amazing photo, quite relevant to what we discussed, and quite inspirational. Awesome!

    alex, what? Yet another alex??? OK, I know I entertained the comment previous, but after Joeri’s uplifting note, you drag us back in the much. 😯 Poop was last week’s topic! 😉 Anyway, moving on!

  11. I really enjoyed this discussion!

    Like Marty, I disagree about the whole “we’re just animals” thing. The belief that sex and love are totally separate feels manufactured – like a bastardization of the truth. It’s true of “adult” love – fulfill a bunch of conditions and stay with me forever – yeah – that fucks people up. But I’m starting to understand that true love – which is an experience not an expectation fulfilled – can be shared through sex.

    This will sound all HBO Real Sex-ish and I promise I’m not living on a commune but my experience is showing me that there is a flow – like Alex R. said about passion – a natural flow that can be ridden when it comes to relationships. And it seems that the potential to experience true love through sex – like a portal – with a person that you’re in that kind of place with is highly likely. Getting people to separate sex from love seems like a brilliant way to keep us from tapping into our sexual power. Ok that did sound like the creepy guy living in the mountains giving orgasm workshops, but I hope you get my point. The trick seems to be around how to let go of an experience when it has played out. That gets into the whole cheating conversation – which I would love for you to go into more next time.

    I think we’re so far away from our natural way of being sexually that we obviously wouldn’t recognize our society if it were unprogrammed. I can’t even imagine what we would/could be. It’s sad but hopeful in a weird way too.

    Thanks again.

  12. I don’t wish to argue with anyone; I merely perused the comments etc on this page before deciding it is important that some information is shared: re: love & sex & dependancy.
    It has been found through dissection of Guinnea Pig brains that a specific chemical called “Oxitocin” is responsible for the “male-typical” behaviours in most male mammals, including suicidal depression upon the loss of a spouse. It is not all a part of “programming”. “Programming” has known FULL WELL of such brain chemicals for quite some time. Psychiatric Text is phenomenally hard to read for most, so unless you do your own research you might never really discover much about what THE ESTABLISHMENT is doing to you, your family, your neighbours, prettymuch everyone, even when they do “pitch in” by any socialist standard.
    For example, the term “antipsychotic” is a new euphemism for drugs of classes formally termed “MAJOR TRANQUILISERS” and “PSYCHOTROPICS”… Research on “psychotropics”, as such, reveals they were R&D of Hitler’s Scientists… meant to be used for mindcontrol/brainwashing. Research on “major tranquilisers” reveals the same class of drugs prevents captured wild animals (such as lions, tigers, bears, and many primates) from desiring to hunt or mate once in captivity even long after the chemical has been eliminated from their body.
    In Australia, newspapers are fond of giving statistics like “mental health affects 1 in 5 Australians”. So much for the “lucky country”. I worry about that “land of the brave, home of the slave” ooops. “free” ha.

  13. Hi Alex,
    Appreciating your site and (slowly) working through the pages and shows.
    This isn’t a reply to the current show (I’ll be listening later) – but the theme is perhaps reflected in a short film I made as an adaptation of the John Donne poem ‘Woman’s Constancy’… http://www.vimeo.com/7209661
    The film’s intended to ask (or provoke) questions rather than define answers.
    Wish you well, take care

  14. knowglow, don’t go the extreme other end of the dialectic to the feminist projected bullshit that women can separate sex and love just like men. Seeing that some others got the impression, perhaps I/we did not communicate our contrarian point correctly (hence, another good reason for part ii). What we’re trying to say is that that chemical stimulus you feel that comes from sexual stimulation, the one most women have been conditioned to call “love,” IS NOT LOVE. “Love,” and its varying degrees are far different from that.

    Contrarily, at least what I am saying, is that women aren’t even meant to separate the emotional from the sexual process, because that process is internal. Yeah, it’s complex.

    gooblegabble gooblegabble, I’m gonna have to stop you right there. There has never been one single valid study that yields anything of value to understanding our “lives” that has come from slicing up DEAD things. Psychoanalys, at least the mass market variety, when applied to the living, has sadly also been hijacked by the cult of death.

    JohnLeB, that’s an impressive piece of work there, and it does connect to the theme of the show(s).

  15. Hilarious!! This show was so eye-opening for me that it’s ridiculous. When Alex mentioned that sex actually has nothing to do with love? Holy shit, that struck such a cord with me..I mean it may seem like that statement wasn’t really a big deal, but I have been wondering for so long…WTF? Perhaps I am just too ” passionate” for my own good; and this is coming from a woman who has been married for 5 years..so thanks Rebel, your show has enlightened me once again! Outcasts unite!

  16. Okay, I must have also misunderstood the message, because my thinking was along the lines of what knowglow said above! Perhaps part ii will enlighten, as I got the impression your were advocating women should separate sex and love.

    I don’t want to turn this comment into a ‘what love is’ list, but ‘caring’ for something/someone is what you can call love also. That does not involve a sexual aspect. We say we love our Grandparents for instance.

    So things then get more complex when we talk about how we love AND hate something/someone at the same time!

  17. Hi Alex and Alex,

    Plenty of food for thought going on there. Missed the last half hour but hope to catch up with that soon, so apologies if you covered anything mentioned below.

    I find it very curious that there’s been a ‘forever’ difference in how the management of love, fucking and ’til death do you part happens (or is managed) very differently within the powered classes compared to the overpowered.

    In the world of power, love is categorically a weakness, something to be contained or excised. In the world of the overpowered, love is the many splendoured thing… and as soon as it ever emerges it must be immediately confined, constrained and… registered.

    Even where the system of arranged marriage runs across the board there are strict rules to ensure the (commercial) benefits stay within the powered class, even if the primary considerations across the castes are pragmatic.

    Something else that the podcast brought to mind was a TV documentary from many years ago – a series about lost worlds or forgotten tribes… I remember a tribe, probably living in a rain forest, somewhere that allowed a chilled life with a natural abundance of necessities.

    What I remember most strongly about this particular tribe was the strong sense of community and, more relevantly, a very particular approach to sexuality. One that appeared to resolve many practical and emotional concerns about sex, love and relationships.

    At the beginning of puberty and developing sexuality the tribe’s practice was to house both sexes communally, without adult supervision, for a period ending before full fertility was reached.

    The intent was to allow freedom of expression and exploration as and when desires or passions were first appearing. With no suppression.

    The result was overwhelmingly an absence of many of the common dysfunctions most ‘civilized’ societies encounter (including possession, jealously, insecurity and shame).

    The process also seemed to create (or be part of creating) an innate or natural population responsibility and stability.

    The memory is from a TV documentary watched a long time ago but the notion still occurs that, in ‘civilized’ societies, many people have never had such an opportunity to discover their own sexual sensibility let alone how that then connects or relates to somebody else’s.

    The notion increasingly occurs (and Alex Rebel’s pages only confirm this) that a particularly important point remembered from the programme was the absence of adult supervision or interference or… training.

    Best wishes

  18. A massive reason why the world is so fucked is because of the suppression of the Goddess manifesto that has been burnt at the stake so the people who own you can have an easier go. This is because the “Yin” energy is feminine and described as dark, moist, diffuse, vague, intuitive, and receptive, whereas the “Yang” is masculine in nature and is described as light, dry, directed, focused, logical, and action oriented. Realizing this it’s easy to see why to have a proper system of control, suppression of this aspect is imperative and why the majority of propaganda through mainstream media nowadays is directed towards women.
    That’s why you rock man, we aren’t going to have a revolution without passion and romance.
    We need the dames in this movement more than men by far. No wonder this movement is a stalemate with all the pretentious sword-fighting.
    The answer to the the darkside is the pinkside. [Mars Needs Women]

  19. Cassandra Noelle, thank you so much for letting us know we reached you (and hence, an applicable number of those your voice represents). This is a big topic, and what Alex and I were trying to do is ask some big questions regarding it. Unfortunately, most conspiratorially oriented radio will never touch this issue, which is what allows all the other programming to go on…

    Marty, I guess this will likely come up tonight. Let’s not forget the masters of English, gave us only one bloody word to describe all extreme variants of the “love” expression.

    JohnLeB, it would seem the point of “civilization” has been to separate man from their nature and make them disfunctional. That’s a good example you provide. Religious institutions [speaking to “insanity”], no doubt were driven by the idea of wiping out people who’s practices are tied to nature over dogma.

    jason, hehe, thanks mate. I think the Cult of Jehova/Set, would strongly disagree with you, hence why they have spent so much energy giving woman the butch/whore dialectic [both ends extreme to the feminine] and driving us men to the brown/blind hole/eye.

  20. Hey Celtic, great show once again…
    For a future show, you should try to get DarkStar888 or one of the other authors of this blog on there, it would make for a great conversation…


  21. In NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) there’s a model entitled Representational Systems (Modalities / 5 Senses). You have the Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic / Feeling, Gustatory / Taste, and Olfactory / Smell. You can manipulate these senses using various hypnotic techniques (including Submodality shifts / Sub Senses – Internal Pictures / Sounds / Feelings, etc) to change people from being a “Visual” to a “Kino” or an “Auditory”, etc. So yes, this is what’s happening via the media and it’s social engineering programs. They’re literally re-wiring the sexes to “change roles”. They do it with their metaphors that show up in TV shows, films, music, etc. It’s really easy to accomplish, especially when you tie their feminist ideology into the equation.

    That’s my 10 cents 🙂

    PS: Just one more note. Personal mind control (techniques that NLP offers) is one of the ways to break free out of this meta-prison. It takes time, lots of study, and more importantly practice, but boy is it worth it. Understanding / Overstanding the process of “Anchoring” alone can set you free. Consciousness is the key. Asking questions and using logic is one of the ways of achieving this result. It’s truly magical.

  22. i enjoy the alex-squared dynamic. i agree our degradation is an attack of the five senses, but also hijacks the spirit & soul, as well as your physical health via diet & lifestyle. “get outta the way man, you’re blocking the view!!” 🙂 keep sharing your ‘woman in the red dress’ stories… they contain more passion & direction than any “self-improvement” book ever did or will.

  23. Hey Celt, its emily! I enjoyed the blog, thought provoking as usual. I haven’t been able to tune into any of the shows since I called a couple months back, but I know they are all really good! Will tune when I can!!


  24. Great show, and great musical interludes as well. Part 3?!?!?!

  25. I just came across this while searching for next year’s wall calendar.

    Zombie: 2011 Wall Calendar

    I thought you might appreciate the artist’s unintentional(?) humor, too.

  26. Transcend, thanks! And, I’ll note your request…

    Wes Tilson, the rewiring of male/female roles is one of the most destructive attacks on humanity … unfortunately, most [think] they are happy to go along with it…

    raffi, thanks Raffi. I will try to get out of the house more so I can share more 😆

    Emily, thanks for dropping a line.

    Jon, thanks man! And, I plan to have Alex on regularly, so there’ll be more…

    Shane, “what’s left of” our brains may be appropriate. 😦 A sexy zombie calendar came up in an older post. The truth will out?

  27. (1)Hey Alex, Thanks for the show,
    (2)why ther’, thanks: foo, sex, heal!
    [in other words:
    (3)A Heartfelt Sexy Shh Honk Ow
    Ooh – Wow!]

    Est inter gin site: (Anagram: Integrities’ Nest, or… Engineer Its Tits (huh!), originally “interesting site”) http://wordsmith.org/anagram/odd.html

    # Anagrammist n. : one who composes anagrams and when asked for the four points of the compass is likely to reply thorn, shout, seat, and stew.

    PS:I seem to always be off topic a bit, so now to the show: I grinned hearing you discussing the power of travelling, and more-so the desperate try to keep the prices high and chances low for _real_ ‘travelling’ and learning and experiencing. This is an important point. Wages are not to be as high so you can freely search for a place where you want to be (/live, or find out how and why to live in the first place!), vice-versa: travel expenses (notice: not ‘expanses’, artificial freedom) must be so high that you merely can be tricked into feeling free when you go into a delusional… err vacational state once a year.

    On another note, it feels strange to theoretically be able to fly to every point in a few hours, it feels very artificial to me. Though it’s not so artificial as using the internet to cover distances. AC, artificial communications, alternating current? Here in Germany the train-system has been partially privatized (It’s called, “Die Bahn”- The Train) over the last 20 years, and riding the train has been known for long now as becoming more and more expensive (and in bad repair). This seems to be a central point for the blocking of the mind, the thinking. It’s absurd – we’re in the centre of a good part of “europe”, but are kept from travelling too much.

    I’m guessing I’m not used to writing english lightly, funny…, however, I hope not to sound negative…
    For me, travelling means not much if it does not involve people to visit, towns or cities don’t really make much difference to me, they are all very much the same.. (I guess that sounds negative :-P)
    On another show with Lenon and yourself, you or him mentioned how people boast about wanting to change the world, in essence, make it feel better, but then go visit “popular” monuments for the viewing sensation. Been there! Done That! Died! In german, I says SAART, Schule Ausbildung Arbeit Rente Tod, School, Doctrine (study), Work, Pension, Death. That’s not what I call living, nah. 🙂 See Well!

  28. Another very interesting show. Again, a few things that I can’t agree with you guys, but the opinions expressed are just that… opinions, and I guess we all have them!

    I’m quite intrigued about the whole ‘English Language has been crafted for a specific aim’ idea…I saw this news report about how Chinese students have literally ‘forgotten how to write’ because they are using technology all the time which converts the language into latin characters…Here’s the link, its a perfect example of the ‘distructive’ power of substituting one language system for another in the name of clarity. Wired youth forget how to write in China and Japan

  29. “Bedknobs and Broomsticks”? I had to play around with some anagrammatic REARrangements. Seems to hold lots of potential within an already suggestive title. How bout : “Brk. ob.’s mad dick bones tons.”
    or, “STD sickend brk oboma’s nob.”
    It gets better. How about:
    “Darkest snobs bomb on dick.” or “Darkest snob mob nob dicks.”
    And then it starts to work it’s way down to , “Dick bonks bombed torn ass.”
    And finally: “Ms. Odd Bob stab on knickers.”…..And,”Mr T. bonked boobs dick n’ ass.”.. 😀

    PS: Oh Damn, this one takes the win!
    “Metro Bob’s dank dick snobs”! 😀

  30. Are these guys in on the joke? Childish but hilarious
    The evidence just doesn’t quit

    VID: Joseph Bruce (Violent J) interview pt.1

    VID: Slim anus (THE ORIGINAL)

  31. Moritz, I liked the definition of an anagramist. I shortened your response, as I assumed some of it was really just aimed at me. To me travel proves that people are not the same and shows the trail of how social engineering corrupts us away from our nature. But yes, what’s the point of travelling if all you do is visit monements?

    Marty, well, I’d assume people will not agree with all our points, but I take exception to the word “opinions.” Speaking for myself at least, my opinions are based on analysis, experience and rationale … that’s not to be confused with the rhetoric, which is programmed into the brain. I know its semantics … oh, I’ve written of it before.

    I recall hearing someone say they don’t teach cursive writing to American schoolkids anymore. It’s a matter of time … but language will come up again, and again.

    Phil_DeGrave, someone’s been playing with the anagram machine. Speaking of Metro Bob, he’ll be making a big appearance this week…

    Anne, yea, I would guess they’re in on it. It’s a safe bet that Eminem’s anus hasn’t been “slim” in years….

  32. Wow those vids from Anne @ 11:45 s[t]ynk with another current article, Alex R’s Clownscape:


    btw, they’re mos def all in on it. One big dis-functional family. Any publicity is good publicity. That ICP / eminem shite is a classic example of a Cross Promo or reciprocal marketing. They’re all ass clowns and ass li[c]kers no matter who’s dis-sing who.

  33. Hi Alex, just wanted to say, if you ever want to see anal fixation, and the changing gender roles, ideas of weak males, adultery, covert homosexuality etc just look at the British “Carry on” films, just watch one movie and its all there!! plus its from the 60s as well! its a covert social engineering project!

  34. i just read the stynkholes blog about u celtic fuck its so funny did u read it yet? hahahaha check it out if u havent

  35. Just saw a poster outside for that movie “Dinner for Schmucks”, it just made me sick. Without this blog I would not have understood why. Sorry if this has already been mentioned.

  36. “You failed mom! LOL!”
    makes me laugh every time

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