Mystic Clowns on Strike!

On Sunday night (August 16, 2009), I was a guest on Mystic Politics with Everett Tucker and Carolyn Harris. The main topic of discussion: Social Engineering (101).

mystic pol

I think the interview went well. I got into some topics I had left out of the podcast, notably: why Americans (black & white) are more prone/ripe to social engineering than other groups, and the impact of architecture on the nation, thanks mainly to one mother-fucker by the name of Frank Lloyd Wright. For those who missed it:

There are a few other topics I had hoped to include, and may include if/when I do the documentary. These would be how the system of “formal” slavery of black Americans functioned, the social engineering behind the health insurance scam (but that may warrant an article of its own), the difference between “civil rights” and “human rights,” and the endlessly repeated red/blue dialectic.

Social Engineering 101

I’ve got a few projects already under way, including the above, the next part of the Burning Ring of Fire series, the long-brewing attack piece against the anti-smoking hoopla, some other long-overdue pieces, all of which, I have begun and abandoned at various points. I don’t know what my next post will be, I’ll just wait for whatever muse next decides to crawl up my ass and drive my creative energies.

In the interim, in preparation for said documentary , and the Idiocracy video, I wanted to and familiarize myself with the option of High-Def, so took an old convo with Lee Rodgers and put it out as ten minute YouTube video. The result:

Tying this all together, for those who don’t know Lee Rogers, he’s one of the most outspoken critics of Alex Jones in alternative radio, and has managed to piss a lot of people off by speaking his mind. Hence, this Rebel likes him. As for Jones, this new round of Luna Sea he’s begun, as far I’m concerned, proves who he’s serving.

crazy jonesagent of chaos

This interview came out of a series of events, where I was going to announce I would be appearing weekly on a particular network to discuss whatever article I was working on. Well, thanks to the man pictured above [left], the hosts of Mystic Politics and I, were all, to some minor extent, participants/victims of the wake of Chaos that ensued, resulting in some lineup shuffles, bruised egos, and in my mind, a blow delivered by the Jones/Joker cabal against the network that was at one time, trying to establish itself as the “alternative to the alternative.” {*1}

Whatever the hell Alex Jones is up to, it seems to be playing right along with the script. A good number of us have seen this madness before. This is definitely not the first time a [DIS]honest politician has been painted up in said manner:

harvey dentobama lies

Stepping into the mouth of madness, is by no means accidental, and what we’ve seen, time and time again, in patterns of Ordo ab Chao (order from chaos), is that (1) the forces of “chaos” serve the same masters/interests as those wishing to bring about the “order,” (2) the response of order to the chaos has been swift and far more brutal than chaos, and (3) all chaos really needs is one “spark” (as V for Vendetta demonstrated) or one “push” (as Heath Ledger informed/revealed).

From where we left off on the burning ring, I surmised many already running around in masks/makeup are being directed by forces beyond their comprehension, and serving an agenda not of their choosing. There’s also the implication of forcing this “uniform” (as discussed in interview/podcast) on a leader, even if he is controlled.

obama skulljones jokerclown time

When one starts looking at The Dark [k]Night as predictive programming, the madness adds up, all too well. I’ve written a couple of pieces on the Dark Queen’s Bootlicker, and later added some additional thoughts/insights. Obviously, in light of new events and my deepening understanding, there’s a lot more to be said on the topic, and would make a great show/discussion [hint, hint: anyone reading this].

The Time Cover, as we’ve seen before, tells you volumes in just one photo. Note, how it (a) was an announcement of who “The Next President” would be, (b) admits Obama is controlled and used by the puppetmasters to “control them/us,” and (c) by chance, predicts what his secret service codename would be: “rogue.” Oh, and the top right random story, is also intentional, but I’ll get into just what the fuck [literally, the best word choice] a “Her O” is soon, I promise. {*2}

sex pistolscash chaosfu

Those who listened to the podcast, or have been following my blog regularly, know of the [¿infamous?] jukebox in my skull. Upon first contemplation of the Jonesanity Oh-BAM-Ah rant, the muses selected Johnny Rotten crowing “we all get cash from chaos,” from the song, The Greatest Rock and Roll Swindle. By chance, the tribute to Johnny “Christian Warrior” Cash features him making a reverse Luciferean “V” [(i.e., a reversed “peace” symbol for all retards, trendies and those whose lips are still pressed against some monkey’s anus, waiting for a tasty frozen margarita].

The Sex Pistols, as I’ve stated before, were very likely crafted to dismantle, fashion-alize, and marginalize the core of the punk movement, which was a real grassroots creative expression aimed at destroying this hellish corporate soulless automaton whore bowel movement product that is passed off as “music” today. I can’t help but wonder about Johnny Rotten’s similarities to the Joker preceding him, and the Ordo ab Chao result that methodically followed his unveiling.

mad rotten

What once seemed like rebellion, led to New Wave, a testicle less version of punk, and then onto the “alternative” music of today … no balls and no heart. Will Jones and his legions of followers be taking the “Truth Movement” down a similar abyss?

The Sex Pistols, and their lyrics, reanalyzed from an open-minded perspective, do cause one to wonder, was there a “revelation of the method” taking place?

fuck it upno future

Just as Jones was going insane and encouraging his followers to put on clown masks and confront authorities, by chance, the mainstream media was pushing stories of how “extremists” were organizing and growing, united by a hate for Obama, and of course, “Blacks and Jews” [forever convincing unaware black people that they and Jews have some imaginary common enemy, while the latter bilks the former].

By chance, closet Bonesman Anderson Cooper, was on the television cooking up his weenie-roasting hotness to about 360° and “covering” said stories propaganda, and then by chance, the following day, my [accursed] article on same, produced this “random” comment from a Gay [words suggest] Zeitgeister [link indicated]:

who cares if anderson cooper is gay, whats that to you, are you some gay basher like “J,” [CR: the host I mentioned on who’s show I was to appear] the guy that hates everybody except his cult following of 16 people?. i hope you don’t suck a girls tits … those are for babies to nurse on. not a grown man pervert [¡!] … “J” has no clue what the secret knowledge is otherwise he would know love and have a heart of pure, jesse ventura says its a joke joke joke. [¿?] despite what “J” lies about, he got released from “X” due to his potty mouth and temper.

Those who listened to my podcast [the “Marky Mark” part), and those who have been following my blog, know pretty much how I feel about the Joke this “Truth Movement” has become. What you’ve got is a lot of people screaming for and demanding the “truth,” thinking they’re somehow better and smarter than others for it, while [at least] 90% of them will never look within, to find out who they are …

can't handle the truth

The misguided sod quoted earlier, sadly, is probably yet another lost soul who considers himself a truther, and will lick many a man’s anus to find it. Odd as it may seem, while engaged in the act of doing so, he will be closer to the “truth” [metaphorically] than he has ever been, while [literally] as far away as possible. God forbid they/we should ever find/learn the truth.

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*1: The who and what, shouldn’t be such a mystery to anyone who listens to the interview. I’m just avoiding names here, to respect privacy and not put myself in the middle of something. But, I will say, for those unfamiliar, or failed to pick on how clueless the Zeitgeister was/is, that all said allegations/summation are laughable. [LB]

*2: I’m saving it for the Burning Ring, where it belongs. If you need another hint and can’t wait, I’d recommend Stygian Port’s Virgins, Vampires and Vagina Dentata, one blogger who seems to be walking a path very close to mine. Come to think of it, the two of us should do a show/podcast together?

Those wanting an explanation of Time’s Pope image, read here. Oh, and if anyone doesn’t get the monkey/margarita joke that follows: then read this. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on August 23, 2009.

32 Responses to “Mystic Clowns on Strike!”

  1. dude that show rocked! i look forward to many more on a myriad of other subjects.

  2. Brother. I thank you endlessly. Maybe to the point of your annoyance. But still, it is genuine and real. I want you to know that yesterday, of all days, and in quite synchronistic fashion, what I spoke of began. And it is time now for the doomsayers and chaos magicians to be depantsed. The (partial) ‘truth movement’ is in for a wild ride. And a return to the origin of their (not all of ’em) desire to ‘change’ this world. A return to self. To heart. To love. To of all things, ‘Truth’. Infinite Blessings. And fuck Alex Jones in his painted face.

  3. OMG. Please read this!

    Designer and activist Vivienne Westwood meets a hero and inspiration of hers, scientist James Lovelock

    The red haired Whore of Babylon (& lover of McClaren interviews the ‘Scientist’ James Lovelock & they discuss his musings on Gaia. Check the video which shows her wearing the CHAOS head band.

    I nearly fell over when I read this.

  4. Mystic Politics, thanks for having me on. Good feedback so far. We should do it again sometime.

    sean brown, oh no my man, not at all. I appreciate you sharing these thoughts. Stepping out of the depths of Lucy’s Hell hOle these last few articles and focusing on more “real world” matters made me wonder if I was stepping too far back. Good to know my efforts are being appreciated. Keep it [the fight] up on your end! You’re much closer to those affected by Jonesanity than I…

    David, wow, what a great sync you found/chanced on there. Isn’t that the same whore Vivianne Westwood, who designs dresses for whores, and even made a dress for that whore Carrie (which she modeled to some whore music), on that whore Sex and the City movie, to wear at her whore wedding day? Whorefuckingtastic!

    Of course, she has, ahem, “chosen,” to get involved in this VHEMT-ish cult of global warming. Yes, the band says it all. Funny to see guys in both “V” masks and “joker” makeup at those rallies this acTVist was featured in the middle of. The show, indeed, goes on!

  5. Good stuff as usual 😀

    Here’s that quote you were trying to remember:

    “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” – J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director (1924-1933)

    The video which the radio host mentions at the end is actually “The Ring of Power” by Amenstop Productions. Here’s the first of 29 videos:

    P.S. I’m sure we would have an entertaining podcast/show! I go off on as many tangents as you do, so we’ll probably end up talking about where we shop for clothes instead of what people want to hear 😀

  6. I personally find the idea of you and Violator doing podcast together very interesting.

    The logic behind the disrespect/guns-talk in Lee Rogers show somehow escapes me. Does the host seriously “miss those days”? Do you?


  7. Yikes! Brilliant mental acrobatics, Celty, both in the vintage podcast w/ Mr Rodgers (oh, no!) as well as your classic blog here! Surely, the earmark of a great mind. How I wish, I wish, I WISH that I could remember which of Christopher Knowles’ blog articles, I think I remember it as being entitled “A Lot to Answer For”, about the occult affect that much of the Punk movement & its fallout (if you will) imprinted, albeit surreptitiously, on kulture, somewhere here. As for Robert E. Howard’s being heavily into what he wrote abite (Pictish accent there), visit here. I my(s)elf am old enough to have soared through the early daze (pun intended) of Punk. I had nearly every colour of Manic Panic™ hair at one time or another. I saw Sid Vicious play a show @ the long defunct Max’s Kansas City. He dropped a bag of heroin onstage & Nancy Spungen & her coterie of gal pals just laughed & laughed.

    Speaking of mysticism & “our” founding fathers, my friend, hear of the new eye-opener, “Occult America: The Secret History of How Mysticism Shaped Our Nation” by Mitch Horowitz yet? Here’s a sizable review of the same on, of all places, maverick archaeologist Graham Hancock’s site, right here. Thank you for always being a singular, stellar source of the Truth ~ (•8-)}

  8. ViolatoR, ah thanks! If/when I convert to documentary, will put that one in instead. I watched all of ring of power. Probly one of the better “big picture” docs for the unaware. Good solutions. Yet, too many gaps in some theory and misinterprations (e.g., the broken cross). The woman’s voice sounds damn familiar.

    I’ll have to contact you directly about doing an IRregular show/podcast and then, find time, make time, just f’n do it! We’ll have confine it to only topics that are “out there” like vaginas, anuses, [star]gates, octopi, numerology, cubes, spheres and of course, phalli. That way, the [not] sane will dismiss us IN-sane and avoid our show. 😀

    Corbeau, well, it’d be hard to “miss” days I didn’t [as far as I’m aware] live through, but I do believe “civilization” has destroyed common sense. Would a town doctor in such days, have dared to inject kids with mercury, prescribe “crystal methamphetamine” to preteens, or dole out fluoride pills to toddlers? I think not. If he wasn’t shot by the first parent of a victim, the town would have surely hung him.

    Anadæ Effro, good to hear from you Elven one. Are the Picts somehow connected to the elves of old? Wait … did you just link “here,” meaning search Sun’s entire blog for yourself? 🙄 Max’s Kansas City? Wow! The most I can claim is to stage-diving at a Damned show at Coney Island High. I’ll check out Mitch, even though his last name gives me the willies.

  9. I remember once I used a quote of yours in one of my blogs, it was something to the effect of “anyways, this is my Truman Show”. Everyone is working out of their own matrix and like I have tried to explain to others is, sometimes we seem to cross paths, possible even on to the same destination.

    My long winded point is find your own “truth”, what ever that may be. There are to many of these fucking “truther’s” and “skeptic’s” out there that to me seem to also just towing some line, just cause.

    As far as the rebel goes he might tell you all he “loves you” (at the end of the last podcast, lol). Me personally I could care less for most of you. But I personally enjoy this blog cause it speaks volumes to ‘The Celtic Rebels’ and people who think similar point of view and amidst all that I wind up agreeing with most of it somehow.

  10. The V-sign sported by Johnny Cash = The British sign for ‘fuck off’. Apparently it relates to Bowmen at Crecy who waved their bow-holding fingers at the French at Crecy.
    It’s said that if captured the French would cut those two fingers off

    Viv Westwood and Malcolm McClaren – as subversive
    as a skin rash


  11. By the way, the link from the website downloads the wrong show.

  12. I was creeped out by a documentary I saw on Frank Lloyd Wright. I had no idea why – well, obviously because of his creepy personal life – but I hadn’t thought about his work that way before.

    Thank you.

  13. Quantum Observer, well, I hope you credited me and didn’t earn anyone’s wrath along the way. 😉 Argh, don’t get me started on those controlled “skeptics” organizations. Ultimately, I do feel it is about love, but we can’t save those that are already dead [metaphorically], and heck, even that brain-fuck The Titanic showed that at the end … gotta let go of love for the dead…

    aferrismoon, can’t recall where, but I heard a variant of that story, where their middle finger was used by same towards same to express same sentiment. Either way, I’m lately of the mind that Lucy’s V implies “fuck” regardless, pointing outwards implying “fuck you,” and reveresed [i.e., idiot “peace” sign] implying “fuck me!”

    Corbeau, about time someone mentioned it. 😡 Thank you! Hehe! I see you left a comment at the Vivian Whorewood article. Good for you man, maybe it will shake up some dolt global-warming doom-flood “believer.” 😈 Or, maybe not.

    knowglow, you seem one in touch with their instinct (i.e., soul). I am guilty of giving Frank a little too much credit, as of course, others pushed his “style” further out to the mAsses, while he applied nothing but golden ratios to houses of the extremely wealthy. Still, we can blame him directly for these claustraphobic low ceilings most of us live under.

  14. The middle finger was more ‘ up yours'[ the arse], in UK. Liam gallagher favours the V-sign.

    Since the ‘peace sign’ looks like that Cunny Rabbit I guess your not far off with the ‘fuck me’.

    The V-signs look like the Masonic square as well, perhaps u wrote about that


  15. Hey CR. I enjoyed the YouTube video – it really picked me up at a low point, and I’m glad I took the time out to listen. As MS said, quoting Jung…

    “Saying that something is a denizen of the psychic realm in no way precludes its also having an efficacious force in the physical realm through the phenomenon called synchronicity.”

    Keep me posted re the doco.

    “…break the skin of civilization and you find the ape, roaring and red-handed.”

    – R.E. Howard

  16. Greetings from Australia! G’day Rebel! ive been lurking here for a while, and ive read most of your blogs and they are excellent! i have learnt so much from them, it really opens your mind..The podcast was great too, very informative and interesting 🙂 … keep up the great work here!!,
    love Anna 🙂

  17. Loved the podcasts! Look at this madness, “she said teens are doing anal beer bongs and soaking tampons in vodka”.

    Drug trends: Find out where your kids could be hiding them

  18. This is off topic, but have you noticed that there are a lot more products with owls on them these days? I’ve seen pajamas, patches, bags, sweaters and underwear with cutesy owls on them. Any idea what the PTB are trying to do?

  19. aferrismoon, I would so like to join you for a [decent non-gmo] eer one day.

    Charles, and thank you for the great quotes and waking me up to Howard’s depths my friend!

    Anna, thanks for chiming in. Always good to hear from [new] voices…

    brian, the vodka-soaked tampons I’d heard of years ago, particularly in cold climates. Anal beer bongs? Can one get drunk that way? At that point, does it really even matter? 🙄 As long as young people are focusing on their own anus in a non-excretal manne … I guess that’s the point.

    HelloSquiddy, I’m really not sure on that one. I’d ask Minerva, but she’s been loathe to talk to me lately. I do feel that whole Moloch/Grove thing is disinformation though.

  20. Thanks. Dont know why i wrote “global mo(u)rning” though:D. Too many hours spent inside perhaps
    or the Overmind expressing itself.

  21. Hey, this margarita’s pretty good… Never anal beer bonged a monkey before.

    Interesting stuff as usual. It’s funny how the guy trying to tear you down brings up Jesse “God Damned Sexual Tyrannosaurus” Ventura to support his argument.

  22. Great work my friend! Wish I had time to write like this!! Thoroughly enjoyed this. Jones hooks people with “some truth” [i.e. a blind man could see in other words] and then they think they are liberated and follow the pied piper. Have to weed through many “so called truth gurus”, take what’s ‘right’, and discard the rest.

    Nobody has the answers, but the hamster wheel rocks on!

    Be well bro!

  23. This is off topic, but have you noticed that there are a lot more products with owls on them these days? I've seen pajamas, patches, bags, sweaters and underwear with cutesy owls on them. Any idea what the PTB are trying to do?;. All the best!!

  24. Prophetic with the newest shit going on with Jones.

  25. Good stuff once again Alex. I really enjoyed the interview and article. We all must use discernment with the info we come across. Thankfully your work resonates with me still,unlike Mr.Jones and some of the other Synchromystics (which I never once felt a part of, nor claimed to be part of).

  26. Tommy, Corbeau, ALL, sorry for the delays [in responding, reading and writing]. The Mercury retrograde and subsequent [dis]alignment have forced me off the computers for a while … expect something sooner now…

    Michael Skaggs, good to hear from you again. Only blind man can see! That’s the whole point of my Burning Ring series. 😀

    Cartier, odd that someone with a different name and a different e-mail address would ask the same question as above. If you’re the same person, I’ve answered you … if not, your symbiant has been found!

    Quantum Observer, seeing all the hooplah spawned off by the Jones/Sheen prank/hoax on Monday … it sure did a fire up a lot of people. Either according to plan, or Jones is learning, as Nicholson/Ledger did … if you invite the madness in, it might stick around.

    Bard of the Abyss, be part of nothing, even though everything is a part of you. Hm, I like that! 🙂 Good to hear you’re still roaming about.

  27. what happened to your spencer pratt/michael jackson/karl malden post? it seems to be stricken from the recird. i was hoping to link to it on a project ive been working on. noticed your myspace was gone, at least on my friend list and was worried that they got you. ha. just kidding. cant wait to fly back into the danger zone.

  28. thanks for your great work, I really enjoy reading your great blog! I hope you like/can make something /out of the following picture:

    Boy George Yes We Can

  29. C, that’s a GREAT video. So relevant.

    deva deva, no one’s gonna “get me.” 👿 For one, too many [hidden] “players” are curious as to the mysteries I probe. Two, bad things tend to strike those who wish me ill. The post you refer to is still around.

    Richard, that’s an interesting pic. I surmise someone was just trying to make a “boy george” joke in reference to “bush lite.” But, syncronicity tells us otherwise, this “fool” meme sticks to obamone (as in obyone konobe) too well, as so does the sodomy meme.

  30. I am delighted to have been enlightened about the conspiracy within systems of socialisation, more especially about those including religion & money.

  31. I don’t have to dig too deep to find out the meaning of certain symbols and memes, but I feel like a retard because I’m not picking up on who Alex Jones serves. I’m not here to defend or accuse Alex Jones, but on this blog all the info about Jones is presented like it should be obvious. The blog says that it’s obvious who Jones serves, but it can’t be talked about or what? Why is it taboo to talk about who Jones serves?

    [I’m ignorant. Who does Alex Jones work for?]

    PS: Now I realize that these symbols and revelation are everywhere. I now notice the little peace signs and pad loacks on my nieces shirt. I notice that in my nephew’s Monsters vs Aliens coloring book, there is one full page of a girl being electroshocked by a doctor/scientist. Another page shows her in a cage. Two other pages show the ‘new model’ in front of the white house, and finally on the cover of ‘glamizon’ magazine. It is startling how obvious it is when you know what to look for.

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