Far Too Long in This Shit

Tonight, June 27th, my guest was Alex Robinson from Too Long in This Place, a blog whose title resonates deeply with me, as I have bemoaned in great detail previously [Burning Ring Series]. The show is below:


I am tired of this prison and want to find a way out of it. It seems far too many of us actually enjoy rolling around in the shit, hence the Medes feel free to throw that fact in our face periodically [and with ever increasing frequency now].

Thanks to James Ratte for the precious “abc family” moment, which is apparently on MTA buses all over New York lately! Why would they put this fecalpheliac crap out so blatantly? Because we’re too brainwashed to see the shit. Alex [the penis-less one from down under] is really a part of the new direction I am trying to go, and her being on the show did not disappoint [myself, at least], us focusing on, what I feel was a positive direction dealing with some solution-speak.

The photo from the memorial that Alex mentioned [above left] is quite striking, like a hard slap of reality to the face. Note the shoulders of the demonstrated victim are laying across a “souvla/suvla,” the sacrificial rod. Not covered was mankind’s hypocrisy in differentiating from either image above. Alex’s article is linked herein, and you may want to take a look at my prior image [from associated article], before reading the corrected words on the site:

“Those her-o’s that shed their blood and lost their lives… you are now lying in the soil of a friendly cunt. Therefore rest in piece. There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets where they lie side by side here in this cunt of ours… You the mothers, who sent their sons from far away cunts, wipe away your tears. Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in piece[s]. Having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.” — Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Also interesting to learn that the cinematic, and of little surprise, overtly homoerotic retelling Gallipoli, starring one young [and need I mention “hot”] Mel Gibson, while not showing that the men were sent in for the sole purpose of dying, did reveal the pyramid preparation for those young fools preparing to be butchered:

Remarkable [or not really, depending on perspective], that I as a child, could see the obvious, that years and years of trained [operative word there] military historians were too stupid to see. Another example I neglected to mention was the uniforms of the Napoleonic era, designed to help the opposition target the heart.

Then again, can’t pat myself on the back too hard, as being confronted by the below should have clued me in that my coupling experiences [something that could, as show suggested, technically qualify as “sheepshagging”] in this Land of Nod would be unrewarding. Which reminds me, as one Audra did recently, that I may have to do yet another show on Dating & Romance [two were not enough]. It would seem there is much demand and a far deeper underlying need for such thoughts.

chez hell

There were quite a few complaints about the chat room, and a post-show scan proved them of merit. I really don’t want the Chat Room to be a distraction, and even though it’s obvious quite a few in it aren’t even listening to the show, I’m hesitant to get rid of it. I’ve been adding many moderators to boot out trolls and trouble-makers, but this week was beyond that. Even some of the moderators were out of line. Whatever was transpiring, seriously reminded me of the Episode of South Park where one of the girls grows boobs and all the boys go batshit insane.

While my show may address ribald topics well outside the scope of most shows of whatever genre this is, it does so in a mature manner. This is not the Howard Stern show, where we have whores come on and then I ask them to talk about their first lesbian experience, and then about anal. This is something far different than that agenda-serving show hosted by that mentally-challenged degenerate who’s audience has been programmed to think that fuck-stick is some kind of pioneer.

I would hope with my audience, I need not go to the trouble of listing rules or guidelines [plus, I sort of already did that, I think]. I just ask those who participate show some respect for me, and more importantly, my guests and each other. If you can’t do that, you do not belong in there and I hope the mods can not only do their job, but remember that applies to them as well. Yes, it is fun to be a child and “play,” but that does not mean act like a teenager with a raging erection, one who’s just drank his first ever six-pack of beer, or an attention whore. Nuff said?

That all said, the impromptu closing of the show, which was really just the result of me trying to fill up time stayed with me for the entire day to follow. It seemed there was something quite relevant/revelant contained within. Something about the two Alexes [¿alphas? ¿all-x’s?], one above, one below, one male, one female, on two opposite sides of the world, with great oceans of water (the most abundant compound on this earth/our bodies and one quite conductive) between us.

During the show, Alex and I discussed the amazing potential creative energy between a male and a female, which she suggested sex/procreation may very well be a secondary function of such potential. As I surmised, that may well be what the “G” represents in the [ancient] masonic diagrams. Perhaps some might accuse me of having an over-furtive imagination, and I can only hope so. It’s gonna take a lot of imagination and a lot of energy to turn this world of shit into Gold.

And if that sounds overly optimistic to some, and you want “proof” that one can turn shit into gold, then you need look no further than my documentary.

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Note A: This week, on Thursday, July 1st, I will be back on Artistic Expressions with Lenon Honor and we’ll be discussing Don’t Go West [V2], among other things.

Note B: Eugene will be back on this coming Sunday, July 4th, to talk more about the event horizon and us taking some responsibility for the shitpile. If you missed our last show, consider it a prerequisite.

Note C: The closing scenes are from The Holy Mountain, a film I handed off to Stygian Port [and rightly so, as he has the alchemical background], whom in return, sent Revolver my way [which, is starting to look like, per my documentary, the right choice as well]. Speaking of, more of you guys need to promote it [DGW2] to your friends and enemies.

~ by celticrebel on June 27, 2010.

27 Responses to “Far Too Long in This Shit”

  1. great show both! also nice callers, especially raffi

  2. Hi Alex!

    Great show, it was really enlightening, you should have her on again!

  3. definitely good material and a nice balance on last night’s podcast. i just listened to myself calling in and felt like i sounded like someone else… maybe like miley saying y’know & like 🙂 obviously, my mtv/empty-v education is paying off.

  4. One of the best shows in a while, great guest, tell NZ/Female Alex I love her. Also record numbers in the chatroom that night, I think it topped at 44 people in there.

  5. Love the girl in the middle of the poster. The Horus-esque “shhh” hand sign is super popular these days, butt as we can see, her probing “zeus/jupiter-finger” is covered in.. mud?

    Please have the penis-less Alex back on sometime so I can call in and flirt with her. 😉

  6. I can’t get over how blatant that poster is. Given all the examples that your documentary points out, the medes seem to be on overdrive. Either that or they know just how far their programming has gone in debasing us, that they can throw this out there and the masses (with an asses) will never notice.

    On a different note; its true Alex, the female Alex (female energy in general) has elevated the quality of your show to some new heights. I agree you should have her on as regularly as necessary, she’s one cool kiwi.

  7. Jon, Emily, and Immortallywounded, thank you akk. I thought it went really well too.

    raffi, good call. Methinks you’re being a little too hard on yourself, though the Miley clip did produce a few “lulz” 😆

    ViolatoR, your are mistaken … her finger isn’t covered in mud/shit. It’s covered in “sugar pie candy fudge.” Well, at least that’s what today’s kids will be calling it.

    breye, there will definitely be more of the Alex and Alex Show a coming. As I surmised in the postshow write-up, I think it produces a good and balanced magick.

    It almost rings of a Saturday morning kids show, no?

  8. Great show, so many good topics!

    hm I guess there is a good reason why they are called Sol-Diers…I was also an Infant-tryman in the german military and almost went to A-stan, I’m glad it never happened…

    Kiwi-Alex mentioned the south american indians and I think those few tribes are the last humans without any form of programming, they are a good “reference point” to see what is really natural/human. And for some reason they don’t fear death at all and have no problem with suicide…

    this and the title “too long in this place” reminded me of a quote from the movie “Jacob’s Ladder”:

    “Eckhart saw Hell too. He said: The only thing that burns in Hell is the part of you that won’t let go of life, your memories, your attachments. They burn them all away. But they’re not punishing you, he said. They’re freeing your soul. So, if you’re frightened of dying and… and you’re holding on, you’ll see devils tearing your life away. But if you’ve made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth.”

  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dirty_Diaries

  10. Just saw this and raised alot of flags for me, I don’t think I have to say anymore…
    Angelina Jolie Confirms That Shiloh is Transgendered

    Great show by the way!

  11. I knew it! The Celtic Rebel is an Illuminati scum: Proof @ The Stynk Hole, The Celtic Rebel Exposed!

    You thought you would get away with it.. didn’t you?!

    The truth comes out in time.

  12. Great show. I am so glad you give a voice to all these fascinating human beings from around this beautiful planet. Thanks.

  13. mace556, good for you and us you didn’t have to go to A-stan, you might have come back unable to comprehend the content of this blog. 😉 Interesting quote at the end, after all attachments are the tethers that could hold down the ark/arc.

    marie, what a wonderful example of exactly what FEMINISM was designed to do.

    Fruitcake is a mix of close-up shots of various objects and human anuses being licked, dripped with saliva, fingered or penetrated

    The rest of the ground-breaking films are nothing more that promotions of whorishenss, dehumanization via the insertion of toxic plastics [vibrators], and vaginal destruction [fisting]. Thanks Mia Engberg! You’ve come a long way baby!

    Z, wow, what an amazingly dumb cunt Molly McAleer the author of that article is. Was half expecting to find slutty attention demanding whore mirror pics of her on the site. Nice to see one of the readers calling her out (the tomboy comment).

    Ferdinand, that Joey Fatone seems determined to try and goad me. For the moment, I think I will try to ignore him.

    Brian, if I’ve done so, which you so eloquently express, then I do it proudly! She will be back.

  14. interesting! can’t say that I’ve ever knowingly listened to footsie being played 😉
    The narrative about women’s yoni being hairless was particularly prescient — I’m getting laser hair removal around that general area and the woman looked at me like I had 3 heads when I insisted on leaving a landing strip. She said her husband had been begging her to go completely hairless and I said, “Why does his opinion matter more than yours? It’s your hair.”

    Crickets. oops

  15. It really was a great show. I’ve gotta stay away from the chat room.

  16. Very nice show, and hilarious link Ferdinand. I was laughing to the end of that article..

    Not sure if this would be a “synch”, maybe so, maybe no, but I had a very weird/funny dream few days ago where I’m about to be deployed during WW2 and apparently I had no weapon on me (being sent to battle with my bare fists I suppose, while everyone else has guns) and the group of soldiers I’m with really hate me for some reason, dirty looks and arguments all the time, so when we get to the place we were at I pick up a German gun off the ground to at least look like I can fight, although I was planning to shoot at the air, to not kill anyone.. turns out there was no battle since the war ended the moment I got there. Higher ranking guys kept saying “you guys better watch out for snipers”.. then I woke up laughing pretty hard, the strangeness of having such a dream.

    Just found it interesting how you guys mentioned battle though.

    Enjoyed your guest, she’s got a ballsy attitude. As in, “I’m not going down at all” after you saying not going down without a fight. Also, can’t say I don’t like their accents, Kiwi/Australians that is.

    In regards to the S. American tribes and suicide, of mace556’s comment; I just think that if one would be driven to extinguish their own physical existence, isn’t most of the time that done only when one is very sad? When one dies in such a manner these energies could be going (to) somewhere/thing that feeds off them, but that is merely my own thought. Cui bono?

  17. The creative and electrical aspect of sex is often overlooked by most people who have lots of it. And from what I can gather, most people on this planet do not really know who they are or why they are having sex, which makes it impossible for them to have really good sex.

    A big culprit in all of this: porn. Porn could be the reason the internet was given to the masses.

  18. Hiya Mr Rebel, I really appreciated your giving a person from the underworld a chance to speak – I had fun 🙂

    I’ve come here because I just remembered a dream from last night & it felt like it had some connection to, or continuance on from, Ed’s dream above – which I read yesterday.

    In my dream I was walking down a street when a seemingly rich American guy came up to me & said “Here have these” & he put some coins in my hand – I felt/knew that he was a tourist going home & had no use for the coins he gave me, whilst I being in a financially strained state, was glad of any help. However when I looked at the coins I saw that they were all old currency & worthless. I knew I had to throw them away & did so.

    I thought Ed’s dream was magical – how the moment he ‘showed up’, the war was over.
    My dream said to me that it’s OK to look carefully at what we are given (fed?). It’s OK to see that altho’ something has come from someone ‘successful’ we do not have to ‘buy’ (swallow) it – if it’s ‘shit’ & we have eyes to see that, then it’s essential to throw it away.

    I do feel this work is about connecting – speakers & listeners playing equal parts & weaving something tremendously powerful.
    Thanks Alex 🙂

  19. elizalegs, I am here to break all the radio barriers [and unlike stern, ones that matter]. 😮 Glad you chose to avoid a permanent “I’m 8 years old” look. As I’ve discussed on prior shows, the Brazilians generally leave a landing strip, and only those programmed by the idiot box apply the misnomer to child style.

    mat, well, I gather you’d think I may have gone too easy on the room, and perhaps I did. Hopefully, those responsible will read the above and stop … but I’m a bit cynical at the moment.

    I think what chatango needs is a “time-out” button where one child has to sit out while he reflects on why and room “time-out” button temporarily stopping all interaction for a few minutes.

    Ed, thank you. Am surprised our resident dream-interpreter Marty hasn’t chimed in yet. Yea, Alex not only balances my rage, but brings some of her own fighting spirit to the table.

    Ferdinand, you echo a sentiment I explored in detail in an older post (before I fully understood the term blue). I doubt we’d be anywhere near as degenerate had it not been for internet porn.

    alex, the digestion metaphor is so often overlooked in this and I hope to get into it with Eugene this week. Too many stay focused on the two far ends of the human stargate, and perhaps because they are burdened with penises? 😯 We will commune and create magick again friend.

  20. hi! i just wanted to say how much fun me and my boyfriend had listening to this…. we hadto pause many times during ur segment to discuss further ideas we had stimulated by ideas u were discussing. it felt we were having a better conversation to a radio broadcast than we generally do with the people we meet face-to-face….odd. ANYWAYS, i just wanted to “shout out” our appreciation, and respect. u guys have just touched on so many subjects we have been discussing, whether it’s a forced correlation, or not, we have actually got to laugh at loud…. that’s truely invigorating. thank you.

  21. Playing with names is great. Say Amen it’s simply an anagram for name its essentially apply recipients name here to recieve prayer. Now again nameste name set. So why are we venerating the god of the dark sun and this being attributed the concept of this divinity being within all beings. It should be understood the gods are hidden in the words the sounds it is the best place to be empowered as they are used constantly. They are hidden in clear sight. The names of places, the names of the moon for instance the planets are grouped in family of nus the venus uranus saturnus. 5 simplex 5th dimension is the star of david the planet saturn has this star at it’s dipole what more link is needed, how hard is it to not recognise satan/saturn… English is not meant for loving connection but storytelling falsification and disorder the language it is confounded and dissonant it is lifeless the purpose of it is to be so its disjointed and easily twisted and broken and ripe for creating illusion as fact that is. The whole deal with naming is to take power from something and send it some place else, it kills it’s mystery kills creativity “spells” it out as if it is this ideology whether it is or isnt. This is our science naming things then presenting assumptions as fact, it is impossible to promote innovation when the true sources are unknown when things are obscured.

    Australia is ridiculously ahead in social engineering, girls have been xena warrior lesbian sluts for years and anal is on everyones mind and people are bursting with gay pride while everyone else shudders with guilt in the face of political correctness. This place was initially prison colony everything has been set up thats being put into america here for years its regulated to all hell. America seems to have pipped Australia in codex, however australia is that loose the toxic food and crappy health system works its way in through free trade partners and private corporations. Keep learning people don’t let the little great men and their little big men get you down or get your praise or get your hurrah hurrah charge kill destroy 🙂

  22. Bravo ! An absolute fantastic show ! Been away from all things media for a couple of months now and didn’t miss it one bit, but coming back this find is truly a gem. Thanks, thanks and thanks again.

  23. Two of my favorite bloggers, Alex and Alex, on the same talk show. Doesn’t get any better than this.
    [Oh, should I mention my 1st name is Alex too?]

  24. anna, seeing you’re a first-time commentator, wanna say how much we appreciate you sharing that with us. If you had “fun” and it stimulated discussion, then we did a good job of communicating our intent to you. There is definitely a serious lack of this type of radio in the netherwaves.

    josh, playing alone is important. Nice breakdown of the language there! I recall years ago, this Aussie telling us of the Sheilas he’d bring home and someone accusing him of boasting, to which her replied, “Look mate! Picking up an Australian girl is about as chancy as going out to pick up a loaf of bread.” 😆

    Carl, judging by all the feedback, this was a great time to come back and listen. Thanks!

    yo1dude1man, yet another alex! Maybe it’d have been better if we’d broadcast in the buff. On second thought, and image just entered my mind of an NYC Public Access show where a couple did broadcast their talk show nude from their living room. Oh, the horror when he bent over to pick up the newspaper! 😯 Yea, I guess our show couldn’t possibly have been better. 😉

  25. It wasn’t your fault Rebel. I just don’t think I have much patience for the chatroom “scene”. But you’re right, there should be a “time out” button. Maybe one of these days I’ll call in.

  26. Fark u, Alex. Fark you very much for opening my blind eye, excuse the pun. Recently listening to a song by Antony and the Johnsons which I listened to quite happily for years. ‘Cripple + the Starfish’. I had a new set of ears on this song which just played and its freaking revolting. If you check out the lyrics it cant get any more blatant and i was suckered in big time by his or hers great voice. One section which is the most distrubing for me is “… And I sighed and bleeded like a windfall Happy bleedy, happy bruisy ”

    Man alive, its not even subliminal and I didn’t pick up on it before. Thanks for the great blog as its contributing to the slow de programming that I acquired during the 18 years of study + Holy-wood m-ass block busters.

    PS: and the de programming continues, I recently acqquired a game for xbox, which I was about to play and realised the name of it was a word play on anal yet again.

    Its a psychological role play which is called, Alan Wake – fk me. Could it be time for the ANAL to A-WAKE? Any chance I could go a day without being bombarded with social engineering. makes me thik back to what movies had characters called Alan. Maybe he knows Lana Turner?

    Over and out

  27. speaking of shit
    vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef_kPVR5paM
    catch waters’ comment at the 1:50 mark

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