Don’t Go West [Version 1.0]

Spent a great deal of time and [mental energy] this past week, working on a new video about the Westward Route. It began as a 10 minute summary and has now turned into full-blown documentary. I present you with Don’t Go West (Release 1):

Don't Go West Version 1.0

UPDATE (April 2015): Thanks to the combination of doing site maintenance, cleaning up my hard drive, finding a little motivation, and delivery mechanisms finally catching up with the market, I am making a High Quality release of the first cut available. Anyone wishing to make a small contribution towards my continued film making efforts, can [now] download Don’t Go West (Version 1.1) below:

All feedback is welcome, in particular, that related to parts which may not be clear to an audience. It can be hard for me to gauge, as I’ve been looking at this “crap” for so long now, their sorcery seems fairly transparent. Here’s a [10 min] preview:

Unfortunately, I am presently under the impression I will not be able to press DVD’s and sell the video [a commercial version would be ridiculously expensive to properly release]. Hence, all I can do is ask for your support [by donating or downloading] in appreciation for all the time and effort put into the project.

For the immediate future, I plan to devote my time to Version Two of this project, and continuing with the weekly radio shows (which may suffer in the interim). Getting it up on a video hosting service and staying there has been a challenge. Will do all I can do, which is make the best of it

Jun 2010: Don’t Go West [Release 2.0]

Note A: Anyone contributing over $20 (doll/euro) towards the project will get a mention in the credits of the next release. Anyone willing to kick in $50, will get an Executive Producer credit. If anyone would like the “Producer” citation in the opening credits, just contact me.

Note B: For those who don’t have the funds to contribute, but would still like to help: you can do so by going online, in any social media you participate in, and promoting the hell out of this.

Note C: This week’s show was once part of this post. For archival purposes, that has been moved to 1001 Fails to Way.

~ by celticrebel on May 13, 2010.

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  1. Oh, how cute… the little girls throwing petals are learning from the black high priestess how to be a whore… what an honor!! Not to mention the perfectly timed cut to that super gay fashion douche as he laughed due to his anus quivering from their “seductive” performance. Great catch on the “1941” opening scene. That eluded me when I saw that a few years back. Of course, Steven Spielberg was laughing as his anus quivered when filming that scene.

    Btw, I loved the “They Live” splice between the “Go West” HeyZeus rock and Village People 🙂 Simply classic 🙂

  2. Made my first small clip from purity and the stages of manipulation, check it out

    VID: Pure Bunny

  3. The above video trailer has reminded me of a quote: “With a stop light, green means ‘go’ and yellow means ‘slow down’. With a banana, however, it is quite the opposite. Yellow means ‘go’, green means ‘whoa, slow down’, and red means ‘where the heck did you get that banana?”

    P.S. I’m having trouble locating the link for yesterday’s show…what do I press? 😉

  4. holy cats. i feel really dirty after that one!

  5. raffi, thanks. Safe bet that Herr Spielberg has been initiated, and as I’ve been prone to say lately, “by initiated I mean pounded up the ass.”

    Pavman, nice show.

    Marty, I was unaware there was so many interpretations of bananas. 😕 Now, If I could only find that Euro art-house film clip featuring some very weird banana events….

    elizalegs, feeling dirty is a natural reaction to the shit-pile we’re living in.

  6. Alex, as someone commented “you really cut through the bullshit” in your efforts to point us to the truth. Sometimes I wonder if you get carried away and start reaching. But no you seem to pull all the information together and present us with unpalatable but inescapable conclusions. though as a previous poster commented on here. I have difficulty processing and putting it to good use in some positive manner. As It Is horrifying and isn’t even something I could bring up in conservation in the circles I socialise in! No the only “Celtic” they are interested In Is the crap football team! lol

    I wish to fuck I could like yourself, In some way make a stand and fightback against our slavemasters, but every ounce of creativity, imagination and ambition was hammered out of me by age 15 In one of their idoctrination centres or high schools as I believe they are now called. At least I now know my under achievments in life were mostly due to demoralisation by design And my persistant refusal to go along to get along. Anyway my friend keep up the goodfight and put my name down for a small corner of your Ark. I would be keen to hear more of your adventures with hot Brazilian females Lol

  7. Wow! I really appreciate your efforts Alex. I very much look forward to seeing the documentary, even if it will be the most disturbing sight to be seen. Keep it up!

  8. Listening to your show right now. Let me tell you i consider you a good conversationalist. Wish we could talk about some of the topics sometime, but the netherlands is far far away. Great you added the footage of the overweight kid singing gaga in a banana wearing a micky mouse t-shirt. That one really resonated with me big time. Really contained all that is wrong. How is anyone still capable to raise kids without that influence, since even without tv, kids will still have friends on school and are exposed to this sick agenda. Sorry no tips on how to raise kids, but just one little advice, be truthfull with your kids.

  9. Okay… you are right alex… And I am going East :)…
    I have been wanting to see what you have been saying is true… so I looked online for a another movie like Jennifer’s Body and I found this movie called “Hooking Up” starring childhood star Corey Feldman… From The Goonies to Hooking Up… What The Fucked Happened to him…
    This movies is Jennifer’s Body On steroids… It made me sick… So Cory went from Goonies to Hooking Up… Well Goonies was directed by Steven Spielberg… And who is Steven Spielberg… The most famous director…
    What does Steven Spielberg have to do with Jennifers body…
    Alex what shocked me even more about Jennifers Body is not the anal sex references but young girl actress ” the younger sister of the boyfriend” who seems to target Pedo’s…
    Okay… So last weekend I was watching a late night Tv and came across The Lost World Jurassic Park and I was shocked… Steven Spielberg directed jeff goldblum in a way he looked like a Pedo with his adaptive black daughter… jeff goldblum is grabbing her ass in once scene and standing over her in some sick perverted way… WTF… Steven Spielberg is a PEDO… And he needs to be exposed… I am sure he has made other movies with subliminal Pedo messages… ALEX, LENON… Someone needs to make a video exposing the most famous director as a sick evil pedo… KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ALEX… 🙂

  10. This is a big step. It will echo through time and we may just be rid of these sick fucks sooner than we once thought.

    The shame in it all is that movies could possibly be used for wondrous works of art. Thanks for doing this video. Although you are doing your work in the shit, you are certainly above it.

  11. I give it 4 Stars. Ummm,,,, chit,,, make that 2 thumbs way up!… Crap nevermind. Great work on v1.0.

    PS: Oh! Maybe add a clip showing what he sees with the sunglasses in ‘They Live’, otherwise that reference isn’t obvious to newcomers.

  12. RangersRebel, thank you for the praise. I do know this material is a tough subject to bring up to the unwashed/ignorant. I don’t even bother with some people I know well, because it’s a subject most flat out refuse to see. I am going to try and take the show in a positive direction, so perhaps so “fun/good” adventure stories are in order.

    The Fourth Initiate, well, I hope you were pleased with the rough cut [V1.0]. More to come…

    Moebius, ah it was you who advised me of the fat kid in the mouse shirt. Will note!

    NICK, yea Steven Spielberg is one sick fuck and definitely high on the priest totem pole, which I suspect is more of a priest skewer. I may have to look into “Hooking Up.” Corey [Feldman] came out about he and Corey [Haim] being molested by their “handlers” right before Haim conveniently died.

    Ferdinand, thanks mate. It does seem like we’re finally wearing the RIGHT glasses.

    zwoof, hehe, hadn’t considered that. If “thumbs up” comes from Rome, then it definitely meant up one’s ass.

  13. Pedo bear makes me think of my state, home to Hollywood, the Bohemian Grove and many other pedophilic rings, all located in California(which is the 1st place that comes to mind when one hears “the west coast”) whose state flag has a bear on it.Living in the bay area/northern California I can say without a doubt pedophilia is a big problem here in residential areas. I once saw a documentary about a priest who was in northern California molesting children in the 70’s, I think its a bit of an act of revealing as to WHY there are so many pedophiles around here, the priest class literally created monsters who would perpetuate the “sickness” and infect future generations. This state is the pedo bear factory.

    In a film called “Run Ronnie Run” they have a scene where the main character, played by David cross, calls out someone at a Hollywood party for trying to turn him gay and says hes aware of the gay agenda and they wont get to him, they then have a scene calling in to the gay headquarters to call off the agenda because their cover is blown. The man “seemingly” in charge was none other than Patrick Warburton aka The Tick, and I believe he was in a blue navy uniform as well. Also noteworthy is that David Cross went on to play Tobias Funke(who’s profession is analyst/therapist or anal-rapist for short) on Arrested Development, during the 1st two seasons of the show, he wanted nothing more than to be in “The Blue Man Group”.

    Great work Alex, this film is fantastic, thank you for the time and energy you put into it.

  14. Nice video, everything is so blatantly obvious and this is what is so scary! Just one point, the text in the video disappears too quickly, maybe you could slow it down for the 2nd release. I am glad I am not the only person disturbed by the US troops doing a Gaga in Afganistan!

    I thought the radio show was really good in an unstructured sort of way. I’ve also just discovered your older videos. Didn’t realise you are so young. Your insight is amazing. I thought someone would have to at least pass their 20s before they realised what this world was really all about! (Not meaning to be ageist) Keep it up! (Can I even use that phrase anymore? Obviously I shouldn’t, it could mean all sorts of things!)

    P.S. I am not a whore – thank you!

  15. After the “13 Steps” part, this song came to mind, and I think it suits the topic quite well. VID: Pantera [13 Steps to Nowhere]

  16. this will make it much easier for me to convince some zombies to eat less brain. thanks for your hard work.

  17. Ooh, you know me, I’m absolutely quivering with anticipation at watching this! You can’t sell it, but if someone donates a certain amount of money you might feel compelled to give them a “free” hard copy as a “gift,” ‘eh?

  18. You should have added this: The Human Centipede

  19. Immortallywounded, good point about the bear being in the state flag. Maybe coincidence, but quite fitting in hind-sight. Wow, just looked at the cast list for Run Ronnie Run: jack black, trey parker, matt stone, sarah silverman, ben stiller, katy griffin … every degenerate mother-fucker in and their sister turned up for this one.

    Marty, I’ll be adding quite a bit more text in the second edition and extending read-time. Me, young? Hm, assumed you were male.

    The Fourth Initiate, not really my type of music, but nice s[t]ync. Like the illuminated line, “A Nazi Gangster Jew, it beats a dog that’s dead.”

    raffi, I certainly hope it does [reach those in deep denial]…

    ViolatoR, I could be coerced into giving out hard copies of course, donations be they in money or energy [offer limited to cute female fans only]. 😛

    IAmLonefrog, that movie is bizarre and timely to say the least. Someone had notified me of it a little while agao, and it will make it into the next release. Couldn’t help but note the mad scientist was for some reason “German” and not Israeli. Gee, I wonder why. 🙄 I wonder why.

  20. Learned quite a bit from that video, looking forward to the final release. Was never aware of the “go west” thing, although I do remember some advice that sounded like.. “go west if you’re lost in the wild” or something like that.

    Also, what was the name you said Jesus had in Hellenic? Something that sounded like hello, I can’t remember which podcast I heard it in.

    Thanks for all you’re doing Alex, I truly appreciate it, regardless if the truth hurts or not.


  21. Good work, Alex, keep it up. Sharing this with everyone that needs a jolt of reality. I’m digging the style, letting the clips speak for themselves for the most part, only interjecting commentary now and then. My only suggestion to offer is perhaps adding more subtitles to the things like music and movie clips, a name and year reference would help the viewer grasp things even better, I think. I found it to be rather compelling, even though maybe not for the beginner. Perhaps a full length cut could contain some introductory material. A primer, a lubricant if you will, to make it easier to slide home the real meat of the issue.

  22. Well done. This was one thorough analysis!

  23. Must say that going west in the USA would be California. So therefore a lot of movies seem to portray cali as the promised land – ie “The Wanderers” when they drive west 2 boys in the car after leaving their old hood. Leave the kid alone!

  24. Don’t Go West V.1 seems like the tip of iceberg. This reminds me of Madonna’s book “Sex” which came out in 1992. One part of the book details how wonderful anal sex is, since the anus has the most nerve endings in the human body. It suggest that every one should try it. According to her it is the ultimate orgasmic experience. This soft core porn book put forth this agenda well before the hardcore porn industry did.

    It is easy to see that Madonna is much more than just a gay icon and she is probably the high priestess of the “Gaylites.” Her whole career has been one long propaganda campaign for their cause.

  25. Yep, have to say your work gets better and better.

  26. Damnit, man! The Village People song was stuck in my head all day yesterday. Screw it, I’m heading west.

    I kid. In any event, I will ride your coattails and link to my own modest series: vimeo

  27. Ed, thanks! I’ve actually learned quite a bit while making this video, and the process continues as I approach Version 2. His name would be Iasou, pronounced ee-ah-soo … which sounds quite similar to the greek phrase for hello/goodbye.

    Doublybuck, I had hoped to add movie identifiers in this release, but pushed it out as is for feedback. A lubricant? 😯 I do plan on more narratives throughout.

    Gnostic, thanks. Unfortunately, the hole was filled with shite, quite literally.

    Pavman, I have forgotten the wanderers, but am sure, as with everything else that I’ve gone back to look at since … can guess that if they went “west,” other hints of sodomy lie within.

    N, no doubt Madonna holds a high role, and has paid the price to get there. Was unaware of how she was used to promote anal-sex to gullible fans of hers, so long ago. Ooh, if there were only a clip of her saying it somewhere.

    Antares, thanks much!

    Ferdinand, yea, that song got stuck in my head too. My apologies to all for driving that and some other shit into the mental recesses.

  28. Wow amazing piece of work!

    Watched this BBC documentary recently exposing the gaylites, gay politicans and gay crims in london in the 60’s, as per Sexy Beast.


    James Fox has had some very notable roles in his cv. He gets it on with Mick Jagger in Performance (rumours say this happened in real life aswell). Fox also is the head Mason in new Sherlock Holmes.

    I wonder if you have ever looked films by Todd Solondz.

    From wiki: Solondz originally considered becoming a rabbi,[1] but eventually set his sights on writing screenplays. He wrote several while working as a delivery boy for the Writers Guild of America.

    He also went to Barber College in Trenton, New Jersey. In fact, to this day, when he’s not working on films, he’s cutting hair.

    His films Happiness, Palindromes, Life After Wartime all have pedo main characters…disturbing stuff..

  29. Thanks for a good show! Regarding the mental split and the ark. The most obvious outcome right now is a mandatory mass vaccination against a real (released) or fake global virus. The drones will take the shot and feel it’s effects while critical people will get criminalized and forced to take it or end up in some kind of quarantine. So in a situation like that I really don’t know what good the mental ark will do?

    And forget the elite saving your ark because you’re awake and smart. Why would they, and if they would, do you really want to work for them? They just killed off all sheeple and you’re standing in line to serve them? Then you are proNWO and will finally take it in the rear end?

  30. Okay, I tracked down the clip I mentioned on jewtube. I’m not sure if it is a naval uniform or not, I guess the fancy cuffs threw me off. Interesting to note that the rooms have blue lighting.

    VIDEO: Proof of the Gay Agenda

    Also behind Patrick there is a world symbol very similar to The Venture Bros. opening sequence, where he plays the voice of the macho mans man Brock Samson, who like his namesake(Samson) loses his hair at the end of every season.

  31. Aferrismoon’s noting the red and black of the black widow spider, the Michelle Obama election dress, Lady Gaga and Queen is very prominent in this video of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”.

    Doesn’t it make you want a lolly-pop? To join the priesthood or slip off into a convent?

    The great night night of Kali looms. This is the point of not taking a left at AL BOO QUEER KEY, so Loki rabbit warned … its off the Charlie’s end of the pier playground. Weeeeee!

    PS: Holy asshole batman that Centipede movie is F*CKED UP!

    Well what cannes you say? The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!

    Hellacious work Celt!!!

  32. Alex, today I was in the supermarket, I know, I know, ‘don’t think, just shop’, anyway I was at the fruit counter and spotted the pineapples…for pity’s sake…all I can think of is the ‘Gay Agenda’ as I am staring at the fruit…I think I am seriously getting @*&*&%£ in the head with this stuff…and now… IAmLoneFrog commented above – with some seriously disturbing ‘shit’ disguised as entertainment to add to your documentary!
    I’m freaked out more than I thought I would be.

  33. The old saying “GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out” really applies to the Disney Princess programming. For one it teaches every girl she needs magic spells and a man to do anything important in life.

    One of the biggest questions you can have with these films and T.V. shows is what useful information does it teach young girls. They are taught not have a thought in their heads unless someone gives it to them. Another point is that they are not taught the life skills or given the knowledge to become self-confident and independent young women. In today’s world a young woman can study to be an engineer, doctor, or scientist. Though you would never know that from Disney films.

    It is all about girls being airheads, and waiting for Mr. Right/Mr. Sugar Daddy. No wonder these girls end up screwed up and they have no real life aspirations or self esteem. How far can a young bimbo go in life?

  34. brian, I was aware of that period in time, when so may were “outed” for I suspect system-serving reasons. Was unaware the Krays were somehow connected to it. Interesting that the general assumption is that anything has changed since then.

    One of the films by that sick-fuck Solonz was on slate [in the back of my mind] to make it into V2, so thanks for the reminder. Hm, he’s a “hair-dresser” … how fitting.

    roguelike, hard to say WHAT will happen … like in chess they have many options and prongs of attack to follow.

    Immortallywounded, OH MY GOD! What an awesome clip … that will most definitely make it into the next release. Interesting he also plays Brock who made love to the pink dolphin and joined a gay underground outfit at the season finale. Thank you!

    eugene, looks like the “single ladies” clip is found a place in the update. Damn, there are some seriously f’d up images from that Cannes link, like this one.

    Marty, my apologies for revealing the madness perpetrated on us by the priests. 😉 It is disturbing and it truly is amazing how synchronicity is revealing even more of their shenanigans/codes to me as I progress.

    N, valid points. The problem is how do we convince the average dumb cunt posing as a “mother” of this? An interesting revelation/twist on the “princess” progamming/franchise coming in V2.

  35. Awsome like always,really appreciate your work. Have you watched the little 8 year old girls dancing to “single ladies” on the world of dancing show out in Pomona ?WTF is this world coming to.

    VIDEO: little girls going hard on single ladies!

  36. Another item to add is that the media has several famous actresses coming out of the closet lately. Kelly Mcgillis has admitted she is gay. There have also been three well known female celebrities saying they are bisexual Megan Fox, Drew Barrymore, and Fergie. Now all I have to ask if so many female stars are coming out, what about the male stars?

    I think that the next stage of this agenda is to have several male film stars come out of the closet as gay or bisexual. I think you have to push young women first in a certain direction then have the young men follow. This agenda will be going full tilt when several male movie stars come out of the closet. I think the intention is to push young women further and further away from young men then target the young men directly.

    I am shocked at how in your face this agenda is yet no one questions it. The concept of “Transgendered Children” is a new phenomena. I don’t see how a boy young as six years old could have firm grasp of his gender and sexuality. I fear that if you can put this idea forward then it easy to make young men “Go West” at a very early age. Will there come a time when adult male counselors will help these young men come to realize and develop their “Western” identity and this will be considered good therapy for the child?

    This is text from ABC News article on the topic:

    “But for some children, what’s between their legs doesn’t match what’s between their ears — they insist they were born into the wrong body. They are transgender children, diagnosed with gender identity disorder, and their parents insist this is not a phase…

    The Jennings asked that “20/20″ not disclose their real name in order to protect the identity of their 6-year old transgender daughter, Jazz…”We’ll say things like, ‘You’re special. God made you special.’ Because there aren’t very many little girls out there that have a penis,” said Renee. “Renee and I are in 100 percent agreement as to how we should raise Jazz,” said Scott. “We don’t encourage, we support. And we just keep listening to what she tells us.”

    The full article is at this link

  37. Great vid. Entertaining and very insightful. My only suggestion is maybe a little less clips of the petshop boys vid Go West. That song is terribly annoying and after the first 5 seconds we get the connection.

  38. I can see why you released this as a 1.0, as I don’t think this banana has fully ripened yet, or rather, perhaps it is overripe. Although the, at times, mind-numbing, repetition does reflect the nature of the programming itself, there just seem to be a few too many cuts back to the Pet Shop Boys and Village People. Still, this is an eXceptional anal-isis. I hope to support your work financially when I am able to, as you are a much more worthy truth-seeker than some other Alex’s in the movement.

  39. Roman Polanski , noted butt enterer of young girls, made 9th GATE.

    In the final scene Johnny Depp [ Ped?] joins in sexual union with some kinds devil-woman. After sex he gets up to walk through the castle GATE and the radiant light within.

    The devil-woman may have been chosen at a young age [9?] to perform sex-ritual.

    The Tarot card relating to the 9th Gate = Strength or Lust, a woman holding open the jaws of a lion or in Crowleys a woman riding a 7-headed lion.

    The Hebrew letter for this card is TYTh [ Tayt or ‘tight’]. The letter T is the central letter in ShTN or SaTan.

    Aren’t the Kardassians in Star Trek?

    Tin is Cin in Czech, pronounced Tsin

    Zeus loved Ganymede and put him in the constellations as Aquarius, the Age we’re …enter-ring.

    Golden dawn and Crowley began the pack with 0 and Crowley got into a bit of anal-ritual. The 1st card is the FOOL which I feel Crowley enjoyed to do.

    Amun the Egyptian god created everything by masturbating into his mouth and spitting it out. As nought else existed but Amun I guess the sperm was spat out on to a pile of his own fertilising droppings. Later Khepra the Dung beetle will produce the sun, that went down into the hole in the west, from the East mouth.

    Possibly celebrities require a bit of westernising before they open their mouths on the mediaworld stage.

    Stewie or Stew , anagram of West


  40. Also if u go to ‘Twelfth Bough’ blog and go to post ‘SADISM PAYS’ u will see some very pertinant photos at a home for people with behavioural ‘problems’. [LINK] Disney all over the walls.

    They electrocute the ‘patients’ when they act ‘wrongly’. The electro-packs are taped to the patient to save the the rapists from having to get up off their butts

    Families pay $200,000 a year for this service


    [submit comment , really]

  41. Rick35, as said to Eugene above, that turd is gonna be included. Funny to now click and see “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by YAK FILMS.” Yet, on the Huff Post it’s still active, and of course, it states:

    According to BuzzFeed, the girls in it are 7. Age appropriate or not, there is denying it’s one heck of a performance.

    N, in a prior show/article I discussed how the same media who’s been telling us that homosexuality is not a choice, is now telling women in their 40’s they’ll be happier if they drop men and “choose” to be lesbians. As long as the mAsses think they are smart, their stupidity and the propaganda [like that bs transgender children shit] will continue.

    creoleprincess, point taken. I know some songs will end up getting stuck in people’s heads after this … but the “PET” shop-boys vid does have oodles of revelation of the method in it.

    Sasha, thank you kindly for your words. So, much more/new coming in V2. Hm, again. Hopefully, in the next cut, the VP/PSB clips will be less invasive.

    eugene, ah yes, the Kardashians are in star trek! Hm, maybe I can work that into the final cut. Both species ultra-materialistic. The Polanski case reeks of a much deeper story, though I interpreted the 9th Gate closing as Lucy Fur is “the way.” Wow, good catch on “Stew.” Go West young-baby man!

    aferrismoon, interesting info, especially considering the mind-rapist is named Israel and the color choices in his lobby syncing to the westward-bound “pet” shop-boys. I updated your post to include a link. Of course, as with most priests, rabbis and d-octo’s … their victims will pay for the privilege. 😡

  42. In the blink of an “I”,
    or the twink of an “eye”,

  43. so spongebob lives in the pineal gland under the “c” crown chakra? Patrick is the anus / base chakra?

    Bubba the love sponge used to have a sidekick named ‘balloon knot

    hangs on the steering wheel
    pinky ring shining
    dont too close
    the diamonds they might blind you

    VIDEO: BIGG STEELE “Pinky Ring Muzic”

  44. WOW! Disgusting and disturbing. I don’t know how I managed to not throw up. The Route 66 aspect kept making me think of how the “British” refer to Americans as SEPTICS and we have this horrifying mercenary force called Blackwater just foaming at the mouth to kill and torture us during our WWIII epic blood ritual. X marks the spot!

  45. I felt pretty dirty after the first half, and I have never seen those commercials for that drink from KFC before… but it’s quite disgusting.

    This vid made so many connections, and ties things together in ways that I didn’t realize were connected. Great job man, I’m blown away with this one.

    I didn’t realize how evil Jennifer’s Body is. And all Megan Fox is to people is a sex symbol but she’s so much more. Just look at the way she’s letting herself be used to control young minds.

    I remember being at this girl Hilary’s who was 2 years younger than me, still in high school a couple years ago. Her bedroom door was plastered with Megan Fox pictures and a bunch of magazine cut out crap. She was bi-sexual and had a thing for violence and knives. I’m talking like 16 years old. Soon she’ll be 18. What’s the next new thing for 16 year olds? I imagine playing with knives is getting old.

    The human centipede looks so sick WTF
    Hollywood “shits” this stuff out so to speak, but it’s creating psychopaths and making us all disfu8ntion if we subject our minds to it long enough.

    Eye opening piece, not sure if I’m ready for more.

  46. i heard Micheal Tsarion say that horus was the god of the west

  47. This film was actually creepy/ scary. Good work, Celtic!
    By the way here’s a link to a butt-related song – very professionally produced etc, ‘The Wrong Hole’. I work in a law office and one of the senior lawyers thought it was funny to play this at an office party.
    Look forward to seeing the finished product with more of your narration. Thanks

    VIDEO: Wrong Hole w/Scott Baio, Taryn Southern, and DJ Lubel

  48. invisible sun, nice point. Somewhat poetic.

    Danny Diaz, yes, exactly! I could only listen to so much of BIGG, but funny the anal-insider’s little ditty was made by Subterranean Films.

    Bogeyman, throwing up might be a proper reaction, especially when considering for how long this subversive “shit” has been broadcast into our heads. Wasn’t black-water the first force on the Lower Delta scene after the Katrina enema?

    ShatteredButterfly, well I hope you’re ready for more come the release of V2. Lots more connections and revelations coming. Some good points you raise about young womanimals being bred by Mama Mede these days.

    sarah, hm, thanks. The trail west leads directly into that’s god’s omnipresent blind-eye.

    Nick, I recall seeing that some time back. While it’s [somewhat] cute and catchy … odds are it will [and, as you suggest, subversively] encourage a few slapstick routines among giggling couples that will result in them making gravy. 😯

  49. Well done, CR. I remember as a kid being confused about what the Looney Tunes “tunnel” was about. Thanks for the clarification…I think! 🙂 Now looking at Daffy with his “priest” coloring and cruel intentions makes me wonder if without conditioning would we have even watched such sadistic garbage.

    The nagging thought that I have is if they (whoever and whatever that is) go to such elaborate lengths to steal human energy/souls – we are sitting on (quite literally) our own enormous power. That thought keeps me from being completely homicidal in the face of this literal pile o’ shit.

  50. Solid work Celtic, thanks to this video many of us will be much better equiped out there on the battlefield…tanks and apaches man.

    A question that came to mind as I was watching this was, wtf will the world be like in just 5 more years of this intense bombardment of homo/butt sex programming? The wood that is holly has been moving fast while we’ve been asleep all these years.

  51. The demon who possesses the girl in The Exorcist is Pazuzu, the demon of the West Wind (Wicked Witch of the West? WWW=666). Also Prof. Farnsworth has a gargoyle named Pazuzu in Futurama which pulls him out of the vortex fountain of aging.

    I forget if you mentioned it, but movie stars, star in movies, or “are starring” in such-and-such film. star-ring = butt-ring? Cuming soon to a the-ater near you!

  52. I see why you are bushwacked Mr Rebel! I felt the need for a shower afterwards myself.

    I’m left with the feeling that fame = shit. Literally. It seems to take people as far away from there ‘centre’ as they can possibly go – as if they become a waste product of their former selves.
    I had wondered if the bible had one point in it’s favour when it said that ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’ i.e. perhaps humility is the only way we can move forward out of all this shit.
    But thena again perhaps there is an alternative perspective – perhaps the ‘meek’ = the ones who ‘have submitted’ – allowed their will to be ‘fractured’ anally. They certainly seem to be inheriting the cesspit earth they are so ‘con-scientiously’ creating.
    What you speak of surely the truest interpretation of the term ‘mind fuck’.

    If humanity could grasp (with gloves of course) the understanding that Holy Wood is indeed one ongoing bowel movement, perhaps there would be a chance for the, as yet, uninitiated.

    I hope you managed to get clean afterwards – perhaps a little smudging with sage might be in order 🙂 Best to you

  53. According to Kay Griggs, wife of Colonel George Griggs, USMC (retired USMC commandant) 29th commandant of the Marine Corps this big gay army already exists. This is the description of the video:

    Kay Griggs, wife of colonel George Griggs, USMC (retired USMC Commandant): 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, found her husband’s diary, which contains details of homosexual blackmail in the top ranks of the US Marine Corps and names leading politicians and military leaders. Kay Griggs’s information about the US government also comes from observations and people she met. She exposes initiation rituals, the raping of young men and blackmail and murders to keep people quiet. Much of this, according to Griggs, is related to secret society activity and she names figures like Henry Kissinger and a string of other top government individuals. This is part 1 of 2 of the full interview

    You can seen her full interview AT THIS LINK

  54. Disgusting. Perfect!

    What’s with the red flashes?

    PS: Have you read The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party?

  55. knowglow, I think it was Stygian Port who let me know it was going into some “orifice” and then me who via the process of elimination [no pun, really] realized it had to be the anus. Hm, odd way of putting it, but in the sense of what these fuckers want, I guess we are all sitting on a veritable gold mine. 😳

    breye, thanks mate. The world is gonna be a scary disfunctional deviant place judging by the attitudes/mores of the young who are so heavily programmed. We need to change them and the future or leave this place.

    ViolatoR, interesting tidbits. As I’m working on V2, the whole notion of the vortex/anus and time-mastery/immortality keep popping up/in.

    alex, thanks for chiming in. It has been taxing. While I am what fairly jaded to the dabauchery, putting it all together is quite the strain on me. I did see some light at the end of the tunnel, and I talked to it to confirm [in this case] it wasn’t an oncoming train/trap. 🙂

    N, thanks for bringing this up. I had watched this video a few years ago, but I did not know then, what I know now, so failed to grasp the scope of what she was saying. Will have to view it again with my new eyes/ears.

    Evan Long, V2 will be far more disgusting and hopefully [more] perfect. 😐 I think the red flashes come from some videos I grabbed which were likely converted by someone using an trial version of some shareware. By the time the final release is out, hope to catch/eliminate those.

    I was unfamiliar with the book, but very much so with the concept and how the now appropriately named “brown”shirts were ALL gay. Do have some “nazi” refs in V2. Thanks for the link.

  56. Chicago is “place of the stinking onion” see here.

    “The stinking marsh was called by the local Indians called it “Chica-goa”, the place of the “stinking onion weed”. The name of “Chicago” resulted”

    So its the beginning of the layer cake onion called Am-erika.

    I synch-shared that “Chi-Ka-Go” is “Energy-Soul-Go”. This is equivalent of “lekh lekha” or “seek in yourself”. This command to Abram to leave “Aur of Chaldees” meaning “light of false magicians” is the call to everyone … know yourself or dont go to LALA, layla land.

    EL/AL makes itself LA, or night, to those who dont get or cant get what “gehenna” means.

    Gehenna is a table of yourself being fed to your own false idol as you serve your false love with your own essence, ie your offspring. The drums of Tophet, meaning “morsel, morsel, morsel, morsel” sing this incessant song. You can see it most dramatically in the 3rd panel of Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights”.

    In the bible, book of 66, revealing and concealing at the same time, this message is the KERNEL, and is the same message as Bhagavad Gita with the words of Lord Krishna.

    “If you make a false idol, I will answer you in it, to destroy you” and “There is no God but me”. God, meaning the creative power, will answer you through your externalities. All paths of externality lead to LA, the reverse of AL/EL.

    So Abram, who ascending past his “own pregnancy” of getting an H inserted in his middle, becomes abraHam. This happens to him at 100. He shows the male path cycle in 1..10..100..1000 of ALP or Aleph. He gains a He, or window, through the illusion of Maya. He sees past, through the new found window, the light of the false magicians.

    This same is the name game of Sarai. She gains an He by changing her yod at her end, thus saraH. This happens to her at 90. She is the female sequence of 9..90..900 or TIT or TYT. The YOD to HE is the game of her “penis” becoming her window.
    Same “seeing” past the light of false magicians.

    Am-erika. Erika = Katherine = Katrina = Kali. All forms of RK, KTR, KL, etc are phonetic “destroyer” phonemes contained the original magic language. Kali-fornication is the to have union with the destroyer. To walk this far means you have not gone lekh lekha, ie to make a turn away from all this, but to go straight into the MAW law of that round and round the ROMA AMOR ferris wheel of St. Augustine.

    Erika is the fight song of the Waffen SS and for good reason. Wicked Witch of the West is Dorothea in her old form. Dorothea in her new form merely dons the same ole shoes. Erika married the Eiffel tower because she has OS or objectum-sexualis, the supreme manifestation of the marriage to IRON, aka 26, the guardian of the ounces. Guns got gold. Wink, you think your have wealth and wallah, bars and bars in the land of stars and stripes. Whip me Jesus.

    These shoes are found in the most dramatic place … the winepress of God, the feast of the Bridegroom, the return and consumation of the wedding feast of the BRIDE, MNZPK. This feast has as its food “kings and captains of the earth and all flesh” and as its wedding guests “the fowl of the air”. To consume the Bride is to eat or have union with hymen or to meat the moon. And is not water the only occupant of the universe? Ill bet you your Dune-ish Freeman water it is.

    I have preached this most dazzling gospel for ages on the Ustream. “Friend of the Devil is a friend of mine”.

    Route 66 is .2666 plus .40, only the .333 gets past the limitations of its parents. One needs a new window, the other to change into its window. In doing so becomes “without father or mother”.

    A cup for the table of gehenna.

    Some dinner ware and a guest for the table of gehenna.

    A game for after dinner at the table of gehenna.

    And in synch-pun fashion TV is TAV, the final resistance, at the Krishnian riddle of 22’s table, the plug/box of 213

  57. All good stuff here again as usual Celtic & commenters!

    Just read the plot for a new movie called “Valhalla Rising” which sounds like it’s chock full of all the hidden/not-so-hidden content we’ve come to expect now. The plot goes like this –

    “Plot: 1000 AD, for years, One Eye, a mute warrior of supernatural strength, has been held prisoner by the Norse chieftain Barde. Aided by Are, a boy slave, One Eye slays his captor and together he and Are escape, beginning a journey into the heart of darkness. On their flight, One Eye and Are board a Viking vessel, but the ship is soon engulfed by an endless fog that clears only as the crew sights an unknown land. As the new world reveals its secrets and the Vikings confront their terrible and bloody fate, One Eye discovers his true self.”

    Hmmm… ok…

    Keep up the great work Rebel! (did I just say “Great Work”? Fuck! Sorry!!! Definitely no pun intended!!!) 🙂

    PS: It stars Mads Mikkelsen who was also in Casino Royale & and more recently Clash Of The Titans of course.

  58. You have been on my mind this week — I tried watching this several times but had to stop. (the 80 minute version). I wonder how it affects you to be so inundated. I hope you find some respite away from all of the shlock. I also wonder (and perhaps it is so simple and obvious it’s not worth a response) if it starts to nag at you that there’s somehow some truth to it all? it is so pervasive and ubiquitous…and also…if not…what IS the truth…

  59. Just wanted to mention I saw a bunch of pirate symbols(skull and bones) today and it really stuck out that they had eye patches aka a blind eye

  60. CR, dude you got to watch this clip black gay agenda


    will smith aka the “pre obama” in gay sex, in one of his first movies – keep up the good work

  61. one more step to making the collective US going west – obama’s choosing of elena kagan as supreme court nominee. the mASSES are riled up about the possibility of her being a rug muncher (pretty likely given her butch demeanor… not to mention she is fugly). but, in all reality, she may not be a lesbian.

    bottom line, it does not matter in relation to its social engineering implications! the media has spun this debate from nothing and the hornets nest has been rattled. everyone is DISTRACTED; they’re debating about whether her sexuality should matter or not. not only whether it would bias her decisions in the supreme court, but whether it’s any of their business to know her private life’s details.

    all day long: lesbian this, lesbian that, lesbian, lesbian, lesbian, lesbian, lesbian, ad infinitum & etcetera. our minds are distracted from anything important.

    this is a can of worms either way. we are injecting the concept of homosexuality deeper into the public consciousness and progressively desensitizing everyone to the idea. this, together with the [almost not] covert gay-lez media bombardment works together synergistically.

    i hate to say it, but these motherfuckers are savvy and smart. for the average zombie, this is a lose-lose situation.

  62. Fantastic work Alex, including the radio show – keep it up.

    And interesting article I came across – the comments at the bottom are telling:

  63. dear videomaker, take a look at the movie “the hangover” very obvious pedophile subliminal movie.

  64. eugene, so, would it seem the hole leading in stynks as bad or worse than the whole leading out? The numeric stuff is kinda hard for me to wrap my mind around. I’m gonna have to get you back on the show soon[est].

    Crakka, though I am fed up with movies, I may have to take a peek at Valhalla Rising. Sounds like it wasn’t made for the masses and it’s main character is named “one-eye.”

    elizalegs, some truth or A LOT of truth? It, as I’ve said in my recent post, this (documentar) is taking an effect on me, but I am doing the right thing, this counter-wizardry must be followed through.

    hexdriver, sadly, the shit is everywhere.

    Pavman, I’ve seen this (or something similar) before. They couldn’t exactly, per agenda, raise the black men up without um, “initiating” them properly first.

    raffi, good point. Whether or not she is actually a lesbian is rather moot now, right?

    anonymator, hehe. That was worth a giggle. I’m sure the woman that wrote it is patting herself on the back for being such a clever ignoramus.

    silvi, I have yet to see that movie, though I’ve seen the [extreme] pedo angle commented on before. I’d guess they tried to push the envelope too far, seeing that so many out there noticed it. So, what’s next?

  65. Don’t ask me why, but I happened to catch the Olson twin’s movie ‘New York Minute’…it turns out that this film is simply just one long -big ‘asshole’ joke!

    Also, people referencing cartoons has got me reminiscing about my childhood in the UK. You might have heard about the so-called urban myth on the cartoon called ‘Captain Pugwash’?
    Where it was supposedly pulled from the TV in the late 70s due to the unfortunate names of the characters, such as Master Bates, Roger the Cabin Boy, and Seaman Staines?

    Here’s a link with a quick update and some youtube videos. After watching the one called ‘Captain Pugwash and the Island of the Dodos’, I’m convinced more than ever that this is no myth!!!

  66. That’s a great video Celt, but I have one massive bugbear with it, that frigging Gaga song makes my skin crawl and my brain itch. I really think that there is something insidious behind her music, and seeing those army dicks dancing to it confirms it for me. After all the great music on your radio show I think you can do better. Do you really want to perpetuate her awful poisonous shite? Let’s have some Dead Kennedys instead eh? Big respect for plumbing the depths, but we can do without repetition of her mindless shit.

  67. very exhausting .do you have children? your comment on ‘they live’ about not needing a women bounced against your gay agenda thingy.Overall though i think you’re pretty much on the ball and i commend you for your trojan efforts

  68. Someone above posted: “Aren’t the Kardassians in Star Trek?”

    Yes, they were warmongering reptilians. So, I wonder, by “Keeping up with the Kardashians” are we keeping up with reptilians? Having seen a few episodes, the Kardashian family seems to be all about money and appearance, materialism and sex. Nothing of substance.

  69. The clip from Back to the Future just freaked me completely out. Was that actually in the theatre version of the film?!? If it was and no one raised a fuss about it, truly we are all in a trance. When I first saw the boy – before I saw the hand gestures – I thought his face was odd and there was something wrong with him. Then I saw the bizarre hand gestures and felt sick. Poor kid. Or whatever he is.

    I showed it to a friend who said the boy “was just scratching an itch.” Why won’t some people see, even when truth is right in front of them?

  70. About back to the future kid. He could be just signaling that he needed to pee. And they overlooked it on the editing table. It does happen you know. There are many microphones visable in mayor movies. But as for the rest, it’s becoming evident hollywood is pretty distasteful.

  71. VIDEO: phil valentine the metaphysics of sex

    also relevant – phil valentine’s videos on gendercide

  72. Marty, haven’t seen it (NYM), but wouldn’t be surprised. I’d say the same of Southland Tales. Wow, I was unware of that cartoon, guess, sadly, it was way ahead of its time.

    b.l.donnelly, valid point, as many a horrid song has penetrated my mind while making this. I am making en effort to counter-balance with up-lifting rebel music next cut.

    robert, no, but I do seem to be more aware of parental issue than your average replicant. For the record, my “They Live” mini-doc doesn’t say “you don’t need a woman,” but that a woman is not the be-all end-all meaning to a man’s life.

    nyota, uncanny similarities and hence, probably beyond the realm of coincidence.

    Leaves, yes, that was in the theatrical release and you can see the way it is shot, that his movements are meant to draw your attention away from the boy. Your friend seems to suffer from the mass catatonia/denial so shoved into our mental recesses.

    Moebius, are you serious? That is most definitely not an “I have to pee” signal, and far more closely resembles “come get some.” Knowing the process of edit/review/dailies films go through, it’s a safe bet this was left in for a reason beyond comprehension of your average joe involved in making.

    Danny Diaz, the video was pulled by the time I got around to this, so I’m guessing it may have been relevant and will seek….

  73. Children’s movies in general have been getting very sexually inappopriate, especially in the last five years or so. I am told there are scenes in both “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and “Madagascar 2” which are fairly sexually suggestive. They are not always very explicit but the fact that there is anything like this in children’s movies at all is the telling sign. Then, there’s the Disney subliminals, like the Little Mermaid priest-with-erection scene:


    I always thought of this when Tyler Durden is explaining his fondness for inserting single frames of pornography into movies.

    Also, what about the Kids in the Hall?


    If you can explore the thread of the mistrust of women a bit more, that might be appealing to certain audiences.

    By the way, that Back to the Future III scene alone was worth the time spent watching.

  74. VIDEO: Will Ferrell : You’re Welcome America ( Dick Cheney and the goat devil ]

  75. The mainstream news is full of interesting stuff today. Check out this anti-anti-gay report by the highly-acclaimed BBC jorno John Simpson in Uganda (the next target state) where the pastor says ‘I beg you, abandon sodomy!’ …I’m sorry I had to laugh!

    How about the 2012 Olympic mascot’s video…over the rainbow and clear sinc with the masonic ‘cyclops’ origins as shown on the wikipedia link…what a day!

  76. i’m kind of confused as to exactly how the gay subliminals fit in to the whole globalist agenda. is it as simple as that homosexuality does not promote life? what about innocent gay people who have no idea of this agenda? are they still in the wrong for wanting equality? On one side, I see how sexual preference is relative, but, thinking biologically I kind of understand why it is being promoted by hollywood and tptb. I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around exactly why the agenda is wrong, while not necessarily being against homosexual people.

    any clarification on that, CR?


    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”


    essentially it breaks up the family unit, it destroys the natural order…but it goes much DEEPER than that as CR and others showed us.

  78. Celt,

    When union or sex becomes polluted or devolved to OS, Objectum Sexualis, and when love becomes love of money, is the same sign. The world wide great burn down of the “in our paper god we trust” underway and the poisoning of the well of the women is the final sign in this skin-game.

    Poisoning the well of the women is has been done by social engineering as so nicely shown in your work. The pimp poisoners and printers are the same doers. Money per Norman Brown is the philosophical symbol of excrement. Norman Brown quotes…

    “All currency is neurotic currency.”

    “In its famous paradox, the equation of money and excrement, psychoanalysis becomes the first science to state what common sense and the poets have long known – that the essence of money is in its absolute worthlessness.”

    In “Life Against Death” Norman’s conclusion is…

    “A result of denial is fetishism, the reliance on objects symbolizing the lost objects of sexual desire. In fact, the sublimated life lived in the fantasy-project of culture is just a life of symbolic satisfaction – “the shadow of a dream”. Abstraction and mathematics are the highest forms of sublimation, along with religion, and these constitute the furthest withdrawal from the world of the body – thus Brown’s critique of Platonism. Civilization, based on repression and sublimation, thus “moves towards the primacy of intellect and the atrophy of sexuality” (i.e., life) for Freud; in Ferenczi’s terms, “pure intelligence is a product of dying”.”

    OS or OZ or Erika marries Eiffel Tower is the marker of the end or ET or AT or OT. For a woman to become the man by way of strap-on is, as someone else so anagramajestically warped, no-parts. This is the essence of the kingdom of iron, no soul. Essence or bride or consummation is “kalleh”.

    As I stated above…

    “Am-erika. Erika = Katherine = Katrina = KALI. All forms of RK, KTR, KL, etc are phonetic “destroyer” phonemes contained the original magic language. Kali-fornication is the to have union with the destroyer. To walk this far means you have not gone leKh leKha, ie to make a turn away from all this, but to go straight into the MAW law of that round and round the ROMA AMOR ferrous wheel of St. Augustine.”

    The lurKer under the surface of all is wrapping up this cycle. This falsity of “paper people” and “union with non-living” is the shell/kellipot meant to “mother”, ie the container to escape from, or birth the next aion/aeon or age or cycle of consciousness. One set of doings enters its final phase, the ET or AT of the doings. Then it, phonetic “et” or “ot”, crosses the event horizon and becomes another set of doings. This is entirely the skin game of quadrature.

    ET_KOL as aleph-tav-kaph-lammed is the entire peanut in this clown circus.
    IT/ET is so well stated in this piece, the end as ayin, which is the eye of orifice, and filthy lucre is THE one and only sign of end.

  79. Evan Long, yea, I became aware of the Dinsey subliminals (and superliminals) long ago. Looking back, Kids in the Hall was always übergay … may have to try and find a place for some of those clips in V2/V3…

    harri, SNL, in my opinion, has always been agenda-serving. And, as vid suggests, encoded.

    Marty, yea, those “mascots” seemed like a couple of dicks to me from get-go. Funny to see some of those clips where they talk of their “origins” … they pretty much admit that insiders wrote and possibly, are reporting the “shite.”

    dddanieljjjamesss, well, it’s a little more complicated than that. Yes, it does promote depopulation, but more importantly, it promotes dysfunctionality … people never realizing who “they” are (whether homos repressing selves, or heteros thinking they are gay). You should listen in on the show, as it comes up a lot.

    mace556, they do seem to be following the communist plan for taking over America to a tee (some of which is in V2), yet the finger pointing needs to point well beyond the mercurial communists to those behind them.

    eugene, again Eugene, I need to get you on to tell us in layman’s terms. You were a hit last time. I’ll be calling you…

  80. @dddanieljjjamesss

    There is some great Arcanum kundalini coccyxs corruption going on here. It is much easier to enslave people vibrating at the root chakra than at the eye or the crown. People who say they can deliberately have OBE out of body experiences also say they remain chaste and only eat vegetables, etc…

    Mainstream everyday typical gay people a.k.a. butt secks enthusiasts are DOING IT WRONG

    Butt yeah, why drive homosexuality rather than straight up kill or sterilize the masses is depopulation is the main objective? Because another agenda overlaps here. As we all know, Baphomet is a hermaphrodite. Serendipitous synergism occurs when the illuminati not only decreases the population, but also drive people into an androgynous / post-gender lifestyle that is perhaps a corruption of the gnostic and alchemic aims of old. As we are currently in third density, men need women to unite in sacred sex to achieve higher consciousness. However, GLBT behavior prevents the ‘Two’ from truly becoming ‘One’ while undeservingly claiming god status via androgyny. This tricks people into a false sense of enlightenment while ensuring they stay trapped in the grid.

    Furthermore, as hinted at in communist Herbert Marcuse’s Polymorphous Perversity, this shit is necessary to fuck up nuclear family units and sell big government to people. The size of size and strength of government is inversely related to the size and strength of a population’s family units.

    Side note: Getting “shitfaced” in drunken revelry is a nod to the Ouroboros symbol of the serpent eating his tail.

  81. Just watched MacGruber, it is so “gay agenda.”

  82. more numb protoplasm

    VIDEO: Hannah Montana In the Butt

  83. Feast of the Bridegroom dressed in red is no more aptly shown than in this story.

    We have silently allowed the dancing disco ball of Hollowood to milk the last drop of the soul of Western Civilization. Roma Amor is the the stinking Onion.

    “Chicka-go” and whore thyself.

    Miss USA as Rima Fakih is the parallel to Mr USA as Barack Obama. As my piece called “10 Dollar Bill is the Patriot Act” showed … OPEL LOPE POLE.

    In the Ryden’s “MEAT SHOW” this is the dancing Teddy Bear. And did not the other Miss USA saraH palingenesis state this week “mama bears would take care of it”.

    Yes MAW.

    The symbol of the oil spill, aka the dark denizen hitting the mouth of the mississippi/heart waters, Sphinx line, and now moving into the KEYS and then into the Atlantic will be a most Atlantean event.


    PS: Picture No 3 is pure synch magic = A BOO.

    Lalla looney toons couldn’t even begin to describe what all this means.

  84. Sweet werk Reb. Thankfully I received my first exposure to the “Pet” Shop-Boys song “Go West” through your documentary. I say that because the song and its visuals almost ensnared me into the choco-starfish tunnel pseudo-reality. Had it not been for your articulate presentment exposing the overarching meme assault on my consciousness, I could have easily been the next co-opted fruitopian Medes victim. I am looking forward to the next vid.


  85. wow wow wow

    check this out everyone

  86. Danny Diaz, hehe, funny link to “doing it wrong.” Interesting point about the Ouroboros and shit-faced.

    l, well, just looking at the synopsis would lead me to think it would be.

    raffi, actually, V2, is gonna include a couple of streams of shit like that.

    eugene, ah crap, the first story reminds me of a Bush quote I had wanted to put in the doc. As for Rima, aside from “I’d tap that,” I would say many are gonna come to her defense, after all, she’s doing what every other girl her age woulda done (or so they will say).

    Johnny Peepers, hehe, an eloquent response. The pets do make for a sleek presentation, making a communist takeover look like one hell of a frolicking gay dance-fest.

    Jon, are people actually doing this?

  87. Alex is not kidding when he says, “every movie you’ve ever seen.”

    I just happened to catch a couple minutes of the “The Muppet Movie” from way back when. The subtitles were on. It might as well have been called, “Go West.” For those of you who are familar with the story of the film, remember that the entire plot is about getting to Hollywood. To those who are aware of this: I’m not sure if there is another movie so filled with these references as “The Muppet Movie.”

    -Gonzo tells Fozzie & Kermit he wants to go to Bombay, India (EAST) to be a movie star.

    -Fozzie & Kermit tell him that one goes to Hollywood to be a movie star.

    -Gonzo says, “That’s the easy way!”

    -Fozzie looks to Kermit and says, “We got a weirdo!”

    The scene pans out to the back of the car going west and cuts to a scene (county fair or something) and the transition is a man following a boy. They are both holding two roosters, or cocks.

    It’s those little transitions, with the volume off and the subtitles on, that catch my attention now.

    PS: Wow, and there’s a preview for Muppets Wizard of Oz. Dorothy says she’s going to meet the wizard and he’ll turn her into a music star! Tarantino is in it.

  88. Okay 78 comments and one mentally and spiritually exhausted Rebel later, anyone any suggestions as to how we can fight back, and shove It right back up them ? (The architects that is) Because to be aware of this depravity and be “Rabbit In the headlights like” In the face of it is fucking depressing.

  89. Go West could also be a message for all the third world countries to migrate legally and illegally too a western country… Its part of the nwo plan to take down middle class western countries with and demoralized and degenerate class…

  90. Great work Celtic,
    The season finale of Chuck (3×19) had many of the elements you described: A music video set in the Old West; a Pineapple reference, plenty of fire and even “The Ring” (a common theme on the series) in it. I’ve written a short post about it here:
    Keep up the fantastic work.

  91. lyrics to an mgmt song the video contains a machine resembling a anus

    Distort the odds of a turnaround
    Gut screams out next to none
    So turn it on
    Tune it in
    And stay inert
    You say “I’ve got the backbone”
    The back way to escape the gun

    Why close one eye and try to
    Pledge allegiance to the sun

    VIDEO: MGMT – Flash Delirium

  92. Just wanted to stop in and say you’re welcome for that clip, alsi I wanted to tell you to take a look at “The Onion Movie”. The fake news site made a film and well, I’ll just let this small clip speak for itself. I recommend tracking down the whole thing tho, so much gay/anal innuendo.

    VIDEO: The Onion Movie Wannabe Britney Spears

  93. Ryan McAlister, nice summary/run-down of the Muppets Movie. Now, I no longer have a need to see it. 😀 The shit is everywhere.

    RangersRebel, hopefully, I can one (a) figure a way out of the shit, and then (b) communicate it.

    Nick, a valid interpretation by all means. However, I don’t believe it’s the one the Village People were singing about 😉

    LeavingHope, nice article, though after all the hints/proofs you dug up, I think you can safely answer the question as to if they are gay at the end instead of ask it.

    eoin, well, we could probably guess MGMT have been enlightened and by that, I mean pounded up the ass. 😈

    Immortallywounded, hm, maybe I can figure out a way to include a shot of that in the final cut. After all, the BEAR is BLUE.

  94. i guess i should clarify what i meant — except i don’t really know — by truth i mean, are these things that the powers that be keep pointing to — do you feel like this is truth then, spiritually speaking? what is the truth?

    i know it sounds lame and juvenile but most of this makes me feel even more lost than before. i was calling in the show last week to talk to you but then realized how childish i sounded…

  95. Check out this latest news link – some great pictures – looks like a whos who of Hollywood elite that ‘have arrived’ (as they use to say in show business) Did they mean arrived West perhaps?

    Dustin Hoffman and Jason Bateman shock fans as they pucker up for a kiss during a celebrity-packed Lakers game

  96. Hey look! This guy maybe gets it! He uses phrases like, “one casual click away from hardcore butt-pumping,” and refers to the “Rowdy Roddy glasses.”

    Why I Quit Touring with The Black Eyed Peas

    PS: Less than a minute ago, my wife had the T.V. on and heard Eddie Murphy talking about his turning fifty, and how he’ll be getting a prostrate exam. He mentioned something about his “virgin ass” (yeah, RIGHT!) and Leno actually said, “I’m surprised you got this far in show business!”

    I only put this on here because I don’t have a blog and I guess this is the place to deposit evidence for any doubters. Another great piece of evidence is the doughnut hole at the beginning of the Dragnet remake with Dan Akroyd and Poop Hanks.

  97. elizalegs, as I’ve been quoted by quoting someone else … “You will never find the truth, but in your quest for it, you will become truth.”

    Marty, it’d be a safe bet that Dustin’s the top and Bateman’s the bottom in that relationship. Somewhere right now, some old Jew is looking at that pic of Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James and Adam Sandler and saying, “I fucked all those dudes.”

    Ryan McAlister, interesting article, the author is all so close, while yet so far (by not seeing the level of methodical control). If you can contact me vie e-mail, let me know what show that was from. The Murphy/Leno exchange would make a nice addition to The Final Cut.

    PS: The phrase “celebrity-packed” does take on a new connotation now, no?

  98. Wow you are deep…after watching this I came across another video talking about Kanye West and it dawned on me…he’s the one who’s been bringing the high school style to hiphop, with his backpack and high school rhymes. His name says it all Kan Ye West
    Kan = Con Ye = You West = Well I think you described this well enough.

  99. Coprophilia in “Not Another Teen Movie”:



    Coprophagia in “The Acid House” (1998):


    The clip cuts short a few seconds before the dialogue in question.

  100. I realize this is an old post, but I only recently heard about Don’t Go West, is it available anywhere online to watch? It seems to have been removed from Vimeo, and a google search appears to yield only links back to the same Vimeo site. Have you considered releasing it as a torrent? Difficult to keep it locked down that way, though I could see if you didn’t want people spreading your work without giving proper credit. Anyway, love your radio show, was just wondering if your film was still available to watch.

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