1001 Ways to Die (FAIL)

I tried to do a bit of fear-mongering tonight, and originally entitled the show “1001 Ways to Die: How the New World Order is Going to Kill You and Your Family,” but ended up quickly moving away from that. I guess that serious bullshit just isn’t my forté.


Thus, this week’s show was really about “fuck all” unavailable]. My mental energies are pretty much spent after working furiously on the in-process documentary all week.

don't go west

While preparing this video, I noticed that not only was the object of Larry David’s vaginal fascination 9 years old, but so were the subsequent celebrity pole-huggers, Noah Cyrus and Kylie Kardassian. Is there something to that age for those of such inclination? Finding the following image suggests maybe. If anyone knows of, or happens across film references where this ahem, “magic” age is stressed, do let me know.

don't go westdon't go west

One area that will make it into the next iteration of this video is how aside from a Gay Slang codebook, another useful tool for deciphering the sorcery is the Periodic Table of Elements. One thing that can be derived from it that Tin is Sn, thus “Sin.” Hence, “Tinsel Town” becomes Sin-Sell Town. For those wondering just “who in the sam-hell” Sam Gold from Revolver (2005) was, a lookup on the table reveals Au, or Oz to some. Yes, “Mr. Gold” is The Wizard of Oz. Why the hell else would Dorothy [Macha] fear hiim so?

Above is a preview I threw together. As mentioned during the show, finding a place to host this documentary has been quit the challenge (to say the least). Basically, the way the present system works is … if you regurgitate mindless crap spewed out of the ass of the Holy Medes [or accompany it with a video of yourself doing something subhuman] you’ll have no problems. But, the moment you try to critically anal-eyes any of that rancid product, or technically, recraft the spell the Wizards of Butt Sex are casting … well, that’s when your “shit” becomes objectionable.

Not sure what’s going on next week yet. We’ll see…

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Note: This post was previously included in the Don’t Go West [V1] post, but has since been removed during the archival process. Some of the the comments there may apply to this show.

~ by celticrebel on May 10, 2010.

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