Bar Napkin News

A small, relatively quiet bar has opened up down the street from me, and it allows me occasional [wanted] solitude. I’ve developed a good symbiotic relationship with the bartender. I get there late, and she closes the place by herself. Hence, these two factors have led to a symbiotic arrangement that works out well for the both of us. She feels a little more secure walking out escorted, and I get some extra time at the bar and the occasional free beer out of it. She is the cow to my egret, or vice-versa, not sure what would be the more appropriate metaphor. {*1}

Assuming I’m not “cornered in” by a drunk wanting to talk to me about absolutely nothing, a creative process sometimes takes place while I’m there. Here’s a video I finally compiled from a series of notes scribbled away while in that corner:

I have, to date, successfully waged two separate “fair use” copyright dispute appeals with Warner and Fox, hence am including the YouTube version. Those interested in earlier pre-release (a few seconds shorter, a different Elvis song in the middle), feel free to check out Release 1.0A on Daily Motion. Expect more legal intimidation of independent artists as we move towards this new collective.

Back when I was living in “the city”, aka “the Isle of Aten,” as its been dubbed in syncro-circles, and even when I was gallivanting around the world, some of my best written works came from inspiration scribbled out on bar napkins. As I’ve grown older and wiser, I’ve replaced bar napkins with either a pocket-sized notebook, or a folded up piece of paper I grab off the printer on my way out of the house after I shower and shave. A stack of napkins tend not to lead towards organized review.

As for bar napkins, they were at one time good for a couple of other things. One, getting snot off your face and hands in case you let out an unexpected sneeze, and two, collecting that chance phone number. But, we can scratch number two off the list now. Getting a phone number from someone you’re interested (I was going to say the opposite sex, but that phrase is losing its meaning to), has become so meaningless and trivialized that I rarely bother to in the States anymore.

But the reasons behind that are best left for my “upcoming” Romance is Dead blog, which by the way, didn’t do so well in the recent “future topic” poll, which has now been replaced it with a new one about site look and feel. {*2} I was also considering doing a Valentine’s Day: Origins [plus, indisputable pictorial proof that the origin of the “heart” symbol is the vagina], but you, the readers have spoken (final resulsts):

Thus, before the end of this month, I will either be releasing a video [in the style of my “They Live” series], looking into how Mike Judge’s Idiocracy is not futuristic fiction but an “in-your-face” inside-joke about how far along the common man has been dumbed down in today’s world. Either that, or I’ll finally answer the “Jewish Question” [hm, that sounds spooky], in other words, to the best of my intuitive and deductive processes, I will reveal exactly how “the Jews” have been used through history to absorb the animosity of the world’s problems and whether the nebulous “them” consists of true Jews, in a piece entitled The Cross The Crown & the Jew.

Speaking of “Jews,” a more recent product of me and afforemntoned bar was a cartoon sketched out using stick figures (for those interested, on a blank sheet of printer paper). The Israeli Occupation Force’s ritual sacrifice of Palestinian children in Gaza had been weighing heavily on my mind and below, my friend, Richard Smith Jr. has made the bar-sketch stick-figure panorama worthy of presentation:

Related to the cartoon and the video, I’ve heard a few other bloggers/gurus/wizards discuss how we need to rethink how we assign “value” to information being shared on the internet. We are by habit, quite willing to pay for magazines, newspapers and broadcasts of disinformation, propaganda and outright lies. However, few of us feel compelled to part with currency talismans for what we’ve grown accustomed to getting for free. That all said, I’ve added a “donate” button on my site. I’m not asking you guys for money, nor are claiming to be in need of it. If something I’ve shared within this blog has been/or will be, a positive in your life and you feel you can assign a dollar value to it, and are able to, then feel free.

Finally, I have to mention that I’ve been getting a higher than normal amount of random negative feedback. Some were tempting me to publish and then respond, but that would take up to much of my valuable time, so I’ll just save the best/worst and put them aside for next time I do an “angry rant” blog. A few are far too funny to let drift off into the cybervoid. As I said before, all feedback, even that from those disagreeing with me is welcome. I’ll publish contradictory comments that are articulate [as seems to be the case with you Carissa and bobblebot, and lately “K”] 😉 …. but, name-calling and Pavlovian brain-washed reactionary regurgitations are simply not worth mine, or my readers time. {*3}

Alas, I know there’s a lot of contrived scary shit coming our way, and that people are working overtime to fuel our reptilian emotions of hate, anger and fear. Be good. Be well. Above all, don’t be scared. While it is natural to get angry once in a while, do try to operate from somewhere above the anger. I am, trying that is. 🙂

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*1: No, this isn’t new, I just reshuffled some things around and added the “bar napkin” theme. I wasn’t satisfied with the thematic/verbal structure of the prior piece. [LB]

*2: One reader, I think Carissa, once commented that the dark theme kind of goes hand in hand with the “dark” material my blog covers, oops, exposes. 🙂 [LB]

*3: And again, to such people, I have to ask: why do you read my blog? Really! Why? Go elsewhere, please. Leave. I really couldn’t care less whether you read this or not. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on March 2, 2009.

16 Responses to “Bar Napkin News”

  1. Celt,

    Glad to see you back.

    Hierosalyma Est Perdita!

    Keep bringing the heat.

    Keep shining the lamp.

    It’s not gonna be pretty.

    What choice is there?

    Fight On! Keep it real as you already are!

  2. Celt, i love you man. Don’t change a thing. I hope all the negativity will only inspire you to stay true to your mission. There are a lot of trolls out there trying their damnest to quash the truth. Don’t let them win.


  3. Awesome cartoon… I love how the reporter thinks in dollar bill signs and stars of David.

    I had to “deal” with my first troll yesterday. An anonymous person (of course) posted a comment merely saying “this stinks”, and all I could think of was “You stink. Anonymous coward.” I think it’s far too easy to lash out at someone, and you can really only reflect the hate they’re sending towards you. When people so willingly reveal their own ignorance, I feel a very small amount of pity.

  4. Eugene, thanks so much! What choice is there? Well, we could always form a circle and sing Kumbaya! 🙂

    Nix, I wouldn’t say I was angry, though I could see how it came across that way. A lot of these comments are actually quite funny (to me at least). But, I have been saddened as we’re being pushed towards exactly what the vid describes, how many nonsensical divisions have been created among us. Thanks for the supportive words though. They help.

    Tommy, you’re late! 😉 Pity? Yea, as I said above, its frustration with the brainwashing. It’s so hard to get people to question themselves, even after you get done explaining “you can’t advance til you question yourself” and they nod their head. Don’t know if you caught that “tool” Maher questioning Icke. Reminds me of what we discuss.

  5. Since this blog is TV related… I like to read the tea leaves occasionally in the cable ‘program’ guide, I think I left one once before. Here’s a strong night, listed in order from channel 2 up at 9:30pm (each dash moves to a new channel):
    tonight from washington-criminal minds-gold rush-lie to me-lost–atlantic sun-life-be well-family feud-brain fitness-cast away-myth busters-american greed-monsterquest-black to the future-human prey-17 kids and counting-john and kate plus 8-star wars-real world-survivorman-cold blood-wasted-dragon tales-eyes wide shut-code of the secret service (ronald reagan!)-the deep-fantastic four-hollow man-the last legion-jesus is magic-home of the brave-unbreakable.

    I don’t know of the significance, if any. Celtic Rebel is the first blog of this kind I read when I started reading my awareness in directions such as those discussed in this blog. I started to notice, after reading especially this blog and some others, heavy patterns at different times of abundant social programming messages in the rundown of ‘what’s on’ on the TV guide (notice how spell check wants you to capitalize ‘tv’, odd). Occasionally I am moved to note the program names in succession when the volume of strangely coincidental or somehow evocative programs is high. When serious alien encounter films, super hero or myth films, alternate reality shows and super-social programs as TV shows come together in high volume, I take notice for some reason. It may or may not be of value, but my awareness wants me to notice these things when they occur. For now I will comply.

  6. we love you…the video and the soundtrack…you showed mr. stewart’s interests nicely as well…and the trial is the funniest satire ever! congratulations on once again being able to stimulate educate, excite and fuel ones mind, heart, imagination and humanity…

  7. I really enjoyed the video. It makes me feel a little bit fascist. World War Trinity.

    Would like to hear more thoughts on Hoagland’s HDP of Barakk Obama. If you feel so inclined.

    Don’t change Rebel. We CAN handle the truth!

  8. oh boy…i can’t begin to explain the emotions that video stired in me. Especially the “little bit fascist” bitch. I feel sick and helpless in the face of such evil.


  9. Arc, there’s definitely patterns out there. I’d notice them before long before I had any [make that less of an] idea of what the hell is going on (old post). I’m coming to the conclusion that tv is some form of wizardry .. and perhaps the patterns are just words in the spell… “sleep” … “sleep.” 🙂

    lalan, thanks hon! Good to have you back online. I’m sure some of the Stewart fan[atic]s won’t like it.

    Jon Kidd, thanks for the support. And yes, what the hell is up with Hoagland’s idolitry of Buraqanaten? Seeing that pretty much discredited old Richard for me.

    Nix, as I think I surmised in the video, that is the exact reaction I think we’re supposed to have. It’s the same one I had. I know we’re being manipulated, but it’s so hard not to hate such…

  10. Here’s something “weird”.. TV mirrored is TVVT or twt/dvd/David (thanks Michael Tsarion). It implies that mirroring what’s seen on the TV is mirroring David as in the Star of David which is a sun/merkabah/tetrahedron symbol. Makes me think that the obvious ego enhancement people receive through mirroring what they see on television, approved by the global elite, is a form of dark solar worship.

    Your cartoon shows the difference between covering a story and exposing it, as seen in your notes.

  11. Çelty, me lad, you need to change the annum to aught eight (you’ve got 2009 on the Gaza massacre coverage from last December, mate).Remember Alexi Sayle? The landlord on “The Young Ones”? Well, he had his own show, “Alexi Sayle’s Stuff” in the late eighties ’til the early nineties. “Word Association” was one of his phunniest Pop music videos take-off, a statuesque blonde lady shrink driving him to distraction. Well, here’s Mr Sayle’s denouncement of his forebears’s homeland, so, when’re more peops of Israeli extraction going to do the same? Mossad got their tongue? All in all, though, good representing, Çelt, I’m prod I can call you a friend.

  12. Love the article. Its all out in the open with the simpsons now. From Bart: “Family outing, I’ll start.. Lisas GAY”. 16:30 on hulu..

  13. Interesting thought[s] Tommy. Just now occurred to me that DVD could be ΔVΔ: very likely a sygil of sorts. Since the TV is only one side of the mirror, TVVT could actually form a π (Pi) and a Star-David/Cube-Trab … and there you have it, a cube within a circle. A virtual box within a virtual box.

    You’ve stoked the creative juices .. reminded me of an exploration I wanted to do on why ATTA of the “magnificent” 19 was the keystone of the operation.

    Oh, and, aren’t you a little late in here? 😉

    Anadæ, I’m proud to have you for an elvin friend. Reminds me what we once were/may become again (if we’re WILLing). The Jews of this world really need to distance themselves from Israel, I guess kind of like those of us in America need to remind the world it’s our “Keren Levi-ish” brethren out there shooting and torturing at the moment… Things could get ugly…

    Brian, that show’s really gone overboard lately. Every week it’s even more absurd. I am TRYING not to let it suck me into another article.

    PS: ALL, as the note says, was coMpELLEd to rewrite the article and give it a bit of a lighter/more personal, em, “stroke?” Apologies to those who came expecting a new article… 😦

  14. Were it a year ago, I probably would have thought that deleting negative comments would be some form of thought suppression or “free speech” or whatever people call that. But I’ve come to understand (through a non-related business-related blog), that to allow idiocy and vitriol to run rampant only attracts further ignorance and blathering venom.

    It’s mostly coming from people who feel they have no control over their lives because they are so spiritually and intellectually handicapped that they only can recognize a vague feeling of being controlled, but are unable to articulate or locate where this feeling is coming from. The oppressed become the oppressor, an old story.

    When you respond, they get off on it. Finally someone recognized that they exist — and someone who’s semi (in their minds) intelligent! Wow. It must really mean that they MATTER. That the actual BLOGGER has deigned to not only read, but REACT to their commentary!

    Think reality TV. The type of people who wound up on the 1st season of Real World are probably of another species from the type that end up on… what season is it on? 53??!

    Everyone on reality TV (and then some) is there cuz they want the cameras rolling. To be a part of the idiot box makes them feel like they matter, they exist, that they’re actually REAL. Hm. Ain’t that inneresting. To aspire to be a part of a device that is programmed to enslave them.

    Besides, it’s your blog and you have the power and choice to want to keep it hygenic in an intellectual and spiritual sense.

    Not to completely denigrate the ignorant. For there are different varieties. Some are ignorant and willfully so and others are ignorant but are blindly and sincerely searching for some bit of truth. And you can choose whether or not to spare the energy to discern between the two.

    In any case, sometimes when I see the commentary of the ridiculous, I wonder if I, too, am being ridiculous in even deigning to respond.

    Props on the vid, btw. I’ll probably find myself posting it somewhere.

  15. I like your blog/thoughts just like you present them. Do not be put off with the naysayers.shine forth brave soul. Dennis

  16. boblebot, well said: “to allow idiocy and vitriol to run rampant only attracts further ignorance and blathering venom.” Please post anywhere and everywhere. At said bar last night, this “good ole’ boy was talking to me and talked about how he’s “prepared his well just in case.” Then he [a non-reader] added: “The most important thing is that we don’t panic.” 🙂

    Dennis, thanks for dropping in and sharing that.

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