Violating the Stygian Porthole (-)

No! That phrase is not meant to describe what any imagined event that took place between me and my return co-host/pilot Jeremy, but a very real [yet metaphoric] transgression we have suffered at the hands of the Holy Priests of Wood. For those of you who have yet to see it, Hot Tub Time Machine features a character named ViolatoR, and goes heavily into the topics of anal sex, vortexes/twisters, gayness, time-travel and pretty much everything my compatriot and I were discussing during our series of podcasts [if you haven’t heard the last one, shame on you].

stygian port

For those who’d prefer to miss it, the basic plot summary: if you could go back in time and live your life over again, then if you open yourself up to homosexuality and pederasty, you could end up being one of the richest men on the planet.

While, as previously speculated, I could easily misinterpret our cracking the code, so to speak, as theft of content, there is one particular scene those bastards/pricks lifted directly off one of my previous writings. Again, no surprise there. Despite what the corrupted mystery schools would have you believe, being on the receiving end of sodomy rarely leads to creativity. After all, we are talking about the rectum of the USA. The creative spark lies at the other far end of the spinal column.


That all said, Jeremy was back on this past Sunday [May 30th] and we did a “live” podcast together. That would be it, above.

stygian port

For the record, Metro Bob was [well, technically] already in the queue before a caller raised the topic Bob had in mind. Nothing personal mate, just bad timing.

There were also some shenanigans afoot in the chat room which I participated in after the show, leading to my booting a troll. I am forced to recall Carissa’s advice about passing a pit of screaming demons. It’s probably best to (a) notice the pit and note its location, and then (b) move on along. If you stand there at the edge shouting back at the demons, you run the risk of getting sucked in.

stygian port

Speaking of the abyss, I am already there at the edge and feeling rather queasy at the moment. This documentary is taking a lot out of me. All the shit I’ve been talking about had not properly jaded me as I once suspected. It [the shit put out by holy wood] is a lot worse than even I thought it was. I need to finish this message in a bottle and move on. It will have a [strong] effect on most [semi-conscious] people watching.

I’m about 66.6% of the way done with V2 at this juncture, and that is coincidental. I’d like to thank all of you who’ve donated so far, and you will be mentioned.

stygian port

The above image was contributed by one frequent commenter, “C” from Germany, who has a knack for contributing appropriate and in some cases, inappropriate images. He, coincidentally, sent this in at about the same time I was working on The Matrix revelation of the present documentary. Obviously, someone else picked up on the true intent of Morpheus before I.

However, I would say he [the artist] was wrong on one account. The Blue Pill is the one you take to go back to sleep; the roofie that Morpheus slips you so that he can sodomize you. The Red Pill is the one that allows you to get high, yet stay awake as he probes your rabbit hole. Not much of a choice? Either way, you get fucked!

I’ve been meaning to put out the last recorded podcast of Stygian Port and myself sometime before it becomes irrelevant, and was hoping to release it to coincide with his reappearance on the show, but the doc has kept me too busy. Paulo Samoes has taken the Zardoz portion of the last released podcast and made a video of it. That would be it above.

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Note A: For those unfamiliar with Jeremy/Violator from the Stygian Port, I can only assume you have not heard the fairly well-received series of underground podcasts we put out. They’re like the radio show, but somewhat better, because we curse like Irishmen.

Note B: On the following week, I flew solo and ranted and raved extensively. That post/show, From the G-Spot to the T-Spot, has been [re]moved from within here.

~ by celticrebel on June 3, 2010.

29 Responses to “Violating the Stygian Porthole (-)”

  1. Great show highly enjoyed it 🙂

    funny how abortion was mentioned cause I was overhearing the news here, that they are now paying women to get abortions…. Nothing surprises me anymore, it just makes me think, what are they gonna come up with next?

  2. Good show alex but I have some semi unrelated depravity to share. A story called “Guts” written by the writer of Fight Club for playboy magazine. This is crazy disgusting and not for the faint of heart.


  3. Chuck Palahniuk pokes people with hollywood-style bloody decapitated arms at his readings. And he’s gay. I have been meaning to write about my trip into the synch-hole that started in November of last year. I can’t figure out if all of these things are just commonalities of the human mind/DNA or influences by those with some massive plan. Read that the Bilderberg group is getting some real play in Spain… According to Worldnetdaily, Daniel Estulin has been invited to speak to the European Parliament sometime this week. Thought about writing a blog post and “Weird scenes inside the goldmine” popped into my head. Read the lyrics to “The End” online and this popped out a few lines later: “The west is the best, The west is the best, Get here, and we’ll do the rest”.

    The End is also the ass. And The END has come up again with the Black Peas “Energy Never Dies” song/album. It’s like two girls and a cup– this stuff keeps coming out and up and getting re-digested multiple times. I also saw HTTM. When they’re in the vortex– caught a glimpse of a Michael Jackson mask. Bears/furries reference, lots of stuff thrown at you. The film had a grown man yelling at his 8-year old (maybe it was 9-year old) future girlfriend for cheating, Chevy Chase calling the young fat by a girl, a father and son almost threesome– also noticed the checkerboard tiles in the kitchen when the John Cusack character is talking to his future lover. If this movie had so much shit in it, I can’t wait to see what Get Him to the Greek has to say (not really). Why is it with all of this marketing I feel like a goose getting force fed for foie gras?

  4. excellent show guys! Speaking of Lucifer and this matrix…Did you guys know about this “Hidden_Hand” guy on the ATS forums a while back who claimed to be an illuminati insider? You could ask him questions about the NWO and why we are here etc…

    He covered almost all the topics you guys have, about this matrix/box/illu-zion, why we are here, where we came from, reincarnation, karma, “rapture”, why “Lucifer” is also “stuck” here and what it really is all about…and Celtic already guessed it during the show…

    Idk if he/she was the real deal, doesnt matter imo, but it’s definitely worth a read! He/she said this Lucifer “group” came back/down here to HELP us evolve. Therefor they (bloodlines) have to ACT as the “bad guys” and be very “evil” to show us “what we are NOT”, but “behind the scenes” we are all friends, it’s supposed to be a test to see if we can retain our individuality/soul, and the way he/she answered and explained all those questions was very odd yet interesting to say the least…I highly recommend it:

    In march 2010 another “insider” appeared @ATS to answer questions again, someone calling him/herself “Illuminator13”, and he/she even said that the 13 was there for a good reason…

  5. Anna, well, I think Houston set up an abortion super center. Maybe they can have the American Idol winners sing “use the back hole” for the women in the lobby. 😈 Um, I jest.

    Immortallywounded, yea, that was “twisted.”

    YRG, that was poetic, man!

    mace556, I skimmed through those and definitely some interesting things said. Things I’d say. Weird he’d end up on ATS. I’ll have to set some time aside for it…

  6. Really enjoyed this ‘live show’- I’d like to hear more!

    There is some MAJOR synchronicity going on right now, especially after hearing this show.

    I’ve just landed a job after being made redundant last year. I have managerial role at a Pediatric and Gynecological clinic. I’ve never worked in a medical environment (was in international corp. finance previously, and advertising) So my eyes have just been opened, as I synch with what I’ve read here!

    You are not going to believe (or maybe you are) the ‘number’ of women who come in on a daily basis for 1st time and 2nd time abortions… It totally shocked me, not to mention the way the whole procedure is presented like getting a tooth fixed or something! All ages, all races, popping in to get it done, 15 or so a week! What is shocking is there 7 or 8 clinics in the city, small city, small country…OMG! Looking at these girls, hearing them talk, I can clearly see the breakdown of society and the moral decay of it all…perhaps I am judging…Do I sound ‘self-righteous? I guess I am…but if it is the breath of God from the first moment…then it is murder on a mass scale…I’m just shocked…You may not want to post this comment – Not sure how many female ‘fans’ you have…it could offend! I am offended that these women, some very young girls, getting this done like its nothing…had sex, got pregnant, got it removed, have sex, get pregnant, get it removed…what about the consequences to their own bodies, never mind their souls?

    P.S. There is a lot of ‘woman bashing’ going on in your shows but most of it I agree with! I would like to read about this stuff from a ‘female’ perspective also.

  7. If I understood you right Alex, you claimed in your current show that the cowboy in Zombieland is played by Brad Pitt. Actually it was Woody Harrelson who acted in this role.

    Anyway, you do a great job with exposing the programming through media and I look forward to your next version of your documentary.

  8. Marty I liked your post about abortion! I am one of the few female readers here and although I didn’t get offended since I never had a abortion before; hell never been PREGNANT, I know of girls who have had 2-3 abortions and don’t think nothing of it.

    Its also interesting to say that all ages, races, ect go in for the procedure but you know the MEDIA likes to focus on Minorities and also how can we forget good ol Planned Parenthood for setting this crap up for “eugenics” [what a joke!]

    Also its very uncanny that these ‘celebs’ are dropping like flies! The vortex is moving FASTER imo. Survival of the fittest and a lot of ppl AREN’T going to make it per se. They want someone to tell them the answers and spoon feed them.

    Thanks Celtic Rebel for the new posts 😀


  9. Well, I went to the cheap theater to see for myself, and damn, they call that guy “Violator” almost the whole time! I was like “Yes? What? Oh, it’s the movie… What? Oh, it’s the movie again..” At one point John Cusack’s character turns to Violator and asks, “What’s the itinerary, Lucifer?” >:O I didn’t stay for the credits, but I assume you and I are listed in there somewhere.

    PS: Oh yeah, I was looking over my Zardoz notes the other day and I remembered that Zed enjoyed his dreaming which the Eternals could no longer do, as they just meditate “at second level” instead.

    And in Hot Tub Time Machine,, the SUV the guys drive up to the mountains has a “x-box” luggage thingy on the roof. 😀

  10. always a good listen

  11. Marty, I don’t really think of it as woman bashing, but as bashing what the social engineers are, and have been doing to women. Maybe I should get a woman on as a guest one of these days.

    The Keyser, no, I was actually talking about Kalifornia, but I could understand the confusion (can’t recall if I misspoke) … yet ANOTHER movie about men and boys going West.

    thehoustongirl, thanks for chiming in. Had been a while.

    ViolatoR, may have to sue those fuckers! But, I hear suing the priests/mob not a good idea.

    terry, thanks!

  12. Hi – @ thehoustongirl – I can tell you that it is all races for sure, all ages, and I may have to revise the figures to approx. 20 per week. I find out this week that plastic surgeons use the clinic facilities for their ‘procedures’ which include fixing eyelashes, underarm fat, plus all the usual stuff… and there are even male patients on the register for this!
    (I don’t know if I will stick out this job – it’s getting to me already and I haven’t been there for long – the money I need desperately – but seeing all this ‘in-yr-face’ stuff – there was even a splash of blood on one of the patient records given to me yesterday, just made me pull an OMG face at the boss!) I’ve been feeling sick for a while now!

    Anyway, I’ve been reading more of your articles Alex and I have a lot of info. to give out on my personal experiences in the corporate world and also on the fringes of the entertainment industry, the ‘paranormal/ufo’ groups culture, and the so-called ‘new age movement’, plus revelations about my own life… So I’ve decided to change one of my blogs and write about it all there – I might link to your blog if that’s ok?

    I like to write a lot of stuff (freelance) but my editor tells me that you can’t sell a an autobiography when you are unknown…I tried to explain to her that I wasn’t going to write one but I was going to write about ‘dream interpretation’ which is something I do for friends… but I’ve changed my mind after my shocking experiences of the past week!

    I’m sounding like I am ranting on – apologies – but this is one of the only blogs where us ‘looneys’ can actually get our opinions out without being ostracised!

    P.S. I am constantly saying to myself…like a mantra…’How can He be Right?…How can He be Right?…How can He be Right?….But are…and THAT is the scariest thing of all!

  13. During the Post-show ‘chatanigans’ I mentioned that perhaps it’s only the actors with ‘Guild cards that are for sure “livin’ on the west side” (Chili-Pepperian slip). Reality TV “stars” do not usually need to join the Screen (Film) Actors Guild.Well that theory is now shot , Have you heard of or seen the VH1 show “TOOL-academy”? I’ve only seen it once, but apparently these guys, well just click the link. For research purposes only…

  14. Hey Alex great show again, I just wish I could Hack into the local radio station and broadcast your show to Borg collective around these parts, just to chuckle at resulting confusion and disorientation at being confronted by the truth as opposed to the usuall celebrity gossip and relentless programing they are accustomed to!

    On the subject of dreaming, I used to get the sleep
    paralysis quite often. Untill the last time about a year ago. Instead of being afraid as usuall, I willed myself to relax and thought out loud okay If there is anything hovering nearby “Fuck You, bring It on” And I haven’t had a repeat of the paralysis episodes since. Despite having them infrequently over the previous 25 years. Though I have had two weird dreams where I was a captive In a log cabin above a lake, where a female in her fifties and two male figures were being very menacing. The first time I woke up with a start slightly afraid . And the second time she pulled a gun on me lol, something clicked in my brain and I reacted with scorn and said “Go ahead what are you waiting for” and as a result again woke with a start, only this time with a faint sense of being pleased with myself? Probably means nothing but I thought I would share them you and the other interesting types who visit here.

  15. Ok, I’ve done it, (not gone west) I’ve exposed more of myself on my blog. If you want to read about who I am and how this freaky socially engineered woman arrived on your site Alex, here is my first auto-bio extract for your amusement (and your readers)! I’m still debating whether to add a photo or not.

    (Named after something you said in a show once!)

    I should warn you that it contains a lot of British references which will need a Google search!


    PS: I’ll write it here (because it won’t be on MY blog) This is a true story. The international bank I worked for a few years ago brought in from London, a ‘financial consultant/new client business manager’. An arrogant B/stard that most staff didn’t like but brown-nosed none-the-less. (Not me I must add) I was in a managerial position myself (lower) and was responsible for the co. drivers. One great Canadian guy use to drive the Big Boss around, to and from the airport etc. Well, one day, the London consultant was late for a plane and missed a big appointment. When I asked the drivers what happened, the Canadian guy called me over and told me the ‘dirty truth’…The reason they were late was because every 15 mins. he had to pull over, find a gas station or hotel or cafe, so the London consultant could use the toilet. I thought this was weird so I asked why! And the Canadian guy (ex-military) told me…I don’t even know if I can write it…but I will.. 😉 This London consultant was married with 2 grown up daughters but he also regularly went West with the Big Boss..his ‘sphincter’ (is that what you american’s call it?) was so loose that he couldn’t hold his shit for 20 minutes in the car…he even let loose in the BMW, and it happened often. This London consultant was pretty f/up and the driver even use to take him to the proctologist on a monthly basis. Needless to say I was shocked and embarrased and never repeated what he told me…I know a lot more of the secrets of that place! But the point of this message is.. the London consultant was promoted and is no longer just a consultant.. he is now CEO (right hand man to the Big Boss owner of the bank!) He is everyone’s boss now… If you met this guy you’d know that the story is true…Well it’s an example of what you’ve talked about and I believe it!

  16. PhilDeGrav, the page says “two unbashed heterosexuals?” Geez, what’s the world coming to? Next on Oprah, a woman who says she is proud to be of normal height and arrogant of that failing!

    RangersRebel, actually, there are some parts of the country, where I am broadcast over the airwaves. The thought that someone could be driving along and hear me talking about what I talk about, well … that brings me much joy. 😀

    I once, long ago, had a problem with nightmares. Amazing how quickly they stop when you tell them, “Enough of this shit!”

    Marty, with that name, I keep forgetting that you are a woman. Hence, you can’t “go west,” or so Denzel/Eli would tell you. 😀 Wait, I’m confused, what part came from something I said?

    And, thanks for sharing that story. Well, I think. 😮 But, the more I learn of “how people get ahead” … the more sense it makes. Imagine how today’s crop of teens, who are being abused down there by porno-trained slam/bamm boys are in for.

  17. No, no, no! Make it stop!!!

    Huggies commercial –

    The Stynk Hole –

    Good shows by the way.

  18. Oops, I crapped my pants!

  19. OMG That huggies commericial is just plain wrong in so many ways!!

    @RangersRebel – Your dream with the woman and the gun is a good one. Guns or weapons of any sort, when directed at you in a dream mean that you are ‘receiving’ power. If you shoot/kill someone however, you are giving away your power. If you know the person in the dream then that can make it pretty self-explanitory. If you don’t know the person – then they may represent an event of some kind where you will gain/lose power and therefore gain/lose something ‘good’. I should mention the bigger the weapon the stronger the power. And, if you are killed in a dream – that is mega and could mean good news coming your way! I interpret your dream using the rules of interpretation handed down to me through the family. The Rule of Opposites is at play here, there are othe rules but I cant get into it on this thread! I can’t really explain the rest of your dream as I’d need more details anyway. Hope this helps!

  20. OOps . I took the RED PILL! Found out it’s the date rape laxative! made me 5hit all over Morpheous’ peneous while he “woke me up”…

  21. celtic have you seen this movie “COP OUT” with Bruce Willis….its a gay porn movie with clothes on…. totally furthering the gay agenda…. have a look whenever you have time… unbelievable

  22. Ferdinand, you would not [or would perhaps] believe the timing of your comment. I had just put a section on the vid that ties with that way too perfectly, but you’ll have to wait [but, only a few days] … I can’t give too much “shit” away 😯

    ViolatoR, ah, I remember that. Guess with all the rampant anal sex taking place now, as I said above, guess we’ll soon be seeing women in their 30’s saying the same thing … “Ooops!”

    PhilDeGrave, you should have told Morpheus what I told him, “How bout you take those pills and shove them up your ass! I don’t need no pharmaceuticals to achieve enlightenment.”

    zorro, no I haven’t seen it, but Bruce seems to play down-low gay characters in a heck of a lot of movies. For future ref [i moved it this time], unless there is something specifically requiring my attention, just leave a comment on a semi-related post/article instead of using the contact me option… as it may also be of value to other like-minded readers…

  23. The future of MetroBob: Mad TV Gay Straight Guys

    Another one: Mad TV Gay Gangster Fight

  24. I’ve seen Chris Everard’s Spirit World since doing the show and he talks about some of the same stuff I talked about, even mentioning the Tibetan Book of the Dead in the bonus material. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about dreaming and death, and ghosts obviously! 😀

  25. Reverse speach being a common occurance may be accounted for in that english is backward or barbarized hebrew manufactured with numerology thus words in hebrew can be translated through numerology to find similar meaning or information on their derivation memes. It is very much the case that reversal of words and breaking them down into sounds and recognizing the base representations of the various letters attributed to various symbology gives you more understanding of the word in its occult nature. This was intended the language in confounding was also made dissonant it having no effect on DNA, where as sanskrit and more ancient languages have the capacity to impact on DNA that they encourage unfoldment and manifestation of health and potentiation. This information is product of research done in the field of cymatics. This backward and dissonant degenerative nature of english is the priest classes further seperation of peoples from their true nature. Some of this information comes from perhaps tainted possible dark priest of the knights of malta DR len horowitz and underground occult network .

  26. Marty
    I didn’t know the woman in the dream. And I think
    I have probably forgotten the rest of the dream.
    Thanks very much for having a stab at interpreting
    It for me, I really appreciate you taking the time
    to reply my friend. So thanks again.

  27. Just listened to the first podcast on the page, couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard at the Metrobob part!

    In regards to the sleep subject, I once used to have frequent sleep paralysis episodes with a substantial amount of fear being felt. The last sleep paralysis I had I could only feel what was like something standing/pressing down on my chest and neck area. Whatever it was that was on me got my really pissed off so I tried lifting up my arm to throw a punch (I know, it sounds silly but that’s the one thing that ran through my mind at the moment..) and broke slightly through what felt like the sensation of a very heavy sandbag on my arm, but felt like my arm’s muscles were tearing apart just to lift up an inch. In an instant, the paralysis was gone and I felt completely fine.

    There was another time where I had a dream where all I saw were the outlines of what seemed to be 7 grayish subwoofers/rings against a black void, evoking a fear into me with this ugly trembling grinding sound. This was well before my last paralysis event, and I had this dream again a few days ago, but this time around I felt happy to see it/hear it again after so long.

    Very strange, yes. I just wanted to add that bit in regards to the dream subject.

    Very good work on Don’t Go West V2.0, may your energies spent be not in vain. I can only “send” the video, but am not sure if people will “watch”, but I will try nonetheless!

  28. Christy O, not necessarily so futuristic. After all the Gay-NFL’s homoeroticism and and the overtly homosexual gangsta-rap genre would lead to this. Some “insiders” at Mad TV, judging by THIS VIDEO, which says that “P-Diddy is an astronaut.” Far more disturbing: this home-grown child imitation of.

    ViolatoR, Spirit World II is even better, though I’d gather you seen that as well by now.

    josh, good commentary. It is odd to pick through Len’s dissertations and wonder/contemplate what’s honest [indubitably, much has to be] and what’s agenda-driven bullshit.

    Ed, just them where the door is, no need to shove. 😉 If you’ve become a fan of Metro Bob, you’ll be happy to know, he calls into other shows now too [check 3rd hour of Lee Rogers @ 07/24].

  29. Reverting back to the abortion issue, Abortion Addict Confesses 15 Abortions in 16 Years

    “Vilar’s pregnancies became compulsively self-destructive: After her 9th and 10th abortions, she “needed another self-injury to get the high.” (wow)

    Read more

    All I could say was wow and why.Isn’t the purpose as they have been feeding us, as the last resort,mom will die,rape producing baby or a way to learn from a quote on quote “mistake”.

    PS: I don’t want to seem judgmental, in fact abortion isn’t really a new issue.(obviously) A tribe in Vanuatu called the Bunlaps use a special plant in order to terminate pregnancies.

    “Then it was revealed that she was pregnant with their fourth child. She didn’t want another child just then. She told him to go into the woods for the medicine to block the baby from being born. He came back with a liquid to cause a miscarriage. She drank it. She had her miscarriage. He was very attentive to her, giving her things to pick up her strength. That’s the way they handle the abortion issue, privately, leaving the entire decision up to the woman herself. The rest of the tribe is left completely out of it, and they do their business in secret.”

    I don’t want to seem judgmental, in fact abortion isn’t really a new issue.(obviously) A tribe in Vanuatu called the Bunlaps use a special plant in order to terminate pregnancies.

    “Then it was revealed that she was pregnant with their fourth child. She didn’t want another child just then. She told him to go into the woods for the medicine to block the baby from being born. He came back with a liquid to cause a miscarriage. She drank it. She had her miscarriage. He was very attentive to her, giving her things to pick up her strength. That’s the way they handle the abortion issue, privately, leaving the entire decision up to the woman herself. The rest of the tribe is left completely out of it, and they do their business in secret.”

    But I do agree that selfishness and social engineering have due parts in the abortion situation.

    But I do agree that selfishness and social engineering have due parts in the abortion situation.

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