Patricia’s Burning Hangover

Continuing. I didn’t lie when I said I’d be taking a little time off the blog, thus the slow-down in output. However, I guess I lied when I said I was going to get away for a while. I got pulled into an old cause of mine, animal rights. When I was young, I spent quite a bit of time, writing letters and raising awareness to issues like animal testing and factory farming. Of the former, people, considering me somewhat of an expert on the topic, would ask, “Why do they test?” As the whole science and premise behind it is flawed, my best educated-answer was: “It’s in case of litigation. Even though animal tests are inconclusive, they want to be able to show up in a court room with reams of data showing they did all the testing.”


That was my old answer. While a “smart” answer, it was nonetheless, the wrong answer. I had neglected to account of the fact that almost every single one of the consumer products manufacturers, was replacing “natural ingredients” like plant extracts, with petrochemical and agricultural waste byproducts. But, even had I considered that, whatever answer I concocted would have still been wrong.

Having since spent so much time intensively decoding the fabric of our society, I was able to connect the two in a manner I previously would have been too short-sighted to see. The forest is all so clear now. I was sitting in the back yard when it came to me, but no apple fell on my head. It didn’t need to. Having already looked into condoms and learning that six toxic substances (some known carcinogens) were used in the chemical stew that is the manufacturing process, when I turned to cosmetics, it was of less surprise to find mercury in mascara, lead in hair color, aluminum in deodorant and nanoparticles in pretty much everything [a good list].

Finally, I understand WHY all of these big companies test and why they have to test, and why they will always continue to test. Because, they are putting shit into their products which is meant to (a) decrease your life-span, particularly how much of it you waste in your unproductive years, (b) make you sick and keep you sick, so that you buy more of their pharmaceuticals, and alas (c) because with all the toxins they put into their products, they wanna make sure you consume enough to make you unwell, but not enough to die. That’s it. It really is that simple.

chilli shits

Don’t take it personally. It’s just business. You can’t blame them because you are an ignorant piece of shit. We let it happen. Why did we, anyone, really expect anything different the day that the big pharmaceuticals started getting into the personal care, toiletries, and cosmetics business? Most people would probably be smart enough to know better than to go eat at Leroy’s Chilli Shack [above]. It’s obvious, right? So, why isn’t the former connection? Hell, sometimes the products are even on the same isles in your local drug store? People really are fucking stupid.

So, it took me venturing into the mouth of madness, to finally see the rationale, efficiency and sound business principle beyond something that had perplexed me for a good part of my life? In case you guys opted not to listen to either of the included radio calls (part a), the main gist was that there’s some seriously bat-shit insane events going on right now, and there are surely, more a’comin.


One crazy event that prompted my writing this set, was my misfortune to witness an extremely disturbing piece of video footage: some African villagers burning “witches” alive. The most unsettling scene was one poor bastard, laying by the side of the ditch, slowly burning as the villagers were too stupid to start a proper fire. This sod had given up trying to flee, due to all the vicious beatings he endured.

He just sat there, holding his head in his hand as he slowly [very slowly] burned to death. I thought about including the video, but it is far too unsettling. I feel it would be impossible for anyone to focus on anything I say hereafter should they witness it first-hand. {*1} Far more disturbing for me was taking the burnings in consideration with all the chaos Lord Pyaray has planned for us common folk.

An acquaintance shortsightedly dismissed the true potential with, “Well, they’re just a bunch of ignorant Africans.” Really? So ignorant because they don’t watch as much television and because the only way they’ll vaccinate their children is if they’re rounded up at gunpoint first? Are you following me? Do you honestly think [i.e., hope] that worse is not possible in Westernized lands full of gullible TV indoctrinated morons who pat themselves on the back for having their children’s life-shortening vaccinations up-to-date and compensate them with lollipop rewards?


Again, it’s quite simple. Forget those stupid life expectancy charts you were indoctrinated with in the school system. Life expectancy has been dropping steadily over the last 2000 years (precipitously over the last 100). Yea, I know, most of you have been conditioned to think that pile of festering dung smells sweet instead; how as the science of medicine advances, human life expectancy increases, leading to more and more overpopulation. Yea, those Club of Rome charts were slick.

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
–Benjamin Disreali or Mark Twain

I remember asking one teacher about Alexander the Great dying so young, and him saying, “Well, back then, people rarely lived much past 40?” Really? Then, why does this same stupid book full of lies not also mention how Plato lived to be over 80 years old and Pythagoras past 90? That should have been noted in a couple of those textbooks right? The equivalent today would be some famous persons living to 200 and everyone conveniently forgetting that while writing their biographies.

selma whorepampersdumb cunt

It’s eugenics, plain and simple. A black slave is worth less than a white slave. If you’re reading this, than regardless of skin tone, you’re most likely a slave. Slaves are more productive when they’re young. As they grow old, they cost more to maintain than they produce. So, we’ve pushed up retirement age while methodically lowering life expectancy .. all the while convincing these dumb slaves they’re actually living better and longer. “Progress!” Hell, look at the Soviet experiment. The life expectancy for the average Russian male dropped from 90 something to 50 something in a period of only 80 years. Now, that is efficient!

You have to look beyond good and evil to see the big picture. It’s just business. Agribusiness. Procter & Gamble, one at the top of the global mafia syndicate, who spares few animals in its research torture labs, would naturally come up with a way to scam the average idiot to help fund the extermination of negroes on the African continent. As for Salma Hayek, I’d be inclined to guess she’s just a dumb bimbo who actually believes she’s doing good, even going so far as to inject some of those pesky niggars herself. She can’t be that stupid or racist, can she? Maybe.

jennyloads of shitboobs

Stumbling across this forum full of idiot mothers discussing the “good” of the Pampers Vaccine program would make Eddie Bernays proud. People who’ve never researched anything for themselves expressing “opinions.” It is funny, isn’t it? I was greatly disappointed to catch another “forum” of trained attack monkeys [you call them “the public”] express extremely caustic sentiments about heretical Jenny McCarthy [e.g., “dumb cunt”] after some “skeptics society dedicated to science” named her “Worst Celebrity of 2008”. {*2} Burn the witch! Burn her!

And what of Eugenics promoting bimbo Salma Hayek? Oh, she’s “a saint.” She even “fed some African baby with her own breasts.” Loads of Hope!!! Oh, it’s “loads” of something man, but it doesn’t smell like hope from where I’m standing. Looks like Salma put loads of wishes into her hope chest when she was little. Damn baby!

dickaids gatesevil people

Had been wanting to bring up an old South Park episode, and now seems the time. It’s a stupid one [on the surface level] about Subway Jarred wanting to give everyone “aides,” and people thinking he means AIDS. The monotony of stretching a one-line gag into a 30 minute episode aside, when I saw the above scene, I immediately thought, “That doesn’t look like Jarred. That’s somebody else.”

You can rest assured, that was the writer’s intent (revelation of the method). People like Jarred, who earn a few million don’t start up foundations. That’s reserved for people who are worth billions, and they do exactly what Bill/Jarred says they’re gonna do. And in the meantime, the average idiot thinks these subhuman slugs are “good” charitable people? Take a close look at the Time cover! It is telling you exactly what these derelicts [i.e., “samaritans”] are up to. {*3}


Does it have to be as obvious as the above scene? The practice is the same. The only difference is that the mAsses though having eyes now see not, and having minds still think not. We are living in insane times. Reminds me of a prophecy of days to come from Hermes Trismegistus that I once heard Michael Tsarion relay:

“Darkness will be preferred to light, and death will be thought more profitable than life; no one will raise his eyes to heaven ; the pious will be deemed insane, and the impious wise; the madman will be thought a brave man, and the wicked will be esteemed as good.”

Should these Evangelist and Christian Zionist Preachers (you know: Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, and all the other whorish corruptors of the teachings of Christ) ever be instructed to start preaching the gospel [“go” “spell”] of heretical witches and “satanists” running loose in modern society, how long do you think it would be before we didn’t start seeing worse than “dumb” Africans? How many rounds of witch burnings has the “enlightened” West not already undergone?


As a child, who did you run to when you scraped your shin? Mommy or Daddy? Do you think the current eugenicist-directed corporate-run health-destroying male dominated profit-oriented modern medical system would even have been possible had the Vatican not set about turning all the fire-wielding morons loose on the women that were the healers and midwives of their day? A witch! Burn her!!!

Open your eyes and ears to the new “witch hunt.” When I hear “we need to round up those bankers and string them up with piano wire” on mainstream news, I see the hidden hand of social engineering hard at work. Someone has to pay! Someone will indeed pay, it just won’t be the right people. It never has been. Look back at Nuremberg: hardly anyone “deserving” was handed out punishment, while the guys that performed the hideous medical experiments were whisked off to cushy jobs in the USA. The sad fate of Rudolph Hess, assuming it was even the real Hess, comes to mind. His crime? Trying to stop the war/chaos. For that he had to to pay.

Mob Hanging

Don’t think for a second the same thing wouldn’t happen to a bunch of true believers or sacrificial middlemen should any public vengeance come out of the N/OO Truth Movement. I, like I’m sure many of you, fell into this “truth” box, which was conveniently awaiting us once this exposure to the light began. But, two three things have convinced me that this movement is not only seriously infiltrated but far more guided to serve “the agenda” than we’d like to believe:

EVENT A: A chance late night exchange of mundane conversation with the “redneck” woman at the local “Quickie Mart” ends with her saying, “We need us some guns, cause it’s time for a revolution. Well that was slightly unexpected.

Beavis Butthead 911

EVENT B: Out one night, run into some guy who introduces me to his friend as “this is the guy you want to ask any questions.” He kept asking about 911. A topic I’m kind of bored with, but as we’re discussing it, Rain Man over at the next table chimes in, “Yea, and jet fuel can’t burn hot enough to melt steel.” That set me back. The reason we call this guy Rain Man (not to his face, but even if we did, he wouldn’t get it), is that he literally is Beavis (or Butthead, take your pick).

His conversation usually consists of “he-he,” “wassup,” dude,” followed by “I’m so wasted.” This isn’t coming from a place of ego, where I think only “smart people” have the right to some set of knowledge, but this guy is, by no exaggeration, incapable of converting thoughts into sentences unless they come from his reptilian recesses, e.g., “Got any drugs?” He’s not a bad kid. I don’t mind him. He’s just an idiot. Harmless. But, why is he talking about the melting point of steel?

everyday slut

EVENT C: The last event that formulated all this together for me was stumbling across some young lady’s myspace page [no, not the one pictured above, that’s a random google] that not only contained some rather lurid self-shots, but said:

Fav Music: Eminem, Jonas Brothers, 50Cent
My Hero: Hannah Montana
About Me: im hername. deal with it. be jealous .. I like chillin and hangin with ma nigga’s. anything more, juzt ask. oh, yez .. and KILL THE ROCKAFELLERS! fight the NWO! ps .. haha i gott a hello kitty obssession.

Over the years, I have observed that young people, particularly women, coming to the realization that their acne medicine is tested on bunnies, or that their food has a face, get drawn into animal rights movement, and that is a good thing. However, all these groups of any significance, like PETA, have been co-opted by globalist organizations and these young people spend CONsiderable energies trying to stop animal testing, never seeing the big picture and never changing a thing.

Anyone catch the new WWF ads on TV which show a momma and a baby polar bear on an ice flow, implying that they’re gonna drown because of global warming?

polar dummieskeith shithead

So, here’s Momma bear teaching baby bear how to hunt and swim, and these fuckheads at WWF put some sad music to it and use it as bait to deprive idiots of their money. Hell, if someone filmed me getting out of bed, making coffee, letting the dog out and sitting on my back patio for a spell … well, if you put some really sad music to it, my “routine” would look really fucking pathetic. Hell, even suicidal. “Oh, what a sad meaningless existence has befallen the Celtic Rebel,” voices the narrator as the donations to save me pour in. Hm. Not a bad idea. 😉

Thanks to my friend Anesti, I learned that a local weatherman in Tampa had the common sense, after the coldest winter in Florida history, to question Global Warming. The network then sicks their attack dog, Keith Olbermann on him [watch the vid]. Burn him! Pretty pathetic huh? You know, Olbermann, the darling of the hopeful while he was ranting against Bush’s tyranny. Sic semper tyrannis!

Fox, not to be left out, jumps in on the bandwagon with last week’s King of the Hill, one character [rationalizing] that all this carbon we’re putting out is gonna cause a new ice age. I know I harp [hm, odd choice of words] on this topic enough, but dammit, it’s impacting my life: I meet one girl down here I’d contemplate having sex with more than once or twice. She’s kind of smart, non-materialistic and open-minded, but then she says, “Yeah, I could see myself liking you. You like have a really small carbon footprint.” Ugh, so many boxes pre-built for us! {*4}

liar jonesliar paulliar len

Everywhere I look I see actors. Is Alex Jones one too? I still can’t say for sure [note solar “backing”], but anyone who is as knowledgable as he appears to be, should know better than to say something as patently false as “The answer to 1984 is 1776.” The American Revolution was a joke. How was the colonialists ending up with more government, more taxation and more CONtrol in any way “freedom from tyranny?” Heck, even the Simpsons [had to] admit that recently.

As for Ron Paul, I was among the first to defend him when he made “the sign” at a CONvention. I wanted so much to believe. He also suckered a lot of people out of their money and energy. Yea, it’s hard to admit being wrong, but I was and I’ll admit it. Another false messiah? Another box built for those of us who don’t like the red or the blue one? As for Len Horowitz, it would appear this Messianic Jew sharer of subterfuge and enlightenment is also an ordained Knight of Malta.

zeitgeistconthe truth

The guiding hand is hard at work, even within the higher levels of the truth community. I enjoyed the first Zeitgeist film, and I failed to see the agenda behind it at the time. When you’re thirsty for knowledge, you drink heartily from any chalice that comes your way. I failed to make the connection between its inexplicable popularity and the agenda to break down all world religions.

When the second Zeitgeist came out, I was either a little wiser than the first go, or maybe they overplayed their hand. All the feel-good visions of world utopia it spoke about rang all too close to a speech once heard by a Tavistock architect mentioning a “post-industrial world.” That had initially left me scratching my head, wondering, “What the hell does that mean?” Between the film’s high-tech closing making me wonder whether millions instead of thousands were spent on it, and the introduction of the “Venus Project,” my only question? “What studio did this?”

ben stewart

If someone is getting the impression I am a nihilist, than I’ve failed to properly convey my thoughts. There are gurus and shamans among us. One I can think of is Ben Stewart, who put out Esoteric Agenda and Kymatica (which, is the first truth film I’ve seen which ties the concept of causing cruelty and expecting to somehow not warrant receiving it). Also, can’t throw out all the wisdom taught by corrupted sources lke Len, just be discerning about what’s nourishment and what’s poison.

Were I a Lord of Law, and I knew a great awakening was inevtiable, where I might lose CONtrol of my subjects, I would create CONvenient buckets/boxes for them to fall into when they first arose from their slumber [ones led by my ASS-ettes]. Hell, might even fabricate an event to awaken them en masse. That’s how I would do it.

celtic rebel

It can be overwhelming. Who’s a liar and who’s a whore? I addressed the topic long ago: “quitting” is not an option (well, it is, but not a good one). Do something! Anything. Question everyone. Question me! Exert your will into the chaos mix. Be the witch! Leearn from your mistakes. Admit them. Invite scorn and ridicule upon yourself. The most cunning program the mASSters embedded within us, is indifference. What kind of energy are you putting into the wheel of kharma? Indifference to the suffering of others [of ANY species] only begets same on you.

As it has fallen on this Rebel to “make nearly everyone uncomfortable,” I’ll go ahead and direct something at some people within my own community (of bloggers) now, who seem to be rationalizing a lot of this horse-shit. I won’t call out anyone, but a recent discussion I saw where some people said this push/move towards androgyny is “good” cause it “brings us back together as one”are you fucking kidding me? Would you also rationalize these old fucks anally raping children as the blurring of time and completing of the circle between birth and death?


The above scene is from The Rapture, where Tom Cruise’s breast-laden ex, Mimi Rogers, CONverts to Christianity just in time for Jesus second coming. Gratuitous nudity. Gratuitous mind-fucking. I chose above scene cause it pretty much sums up what the leading Christian distorters of wisdom and the alternative Christian “Look, it’s Satan” Underground are doing to the herds of sheep who listen.

There is a certain logic to creating/crafting a new world of doom and gloom, for if you prepare for the worst, you are making it a reality. On the other end of the spectrum, justifying the actions of those who wish to enforce their vision of dystopia on us, is really just another from of CONcession. It is not an exercise of will. You can’t sit there and claim to be any smarter or wiser than the brainwashed Christians, when you’re singing “Kumbaya” in a different key.

Which brings us to 2012, a topic I’m getting asked a lot about these days, even by people I never expected to be asked by. There’s something coming and I think it could very well be something wonderful. But, as I expressed within the eight tentacled beast I spawned, not all of us will be taking this journey; only those who somehow merit or achieve it, via our own accord. I think Bob Dylan, the Joker of Chaos (as he was recognized by Don MacLean) summed up the coming metaphoric Aquarian wave: “You better start swimming, or you’ll sink/sync like a stone.” {*5}

blue manwatchmen

Caught some of Alan Moore’s most recent piece of predictive programming disguised as revelation: The Watchmen [where said song serves as a montage preamble device]. Skip this paragraph if you want, but the movie, at least the parts I saw, was pretty up-front (deeper analysis/second look probably warranted) about what’s coming: (a) the [“deserved”] death of America, (b) a great tragedy/loss of life leading to mankind uniting in peace [ordo ab chao], (c) how they [the architects] despite all the horrible things they are doing, feel that they are acting in the best long-term interests of man, and finally, (d) the gods now have the means to leave us, and have no more reason to stay. Back to Herme’s “prophecy:”

“And so the gods will depart from mankind, a grievous thing!, and only evil angels will remain, who will mingle with men, and drive the poor wretches by main force into all manner of reckless crime, into wars, and robberies, and frauds, and all things hostile to the nature of the soul.”

Going back to the animal thing for a moment. I can’t stress enough, that you should take a long look at the picture below and see it for what it is: a mirror. If you can’t see this, and if you, in any way, feel that there is a valid reason for the creature before you to be in his place, you are pretty much rationalizing your exact spot in the mental prison and experimentation space that your rulers have put you in [i.e., that you’ve put yourself in]. If you can’t see it, I can’t help you.

the mirror

Do you not see it? If you don’t, I’ll tell you why. Ego. In other words, the vanity that clouds your vision via the persona you project onto that mirror. But, I write nothing new here: “For that which befalleth the sons of men befalleth beasts; even one thing befalleth them: as the one dieth, so dieth the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that a man hath no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity.”

The monkey/ape is connected to the Egyptian God Thoth (prior musing). Since we’re on the subject of [the] truth [movement], I recall a few authors connecting the God THOTH to TRUTH. But, if the old languages were written in a manner that required no consonants, then Thoth would have been written as THTH, or ΘΘ. There is by no stretch, that a pronounced yet unwritten R could have been encoded within that. The only relevant word that could be derived from it is THOUGHT.

I will admit that over the past few months, I’ve spent little time engulfed within the library I put together when I started this TRUTH quest. These latest postings came from something proving far more valuable than knowledge: intuition. Like the opening theory fact I came up with in said manner. I think there’s much more wisdom to be found within than without. Again, I am gaining more appreciation for illuminatiMATRIX‘s elucidation of how, ultimately, “all thoughts are lies.”

joy division

I think back on Ian Curtis, who was so relevant in my multi-tentacled breach into the other side, and how the “official” story of his suicide seems far too suspicious. Here we have one young man, writing about the quest within, unlike no other in his field before or since. Out of all the piece of shit Rock “stars” of the time, he’s the one we had to lose?

Even more suspicious: the surviving members, New Order, go on to become far bigger than Joy Division ever was, with frivolous lyrics like, “and no I never met anyone quite like you before.” Yea, refocusing that quest back to the external. Oh where, o where, has my underdog gone? Oh where, oh where, can he be?

I may come off as insensitive, or appear to be suffering from my own ego-driven superiority complex for saying that some will be saved, and a lot [i.e., most] won’t. Maybe I once suffered from such, and definitely, at one time I was extremely stupid for thinking myself superior to my fellow man solely for measuring up to society’s dogmatic intelligence yardstick. But, you have to acknowledge, that another reason so many long-hidden “truths” are being revealed so flagrantly now, is that the general public is so dumbed down, they’ll never ever believe it.

the popestewart shithead

The pope, knowing this, stated the honest facts about CONdoms and AIDS. Sure enough, this “truth” is so preposterous to most “intelligent” people, they will mock and ridicule it, exactly as they’ve been programmed to. In the case of Jon Stewart, who I think I nailed right on the money [so to speak] last video [04:48], he did exactly what any high-grade moron or paid disinfo agent would: trash the pope’s CONfession as utter nonsense. So, those wondering whether Stewart is the former or latter, I’ll ask, “What’s the difference when the net result is the same?”

Dare I try to bring up the stupidity of wearing condoms to anyone, I am the lunatic. I’m sure most of the same “truthers” who ramble on and on about conspiracies, would mock my words here. My friend Anesti, also caught something I had failed to, after he read my condom epxosé: “I used to wonder why they chose to call the most popular brand of condoms Trojan, and now it makes sense.” Precisely!

My “gut feeling” about potential partners has been of far more value to me, than any condom could have been, even were they to function as adverstised. Some buffoon I know, slept with a girl he knew had herpes cause she was “hot” and he “double-bagged” it [marketing beats common sense]. Assuming condoms managed to stop any of the diseases we dread [which they don’t], is putting proven carcinogens on/in your body worth some treatable venereal disease? Hell, even South Park joined in, Kenny dying of Syphilis despite the “snake” brand CONdom.


Ben, writing on same episode, asked what this Rebel might have to say? I think the set of pictures, especially the J&B girl (Ben has connected Jonas Brothers to Blow Jobs) say enough. I’m trying to avoid another in-depth look at what the wizards cast our way. While exposing is good, there is so much coming out these days, I feel we are being trapped in “react” mode. Little good can come from reacting. As the Jester sang, “Come writers and critics, who prophesize with your pen.”

I need to be more proactive in crafting my own wizardry; spinning positive words towards a future I would envision. If I am prophesizing, I should be more careful what I write. Finding this dog-sex article, did make me relfect on the immediate cause and effect of my own words/wizardry. Am I a witch? Don’t burn me!


The saddest thing about the article (yes, sadder than the bestiality aspect), is how utterly brain-washed this young woman is. One, she suffers from the programmed prince charming/relationships are the be-all end-all of life aspect and need for revenge of some perceived wrong as trivial as a relationship naturally ending. Two, even had she actually been wronged, why invite the [police] state into her life? She likely got exactly what she deserved, but had she been steered clear of the television by parents who had an actual clue, would any of this have transpired?

What also struck me was her striking similarity to another woman mug-shotted for a different offense, Deborah Lefavre, who’s crime was making some 13 year old boy’s dream come true and turning his status among his peers into “rock star.” The last girl completing the above series is my new girl, MM. Can you guess who is who? Reminds me of the time I came back to America after spending a few months in Brasil. Greeting my friend at the airport, I looked about me and remarked on a new phenomenon, “You know. All these blond American girls look exactly alike to me.”

gay shitgay shitgay shit

Of course, follow-up episodes of the Simpsons and Family Guy have been tossing more and more overtly homosexual programming nuggets in the direction of the mAsses, but I’ve got better things to write about for now. I think we’ve established what the agenda is and continuing to point at it and say, “Ooh. Look, there it is. There it is,” isn’t gonna change anything.

They’ve already socially engineered most rewards out of male/female interaction, in this country at least [a long overdue article]. I do know that my salvation doesn’t lie at the other end of the same hole I crawled out of, but damn, did they have to take all of most of the fun out of trying? Moving on…

I know. I know. Professor Chaos. I know. I know. Chaos cube. If anything was screaming for a Celtic Rebel interpretation, this was it. Like I said, I’m not gonna react [perhaps, they are reacting to me?]. I wanna stop pointing out the box, and start focusing my energies on either getting the hell out, or shattering the CONstruct. I know I’m onto something and I’m holding on to at least one of the keys. Others, have found different ones, so I hope I haven’t turned any of those off in the process. Breaking out will require extreme collective effort…

Watching the morgue scene in Eyes Wide Shut, not only reMINDed me of the significance of the number, but also of how the modern death process, like the modern birth process, has been turned into another one of extreme trauma and dissociation, meant to give the transmigratory soul few options but to return to the beaCON/trap guiding so cleverly placed by those who rule those who rule us.


Stygian Port wrote in to say he’s been seeing my other contribution to this field (one thing I hadn’t seen anyone else talk about yet), the X-BOXes in “every” movie. It really does seem to be in everything. I just haven’t figured out WHY yet. Of late, I’m surmising it’s some kind of mnemonic trigger, one that helps keep us bound here within the CONfines of this illusionary grid. He [stygian] also reMINDed me of the robot from Logan’s Run. Oh my! How could I have forgotten?

A shiny glistening creature waiting in the tunnels between the CONtrolled [fake] world and the real one [freedom]. Those with the wherewithal to reject the system and try to escape will encounter him after an arduous journey. He comforts them and then kills them. They run from this controlled society, where everyone is killed at the age of 30 (doesn’t seem so futuristic if you pay attention to how early people are dying of cancer these days), to be renewed/reborn, into the system (without memory I’d presume). Hence, “Box” is a [n artificial] construct put there by the architects, to catch those who think they’ve escaped. Read it again. {*6}

robert e howard

Now, to wrap up this written piece, lest it turn into another octopus. I’ll confess to another lie: that I’d “try” to get laid on Patty’s Day. I didn’t try, but on the prior Saturday, was out and ran into some girl I used to shag. Noticed a bunch of revelers in green, even though it was a full four days before it was time to celebrate bending Ireland over and fucking her up the ass. Was a bit put off by the numbskullery:

Girl: “Relax! Try to get into the spirit of things.”

Me: “You know, I don’t think I’m long for this place.”

Girl: “Celt, no! It’s not worth it. Don’t do it!”

Me: “Do what???”

Girl: “Kill yourself?”

Me: “Why the fuck would I do that?”

Perhaps I”ve been a bit of a sour grape lately. Some friends I used to hang out with had me over this past weekend, and commented I was not as much “fun” as I used to be. Guess I was staying out of too many conversations. But, after studying social engineering for so long, it’s kind of impossible; the “wonder” has left so many mysteries. Can’t exactly sit there and complain how “girls are bitches,” or “guys are dicks,” or [ethnic/social/political group of choice] “is stupid.”

I can appreciate the divisions the architects have crafted among us and how we’ve been CONditioned to live in a “reality” where we are blameless and everybody is dumber than we are. They’ve got it down to such a science, people can watch Larry the Cable Guy and laugh heartily about that guy across the street from them in their trailer park who is just that stupid. Oddly, one woman in the group excused my detachment by saying, “Don’t mind him. He’s evolving.”


I’ve longed to return to the one place I’ve felt at home, to follow the girl pictured above wherever she leads me. A certain friends who cares about my well-being, keeps asking why I haven’t moved the hell out yet. Cause, I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. Had I not come to this overly engineered social experiment, which is akin to hell for me, there would have never been a “Celtic Rebel” writing/sharing his contribution to the [true] “great work.”

But, how do I know I’m in the right place?

Well, do you remember the bar I mentioned at the beginning of this entire Osiris rant? I said I sit on the short end of the bar, my back to the wall, kind of away from all the “action” in the middle. Well, had to share the last pic, which is what sits directly behind my head every night I’m in there.

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*1: If you must see it, please do so after you read this, but again, I warn you, it is extremely disturbing. [LB]

*2: I won’t dignify the “skeptics” group with a link, but have to mention the leader is Yale educated Neurologist. [“An Alpha conditioned to “believe without knowing.”“] This speaks to my previous assertions that the best-educated fools make the best slaves.

In the old days, when slavery was more obvious, they called them “house niggars.” They were promoted over the rest of us in the fields, granted some minor luxuries and were the ones who would deliver the most vicious beatings to those of us who dared stand up to the master. How little things have changed? [LB]

*3: Not to much a surprise, to spend only a little time researching the word “samaritan,” and learn that archeology of ancient Samaria has turned up a few shrines, called tophets, that were used for human sacrifice. So, yes, Bill, Bono and Melinda may actually be, “good” Samaritans. [LB]

*4: So, first they renamed it to “climate change,” hoping to leave themselves an out. Then, they put out propaganda that a sign of pending cataclysmic global warming is falling temperatures. Now, they’re slowly trying to double-back and say that carbon output causes global cooling? South Park’s “writers” know the game; substitute “Global Warming” for every time Al Gore says “ManBearPig,” and it’s obvious.

I’ll turn the Celtic Rebel angry exposition light™ on that piece of shit Mike Judge when his time comes (soon). [LB]

*5: There’s a really good video floating around which explains the meaning behind all the lyrics of American Pie. For some reason, it keeps getting taken down by YouTube. Basically, Don MacLean was ruing how rock died that day, because out went the forces of light (Holly, etc), and in came the Dionysian forces of darkness: the Beatles and the Stones. Hence, why MacLean left “rock n roll.” [LB]

*6: Something truly miraculous was happening in cinema at some point in the 70’s. I can think of four films that would NEVER be made [the same way] today: Network, Logan’s Run, Rollerball and Three Days of the Condor. Maybe I’ll write them up one day.

PS: Wise Woman, while writing this, I finally appreciated the name of your blog. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on March 24, 2009.

22 Responses to “Patricia’s Burning Hangover”

  1. 19 a sweet prime number , mirrored and upside-down gives 61 , another prime. Not many inverted mirror-primes.
    1961 – Barack and Diana’s birth years
    Seems to deal with the way ‘shock’ develops marketplaces.
    The sign behind my head says : Pozor nahore se pracuje – Caution upstairs they’re working [ or thereabouts]
    Backs to the Wall



  2. Rebel you truly are evolving. Your insight is profound. I tend to agree with just about everything you write. Knowing where you are now should be an uplifting feeling. When compassion is ones only passion, only then are we free of the insane system. I intuit that you have much compassion. I live up-river here in bugtussel, believe me there are an abundance of the cable guy. A womans role in this mystery is to nuture. Free will is mans cross to bear. I enjoy your take on things, please use your words wisely, but keep writing! Dennis from Oregon

    PS: The Samaritans also once hosted the Zakok, once nurtured John the Baptist, the Mandeans, and Dosthious. Please do not get the tribes of Dan, Benjaman, and Ephraim ( the Samaritans) a bad name. The true Hebrews who migrated to Samaritia from Egypt. All other tribes were of local origin/converts. So Benjamanite tribe was expelled because of their polytheism,to found Troy and latter migrations all the way to France. The western tradition is theirs. Freedom and a love for Artermis. Hail Isis, Hail Isis. Hail Isis.

    PSS: What is life, except a sacrifice of hu-man beings? Our knowledge does amount to something.

  3. ferris, I appreciate you bringing your unique perspective to bear/bare on this. 1961! I was tempted to break this last part up into two, due to the sheer number of images … un unplanned 61!

    Found the book online. Let me know if there’s a chapter to look at first. They sure are busy working upstairs.

    Dennis, thank you. Uplifting and depressing, as it is harder and harder to relate to fellow man. On the other, as I preach, you can’t let them drag you down alongside them. We all choose our own fate.

    Well, I did say “may” about the Samaritans. But, in a wold where everything we were taught was usually the polar opposite of the truth, who knows for certain. I’ll take polytheists over monotheists any dey, any day, any day…

  4. Nice post. Speaking of Mike Judge, King of the Hill has to be the most mind-numbing cartoon ever created. You feel dumber after watching it every time.

    It’s good to see someone learning as they’re typing a post… I have to admit I got into what Len Horowitz was saying (a while ago I had watched a video that made some things click) but I am suspicious of everyone who makes money from their teachings, which seems like the height of hypocrisy when they say the banks are our enemies… His “love frequency” musical tuning is just a standard guitar tuning.

    There are so many paradoxical states we can enter. I think we’re being led to ignore the human condition by complexities and dead end roads. My intuition says “love is the way” but my thoughts remind me that love dies just like everything else…

  5. Fucking brilliant!

  6. *classical concert-ovation*

    You TRULY take the bull by them balls…
    CONvincing built-up REAL matter 😉
    Like Dennis from Oregon said:



    Same old story from the Ashkenazi clan.

  8. Tommy, I haven’t spooked you from commenting too early have I? Found a couple of overtly subversive K of the H clips while outlining “Idiocracy/Future is Now.” I think his JOB is to dumb us down, and he’s good at it.

    Ah, “love” is the answer. But, most of us have been over-conditioned, to think “love” is that other warm-body that stops you from feeling inadequate and lonely.

    annemarie, simple yet eloquent. Thank you!

    Ed, much appreciated!

    eLLUMINATI, I think you meant to attach that to prior post, no?

  9. I check your blog out every week and it’s excellent. I feel your pain. It hurts to see so much fucked up shit in the world.

    There’s another documentary of kids getting tortured / killed like that for being accused of witchcraft in Africa. Some preacher lady Helen Ukpabio made a video of kids being witches and all the villagers saw it and believed it. Instead of acting like leaders and going over there and helping them the US would rather spend its resources killing people in the middle east… Everywhere I look it seems like death is being promoted in some strange way

    I think you’ll like this dude Weev. He has a youtube channel now too.

    I don’t think he’s into synchromystic stuff yet but I’m sure he will be

  10. Rebel, cant say it better than annemarie; Fkin Brilliant! We kids like the pics! (kidding, im no kid(<) and word play, and so few see how much work They put into dumbing us down, polarizing or neutronizing us, and how the mAss grows and asks for KK.ill and control agendas, pee poll is no innocent, it raises all tyranies… and personlaly keeps me in awe… GoOd i can read you and the gang here… we´ll be great after the planet of change, im sure. Ty. xxx.

  11. Hi Denny, you had put an interesting piece on St. Paul and I’ve since added your RSS feed. Thanks for chiming in. Well, it’s fairly obvious that the US doesn’t get involved in conflicts unless it’s gonna create more dead people than save live ones. The “kid” has some of the right ideas. Refreshing.

    Dana, hadn’t heard from you in a while. When all this is said and done [as always, THE WORD must come first], I do hope to meet you on the other side.

  12. Celt,
    Awesome work as always…thanks so much. Funny how you wrote about something that was on my mind. I had a brick hit me in the shower the other day. Reading my shampoo bottle, which states in bold lettering “not tested on animals” . My first question, what’s in it that’s need’s to be tested; and “tested” for what ends? And the second, if it’s not tested on animals, than am I the test subject? That’s when the brick hit me…of course I am. Gosh, only took like my whole life to get this little part of the equation. What exactly have we been polluted with? Of course, they do package their “solution to our pollution” quite cleverly…There I go, spouting their propaganda. All these actors telling me that global warming, recycling, and pollution are all my/our fault, while the globalgreedmongers endlessly pump shite into our water and air…yes, it’s all our fault. And as long as I am buying the shite they pump out, it really is my fault….gosh, responsibility can feel like a hard slap to the face..Anyhow, as always, your work is great, and greatly appreciated by this truth(tho that doesn’t seem like the right word)Seeker in the NV desert. Peace and love to you…..

    PS: Oh, I do not condone animal testing, rather cruelty of any kind.

  13. Re_ SWforQW – it’s only that page. Worth a look at the idea of shock-testing [ the ‘right’ reaction]
    Use of family, whacking kids full of disassociatives[vaccines] , sending them off to school, now they’ve got the Vid-games [ somewhere to live, I suppose], fazing , hazing, then its grazing which = the quiet cull on a diet of Sport and ‘Trops.
    The electronic stuff proves quite eye-opening.
    61 pics – sweet.
    61 = AYN and ANY in Hebrew – the first means ‘nothing’ , the second ‘I’.


  14. No, you didn’t spook me, I decided to let your words roll around in my mind for a little while so that’s why there’s a delay… 😉 Being paranoid sucks if you’re constantly suspicious of kind souls…

    Interestingly enough, I made a post recently (titled “Is that you, Satan?”) about a woman who made a video of herself getting fucked by two dogs while watching child porn. I noted the “Bestiality” meme running around in the media but forgot that you had brought up the subject in your post… I had also made a post about the african Witch Hunt before even knowing there was a video or that it was as chilling as it is…

    One thing that really irritates me is when people say stuff like “what you see in reality is just a reflection of your own consciousness and you are the Satan which you see in the world around you” which I believe to be false since we are still currently wallowing around in the 3rd dimension, things are most definitely separate, you are not Satan, I am not Satan, we are the observers behind the flesh puppet… I see a very material/spiritual threat which has perpetrated itself through the ages and I’m pretty sure I had nothing to do with that (I’m not the one sacrificing children)… I do think that once we evolve a little we will be able to fully reflect our consciousness onto the world around us, sort of a merging of within and without, in other words create our own realities, and something tells me we definitely haven’t reached that stage yet (but might soon).

  15. Cheers for the 44s
    44 ] DM in Hebrew which means ‘blood’. Anyhow ADM [ Adam] can mean Aleph in the blood [ perhaps the thing that separates us from Les animaux [ we can exalt it, they can bury it in routine.apparently].
    Of course ADM 45 got hitched with ChVH [ Eve] 19. 45 – 19 = 26 which = YHVH.

    Blah blah blah

    the fun thing about Obama’s visit is that the Czech govt. dissolved last week, so at present no official govt. for his visit. This hasn’t stopped the Czechs continuing their Presidency of the EU, where it manages to annoy most every Europhile.

    Final synch – sitting in the pub [ in Czech] with an Irish guy and a Greek guy [ plus a few others].
    stin igia mas!! Slainte

  16. Jackie, I didn’t assume you condoned it. By the way, there are no regulations over what companies can write on bottles in regards to animal testing, so they can pretty much say whatever they want on there. But, I don’t think we’re being “tested” on, we are just being “slowly” euthanized. They only test on animals to make sure you don’t just die in the tub after washing your hair.

    Tommy-Gun, as to your last point, while I do agree on us bearing personal responsibility for a lot of what’s going on, you know I’m not on the kumbaya train. There are interlopers among us, feeding off us, manipulating us, degenerating us … and they will have to be dealt with.

    ferris, maybe I’m up to subconscious wizardry? And judging by your bar compatriots, maybe you are too.

  17. I loved this post. This is my favorite part of this post…

    “Perhaps I”ve been a bit of a sour grape lately. Some friends I used to hang out with had me over this past weekend, and commented I was not as much “fun” as I used to be. Guess I was staying out of too many conversations. But, after studying social engineering for so long, it’s kind of impossible; the “wonder” has left so many mysteries. Can’t exactly sit there and complain how “girls are bitches,” or “guys are dicks,” or [ethnic/social/political group of choice] “is stupid.”

    You summed it up, so well.. I feel exactly the same way. I get asked the same questions, it’s difficult to continue on, when you know how things are…

  18. One of my favouriteposts yet.

    The picture of a monkey reminded me of NIN´s song “right where it belongs”.


  19. Lol at the last picture. What ya mean MK ultra :). Im amazed it has no monarch butterfly. But than again best age to work to get them MK ultra approved is before 19 year old 🙂

  20. Leon, commonality of absurdity, huh? 😦 Yep!

    corbeau, sadly, I really don’t think mankind, much less most of this “truth” community [or bowel movement] realize what he does to the monkey now, he does to himself in the future.

    Unomojo, I guess by the time they are 19, our fellow apes are pretty much programmed for life.

  21. Alex Jones is William Shatner, quit playin.

  22. I’m really happy for the randomizer tool so I could read that entry. Such such great stuff. I’m gonna bookmark it on my phone. I love ya rebel.

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