Raping Miss Isis and Our Minds

Lenon Honor was back this Sunday, August 15, for our 4th “meeting” in radiospace, and technically, our 8th, considering each “sandwich” [for lack of better terms], has been reciprocated on Lenon’s side. I feel that these meetings/projections, accounting for our differences beyond the obvious shades on the surface, and our [noted] inherent styles of bringing people along, account for much positive magick.

bp gulf shit

The main topic this time around was Lenon’s documentary about The Rape of the Mighty Miss Isis and the resulting discharge of black matter from her nether region [my words, to most, the massive oil spill]; furthermore, as to how the media has used the [non] event to manipulate our minds into the abscess of fatalism. If you haven’t seen Lenon’s documentary yet, well, you bloody need to [page link]. {*1}


Another area of focus was the fear spread by the media, be it mainstream or alternative [show unavailable]. Speaking of the “alternative,” [quotes very intentional], one Dark Horse General has, of late, been painting an apocalyptic scenario where gay biker gangs roam the earth killing people for fuel and food; in essence, scaring the crap out of people. Yet, many among us [even the alternative to the alternative] be it wittingly, or naively, are also guilty of spreading fear, gloom and calamity, via uncritical regurgitation of the nuggets our Mede Masters intentionally lay across our path, and we, predictably, con ourselves we “found.”

alex jones road warrior

For the record, the above image, aside from intended humor does pretty much wrap up the plot of The Road Warrior (1981). If you failed to see that, it’s because you were too stupid and ignorant back then to know better, or if you prefer, as Lenon might say, your “vision” was highly impaired while viewing it. Yes, we’re different.

fake war coverage

I couldn’t find a picture of the Intel’s hatchet job of the dead Mexican and his Taco Bell pups, but I did find one I neglected to mention during the show [the above]. Courtesy of Zionist Arianna Huffington’s daily constitutional known as the Post, this “live coverage” was attached to an article about renewed fighting in Afghanistan. Yes, they do think know how uncritical the average dolt reading their S[H]ITE is.

Earlier this month, on August 5th, I returned to Lenon Honor’s Soul Visions Radio [download link] to discuss Part II of my Don’t Go West [V2] documentary. We talked about a number of things, including the shit-sucking [media-appointed] “King” of Poop. Jackson’s music is and was shite. It’s all shite, as Gregory already said.

michael jackson dead

Just because you were told informed that “shit was gold” back when you were a child [and then fed a steady diet of crap] doesn’t make it true. As Alex [last week’s guest] was so kind to help discover, they [and Jack’s Son] told us no lies. The synchromystic knife, when wielded properly, reveals all manner of truths: {*2}

bad c.1200, a mystery word with no apparent relatives in other languages.* Possibly from O.E. derogatory term bæddel and its dim. bædling “effeminate man, hermaphrodite, pederast,” probably related to bædan “to defile.”

It’s kind of funny [depending on perspective, I guess] how this anally obsessed pederast cult has operated so openly for so long, due primarily to our ignorance. And even now that many of us can see through their bullshit, our fellow brethren that I begrudgingly call mankind, still refuse to see it … even when it is obvious:

yogi fucks booboofrasier gets raped

Need I remind everyone that the “bear” reference is one to an older man [generally, hairy] who has an affinity for young men, and in many cases, underdeveloped little boys [e.g., pedobear]? No, the phrases “great things come in bears” and “he came, he saw, they conquered” are not “synchromystic,” but meticulously intentional. Of course, as I suggested, the average idiot out there still can’t/won’t see it:

brainwashed krunt: why does everything have to be suggestive? Why can’t people look at something & just see two bears? NO sexual involvement whatsoever. Man, this is supposed to be a kids movie. I’m sure WB was really thinking that when the made this poster.

So, why hire disinfo agents and waste your money when you can rely on the average dumb cunt out there to do their job for you? The quote is from this article. Kudos to one “wardo” for having the balls to try to wake the dead. Futile, but noble.

pederast approvedsuper gay

In said show, Lenon expressed a bit of shock that fecalphelia was an agenda, that while small, is gaining rapid momentum. Perhaps I failed to properly communicate it in my documentary, or maybe it would seem so absurd as to defy logic? Well, that agenda today, is at about at the same place that the homosexual and anal agendas were 15 years ago. Look around you now! Thus, rest assured, your kids, if you allow them to be raised by the media, will grow up to be a bunch of shit-eaters.

shit covered cockshit is tasty

The first image is a Chocolate Covered Hot Dog [a girl scout delight]. The latter is a montage from a recent German Axe commercial. You can laugh. You can deny. You can do whatever you want with this information. The Medes don’t [do] give a shit:

The Answer: Milk, Milk, Lemonade
Question: Is it “Name Three Things That Come Out of a Penis,” Alex?

Katy Perry, the same girl dirty whore widely accredited for pressuring young girls to engage in lesbian experimentation, and has become an unofficial spokesmodel for today’s tweens [she has been on the cover of Seventeen], has released a song encouraging fecal fascination [thanks chuck for sending that in]. {*3} The lyrics leave little to the imagination: “Milk, Milk, Lemonade, around the back is where chocolate’s made.” Ah, chocolate poop, the gift that keeps on giving, “Love!”

babes in shit

The above images are from Britain’s Next Top Model [thanks jaspal], a show that beyond encouraging young women to take up a life of prostitution, will serve every agenda it is told to. Hence, they recently had to serve up the above coprophiliac’s delight. The article is littered with subliminal ass-o-ciatiion cues like “elimination” and “butt naked,” and for the benefit of our denser brethren, throws in how one girl “struggled to stomach the scent of the chocolate.”

When I get back to doing a few shows on my own, remind me to discuss how the American variant of same show, practically forces its contestants into a situation where whoring themselves out is not only beneficial, but nearly necessary. The industry has long been used by deviant men, those who detest women, but like to abuse them, to subjugate pretty things to their whim. Said the ousted Irish girl [from above deviancy], “It was really cruel. I felt very victimised actually.”

mephisto pederast

Speaking of, after a long run of guests, I have an extensive backlog of random points to address. One of these, in retrospect, should have been saved for then, and not squeezed in at the end of Sunday’s show. For the record, I came up with my theory about the Miss Isis Pipi stargate and the alternate back-road to HADES / SHADE [the place where the sun don’t shine], long before the Medes decided to butt-rape the former (and in that sense, one could view Hurricane Katrina as a metaphoric “enema” given before).

James and I were talking before the show Sunday, and he asked me, “Why would they want to create multiple metaphorical stargates in the USA?” It then occurred to me that is precisely what Doctor Mephisto sought to do in South Park [see above]. He does fit the profile, no? A member of NAMBLA. Involved in genetic manipulation. Keeps a child-size assistant/lover nearby. Obsessed with asses. Case closed.

gay matrix

Come to think of it, the names Morpheus and Mephisto do resonate a bit, as do their predilections. After the show, James reminded me of the scene where the agent [appropriately] smashes a shit-repository [a toilet bowl] with the head of one anally-fixated Fishburne, as his young victim Neo pines, “We can’t leave him” [cases of child victims developing attachments to their molesters abound].

human alchemy

I, as demonstrated during the show, have broken free of The Matrix programming and would suggest you do likewise. The Wachowski Perverts, and a veritable legion of other mind-manipulators have long been feeding us a [un]healthy diet of nothing but “shit.” Hopefully, we can respond by taking the alchemical route instead of getting mired in it.

Tune in Sunday, when Alex from NZ and I, attempt to do just that, with Part II of our explorations at mending/healing the media’s propagated battle of the sexes. That’s far more important than some stupid oil spill…

The Quartet Collection of Duets of between the Celtic Rebel and Lenon Honor
Mar 2010: The Borg versus The Zombies May 2010: Racial Issues and Distortion
Jul 2010: Borg Agenda & Don’t Go West Aug 2010: BP Oil Spill & DGW (Part II)

*1: Honestly, take a look at the above image from “DeesIllustration” and tell me if that looks like oil or shit to you. Judging by how the artist is frequently showcased on the site of many a controlled fear-monger, it may be a safe guess, that the look and feel of the image was intentional. [LB]

*2: The “stynkromystic” knife, is actually a far handier tool than the syncromystic one; it cuts much deeper and reveals far more truths. One of the stinkers at the stynk hole has put together a pretty decent one-hour minidoc inspired by Don’t Go West: Toilet Bowl Time Machine and the Temple Whore. I’ve spoken to the lad in question, and he assures me not crediting my work was and oversight and will make it into the final release.

And yes, I am aware of the sundry allegations thrown my way by one of the, for lack of better words, “Stinkers.” But, I’d rather have enemies who are working for the betterment of mankind, than dumb cunts [like those who recently “questioned” me on said allegations], who aren’t doing anything to help anybody. [LB]

*3: The first thing I’d like to say is that anyone who actually believes that Katy Perry has ever written a song in her life, is an absolute fucking moron. Secondly, the linked video of Katy on the Chelsea “Handler” [a fellow dirty whore, but possibly higher on the chain] Show is quite telling. [LB]

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  1. I’m so sorry Celtic I didn’t mean to not mention you, you really do get me really turned on to this butt sex conspiracy. You should invites us over to your command bunker and maybe I could patch things over with you and Joey Fatone. Much Love Rebel

  2. Good work, rebel.
    There’s a new Yogi ‘Bare’ movie for the kiddies.
    Please see the ‘clever’ marketing:
    New Poster: Pedobear…Er, ‘Yogi Bear’

  3. I am glad to hear that part 3 will be available in DVD. Movie kiosks are standing by to eat their own shit.

  4. I’ve watched the Don’t Go West video and posted it on a few forums along with links to interviews with you and Lenon Honor. Excellent work.

    There are a few other TV/movie clips that spring to mind, which other people may or may not have already sent you. Also, it has been a few weeks since I saw your film, so apologies if I mention something that is already in the film.

    Firstly, there is a clip of Gore Vidal talking about putting homoerotic subtext into Ben Hur, which is referenced in the Ben Hur Wikipedia entry. It’s in one of the films made by the people who made They Sold Their Souls For Rock And Roll, or at least it’s for sale on their website, but I’m not certain which documentary it’s in. It’s probably one of the Hollywood Unmasked films.

    As for the paedophilia agenda, in School of Rock Jack Black’s character says something about touching every one of the children, and them touching him. And the parents “misinterpret” what he means, supposedly.

    In Godfather 3, Vincent (Andy Garcia) is talking to his younger cousin, Michael Corleone’s daughter, and they’re talking about when they saw each other when he was 15 and she was 8 years old. He says something about how he liked girls, and she says “even 8-year-old girls?” and he says “especially 8-year-old girls”.

    There is also a bit in Sleep With Me – the one with Tarantino talking about Top Gun being about homosexuality – in which one of the characters says he had sex with his sister when they were children.

    There’s a joke about beastiality in the comedy show Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. A character called Horst Draper was imprisoned for raping horses, and there are suggestions of the actual act happening in that episode.

    Finally, there was a 3-part mini-series of Sherlock Holmes on the BBC, which was set in the modern day. The last one was shown the other day. During the episode Holmes identifies someone as gay. The explanation was something like the man had trimmed eyebows, had his underwear showing and had moisturised, which seemed like the mocking of the audience that you have mentioned before. In the same episode they referenced the Golem, and the Prague legend, without mentioning the Rabbi who supposedly successfully created a Golem, which is discussed in Hoffman’s book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare. The name of the Rabbi is remarkably similar to the name of one of the two main actors in the recent Sherlock Holmes movie – Rabbi Judah Loew. In the BBC series, Sherlock is played by the guy from this other BBC series, The Last Enemy – which contains predictive programming for the microchip/Borg agenda. Sherlock Holmes also referred to his own brain as a hard drive.

    There is also a reference to Janus, the double-headed Greek god. Janus also happens to be the name of the secret project in My Own Worst Enemy, starring Christian Slater (one who slates Christians?) which features brainchipping, and hence, more transhumanism/Borg Agenda conditioning.

  5. Chris KirKpatrick, far too many people in this “shitty movement” [much pun intended], neglect to cite sources, be it out of ego, malice or neglect. Appreciate you chiming in post facto…

    cabernetsted, as you can see in the post show write-up, another site’s questining same poster made it in. Glad to see another take, as even I missed the wet spot/brown grease on Yogi’s nose. Judging by Yogi’s nose being Inside the O on the title, it’s a safe bet the intent of the um, artists, was to communicate that Booboo at least got a rim job before being penetrated.

    Ryan Patrick McAlister, it will indeed, be interesting, and hopefully, I can make it so that more can grasp/fathom the doc’s implications.

    Matt H, thanks for a great list of references there. No doubt Jack Black’s been “initiated” into the all-boys club, and that would be yet another inappropriate child ref from that scumbag. Good insight on Holmes there too.

  6. Flicked over to National Lampoons and saw this lil tidbit.

    All young boys apparently like to wear midriffs while throwing balls while big man on Campus Chevy Chase asks ‘no meat in this ?? > why he has plenty of meat at home…

    and maybe this one

    the shitter is full indeed –

  7. Looking forward to the show. While looking for a link to the new ‘Scott Pilgrim v the world’ movie poster (which has an interesting pose by said Scott, and lots of ‘splashy’ white fonts and stars) I came across this hilarious gem ‘AssCastles’ …are you familiar with this ‘term’ and/or program? IS it a ‘real’ program in the US or a joke? Here’s the link with a video of the first program

  8. OMG – more fodder for your shows – I stumbled on something disturbing today…this is the only site I can post it…a youtube video of a childrens book review of ‘Bear in Underware’ by Todd Doodler!

    The woman reviews the book, its short but the message is clear! [REVIEW]

    Also, in the comments below there is more…another kids book called…’Peek a Poo’…a pop-up book for kids about animal poo! I am in shock!

  9. “get him to the greek” the characters go west and have tons of butt sex

    also “due date” shows Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis going west…

    also the new “expendables” movie has a gay wedding of stalone and arnold with bruce willis as the priest. they also do “recon” in “VILENA”

  10. Yeah, about lenon he was so in “shock” he could only call shit: bubu, even later in one of his own btr shows, it was kind of ridiculous. But he gets it that is what counts. Btw your movie was pretty clear about it.

  11. Pavman, good catch on the boy in the midriff. Who wears that? Obviously done to please those who like seeing a little boy flesh.

    Marty, hope we delivered. They do seem to be riding Michael Cera [in every way imaginable] as the new poster-boy for extremely effeminate ambiguously-oriented male leads. Ass Castles? Hadn’t heard that before. So, would the mansions of Lucas and Spielberg be appropriately referred to as Ass Palaces?

    I get the feeling the guy’s name being “doodler” is yet another joke on parental units. Ah, that poor woman, like so many who “question” the obvious on such reviews, is handicapped by failing to see, nor barely fathom, the bigger picture.

    Kenny G, the saxaphoneyist? More pairs of men going west, huh? Will check into. I haven’t see The Expendables, but Metro Bob says he did and it wasn’t quite “a wedding.” 😉 Was unaware of the Vilena pose. Ass up, seems fitting…

    smiley, I can’t speak for him, but perhaps then, many among us will have a difficult time accepting that this trend/agenda is real and in our [kids] future.

  12. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this Daffy Duck cartoon, if so I’ll just throw it out there again for those that aren’t aware of it.

    Found this in amongst a collection of other cartoons from the period on vhs in the bargain bin at a local pharmacy, somewhere back around the mid to late ’80’s… Needless to say I was stunned when I reached this section: 00:05:45 -> 00:05:52 in the bit. It’s now up on Youtube, so have a gander.

    The Henpecked Duck (1941 – Warner Bros)

    From the land of Asterix, Cathars and the Templars, keep ’em coming !


  13. Lately I’ve been meeting many very butch women married to effeminate men. I think it’s the end product of radical feminism, the portrayal of men in the media, and the breakdown of the family. I know that not all women are girly girls and that not all men are macho types but there’s something going on here.

  14. Re: BAD It’s also 214 via English Alphabet numerology, which .

    BADen-Powell , founder of the Scouts movement comes to mind

    fine show


  15. Wonderful show – packed full of goodness 🙂 Lenon is a delightful guest & the two of you as always, are not so much a breath, as a typhoon, of fresh air – the little media piggies may be shaking in their shoes …

  16. Carl, I linked the vid for you, and it would appear that Daffy qas quite happy to have something stuck up his ass. A few days ago, I saw The Donald Duck Butt Conspracy, which looks at Disney’s fascination with duck butts. I noted it to the author, the stynk between ducks, butts and anal goes far back.

    Vigilant Mommy, keen observation. Fittingly, after years of having the media portray family role models of butch women and sissy men, we would observe society around us reflect the program.

    aferrismoon, uncanny then, that a bunch of kubaya-singing campfire boys would also venerate that number, no? 😯

    alex, thanks luv! It would seem, and has been confirmed, that the piggies are indeed scrambling.

  17. I think there’s another Anal Fixated thing. If you only do something to have one specific outcome, do it to one _end_, the produce is dead. Dead thoughts. Dead End.

    That’s why it normally feels _bad_ to do something someone tells you to do. There is no inspiration if you can’t create.

    (link harsh (Arsch) hier”arch”ical system-sol-diers -prison- anal obsession)

    If you do something only to one end, only to make one produce, and leave no room for growth. You do things because you were told that you must do them. If you never learned/experienced/saw/observed how those things can be fun to do, when others see how one can do more/i.e. less than just repeat everything everyday and how you could feel empowered and not disbanded from who you truly are. Expel or enjoy.

    To give answers instead of possibilities. Instead you could let things come together, flow, pair, and grow. This is inspiration. There is a good spirit contained within, one that soothes the mind, to ex-hale is only to prepare for the next breath, trying not to die. Is is (pun unintended) important, but it’s only half the cycle.

    To seed something from which can come other things, grow, is to let the feminine principle of yourself contribute to your idea.

    Dead thoughts (Dung) stink, and who wants shit to cover one’s seed?

    On the other hand you could try to dung the seed (gravy) for it to grow better, faster. If you decide to do so.

    But in the _end_, what gives to have a fast produce, if the whole thing is shit? It makes an awful sound, too.. And it just doesn’t feel right. It’s like losing some part of you, but you cannot digest (…) which part. By the way of digestion.., which is defined as:

    Digestion (n.) The conversion of food, in the stomach and intestines, into soluble and diffusible products, capable of being absorbed by the blood. (n.) The act or process of digesting; reduction to order; classification; thoughtful consideration.

    the whole topic of the metabolism plays a huge role in oneirocriticism.

    If you suppress your sexual energy, it will come out otherwise. And it will speed up while doing so. Speaking of “creating” a “mess”..

    Give the mass the S
    and you will mess with the mass.
    Show them the ass
    And your mass will be a mess.

    Now gonna listen to the show. Creation without digestion is not only hard to do, but hard to swallow, too. I find worth in what you are creating. Thank you.
    [find worth – fine words]

  18. I don’t think the soviet Beta-test “failed”, the soviet block merged with the west as planned to bring about their so called “third way/wave”…

    So instead of direct and violent revolutions they now use the gradual and stealthy “Fabian way” (Fabian Society) to bring about “world socialism”(aka ZION), a global Prison without bars full of HAPPY slaves who LOVE their servitude.

    This can/could only be achieved via a massive global brainwashing campaign and not by force…

    You are right, physical martial law etc is no longer needed, the programmed OZ-m-bees enslave themselves and they can’t get enough of it! The NWO is already here, it always was…no need to wait or fear for any “big takeover event” to come…

    “The ethos of the coming World Government is Socialism. A World Tyranny in which everyone everywhere is ruthlessly controlled from the cradle to the grave and where dissenters or those deemed unsuitable are liquidated. To achieve this, the Global Elite conspirators, the Power Elite and its lackeys, working to bring World Empire into being have ensured that the Western world has been subject to a massive social engineering agenda whose scale and sweep is truly awe inspiring.” -McGeorge Bundy

    How To Brainwash A Nation : a former KGB agent also explained why brainwashing and not force is the key to this…

    great show guys…and Lenons hearty laughs always fill me with joy 😀

  19. As usual with you two, fantastic show. But the fear mongers and fear addicts would have nothing to do if they listened to your advice. All that extra time away from designing lives around headlines could result in focus on relationships and creating a life of one’s own choosing. That kind of freedom would scare most people back down the nearest rabbit hole.

    Lots of swagger in this one, gentlemen – proud white bones and names meaning lover and all. Maybe all that testosterone can join the good fight to man up all these girlie boys:)

  20. Great show, always pleasant to listen to Lenon’s voice and theories.

  21. i noticed a synchronicity between the movies wild hogs and marmaduke. in both movies, the characters are “going west”. the main character in the latter film meets william h macy. macy’s character is a homo/fecalfeliac/dog-humper in both films

  22. Moritz, that was an inspired rant and weave of words and thoughts there. A pleasure to read. You should tune-into/enjoy the return of Alex and Alex next week.

    mace556, well, I really didn’t get into the topic [which, I’ve covered in great detail before] in the show, but no experiments technically “fail.” But, they did learn the American/Western idiot was a hell of a lot dumber and less-free than his Soviet/Eastern counterpart. Yes, Lenon’s got an awesome laugh.

    knowglow, god forbid they should end up doing something productive, huh? 😉 So much easier to rattle the cage than it is to “create.” Thanks for the great feedback.

    Jon, you’re welcome.

    illusion, nice sync. Macy does seem to be confined to be cast to play a lot of sniveling closet-cases [his resume]. Plus, he bears an uncanny resemblance to oft-anally fixated Willem Dafoe.

  23. Good show Alex, it’s funny that you were reiterating how you think that the oil spill was a euphemism for raping the countries stargate exit and this story breaks.

    BP Hires Sex Offender As Supervisor Of Oil Spill Cleanup… and He Rapes An Employee. Even funnier, he was registered in Mississippi.

    BP Cleanup Supervisor Charged with Rape

    Surely all a “coincidence”. 😛

  24. Great show. You boys are dangerous. You need to be reeducated. Bend over and like it. No resistance. No thinking.

    In my last post I showed how Morpheus’ debut was “Cutter” in Death Wish. Did you catch the porn debut of Morpheus’ daughter in the last month?

    Cutter set it all up with this line “Okay, lady. Quietly now… do it niiice.”

    The essence of Judas is found in the words “No man may take my life, I lay it down and pick it back up again.” and is your conclusion on reclaiming manhood.

    Immortality experiencing mortality is robbed of its vitality when mortality acts contrary to its true nature.

    The essence of Peter is to wield iron, the open dagger, to control the “sheep” aka “the fed” and the “altar children”.

    As ever these are the options of iso and exo jesus.

    Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

  25. BP and the great oil spill of Oh 10. muhahaha. Last night caught a glimpse of tv “news” where they were announcing the start of the shrimping season off NOLA. Funny that, especially given that ’twas only a few weeks ago they were saying that the shrimp were lost or somesuch. That shrimpers’ livelihoods were in peril. etc. etc.

    Ah yes, sooo far removed from our essential nature due to mASSive cultISH progRamming. The plots thick with shite eh. Those aXe adverts have always been moronic and insulting, but the chocolatey guy one was creepy on first sight. Similar to another, Nestles maybe, with chocolatey swimming/falling people. ew

    btw,my son with a new girl, at the beach on a first date she asked him a question he’s heard many times “Have you ever considered waxing your chest?” His answer: “Why would I.”

    He’s fit, healthy, and with a reasonable amount of body hair, not excessively hirsute by any what-used-to-be normal /reasonable standards. In fact, many females remark on his good looks and attractiveness including said tool above. But for some illogical reason they’re “uncomfortable” with him having body hair. So what else can it be but the metrosexual/gay agenda at work?

    Oh well, in other news, there’s been a new superbug identified. It’s gonna’ get all of us. This season. Look out. Be afraid. Think I’m havin’ a deja vu.

    ciao for now. Ta,

  26. Everything Is A Lie: The Deliberate Intent To Deceive People Is At An All Time High

  27. Interesting show as ever. Lenon has a graciousness about him, but I still disagree with his views and findings. I believe that there is an oil ‘leak’ from the seabed and it is uncontainable…If you think about it, it does go along with your theories of the ‘exit hole’..so much damage been done that it can’t be repaired, and thus, no amount of creams and gels and pads can stop it!
    (what a gross image this makes) Obama swimming off the coast only reinforces the issue…for who else can float around in it and appear so clean on the surface – its a mystery!

  28. Immortallywounded, ah, yes, “coincidence.” 😀 Of course, what else could it be? Hehe, nice find mate!

    eugene, I’m sure there are many middle managers, and I suspect a few high priests who would derive much pleasure from just that, be it because we’re so dangerous, or perhaps, just cute! 🙄 Wow, didn’t realize that Fishburne played “Cutter” [link to your article]. As Neo find out, Morpheus likes to use his knife/penis/peter when victimizing.

    annemarie, thanks for sharing that. What your son experienced is not so unique, a generation of young women having now been indoctrinated for at least 15 years, that all signs of masculinity are “turn-offs.” I’ve now observed young men boys who go so far as to shave their arms.

    Ha! My neighbor mentioned a new mosquito-bourne death bug just a few hours ago! 😮

    greg, not a bad article. My only concern is that when people list things like “The 25 Rules,” idiots latch onto them as gospel… and hence, everyone falls into that category.

    Marty, well, “something” is going on, and I think Lenon’s just saying whatever we’re being told is IT, isn’t. Thanks to Audra, it seems the pics of Obama swiming in the Isis Shit-Stream were also fakes.

  29. Celtic Rebel, if you think the rabbit hole symbolizes a butt hole, is Alice in Wonderland all about her exploring an anal wonderland?

  30. Thanks Celtic Rebel and Lenon. This was a great discussion. It’s like this BP Oil spill analysis and the social engineering piece that you did Celtic are the foundation pieces I needed to not indulge in fear but to become aware of the massive programming that is taking place but never to be overwhelmed and consumed by it. Muchas gracias!

  31. bible = babel = confusion = cointelpro

    i went to catholic school/church for 10yrs so thanks for connecting the dots of sorcery via the patri-hierarchal psychopathic governmental / religious genocidal / ecocidal institutions [corporations, bureaucracy, elite oligarchy, political ponerolgy, tavistock, media, hegelians etc……..]

  32. Two teenage boys have been arrested in St Petersburg FLA for having a “poo party.” Shows one teen deficating in his shorts and flinging feces all over the pool at some fancy hotel.

    Oh the drama.

    Brainwashed little monkey.

  33. The Fomenting of Fear – listening in about Truthers.

    David Icke gives out ‘truth’ information and writes many books, DVDs etc

    David Kelly ,said that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. He was ‘suicided’ very soon after


  34. Floyd Anderson, well “think” is a highly speculative term and my anal-isis of the medes and their codes is not. I can’t speak as to the intent’s of Lewis Carroll [not familiar enough with], but that alice/hole metaphor, as used/subverted by the Priests of Holy Wood, from Contact to Enchanted to Matrix to the last remake would seem to suggest it.

    uduak, thanks for sharing that. Knowing that we are helping people and making a difference is joy and reward.

    seneca, ah! Great point about BIBLE and BABEL which are in essence, pretty much the same word, and be intent, I’d gather, sowers of discord.

    butters, crap, that’s some story, and I guess, it, understanding the engineering of today’s teens, should suprise me little. Here’s the story for any interested. Most disturbing is the guys having no issues with handling their own feces. 😮 Ugh!

    aferrismoon, that’s a good, and quite salient point.

  35. Alex you make great sense but I think you go too deep down the rabbit hole sometimes… And you past show with Lenon Honor was awesome but I still thinks BP fucked up and they are covering their butts not making a small oil spill seem like the worst oil spill of all time… The alternative media has been saying that this is the worst oil spill of all time not the major media… 99% of major media has downplayed the oil disaster 1% of major media has spoken of the worst case disaster… And that 1% gets plucked up by alternative media and shown on youtube and then repeated across fear selling alternative sites like rense.com and infowars.com but anyone watching cable news everyday has not been effected by the fear that this is the worst disaster of all time… All my friends and family who dont get their news from alternative online sites think the oil spill is not the worst disaster in american history let alone the world and its not going to effect them… And I live in south florida… My family in colombia have yet to here about it… Its only the online sites that have sold this idea of the worst disaster… yes its been said on major tv but very rarely you would have to watch tv all day and night to here this said and even that is not enough to wake the minds of the dumb down public… what I wanted to say is that Lenon Honor most likely does not have cable tv and so his opinion on what major media is truly saying not accurate in my opinion… but I dont blame him for not having cable… I myself have also cut the cable… I just need to talk to my friends and family who watch it too know whats being talked about… And its not greatest oil disaster of all time…

    PS: I disagree with lenon in that I think its worse then what is being reported on tv, but not as bad as whats being reported on via the alternative news sites… I stand in the middle but its very shady on which side I should believe more… But Lenon Honor thinks that all media is lying to us… And they are all in on the conspiracy… I think he needs to get out of his home more and maybe visit the gulf before making such a huge assumption… And you Celtic Rebel you need to get out of you house and visit Santa Monica and see its not Anus of america any more then Time Square or Ground Zero or South Beach… 🙂

  36. Came across this list on yahoo answers. Apparently, FOD = Friend of Dorothy, aka a gay guy. Don’t know how accurate it is but, if your curious here it is:

    PS: One thing is true however, whether the list is accurate or not, the person who made it is a bit of an asshole. I like the term friend of Dorothy though *chuckles*.

  37. VID: Gay-Braham Lincoln jams out to the Electric Sixes “Gay Bar”

  38. “Trouble ahead, oh lady in red,
    take my advice, you’d be better off dead”

    “Casey Jones”
    Grateful Dead

    Hey rebel, the past few shows have been excellent.
    Lenon is always an enjoyable guest, and I have him to thank for regaining my vision on a number of different issues. If you’d like to see how someone has applied all this information to their own life, I have a blog up (That’ll save the world! Take that illuminati: another blog!) Well, at the very least I have some really good Star Wars “bear” stuff on my first “real” post..

    I humbly apologize that the “appearance” is slightly similar to yours (at least for now). Computer proficiency is a skill I seemed to have missed and I needed a reference for the incessant internal dialogue of “How the hell did he do that?”



    the living tiki

  39. Hey Celt! Great read! I just have a quick question: Do you know of a really good and comprehensive book on Alchemy to get me started out(preferably one that I can find downloadable on the net but any recs will do!)? Thanks a lot for all your work.

  40. Nick, I’m not quite sure what you mean by that first part. Per your questions, I think Lenon got his point across, and its been far more useful than all the crap that has come out of both the alternative and mainstream media on the topic. I had hoped to speculate on ulterior motives as to WHAT may be happening, but that would have been nothing but speculation.

    ALl the media is not part of the conspiracy, but 99.9% of the media is composed of idiots, hence, why go to an idiot for information? Anway, not trying to come back negative, because we can disagree. South Beach, for the record, is on the tip of the USA’s metaphoric penis.

    Anne, I was unfamiliar with the term, but it makes way too much sense. Ever notice how all gay guys are required to love Judy Garland? 🙄 Alas, all that nonsense makes sense!

    Will Tilson, wasn’t sure if you’re aware of this but there’s a lot of gay stuff surrounding Lincoln. All the way from how/why his monument was erected to the übergay “Log Cabin” republicans.

    the living tiki, thanks man. I had actually come across your Smoke/Feces article, and thought it was pretty damn good (will promote it)…

    Ambros, not particularly, but that would be a question for Stygian Port. Rumor has it he will be resurfacing soon.

  41. The Celtic Rebel Stynks Up The Truth Movement By Smearing His Shit on Matrix Metaphors


  42. Lenon Honor’s oil spill video is so repetitive as to be nearly unwatchable. I skipped over several portions of it because it didn’t seem to be getting to any kind of point at all in a reasonable amount of time. It was also unconvincing in many of its arguments. I can agree that the media misrepresents and sensationalizes doomsday scenario after doomsday scenario. However, some of these scenarios are legitimately dangerous. More than this, there are some problems with the specific claims Honor makes about the situation in the Gulf.

    One of his main criticisms of those asserting the highly serious nature of the spill is that there is a lack of photographic or video proof of oil on beaches. However, the spill occurred over twenty miles away from shore and there is video of miles and miles of ocean water which is covered in oil. There are not that many because not everyone has access to an airplane. Here is some footage:

    Additionally, the U. S. Coast Guard has been spraying ton upon ton of Corexit dispersant/detergent, a highly toxic chemical in itself, which has been breaking up and sinking the oil exactly so that it will not be visible and people will think there is no problem. Here is a video about this:


    In sum, while this video makes some valid points about image analysis (over far too long a time for it to be worth watching, however), I can’t say I’d recommend it in regard to the gulf leak, which was disappointing because I was hoping that he had done some good journalism here. However, the video contains several gross assumptions of exactly the kind it is seeking to quell, the Capitol police policy toward the admittance of recent protesters being one example. Did Honor call up the authorities and ask them their policy (journalism), for instance, or did he just assume something here? It sounded to me like he just made an assumption.

    The gulf leak is a crisis and a big problem with the media coverage is that it is promoting fear and misdirecting attention and emotional energy away from the path of constructive action to correct the contamination and pollution. There’s more to this story than some staged photo-ops aimed at inflating a supposed non-situation into the end of the world. To say that the ecology and indeed the economy of the gulf is not going to be devastated for quite some time by the pollution is just flat wrong and maybe I missed it but I didn’t hear Honor acknowledge this at all.

  43. Apparently there is a massive human tragedy with over 2 million displaced Pakistani residents who require BILLIONS in AID. After watching Lenon’s film it is easy to dissect the garbage on CNN.

    1. Millions are without homes – they interviewed one family and a guy singing native songs about his homeland – no aerial shots or thousands lining up for food
    2. All livestock is dead or starving – video image of 5 cows lazing under a tree eating lush grass
    3. Man loses his house and belongings – He lived in a makeshift Hut at best, by a massive flowing river which could be rebuilt with little to no expense

    Also, In a hotel for business and just had Baed Boys on TV – id say over 30 ass references at least, 10 others relating to shiat and a whole hell of a lot of Bro-mancing the stone. Will have to do a short film on it

  44. I remember learning the “Milk, Milk, Lemonade” verse in elementary school. In the 1980’s. There were hand actions that went with it. You grab your boobs and say “milk milk” then grab your crotch and say “lemonade” then turn around and finish with “around the corner fudge is made”. It was a big hit on the playground. So not only is Katy Perry talentless she is also completely unoriginal.

  45. man… I’m soo stupid! 🙂 – I was just watching the road warrior – keeping in mind that oil is crap. My my, how it explains the ‘truth'(bowel) movement perfectly. Expecially the dialogue following the Ayatolla’s offer to leave the compound. The elder woman is wise and suggests they should just leave (the truth movement). The compound leader wants them to drag the shit/oil with them, he has no vision. The others respond with mixed fear and rightousness and the Road Warrior (AJ) makes sure the compound leader (his truth bitch) gets that shit hauled with them. With what? a DIVERSION.

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