Jackson, Carradine, Fawcett

Does it seem strange to you how many famous actors have died recently? Did it strike you as particularly unusual that a perfectly healthy 97 year old Karl Maulden just dropped dead in the middle of the day? Well, if these events appeared even slightly suspicious to you, your internal hunches were most likely correct.

According to recently declassified FSB (formerly, the KGB) internal memorandum, several high-profile Hollywood actors have been listed as “persons of interest” in an ongoing cold war, that despite the mainstream medias cover-up to the contrary, to this day has not ended. Former KGB Agent Yuri Tietkantcheko, under a confidential interview protecting his anonymity told sources:

“You have no idea what’s going on right now. The CIA has long been using actors to further its aims. We in turn, back in my time, began recruiting actors out of Australia, and trained them to speak proper Yankee English since their youth. I’m not going to name any names, but did you see Braveheart? That was a really good movie.”

Per documents obtained by Tietkantcheko at great personal risk to himself, David Carradine had been a longtime FSB asset, suppressed for a good part of his career by Mossad/CIA interests. Once he was “trusted,” Carradine was promoted to the next stage starring alongside longtime Mossad asset, Quentin Tarantino. Through this cooperation, Carradine learned the CIA was using the Triads to distribute mind-control drug variants of heroin into China, and then into Russia via Mongolia.

On June 4, 2009, Carradine went to Bangkok to meet with Benjamin Fulford, fearing these drugs would also be used by the forces behind the New World Order, to then be distributed on to American markets, as an ingredient for Gerber’s “Dark-Baby” Formula. Unfortunately for Carradine, the Triads got to him just before Fulford’s crack Ninjas were able to arrive on the scene and protect him.

Michael Jackson, another celebrity who unwittingly was used as a dupe of Illuminati interests, was going to go public on June 28th, at a press conference in London. However, due to the diligent work of former MI6 top news disseminatress Sorcha Faal, it has been revealed that the CIA used top-secret military death-ray satellite technology to prevent that from ever happening. Tietkantcheko adds:

“These things always happen in waves. An asset is exposed and then extraordinarily renditioned to some secret prison. After a few weeks of drugs, beatings, bad music and sodomy, they inevitably reveal the names of all the other agents in their cells. The media puts out a story like ‘Brad Pitt takes extended leave from Angelina Jolie. Are they on the outs?” But we, those on the inside, know what’s going on behind the scenes?

It’s easy to throw out words like ‘coincidence,’ isn’t it? Farrah Fawcett, she was part of the cell. The CIA has long used a fast-acting breast-cancer accelerator. Autopsies can’t trace it. Billy Mays, he was a friend of mine. How else do you think he “suddenly” came up with a formula to make your clothes extra white? It took KGB scientists years to refine the technology.

And Ed McMahon? He had a good hearty laugh. I thought he’d get caught years ago. Anyone from Russia knows, only a Cossack laughs like that. But, Americans, they’re too stupid and trusting. That’s why, even though I’m no longer involved, believe America will lose the cold war.”

Is there any hope for America? According to some confidential sources inside the Pentagon, a grassroots movement is being funded and through controlled outlets, and spreading across the country; focusing on the areas of “patriotism,” “the constitution,” and the hidden secret that “911 was an inside job.”

A well-known alternative talk-show host associated with this movement, spoke to us on the condition of complete anonymity:

“This is a red level alert! But, there are a lot of celebrities out there who are waking up to this. And, I don’t want to name names, or betray someone’s confidence, but I know the biggest, well, second biggest actor in Hollywood right now, and he’s fully aware of what’s going on with all the New World Order. Have you seen Die Hard? That’s a really good movie.”

“By the way, you really need to protect your family. We’re gonna be having a special on the Royal English Sovereign coins next week, and you can buy those through us for below spot price.”

Tietkantcheko, however, paints quite the opposite picture.

“We send Michael Gorbachev, the same president who allegedly broke up the Soviet Union to America, and he gets an office at the top-secret Presidio military base in San Francisco and nobody asks any questions. In the middle of all these other deaths, Karl Maulden, a perfectly healthy 97 year old man who starred in the Streets of San Francisco, suddenly drops dead, and nobody asks any questions? When are they going to ask questions?”

But, even he [Tietkantcheko], admits that you can’t count out the new DoD splinter-group patriot plan to embed patriot-minded actors in the limelight. “Ironically, it’s about hearts and minds,” he adds. Three brave new young stars, possibly one of the early outgrowths of this plan, have made a bold step-forward:

Montag and Pratt, appeared on the Alex Jones Infowars radio program this past week, endangering their own lives, and that of close associates in the process. One of these associates, Miley Cyrus, even twittered on, to her fanbase of millions:

“OMG! Like what’s infowars? Down with the New World Order! Lol! My dad just came in my room and he’s totally laughing at me, cause i’m like wearing a sweater and no panties and it’s like 250 degrees outside. Do I look fat in this?”

In this writer’s humble opinion, there is hope for the USA, and perhaps even the world. All it takes is a little spark. Within hours of Miley Cyrus’s infamous Twitter posting, her top rival Selena Gomez was twittering to her fanbase:

“Oh no you didn’t! If Miley’s like gonna kill the Rockerfellows, me and Demi LeVato are gonna like kill the Rothchildren and stuff. 911 was like a total inside job. And Miley’s like gross and old and stuff. Love you Nick Jonas!”

Is Yuri Tietkantcheko’s vision of a 1984-like future for America a predestined fact, or will the new young patriots, taking great personal risk to themselves and their families after the recent spate of celebrity homicides, overcome the odds?

A little incredulous to Yuri’s phenomenal story, this writer, prior to our crack staff fully vetting the story and confirming Yuri’s background and the authenticity of the documents, tried to gauge for myself if Yuri was literally pulling my chain. I asked, “Farrah Fawcett, really?” Yuri, polishing off the 12th bottle of Stolichnaya Premium we purchased him as a condition of this interview, responded:

“”Oh, I will miss Farrah. She had nipples like is Siberian winter all summer long. But, seriously … we send Farrah to America to find out how to build Six Million Dollar Man. Because, in Soviet Russia, six million dollar man build you.”

And with that, he let out a hearty laugh, that to our ears, sounded eerily like Ed Mcmahon’s. Perhaps Tietkantcheko was right? Only time will tell.

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* SOURCE: E’tou Mentiroso, staff writer, © Reueters/Rothschild News Services

~ by celticrebel on July 3, 2009.

24 Responses to “Jackson, Carradine, Fawcett”

  1. eww, please stop posting nacked pictures in your site! and it is so crazy that there were alot of stars who died this summer!

  2. Are you serious about this rebel lol? Because the whole celebrity agent thing, Fulford’s ninja force, not to mention the good illuminati Leo Zagami trying to negotiate with the bad illuminati, seem to border on fantastical at best, dis info at worst. Its probably possible if project monarch is involved.

    There is definitely something to the deaths of Carradine as there were reports of his interest in exposing secret societies floating around, also his hanging seemed reminiscent of the fool although he wasnt upside down. In all, these celebrities probably represent an archetypal message of societies gilded lifestyle passing away, the stars/idols are falling with everything else that is false.

  3. Many moons ago i was at David’s house. He had a huge tub that was filled with a gold body paint that we dipped our bodies into in preparation for a halloween party. My girlfiend at the time was 16. I was 17, drunk and naked…and he left the room so we could be alone in the tub. We had the opportunity to meet plenty of pervs back then but Mr. Carradine was not one of them…in fact, he was kind, and living a rather spartan lifestyle that was very removed from the glitter and glamour of hollywood.

    p.s. thanks for the “light” summer reading…

  4. Ugh. That kinda pissed me off until I saw the “source” thing at the bottom. I thought the thing about David Carradine meeting Benjamin Fulford was true for a second, though… What’s with this snarky, stuck-up smug shit disinfo passing as “journalism”? Reminds me of any typical schoolyard (or post-schoolyard, since they never really grow out of that phase) bully talking shit about someone they don’t like…

    The fact that some of our most hated celebrities are twittering about this stuff to their inept fans is really weird. What could they possibly gain from that? More fans? People who are into this stuff are the least likely to “switch over” by this point, and have probably already made up their minds about Disney and the rest of them… This looks like a sad attempt at appealing to the “scared little people” of society. Fuck these smug bastards. People who make themselves such easy targets for negative attention obviously get something from it, though.

    Personally, I think this celebrity death thing is part “Princess Di” trauma trigger, part 9/11 trigger, in order to distract us from what’s happening in Iran (and pretty much everywhere, for that matter).

  5. dina, are you being sarcastic or serious about the pics? Sarcasms is not permitted at the Celtic Rebel site, except as practiced by yours truly. 😀 But, how could I leave out the Farrah image? I was doing some home improvement work this weekend, and had Farrah and her nipples been around, it’d have saved me a few bucks on a masonry bit.

    Javier, did you like how I connected Carradine to Fullford’s team of crack ninjas? 👿 The story about Carradine tracking secret societies came out on the utterly suspect Larry King show, judging by that and his connection to scum-sucking deviant director Tarantino … I’m leery of that story. He was, obviously, murdered. The conspiracy angle is probably part of the cover-up.

    lalan, thanks for sharing that story about Carradine. Maybe, I underestimated him? And thank you, for being the first comment to respond from the proper perspective.

    Tommy, tommy, tommy. I contemplated using the title: Special In Dependence Day Fool’s Joke (edition), which is what most most of the Queen’s subjects (i.e., fools), who celebrate “independence” day are participating in (that would include the Canucks, the Ozzies, and the Kiwis, on their respective days). I thought I dropped enough hints, even before the byline (the source’s name translates to “I am a liar”).

    If there was a conspiracy involving Jackson, his death has served a purpose. Look how the mainstream medes, the altrenative media and even the synchrosphere’s now focused on that DIS-traction.

  6. What was the point of this ridiculous post? I followed a favorites link to here and was very disappointed. This may cause me to ignore the legitimate sites that linked to you. This post is absolutely horrible…even for this site.

  7. are you okay? you seem frustrated. well, you always seem frustrated, but this feels like frustration of a different breed.

  8. I thought this was written by someone else and you just posted it here. Man, I just went off on you there… My apologies.

    I think the whole “Miley Cyrus Twittering about the NWO” thing pushed me beyond my limits and into cognitive dissonance.

  9. Wow! Do people really think the Rebel was serious?

  10. Caroline, what is the tool you use to determine if sites are legitimate or not? Please share this handy device with us. Wait … you are now going to dismiss all the sites that link to me? Wow, that is harsh! An old colloquialism comes to mind regarding what to do with those who “can’t take a joke.”

    bobblebot, yes, I am just fine. You can ask me that question again after the next post, where I will go off. This was actually a lot of fun to write … and should have been fun to read.

    Tommy, no worries mate! A good part of the quotes attributed to Miley actually came right off her Twitter page. The rest is Rebel embellishment. This whole thing with her and other “awakening” stars is definitely a psy-op and anyone promoting it a tool. THEY are responding to US. Though, I do have to say, I did embed some truths in this little exercise.

    Mat, thank you! Thank you! Before you left your comment, I was growing concerned that I might have to add a note of explanation at bottom of article. Was the name of the KGB agent not enough of a hint for most people?

  11. Celt,

    Starting to doubt the left half of your brain. Please flip top, wash, and restart “right” half.
    Do not use both side or the dark side or you will be dealt with, ie Yusef Gerbels will be sent to your house equipped with long string and capped teeth.

    Hee hee.

    Your so on. The biggest stories eclipsed by moon of death of who who and the who whos.

    The feed into paranoia central via now hollywood prison planet is not lost on this paranoid.

  12. Lol yes the crack ninjas were brilliant my favorite part actually, about MJ though its a warning, i found something you might want to listen to Craig Huxely has made some interesting connections with MJ the solar aton cult and free mason symbolism with MJ, there is a part 2&3. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hfh4-GVltqA]

  13. Thanks for that hilarity! I can’t believe (or can I?) that people took this seriously. And thanks for that pic of Farrah! (It must have been cold on that photo shoot.) This reminded me of that one host for the Dating Game who claimed to be a CIA asset.

  14. You thought that just because you found out the “truth” about your goverment you couldn’t be mind fucked? Think again! The new hit series “T’Seekers” (Starring Heidi Montag, Guest appearance Miley Cyrus) – coming this fall to an MTV near you. Being “awake” and a “truther” will be more popular than chihuahuas.

  15. gene, I tried to follow your instructions, but am now a little confused. With my brain now flipped over and rotated, which half is the “right” half? Yeah, “hoo-hoo” is dead.

    Javier, I “know” they are staging all sorts of weird occult rituals around the death of the eye-con, but am trying to stay out of it. Like I said earlier, his death is a huge [and very effective] psyop on the mASSes. Other than this spiel which I spit out in a couple of hours, I am trying to stay out of it.

    ViolatoR, thank you. Maybe part of the motivation behind this was “a test” for the readers? 👿 I vaguely remember that movie, but recall it was disturbingly odd…

    harri, THAT was exactly the type of appropriate response to this article. I heard Jones was gonna be making a guest appearance on that show as the “crazy conspiracy guy” the bad guys black bag and disappear. “T” will be like so much more text-friendly than typing that whole long word “truth” out, won’t it?

  16. Celtic Bathrooms!

    The great spell of label, call them “wacko” and presto they’re wacko.

    “Your’e either with us or your’e with the terrorists.”

    “Your’e either with me or against me.”

    So speak Bushjesus, great fire-water salesman.

    In the great lesson of Judas Iscariot, the only true and fruitful messenger, I am against you!

  17. I can’t decide which performance was more impressive: this article or MJ’s daughter “crying” when she started talking about him at the funeral. Maybe there was a little truth in what she was saying but I give that performance a C because I didn’t see any tears. The name of the kgb agent threw me off but the oxy clean explanation was hilarious. Anticipating the next post

  18. I have to say, you got me good…

    It just reminded me of some other articles I’ve been reading lately from so-called “debunkers”, who really only prove that they’ve taken the bait (as I did, though in a different context) when it comes to seeing all of this stuff as “silly” and unworthy of serious attention. Just bothers me a little.

  19. The problem is so many people treat Alex Jones like how millions of Americans treat Obama. Like some holy messiah. I listened to alex jones a few times a year ago and then stopped because he just makes me stressed.

  20. Hey what’s up celtic? Longtime no hear. Interesting post. Check this link out and let me know what you think. Michael Jackson assasinate by CIA?

  21. gene, wasn’t there a line in “The Jerk” where he was thinking he’d have some spending money after some girl promised him a “blow job?” Ah, the Medes have already started attacking those associating them with the Speidi duo, just as scripted. Wonder twin powers, de-active[d]! Kazantzakis take on Judas may be worthy of exploration.

    Jonathan, missed the latter, but thank you in regards to your words on the former. I recently heard someone else saying she may not even be his, but “cloned.” The spin cycle on the washer seems to have exceeded its limit. Time to call in the Maytag guy.

    Kwazy, yes, that’s pretty much how I address the sensitive topic to any friend I discover is a listener: “So, how do you feel after listening to 3 hours of Jones?” People who are scared shitless are of no use to anybody.

    hautesauce, you did not just link to an article from the same “former MI6 top news disseminatress Sorcha Faal” I referred to in my article did you? I think it’s a smelly pile of dung.

  22. Uhhhh why is everyone getting so serious? All these Stars Deaths has the whole planet freaked out? Pretty knew what direction this article was going when I saw the image of ‘ol kittens kickin Rocky’s ASS. LMAO!

    I think Michael and David were taken out to DIS-tract everyone from real world crisis and issues. Other than that I’m Fine.

    What? My all time favorite Quarterback Steve McNair is Dead? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
    I hate the Medes.

  23. Umm the reason Miley and the Disney kids twittered was because the alex jones show is owned by Disney and they want to make the idea seem stupid and sacarstic

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