Live Free or Die (Guest Spot 02)

Thursday night, I was back on [in retrospect, syncronistically named] Live Free or Die with Lee Rogers. The main area of discussion was the latest social engineering vehicle and mind-fuck aimed at the mAsses, Lady Gaga’s newest “Telephone.”

live free or die guest celtic rebel

Much of the write-up pertaining to the Lady Gaga video was originally part of the Death to the New Flesh Post/Show. It elaborates on may concepts mentioned here, and some of the comments found there may relate to here. Here’s the show:

As I’ve said on numerous occasions, beginning one’s name with “Lady” has been the traditional stage naming convention of female impersonators for aeons. The [below] shot proves one thing, Lady Gaga does not currently have a penis. In today’s world, it by no means proves he/she wasn’t born with one. Otherwise, why bother reminding us all and reinforcing the notion that he (or she) is a “lady.”

lady gaga has no dick

As discussed [and as Javier points out in the below comment], there is some seriously twisted sorcery going on with this video [watch at own mental peril]. I’ve seen it about 3 times now, and each time it feels, as Lee said, like “mind-rape.”

“I wish I did not see that phone video, it was to too fast paced and disorienting that thing was probably jam packed with subliminal messages … numerous occult spell techniques where used mostly sigil overload, the Egyptian dancing, robotic movements and blatant evil eye casting, even with the volume off the vid managed to give me a headache so i know it was just full of negative vibes. My advice if ur going to see it be prepared for the psychic attack on your consciousness … that pussywagon is loaded.”

This video had so many hot pussy references, it would make Lucy Fur herself blush. Either “they” [the forces behind the forces that created this video] are reading my blog, or I have figured out the nature of the construct. Were one to watch, either before or after reading my last Burning Ring post, they’d have to wonder too.

hot pussy wagon

Inline Note: Either that or they were heavily influenced by Jennifer’s Body. 🙄 I hate to/have to entertain yet another possibility, that I have now moved on from analyzing the holographic matrix construct to shaping it. That, is a scary thought.

There are grids all over this video, and just about every letter singularly focused on is a grid-resonant sygil. Did I mention that it literally starts of inside a prison?

grid fence hose gaga

Note: the face on the bottom left [below image], when viewed in full size, seriously managed to “creep” me out. My intuition screamed at me, “Look away!”

poison diet consent gaga

Again, our consent to being killed via our indifference to our DIE[t] was shown. What’s the secret ingredient, um, Lady? Tiberium? Yes, all roads lead to Rome.

nuham burger

And as Gaga reminds us below, using the Universal “Anus” (i.e., “up yours”) Symbol, the road from your anus leads back to your mouth. And hence, she has wiped her karma clean of the act to follow, the one suggested at above, where the human murderers of the cows, are going to now be turned into [nu]hamburgers.

up your receptive asshole

Telephone’s “diner dance” scene is also extremely telling. Yes, they are wearing the below colors and themes because the video projects the death of America. Do note their movements suggest that this death is a form of suicide. Note too how all the dancers are all androgynous. As Lana Cantrell says, “Androgyny equals death.”


Technically, she says, “Biologically speaking, for any species, androgyny equals death,” but elaborates further regarding our own senses leaving us [discussed in this article]. But, it’s not like that notion is being pushed on us overtime too, is it?

androgynous suicide

That same stargate exit that Gaga references repeatedly ties intimately into androgyny and the promotion of same sex coupling. So, the same holes that guys are being driven to via the porn industry is the same one that they’ll find someone else, er “driving” into later on, thanks to the other forms of social engineering.

Weapons of Ass Destructionmtv butt wax on

Of course, regardless of what hole you use and regardless the gender of the person the activity involving a hole revolves around, be sure that you’re stupid, oops, I meant to say “smart” and spend your money on a pre-approved and pre-marketed product to “protect yourself and the one you love.” In case you’re not smart, you can get a [w]hole lot smarter by reading 17 Magazine. Do it for your hole[s].

condoms for dumb cunts

Don’t worry, if you’re not smart enough to take care of you most important holes, the “Lady” dressed in black will be quite ready to take care of you and yours for you. Would that be a black hole reference? I’m sure some Vigilant wanker might inForm you it’s the “Eye of Lucifer” or some equitably ridiculous Satanic bullshit meme, but they haven’t the slightest clue what they’re seeing, hearing or saying.

gaga black hole signal

We discussed quite a few other things, some picture here, some not. Of interest might be my revelations concerning old European softcore films and the tribulations of a young Linda Blair.



Note: This was my second appearance on Live Free or Die as a Guest, the first can be found here: The Media’s Sexualization of Children.

~ by celticrebel on March 20, 2010.

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  1. The first video’s “been removed due to terms of use violation”.

  2. And a normalisation process is going on in the programming side…

    Title: Chemtrails In Disney Movie CARS

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