Sunday Night in the Fox Hole

Pardon me for using a tired [programmed] phrase, but I thought I’d take a short break after finishing my eight-part magnum opus, and then spend a little time trying to get to whatever topics you guys expressed the most interest in before taking a long break .. but “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.”

As I previously mentioned, I stopped by Mother’s where she was entertaining. Her friend asked me what I was up to and I replied, “These days? “Exposing the agenda to make all our kids gay.” She was incredulous, to say the least. “Turn on the TV for just ten minutes,” I suggested. It didn’t even take anywhere near that long.

girls in loveclam a lot

Within two to three minutes, The Simpsons has Lisa looking longingly into some girl’s eyes as they’re holding hands. She [mom’s friend] remained unconvinced, “I’ll give you that they looked in each other’s eyes a little too long, but little girls always hold hands. That’s innocent.” Shortly thereafter, Lisa and Friend hopped on their bicycles and rode off to spend some quality time together at the, ahem, CLAM-elot. I grinned, “So, do innocent little girls go and play inside the Clam, a lot?”

Speaking of “clams,” the North American Bearded Clam, thanks to the North American Porno Industry [for whatever it’s worth, a Jewish industry] has officially been placed on the endangered species list and per this researcher’s best efforts to locate one, I can only surmise is close to extinction. Seeing that I mentioned the subject before [women’s pubic hair “style,” or lack thereof], lest the reader draw a conclusion that this Rebel has a particular fascination for “bearded clams,” “fur-burgers,” or overgrown shrubberies. I will restate my position in simple terms. {*1} Variety is the SPICE of life. Monotony, of any type, is the hemlock.

pubic hair

Hm, turning to words once said on “imaginary” Arakis, when spice production ceases, intergalactic attention may have to turn to this tiny remote mining colony on the outskirts of the Milky Way [that would be “Earth”]. So, dare I hope, that at some intergalactic council meeting, someone may bring up our plight?

Councilman Zord: “Hey. Just an FYI guys, but the human race is really close to being turned into mindless automatons, and completely disconnected from their souls. They are on the brink of extinction.”

Councilman Kilak: “You know the prime directive. We must let each species, evolve and of its own accord. Throwing off their oppressors is a vital step in mankind’s self-realization.”

Councilman Zord: “Look guys. I know all that. But, this is a code red. Not only are some of them still wearing their pants around their knees, but I’ve heard they’re on the verge of being convinced to mate with dogs.”

Councilman Kilak: “Are you fucking kidding me? Why do you think that?”

Councilman Zord: “Um, well .. I, um, sort of read it somewhere.” 😉

Yes [as the below scene shows] Clam-elot will, sadly, be closing. Well, at least for heterosexual couples. For lesbians, it’s gonna be a virtual all you can eat seafood buffet. But, aside from what I talked about last series [The Shape of Things to Come: IV], what other factors might make men lose complete interest in vagina? Well, as the first image subtly hints, one such factor may be the gradualization of women even further away from any semblance of their natural state. {*2}

no more clamsbush doctor

Lisa rationalization in the second image, is just her own “stab in the dark.” Yes, she is talking about precisely the same topic I was discussing earlier! Two girls all alone wondering why no one wants their clams. Must I paint you a picture? Mental conditioning, via the media and education systems will lead some to blame fashions or trends, without realizing they are blaming engineered events and not the engineers. Do note the Shrimp in the symbolic 69/Yin-Yang configuration.

What chance does Lisa have? Being smart is not enough when you’re on the long end of the indoctrinated memorization of trivia disguised as intelligence process. As the first of the below image shows, a brain-washed parent is of absolutely no use to a developing young woman. The media has IN-FORMed Marge what “normal” behavior is. Wouldn’t a good parent encourage their kids to be themselves?

bad momlesbian loversstupid mom

So, Lisa gets a BFF [a stupid/clever program designed to make women even more dysfunctional than they are already]. Do note her “girlfriend’s” head/face is shaped very much like the top of pubic mound [when viewed horizontally], i.e., the top of that HeArt symbol. The scene where “Juliet” [hence, evoking the romance meme] proposes a bond/union does seem a bit suggestive. Marge outside elated by Lisa’s participation in a program she doesn’t understand, is the [sad] reality of it all.

Art Class shows some boy being forced to “paint 20 laps around the circle.” I think on one hand, it can be viewed as an example of the sapping of “creativity” from the arts via the ongoing programs at every level which only reward conformity. It could also represent control, or the intentional miscuing past the cosmic key [19]. Hm, come to think of it, a friend was playing Black-Jack at the casino this past weekend [¿more conditioning for looking past the appeal of the magic number?].

circle prisonimbecile genius

On the other hand, there is much wisdom in the 360° of the circle and the Alpha and Omega cycle. Anyone remember The Hudsucker Proxy? [I haven’t seen it with my eyes “wide open,” but it’s a great rare combination of wit and plot.]

There are then a few scenes which take us into a very weird direction dealing with mind-control themes of torture, sex slavery, bondage/domination and other dark areas. Hence, I’ll turn it over to Ben at Pseudo-Occult Media, who’s written a piece on this episode that delves into those dissociate reptilian recesses. Ben’s forté is mind-control. Mine’s social engineering. So, there’s little overlap.

female abusefemale rape

As for the second image, feel free to draw your own conclusions from the dialogue and scenery. I’ll just point out that men (a) tend to be far more visually stimulated than women, (b) one of the tormentors randomly chose to announce he was Jewish shortly beforehand, and (c) the two girls in the cages, rather than being in any kind of “natural” position for one so confined, are both in a rather contrived position; one that would give their captors maximum visual perspective or even access to their “portals.” Hey, I didn’t draw it! I’m just the messenger. And now, (d):


Strolling along minding my own business
There goes a girl and a half
She’s got me going up and down
She’s got me going up and down
Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches

I can think of a lot worse places to be
Like down in the sewer
Or even, on the end of a skewer

An Octopus appears. Of course! Sorry, I meant a Girafapus. What’s the difference? Well, one extra [long] phallus. [BTW: anyone “seen” the “invisible” octopus?] Most troubling, to me, is that a good majority of those who claim to be “awake,” will likely miss that the “princess” theme is one of the most destructive of all these embedded elements. Until the words “Crown Royal” evoke the same emotional response as “Festering Postule” there will be no revolution of any significance. Programmed worship of our [ig]noble overlords starts early and runs deep.

penis monsterrainbow stargate

Resonating all-too-tightly with another self-realization/self-shaping theme I touched on last series is the Twonicorn [hence, more resonant with Mendes/Baphomet] asking for “a treat,” and then throwing up a rainbow. Afterwards, he says, “I didn’t know I could do that.” But, then it delves right back to full-scale mental-fuck mode: the “Royal iPod” [i.e., “ephod”] and all sorts of regal [anal] pageantry [shite] .

The closing shot of how Homer subconsciously imagines his family is syncsturbing, at best, especially considering his preface, “based on my experiences as a Dad.”

From an erotic perspective, Marge can be inferred as being cold, temporarily rewarding, and gradually castrating. Thus, the enVisioning of Bart as a Hot Dog and Lisa as a Chocolate Starfish … well, ugh! {*3} As for Maggie [ “One of these things is not like the others” ], just a little reminder that all the children being born into the new programmed collective, will end up being far more machine than human.

incest specialplato's cave

Interesting use of shadows in the closing image, no? Inexplicable or, ahem, accidental? Hint: think of Plato’s “allegory of the cave.” Alas, the two girlfriends part company, the BFF heart is rendered [metaphoric hymen ripping] and Juliet’s closing words serve to reinforce that beyond the ubiquitous degenerative programming of the mAsses, for some reason, embedded signals are included for those with the eyes/ears to truly see/listen [see prior intro].

So, what was Lisa’s response? The typical programmed dismissal of Juliet as a lunatic: “Cuckoo!” [How may of ourselves, when confronted with truth that threatens our world-view, bark out “conspiracy theorist,” “wing-nut,” “you’re INsane,” etc?] Yes, her response was intentional too. As last series emphasized, one of the few ways remaining at this juncture to avoid the “reel world” is to split.

Family Guy came up later in the line-up, starting right off with its trademark [bad word choice, cause that would imply somehow original] brand of family toilet humor. What a nice luxury for women that being found “on the pot” isn’t necessarily a dead giveaway of defecation [hence, they can still be kind of cute].

poop fiendgotta poop

However, Mort [Goldman] lets us all know, over and over again, that he has to “poop.” Gotta love the continuity in unrelated uncollaberative creative efforts from disconnected groups of writers. Regardless, we’re somehow write/right back to the rainbow theme connected to digestion. Mort confuses a stargate/time-machine for a PORTable toilet and afterwards suspects that he ended up “in heaven.”

There may or may not be a reason for his having no reflection while passing the mirror. Considering recent events [the Israeli atrocity exhibition discussed last article], I found it note-worthy, that coinciding with present level of world disgust at “the state,” this episode would have the following scenes rubbing the [average dumbed-down American Christian] viewer’s face in the turds of Christian Zionism:

jew secretinside jew

Why would they do this at a time when more and more Americans are realizing how AIPAC’s been bilking their treasury, Israeli politicians are boasting of how “they” control America and American youth are off dying in the quest for Greater Israel?

One new premise I recently saw discussed was that the Zionists are facing a dilemma. Despite years of land-theft, mass murder and economic strangulation, the Palestinians are out-breeding Israel’s Jewish population [hence, one of the reasons why the largest number of victims from the IDF’s recent incursion were children].

Despite IMF/WHO propaganda, the surest way to slow birth rates is to allow a peoples to modernize, but granting such to the Palestinians would support a rising middle-class there, and also discourage extremism, which god forbid, might make Israeli Jews realize their leaders are more of a threat than the demonized enemy.

palestinian defiance

The modernized Ashkenazis of Israel, are seeing sharply declining birth rates, even despite the last few rounds of immigration of Orthodox extremists [that’s why they put those lunatics in the settlements: a modern Israeli kid just wants to get laid and make money, not live in an outpost]. Killing Palestinians in even greater numbers, would make it hard for Israel’s worldwide network of “owned” politicians, Medes and ministers to justify their position when facing their voters/viewers/flock.

So, here’s something to consider: by stirring up racism [I won’t use the non-sensical anti-semitism phrase] throughout the world [note how the media rarely ever says Israel without preceding the phrase with “the Jewish state of”] by making the words “Israel” and “Judaism” inseparable, more and more people all over the world will hate the Jews. Alas, if the great numbers of diasporaed Jews begin to feel prejudiced against and unwelcome everywhere, where are they to go? Voila!

missing russiansjew joke

Notice anything missing in the first shot [or the entire program for those who watched it]? Yea, the Russians. Clue one that whatever history you were taught in school was bullshit: the Russians and the Germans invaded Poland. The “good” Allies never bothered declaring war on the Soviet Union. One, the Orwellian experiment had to play out and two, they were needed to help dismantle and later rape [literally] the threat a prosperous united Germany posed to The Crown.

Have to admit, the follow-up image/dialogue [above right], is actually quite funny. Of course, before we finish, we have to get back to the pressing gay agenda.

boy loveraf pedophile

A little boy sending kisses and limp-wristed waves at a gay British [take note you Hellenics] pilot. How hot is that? Thanks Family Gay! Worth mentioning: in the “alternate” ending (from a time-travel perspective), syncing back to my concept of two paths through the stargate [A Split in Time: VI], Mort does not go into the Time Machine to end up in “Jew Heaven.” Instead, he ends up crapping himself. Seesh!

Pushing my Trumanesque experience for the night further, and tempting me once again to wonder whether this “conspiracy” is aimed at me, was my having just shared the Lindsey Lohan example [with mum’s friend] and then, the subsequent episode of the Simpsons featuring Bart in a twist on the Parent Trap tale.

parent trapmalevolent sentience

Note the two twins in the mirror with their two reflections. Yea, the resonant 11 and 22 numerological constructs. I did have a laugh over Bart setting the vacuum robots to “malevolent sentience.” That’s because I heard/read of some scientist working on DARPA’s “killer robots,” say something to the effect of “These things are probably gonna kill my grandkids one day, but the technology is really cool.” {*4}

One thing missing from the above double-duality image was adding some 33 resonance to it, so we meet Bart’s future self complete with his other [s]elf on the other side of the mirror. “The three of us could create quite a lot of mischief.”

future gay selfgay agenda

Look! Bart’s future will be the same as that of your children. He’ll be gay, and even marry his best friend Milhouse. Well, were Milhouse attending school in California, thanks to Prop 777, he’d be free to decide, at whim, what his gender is [yes, somewhat opinionated, but how can anyone write an unbiased view of such legislation], and as they said just a few minutes before, Milhouse, being 10, still has a couple of years to qualify for a program to delay puberty and change his sex (thus, giving future Gay Bart and additional, albeit artificial, hole to choose).

If you think entertainment is something other than predictive programming, you need to open your eyes just a little wider. The “ass pat” scene stood out, cause it stayed on the screen a little too long. Someone wanted to make sure that we [even those with eyes nearly shut] would notice it. [No, the “seal” is after-market.]

tap that asssexy boy

Continuing the homosexual agenda, upon seeing Bart’s new half-brother and half-sister, Milhouse spews out the above. Then, confronted by Bart on the Freudian slip, he explains, “I mean just the girl, I didn’t notice the beautiful boy” [for the benefit of the slow people in the audience]. Of course he was [scripted as] serious. The subsequent scene makes explicitly clear whom is the object of his affections.

in lovewar it tell you

Syncing oddly with my last series, was Grandpa going on a rant of his [false] war memories, then splitting into a tirade on the classic red versus blue war of Coke and Pepsi. Yea, the intentional destruction of the minds of the older generation [The Anvil has Dropped] and the “classic” red pill versus blue pill [A Split in Time].

Connecting to what I said earlier is the choice of VULGARi for the name of one of the chic [¿sheik?] stores in “posh” Aspen. Forget about “truth” or “liberation” until you can shed all programming. We need to equate the word “Tiffany’s” with “herpes blister,” “Queen” with “anal wart,” “coronation” with “vaginal discharge,” and “prince” with “you better have that checked.” I’ll expand should I ever get to a blog idling in the draft queue entitled “Diamonds are a Whore’s Best Friend.”

vulgarsonny bono

The show dropped a hint that people are disposed of via skiing “accidents,” making me wonder what ever happened to Sony Bono? [RFK’s son also died in a skiing “accident” in Aspen, 5 days before Bono.] For what it’s worth: I once broke my leg on a black diamond run called “Glory Hole.” Can’t help but note the rather “gay” choice of ski outfits for the half-brother, who looks like one of those Jonas Brotherish little effeminate boys the media is presently pushing on your daughters.

Normally I don’t really care for American Dad, but I had to watch the Sunday mind fuck-fest to the end. The opening scene features naked boys in a group shower.

role reversalvoyeur training

A little twist on “Porky’s” theme. Since boys are being crafted into the new girls, girls have to be crafted into the new boys. This agenda is well under way too; from the new cruelty, to the rampant girl fights being uploaded to YouTube ad nauseum.

We’re then entreated to a little truth disguised as stupidity. I don’t know about the Helen Keller story, but the Anne Frank story, well, all I gotta say is that some people made a lot of money off that piece of fiction we were “forced” to read and “revere” [a fair assessment]. Notice the “anal sex” invite on the son’s wall.

penises and buttgay sticers

Cool, Dad’s got some stickers! How convenient, because we needed a contrived way to connect all the memes from all of tonight’s episodes. Probably a few mental triggers in there. Dad then slaps the labels on his son, calling out, “Dora the Explorer, a puffy unicorn, and hey, it looks like you’re a Chiquita banana.” The scene closes with him adding “Warning: Driver has PMS” to son’s back-side.

goat of mendeshail satanda vinci man

The above “montage” from Dad’s college days probably warrants no explanation.

Time for more bondage/degradation of young women. The elites rationalize such treatment cause today’s women are just so stupid [rewind to a time when not all girls were conditioned to think they should be “seen and not heard,” “Oh Bondage, Up Yours!”]. So yea, the daughter has bought into the hippie-liberal movement, even wearing someone else’s death/decay promoting symbol proudly [you know, that damn “peace” symbol]. Yep, she’s rebelling against her CIA/Establishment dad by falling into one of the mind-controlled buckets [made] available to her.

bag prisonerdevolved unit

The Alien, sporting a jewfro this week, does resemble one of those ground-breaking pornographers from the late 70’s/early 80’s. In an older episode, he boasted of being “Ashkenazi.” {*5} When he’s not busy being the [requisite] Jew, or serving the [requisite] Alien agenda, he can be counted on, without fail, to promote homosexuality [from a previous episode, after some German honeys pass them, he asks, “Do I even like girls? I must like girls.”]. Nice family picture!

Come to think about it, why’s one of the characters a fish? And, why do he and the alien spend so much time together? What the hell did George Bush mean when he said “I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully?” Had I not explored Dagon, or heard Freeman talk of the “mer-people,” would I even be thinking this? Back into the [primordial] mud, where an, ahem, interesting exchange takes place in the following scenes, after the security [says the Octopus: “When I hear the word security, I reach for my shotgun.”] guard confronts the lodgers.

the black guythe gay guy

I was expecting the teen daughter would be offered to the “black” man. He does seem to be pointing her way and having watched MTV at any point during the last ten years should have made clear, that the sexuality of the black male was being heavily promoted to young women. Yea, that was an agenda too, one that followed years of years of ingraining the idea in black men, that having a “white girlfriend” was the way of announcing to the world that “you’ve arrived.”

Note: Considered dropping the topic; can’t fully cover it in a few paragraphs. For good [dystopia-serving] reason, Black Americans have been the most socially engineered pop segment over the last forty years. I’ll expand at some late timer time, but, to any reader now ready to slap some label on me, cause you identify yourself as black, gay, jew, whatever, and not first and foremost “human,” you, not me, are part of the problem.

As I was telling a friend, after looking at another friend’s daughter’s “prom pics,” “Guess how many of the [white] girls had black guys in tow? 4! Four out of five!” I couldn’t care less what color people anyone dates [myself included: “spice”], as long as they do so for the right reasons. The TV telling you a “black guy” and a “Gucci purse” are this Fall’s must have accessories, is not a valid reason. A black friend expressed equal annoyance with the agenda, because he is not “the type” of black guy MTV was promoting. He speaks in complete sentences, and doesn’t call girls “bitches” or pretend to be “gangsta.” Thus, his prospects diminished too.

black male mtv masturbation regimen for white girlsmasonic floor black dudedisney ass programming

Net result: white males resenting blacks, black females resenting whites. Sprinkling more red pepper in the coming chaos stew. Back to the closing tub scene, we could infer the one who will end up with the prize black man is the old rich guy, Mr. Chimdale himself [speaking right to this video: ironically, black men now are seeing homosexuality pushed on them too, even more so]. Yes, I added the thought bubble, but it seems to fit the expressions, plus it connects us back to Room 101.

old man loveJews Did 911

The closing image pretty much confirms said Zionist agendas. Yes, the Mossad was connected to 9/11. Not debatable. The Zionists hope to dismiss those making logical deductions based on evidence, by replacing the word “Mossad” or “Israel,” with the word “Jews.” Sadly, mind-controlled Jews who think the world is out to get them, or those finding Jews under almost every dirty rock they lift, are buying it.

The best [in your face] moment came at the end, while I was scribbling down some notes on the experience before going out for the night. The Pink Panther 2 promo came on, and I could not believe my ears. Actually, that’s a lie … I believed them.

pink panther admission

Steve Martin/Inspector Clouseau came on, and said [something to the effect of]: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have uncovered a conspiracy … Zee Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad are all part of a grand plan to,” and then he got yanked off the screen. Oh how boldly they announce their intentions now, huh? That was the Money Shot. Try not to look directly at the screen lest you get some Fox spunk in your eye.

OK. Enough television! Time to go out and mingle with “the people,” but before I could turn off that damn TV, and walk out the door, I overhear a commercial:

suntrust nwo plan

“Remember the Joneses and all their stuff, and how people were always trying to keep up? Well, some of us woke up instead. We no longer want big and flashy. We want real, true and honest.” Are you kidding me? They’re now making commercials aimed at the “Truth Movement?” Nothing surprises me anymore. {*6}

Before last week was up, I went out clubbing; something I had not done for a couple of months. Ended up at one of the few clubs I USED TO enjoy before what we call “alternative music” was replaced with soulless remakes of 80’s tunes crafted by talentless corporate pimps, and sung by good-looking girls/boys that service them.

I look around me at “the people,” thinking, “Now I remember why I haven’t been here in a while.” So, I settle in a free alcove by myself, until ready to “join” them [i.e., imbibe enough whiskey to where mind shuts down]. An interesting video came on along with a decent song [considering it was “composed by number”] and I was entranced. It was Disney’s MK product Katy Perry singing “Hot & Cold.”

butch girlsbitch boy

The video starts with this new glamorized female aggressiveness/bitchiness being pushed on girls lately [spoken of at close of last article]. The guy/groom is your typical emasculated female-fearing sissy-boy getting heavy rotation at the moment.

Unable to deal with all the “mean girls,” he turns tail and runs away, bride and bridesmaids chasing him out the church. As he hugs the corner, we see the below scene: a hot dog [i.e., a cock] trying to chat up a couple of honeys, one of which likely auditioned for the “part” by showing her rack. New styles? What’s that mean?

penis dogman on man action

Alas, he ends up humping the hot dog? Are you fucking kidding me? How blatant! Just as I had surmised, these new unhappy aggressive bisexual women will be used to push men towards each other’s anuses. Note the subtle pink garbage bag.

Worth a giggle: the hot dog/cock is “hanging out” on the corner, trying to get some pussy, but ends being a bottom. A certain friend should get a kick out of this, cause she’s long been insisting the most promiscuous men tend to be closet cases, trying hard to convince others, and primarily themselves, that they are straight.

The “bridesmaids” include some guy in dress. Yea, I guess you gotta do show that now. But, the close-up, of the she-male holding a dog [in regards to my evil agenda] did get another belly-laugh out of me. I’m sure it could be passed off as a Paris HoeTown reference, but, excuse me, is this your Truman Show or mine? OK then!

androgyny is deathparis dog

Sitting in that alcove, grinning from ear to ear, I guess I drew the attention of some cute young lad. He came to the edge and kept turning back to me smiling, trying like hell to make eye contact. I tried to avoid it, but he was a persistent starer. Thus, I rolled my eyes at him, shook my head, and he left, dejected.

Oh wait, I handled that badly. I should have been polite and said, “Hey man. Sorry, but I’m not gay.” He probably walked off thinking, “What a mean bitch!” Yes, I do feel kind of bad, and considering what I’ve written herein, a tad hypocritical.

into the boxsun symbol

Back to the video screen, we see the [pre]requisite box, and a pink one at that, with notably, the light sequence projecting outwards [instead of inviting in]. The groom is being “surfed” towards the “white light” with arms in the cross / unfolded cube position. Just random conjecture from mindless droids? For some reason, they cut to a close-up of Katy’s [¿solar or bondage themed?] belt-buckle thrice.

Just caught this today: Katy on the Chelsea “Handler” show. “My next guest … who’s inspired millions of girls to make out with their girlfirends” [just as I said before]. Watch the first few moments, aside from all the lesbian/pussy references, it’s loaded with suggestive mind-conrol revelations [Ben’s done a post on her too].

katie has a cockandrogyny kills

Aw, how cute! Katy’s slapping around her imaginary cock and all the bridesmaids are carrying baseball bats. Possibly, a reference to The Warriors, but also an overt one pushing the lesbian, cruelty and whoredom agendas. Not pictured: the girls chasing him down the street on bikes with their legs spread open. “Run from the pussy, sissy boy, run!” [Hm. I wonder what could have made him fear it so?]

I wonder if in the not too distant future, crazy grandmothers will tell their grossed out granddaughters [as they’re preparing them for their Lesbian Union Ceremony], about how they actually used to put a real cock between their legs and liked it. “Ew! Grandma, that’s sooo gross! Shut, up!” Tying it all together at the end, we have Katy showing up with a rainbow, and a Zebra in tow. Oh, fuck me!

duality rainbowyouth corruption

Hitting rewind [YouTube, not at the club], I had to wonder why in the middle of all this rampant homosexual whorishness, we see two little girls doing the Hula Hoop. You have to remember, the average viewer who actually watches MTV’s videos is aged between eight and sixteen. According to MTV, the average is “22,” but only an utterly brain-washed moron would actually believe that [pr-driven] “statistic!”

As a matter of fact, I neglected to catch the name of the song that night. When I asked a friend, she had no clue what the latest Katy Perry song was, but her daughter’s eight year old friend did. It should be obvious who all these “creative” minds are directing/delivering their “message” to, and why they spend so much time, money and energy, on something as “unimportant” as a music video.

hula for kids

I, via either habit, or direct muse intervention, always feel compeLLed to come back to wherever I began when I write out the end of an article. Oh, how perfect, we come back to the circle. What the hell is that all about? The answer to that, is the same as the one I asked: “Why did I have to devote time to this topic now?”

“For kids!” It’s clear there are well-financed negative forces maligned against them. This was my small part to help some, if even just a few. Spread the word[s]!

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*1: When I did go out, I went to meet some friends/family at a local restaurant. Sitting at the bar later, chatting up two bartenders I know, one [who is quite attractive], turned to me and said, “You want a fur-burger?” Was that a trick question? She grew impatient, “Well?” “Um. Yea, sure. Why not?” She put out a plate with a burger before me. “Um, why are giving me this? I’m a vegetarian.” “Cause I asked if you wanted her burger, and you said yes. What did you think I said?” “Um, something else.” [LB]

*2: Lot of factors, not just the use of petro-chemical detergents. Unnatural douche products [which, oddly, usually cause more “odor” problems than they solve]. The trend towards masculinization. The acceptance of stupidity as “hot.” The women’s liberation movement scam. Digestion of garbage [garbage in, garbage out]. Over-eating. Bulimia. “Cutting.” Lack of self-esteem. Fake boobs. Fake [s]elves. Need I go on? [LB]

*3: Stygian Port had suggested I explore the “Chocolate Starfish” [i.e., another name for an anus] meme further, but I, perhaps having traversed through enough shite last series, willfully neglected to. Oddly, I saw someone use the phrase on some net discussion recently. Hm, isn’t [gay] Sponge Bob’s best friend a Pink Starfish? Regardless, if Homer’s viewing his kids as said objects, rest assured, it is NOT accidental. [LB]

*4: Sorry, can’t recall the source of quote. But, here’s one article expressing concerns over the dangerous projects. Here’s another that speaks to predictive programming via the Terminator movies: ‘New robots with “damage tolerance” technology to be called Hunter-Killers’. If you’ll recall from a video in prior series, “Governments were invented to make human life easier, and safer, but governments always end up enlsaving humanity. That which we create to serve us, ends up ruling us.” [LB]

*5: Those Megaphoners I mentioned before, along with a lot of either mindless drones, or coniving pricks, out there will attack anyone who mentions the word “Ashkenazi” or “Khazar” as a “Crazy Neo-Nazi Anti-Semetic Conspiracy Theorist.” Yet, American Dad, and many other programs, which are Jewish productions, admit it. Heck, there are Ashkenazi temples openly labeled as such in Israel. Jews out there who are tired of the animosity coming your way, need to redirect their anger at these propagandists. [LB]

*6: I missed most of the Super Bowl. Was due at some party, but tuning in early and seeing a promo for Coke Zero (not just loaded with Aspartame and High-Fructose Corny Syrup, but now with Mercury), turned me off to the spectacle. Have a Coke/Cock and smile, “you fucking moron!” Fortunately, one reader dropped me a comment about the “Hulu” commercial and I went to see it, along with the last ten minutes of the game:

hulu boasthulu joke

The commercial was “out there,” but compared to everything I’ve mentioned herein, doesn’t seem so unusual. It pretty much said, “Fuck you, you ignorant piece of shit. What are you going to do about it?” Though, I’d like to point out just a few things: (a) note in the first image, you see Homer Simpson burning on a checkerboard floor, while to the right you have “banana dude” and to the top, headless women’s boobs, (b) the second image shows fat naked Peter Griffin trying to avoid an anal probe, and (c) Alec Baldwin was way too convincing in it. I’d say give him an Oscar, were I under the delusion that stupid award actually meant something [other than this]. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on February 5, 2009.

39 Responses to “Sunday Night in the Fox Hole”

  1. I got the same message from the Hulu commercial… Once again, your writings are extremely relevant in the times which we live in. I’ve completely abandoned watching television, due to all of the themes you’ve stated above being pushed into our faces. It only provides an awkward “huh?” between my friends and I, as we attempt to understand what we’ve just been shown. I understand it completely, but my feelings are so “negative” that they won’t have any of it.

    Hot dog = weiner between two buns. So, it’s not only a cock, but a reference to anal sex involving the cock. Sometimes blood (ketchup), piss (mustard) and Chili (Shit) are applied!

  2. Oh man I was literally writing about a hotdog for my next post and I remembered your prediction of dog-love and was coming here to get a link for it and BAM some faggy dude humps a hotdog instead of getting with a girl! That Simpsons episode has an amazing amount of symbolism in it. I’ve only seen the pictures here and on Ben’s piece on it, but that episode was clearly a mind-fuck. (In addition to the other types of fucking presented in it) In fact that whole sunday night line-up looks amazingly disturbing. Well I gotta get back to my new article. Oh yah, I’ve started to take note of every “x-box” I see for you 😀

  3. Tommy, you’ve gotten into the habit of being the first here. Yea, I’ll have to agree it’s best to just turn the damn thing off. I know I preach it, but even on Sunday Nights, or just the occasional movie, I do feel dumber afterwards. Sometimes, I’m torn at covering the propaganda, for subliminal effects I may not be aware of yet.

    Hadn’t considered the condiments before, that IS disgusting, yet poignant! Mayo anyone?

    ViolatoR, writing about a hot dog??? I’ll be anticipating it. Catalogue of X-BOXes! Oh, how you tease! I’ll be waiting.

  4. Hiersolyma Est Perdita!

    Super sharp arrows you have there Celt! Only the densest of skulls could resist. Considering the layers of Peterfecation that have been going on the with the ass robbing Peter principle loosed on the world via the fella from Nazareth …

    Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

    He did kiss both the guys and the ladies!

    It does seem completely hopeless.

    “Internet Explorer 8”, ie the “153 Mer net that could be ridden is ate up” with backside shots. This net is afterall “faster, easier and safer than ever”!

    HULU was a terrifyingly open in your ayin/eye, face “revelation of the method”. Some background…

    Hu is man, lu is pachad/fear. Latter is tied to lammed and mates with “pack of dogs”. Double lammed is found in Lilu, Lillith, ill, hill and bill. The latter two have great pull today with the trILLion dollar bailout bILL ass robbing scheme on the US hILL. This association was noted light years ago at Ustream.

    LL as “wind-man” shows the straw-man game of “guy-faux” aka “guido fox” aka “poster boy for terror” aka “knight of the golden circle” aka “tim osman”, on and on it goes…its tried and true. Back at them with “blow it up your ass”.

    The prooof would be females in the ancient world were warriors, the isle of Lesbos was real, the game of water and sex changed fish applies to Hu mans.

    The “L Ho Him” makes the return to one an assurety. Isnt it sick how the progam is so embedded even in the words? It makes you want to cut your tongue out, burn your ears off, etc. The king and kingdom are one, the bitch is back, the strap-on is real, Osiris has no cock. Isis doesnt care.

  5. Thank you, Çelty, me lad, for your tireless dissertations, hugely appreciated by those amongst us who, like me, are accelerated, or at least aspire to be. Long ago I discontinued my homage to the idiot box, the one-eyed monster, the boob tube, the cathode ray, or whatever other affectional appellates one can provide for the television set.

    So, the first I’d seen of the HuLu Super Bow(e)l commercial was via Ben “The Daily Behemoth” Fairhall’s having posted the advertisement’s entirety. Ironic, innit? The comedienne Tina Fay of Saturday Night Live’s brainchild, “30 Rock”, stars Alec Baldwin as a network exec. The namesake OF the series is the Art Deco era monolithic edifice that overshadows the Rockefeller Center complex’s ice rink. Prometheus, the fallen Titan who was later capital-punished for having brought “fire” to mankind, seemingly flies above the skaters there.

    I’d like to echo the Rev. Thuther’s (of Conspiracy Grimoire) observation. Hulu equals Cthulhu, rising from his long-submerged prison in R’lyeh, to consume us land-lubbers:

    That’s for those of us who aren’t acquainted with the CALL. Oh, there’s my phone. Great work ~ Anadæ

  6. eugene, I can always count on some interesting links from you. Yes, they [the arrows] will bounce right off the densest of skulls. 😦 Hm, so the “Lu” demons are associated with pregnant women and babies. Seems fitting. I’ll agree with what we’ve done to women, from priestesses and warriors into girls that are proud to display their holes on a stage for money, and now, just for fun. Their sword of truth, has been replaced with a dildo.

    So, IE8 is gonna be coming from our back-side, or up it? I guess we can also infer it’s bi-sexual.

    Anadæ, thank you Elven one. That Calls for Cthulhu video had me laughing. I wasn’t laughing too hard one night after my first tentacled exploration, when the Sleeping God chose to visit me in the land of dreams. I guess, looking back, that should have come as no surprise. “You step into my realm, I’ll step into yours.”

    The follow-up episode was pretty good too.

    Looking at the insanity of what is being broadcast on the television these days, the events around us, and the choices our zombie brethren are making, it could be argued the Elder Gods have indeed awakened already and are already exerting great influence upon our world.

  7. Were all getting the initiation right? Abba is ‘our father’. Remember the last wink Putin gave was a kiss to young boy’s belly.

    Ab ba is male of aleph, female of bayt, game of Abram to AbraHam, Sarai to SaraH, ie again the bitch is back with a strap on. As the above article’s headline notes “Mamma Mia” leads to the last wink, ie Putin said “like stroking a cat”.

    “He said: “It was an unplanned meeting — people just came up and started talking to me. He seemed very independent and serious. At the same time a child is always defenceless and nice. I wanted to stroke him like a cat and it came out in this gesture. There was nothing behind it.””

    “Very independent and serious” vs “the war his government has waged against separatists has been “worth it,” asserting that militants wanted to create a separate state stretching from the Black Sea to the Caspian.”

    Little Nikita is “our adversaries” are divided. The pic below drips synch proof distillations.

    Boys will be pussies = “the end of the world doesn’t go out with a bang, it goes out with a whimper” – TS Elliot’s “the Nowhere Men” aka the “wind blown men”.

    Putin’s Nikita incident happened in the context of “gas”.

    In this pic his ass touches the meat show box as he is pregnant in/with his own shadow. The little twin girls are together dressed in blue. Little Niki’s twin is asleep in Jesus.

    Two boxes like Seussian lockses divide him twain.
    One is named Abe, the other is named Ishamael.
    One son of Uncle Samael, the other abba Abraham.
    Colonel Sanders and his lover stuff his topped box.
    She in her Majesty’s graceful mercy holds the meat.

    Do you smell gas?

  8. It’s all so disturbing. I really am glad you’re out there, exposing what’s going on in these shows. As much as I’d love to, I couldn’t do it, it would take way too much out of me. But somebody has to do it, so thanks to you, and all the other bloggers out there for being the ones. 🙂 I enjoy the way you in particular cover things because you write well, and succinctly make your points with plenty of back up for what you’re saying, cross synching with all sorts of other relevant tidbits.

    I used to watch American Dad on Hulu (since I don’t own a TV) and do find a lot of the show funny (mostly Roger 😉 and admittedly half of what makes him so funny is the flamboyantly homosexual way that he talks, coupled with his alcoholism and all of his role playing characters, it is funny…) BUT, the thing that finally turned me off to the show was the way in which it always has to take things too far. They engage in this purposeful mind fuckery, where there you are chuckling at the joke, having fun….…then the joke suddenly takes a turn out into left field, concluding with something shocking and inappropriate, pulling the rug out from under you. One minute you’re laughing, then you’re feeling frowny and shitty for having just been laughing. There was one show where, to make a long story short, a Jewish cop was put in a position of choosing whether to pursue arresting a (white supremist/nazi type) guy that the Smith family had issues with, even though the guy was technically innocent of what he was being accused of. He was “guilty” of being a white supremist, but innocent of the charges in question. So then we hear the Jewish cop’s memories of his holocaust camp survivor grandfather saying something about fighting for his people and all that……..and admittedly it’s amusing because it’s showing reverse racism dilemma irony going on with the cop. So you’re chuckling as you hear the grandpa’s memory play out in his mind, and see his dilemma, but then of course, as always, the writers just take things way too far. And the memory of “fight for your people” concludes with the sound of German shepherd dogs barking and growling ferociously and the screams of people. You know….the dogs tearing up the Jew prisoners in the camp. It’s just not funny. Things had been funny……but then it took that sudden sharp turn out into left field. Dogs tearing up people alive is not funny no matter who the victim or what the circumstances.

    I finally stopped watching when I came across an episode from Season 4 where the show opens up with a scene of an adorably cute kitten, mewing all cute and innocent at Steve from across the street, batting its big innocent eyes at him. The “set up.” See………….anytime you see a cute and innocent animal in TV shows, cartoons or “comedy” movies nowadays it’s just a set up for the mind fuck trauma that is guarantee to immediately follow. And sure enough, Steve calls the kitten over to him, the kitten starts to cross the street, being all cute, then WHAM!…….he gets mowed down by a car.

    Needless to say, I don’t watch that show anymore.

    Sexual degradation, sociopathy, animal cruelty, feminism, pedophilia, gender engineering, it’s all there in these shows. The animal cruelty in particular bothers me because animals are innocent. Yet more and more animals being the targets of vicious accidents, traumas and maimings is being played for laughs in our modern media. The commercial I saw on TV several years ago while staying in a motel that featured a raccoon being run over by a car while the driver just grinned and laughed like a maniac. The trailer for “Paul Blart, Mall Cop” which ended with Paul Blart running over a little yap yap dog on his Segueway, to the sound of the dog yelping in pain and then going silent. Apparently dead. HAHAHA! HAHAHA! SO FUNNY!! HAHAHA! DOGS BEING RUN OVER! KITTENS BEING MOWED DOWN!!! RACCOONS BEING HIT!!! HAHAHA!! HAHAHA! SO FUNNY!! HAHAHA!”


    So, that’s another PROMINENT one that you’ll see out there, if you haven’t noticed already. You have a generation of lost, empty, empathy-less sociopaths running around out there addicted to their video games and porn, programmed with the ideals of animal cruelty, abuse and torture for kicks and laughs.

  9. Eugene, any idea I learn something new is a good day, so thanks for the Abba information. Mama Mia! aHa! “Abba” is “Daddy!”

    Carissa, thank you so much for the accolades. I saw a Dutch film called “Black Book” recently about the Dutch resistance. “Independent?” Ha! Seems like no one can make an honest WWII film without pro Israel propaganda. The worst scene: as the resistance drank a toast to their Infected Hemorrhoid [i.e., Queen Wilhelmina], the only one who refused to toast, turned out to be the evil character.

    Well, studies show that cruelty to animals from an early age is a ripe formula for cruelty to people later. It is a mass programming formula for maximum chaos. I know we sparred on the indifference to suffering connected with diet, and as the close of my last showed, even some vegetarians have missed out on the bigger picture, but it’s all connected.

  10. Hi Celtic Rebel, as usual you point out to things that others, myself included, were unable to see at first sight. Part of the reason I don’t always catch on is because I don’t watch T.V. these days.
    Your take on the Art class scene in the Simpsons episode is poignant, creativity is discouraged and pushed under the proverbial rug, so to speak. It reminds me of a scene in Fellini’s “Satyricon”, where the poet Eumolpus laments to another character in film over the degradation (sp?) of the arts due to, in his words, a desire for money, drinking, and whoring. As a matter of fact before all this Eumolpus makes a comment in the movie that poverty is a sister to genius. The reason I bring all this up is because I stumbled onto that scene by accident a few days before your most recent blog post.

    Your take on Roger the alien and Klaus the goldfish is quite interesting to say the least. It made me think…and then I remembered this: American Dad: Truth about Germans, which brought me back to when I read about there being a possibility that the Nazis in the Second World War received some technology from some beings (either inner earth, or extraterrestrial, perhaps both), back when I started my journey “into the rabbit hole so to speak”: The Vril Society

    Your take on the alien and the fish on American Dad also reminded me of this article titled: “The Fish People Are Alive and Among Us”

    Ah yes! Seth MacFarlane and his gang deliberately left out the Soviets and their hand in the takeover of Poland and the whole of Eastern Europe (a la Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact). Even though I remember being taught this in school, I came to realize, in my Junior/Senior year in High School that the textbook “knowledge” handed down to us students was (and still is) worth less than the paper it was printed on. I came to that realization when I read direct accounts of history, especially Procopius of Caesarea’s take on the multiple Plague outbreaks in 542 A.D., with the sighting of strange apparitions and beings before said outbreaks occurred. I thought then, to myself, that if the Powers That Be, were concealing this to the best of their abilities, (along with UFO activity and intention, advanced technology), what else would they be hiding?

  11. Great job, I can’t watch any of these shows anymore its just too blatant. I still can’t comprehend how we went from the fraggle rock, to sh*t like this. Such young viewers of MTV is what made me disgusted with the new “real world”. Look at this , program your kids in the critical “learning” stage of pre-five. Teach them to read by 18 months so they can have successful jobs, and careers by 16. Turn your baby into a “Genius”.

  12. Emil-Szarvas, one thing I didn’t ad to said scene was what Ben pointed out, the teacher shouting “keep up fatty” to the boy drawing laps around the circle. Something like that is [yet another] little element that shows [to me] this is beyond the repetition of programmed memes by mindless writers. That little subtlety will grab the attention of most viewers, and as they laugh, the deeper significance will be lost by their conscious mind.

    That Am Dad clip is sad. While it is EASY to dismiss/write-off an entire peoples as “evil,” those of us with eyes to see are watching the parallel of how Germans views Jews with how Americans are presently viewing Muslims. But, stereotypes must be propagated huh? One of my friends remembers taking a history course as a kid and at the end of the year, his teacher admitting that “history is written by the winners.” So, why did I just have to spend a whole year memorizing this crap he wondered?

    I’ve read some of Farrell’s work and he presents an extremely convincing case the Nazis were definitely working on some kind of of saucer-based / inter-dimensional technology. As far as the Antartic bases, contact with inner earth dwellers, just like with the fish-people, who knows? But, ultimately, “truth” does lie outside this [ever-shrinking] box of dictated 3D reality.

    Brian, cool! Great to know that I TOO can turn my kids over to a program that will turn them into ideal corporate citizens by the time they’re 16. The sponsor list alone should make anyone worry. Just occurred to me that even the Montel logo has a Saturnian ring and a jahbulON resonance.

  13. sigh.

    And as if you needed more confirmation, see this bit o’ news I just found.

    It’s a press release for this: Nickelodeon Unfolds Luminous List of 2009 Kids’ Choice Award Nominees. Just take a gander at these choice, er’ ripe nominations:

    MUSIC: Favorite Song

    I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry)
    Don’t Stop the Music (Rihanna)
    Kiss Kiss (Chris Brown featuring T Pain)
    Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) (Beyonce)

    Favorite Music Group
    Jonas Brothers
    Linkin Park
    Pussycat Dolls

    T’was just a sampling from the list, btw.

    Rebel, thanks for writing this. It’s superbly put together and just might come in handy next time someone calls bullshit or homophobia ! when I talk about the (widespread, blatant, FCC-approved, in-your-face) queer agenda!


  14. hmm, did anyone else notice the storyline of lisa and her friend was heavily based on the work of henry darger; the “real-life” hermit school custodian who wrote a gigantic illustrated novel about little girls (who were usually naked and without genetalia)? if you don’t know what i mean check out the film, “in the realms of the unreal”.

  15. Rebel, inspiring! This is the kind of blogging that gets “ones gears rolling”! That episode of the Simp [limp?]-sons, loaded with MK symbolisms and one big mind job, I saw it at Ben’s blog and both interpretations are incredible.

    The Hollywood mind job is so multi-layered, its difficult to discern the actual intentions, but I wonder if we can “assume” [yeah I know] possibly it was always intended to be multi-layered?

    I think we need to focus more on the writers, publicists, producers and people “behind the scenes” now, rather then the “archetypal Gods & Goddesses” that are thrust in our face daily. I see magazines in the break rooms at work that are bombarding the readers with such garbage. One of the ideas I had of the “social engineering” agenda but never covered at T.H.A. was the “male v.s. female” agenda, including much of what you covered here, so thank you for the hard work on getting it out in to the open.

    I noticed one of the little subliminal agendas lately is making the “well groomed attractive manly male” archetypes [via these tabloids] into a “whore-mongering asshole”–i.e. Brad Pitt for example, and steering women towards the “geeky thick glasses Jewish afro” looking feminine guys, silly me huh? Anyways, I will leave it at that.

    Great work per usual my friend keep going!
    Be well.

  16. annemarie, “kid’s” CHOICE? What a joke of a term, huh? “We’re going to tell you what you like and then, we’re going to give you the impression YOU elected to like it.” How f’n sad!

    They did a good job of brain-washing the left that to stand-up to or denounce the present homosexual indoctrination agenda somehow puts you on the same side as Bible-thumping Christian evangelists/zionists. People are really afraid to question the obvious, for fear of being labeled.

    kevin, I was unfamiliar with Darger. Some disturbing imagery: like this, or, egads this one. You may have a point on the similarity/intent.

    Michael, you know, it’s still a mystery to me. Obviously, the nature of the embedded elements is meant to be as destructive as possible, until you get to this layer which SEEMS to be one of revealing. At first, I thought it was revelation for those with eyes to see, then I thought it was the highest level of mind-programming to get those who aren’t sheep yet. I still don’t know.

    “Versus” is the right word, in lieu of male AND female now isn’t it?

    Actually, had not occurred to me, but when I look with my EYES open, it does seem that this “chosen” star is but a clone/continuation of this lineage. 🙄

    ALL, Made one after-market addition to this, the Stranglers, whom were featured prominently in close of last series had some EXTREMELY RELEVANT words to contribute to the peaches/dungeon/anal/homo theme.

  17. Per-usual, thought provoking, serious yet with that celt humor I’ve grown to admire greatly.

    Now get some rest.


  18. Celty – You can blame my “first-ness” on my lack of busy time. 😉 Scrolling up and down the SynchroBlogspotters list often leads me to new posts as soon as they appear! Of course, my blog and a lot of other great blogs aren’t on the list…

    I know I made a pretty gross connection there, but it was an entirely spontaneous connection, and I still enjoy a hot dog every now and then. Must be my all in my head… One of my friends would put either ranch dressing or Hummus on his hot dog. Ew! Hummus is awesome, but not on a hot dog…

    I ended up watching that Family Guy episode on Hulu. It wasn’t funny in the least. I am glad they joked about the musical numbers in the “Road To” episodes. I think every Family Guy episode has at least one reference to Back to the Future, and it’s getting really old.

  19. This is gospel! You reminded me of some of the shit Ive seen on the Simpsons. Waaay back I remembers Homer bouncing Lisa on his knee with a very perverted look on his face. I thought it might be a reflection of my perverse thoughts. I’ll have to find it to ease my overactive imagination.

    You should make movies with this data weaved into it. In the format of a news program. With naked hairy weather girls….yeah…

  20. Thanks for the supportive words Bard!

    Tommy, “blame” is kind of a harsh word. Always happy to see you on the [top of] the list after I get one of these efforts out.

    Jon Kidd, if it struck you as unusual or seemed slightly uncomfortable, that was your intuition alerting you to something your brain’s been programmed to dismiss. We’ve ALL been so conditioned to NOT SEE anymore, it’s kind of sad. Recall once pointing out there was something REALLY WRONG with the Hannah Montana promo where they were giving little girls pink microphones with purple heads. A friend called ME the “sicko” for noticing? [um, what about the people who crafted the promo] All I can say is they’ve programmed us all too well.

    I do have a YouTube channel. Hope to make more vids sooner. But, YT probably wouldn’t like the “weather” girls to much, though I gather they wouldn’t complain about pink/purple microphone wielding infants.

  21. one that sticks in my mind is when flanders said something along the lines of “her fingering is coming along great” regarding lisa’s saxophone playing and homer saying “shut up flanders” to further drive the strange sexual innuendo involving an 8 year old home.

  22. Celty, you can add Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken to that list. Brought to you by the same crew from Family Guy. Last episode there were 3 distinct instances of actual or implied anal penetration. I think the show is funny and all, but come on! I know children watch or Tivo this show even though it’s on late at night. I’m really getting concerned.

    Speaking of Adult Swim, seriously, some of these shows must have been written by criminally deranged psychopaths. Just watch ONE minute of the new show Superjail and you’ll know what I mean. We are one sandwich short of a Videodrome-type show within the next few years. I guarantee it.

  23. Saw a sink wink with “circle” … see new piece at Ustream, specifically the video link.

    741 is also sign. In watching this, a hearing phonetic playon … its crystal clear, super big thing.

  24. kevin, as I said to Jon above, especially the more “chance” innuendos I see from this program, if it SEEMED suggestive, you can assume it was intentional AND meant to be. I’ll also have to note how by comparison to other cartoons like South Park, the Simpsons has managed to stay under the radar, and become a “feel-good” fixture of Prime Time FAMILY entertainment. As I’m learning, those can be the worst.

    Santiago, I wrote an old blog looking at some of these “bizarro” cartoons once before, way before I knew even half of what I know now about predictive programming and it’s multitude of tiers. I did catch Superjail once. That show is horrible and the words “chaos programming degenerative mind-fuck” are written all over it.

    eugene, I think you’ve kind of lost me on the last one, I’m having a hard time following the connections…

  25. Hey Celt, I just noticed that peaches lyrics and album image you added. I have that song on a compliation of old school punk, good stuff 😀 Anyways reminded me of the song Peaches by the Presidents of the United States of America, though with seemingly less sexual innuendo. Oh yah I have a subliminal image collection which includes an advertisement for some old Musk cologne which has several pictures of men and women embracing, and in the middle of it all – a peach with what appears to be milk pouring down over it. I also added a bit about “peaches and cream” to the post I’m working on.

  26. Dear Celt,

    Have taken fart fan and cleared the room. My acid dots should be easier to consumer.

    Hierasolyma Est Perdita!

  27. Celt – No worries then. My misunderstanding. I’m always eager to see what you’ve got to say.

    Superjail is awful. It’s just ugly. It’s like the opposite of art. I think we are “blessed” with the presence of mind to avoid such mind-rot. You’ve got your Freemason (guy with top hat, suit and scepter… How can people not pick up on this??), a muscular androgynous woman, and some other uninteresting character plucked from any other Adult Swim show. The 20 seconds of I’ve seen of the show had people getting their faces ripped off, which is a theme I’ve seen a lot (ritual unveiling through violence).

  28. Greetings O Rebellious One
    Another well observed ‘expose’ (sorry don’t have the technology to put an acute accent over the ‘e’).
    I am in full agreement on the need to lose the ‘right royal pain in the ass’ prince & princess crap – personally I think it has very deep roots into the psyche & ‘boldly goes’ far, far deeper than is realised. A possible subject for future dis-assembling – pun not completely unintended 🙂

  29. ViolatoR, I still can’t get over how OVERT the peaches reference in that scene is. Those stranglers lyrics just fit in way to well with that sequence [for deniers] and to my entire theme. Will be interested to see what you put together.

    Eugene, will see if I can derive anything from it this time.

    Tommy, kewl. I have a bad habit of coming off abrumpt sometimes. YES, Superjail is horrid. From a social engineering perspective, it bodes scary times.

    wise woman, you have an accent deficit to moi? Ah, prepare to be bombarded with umlauts and such! 😉 I’m under the impression the prince/princess embedding begins at youth. Would be interested in reading theories on it going further back.

  30. You just took Pseudo Occult Media’s analysis to another level! Oh, btw, I think in light of The Simpsons, I thought you might find the changes in their new main title sequence oh so interesting: Food-Related Changes in New ‘Simpsons’ Intro

  31. we just read your blog and are reading it again, it is funny, educational and oh, so scary…we missed you for a while but are now back on the net and can once again enjoy the celtic rebel….lanz and mar in athens….

  32. your analysis of the “gaying-down” of the mASSES and its apparently obvious nature in everyday media was powerful… maybe a bit too powerful. since reading this entry, i couldn’t help but notice the gayness of advertisements, magazines, tv shows, billboards, etc. all around. i recently rented the “very masculine” HB-hOe mini-series “generation kill” and was dismayed after 20 minutes how homo-erotic (minus the butt sex) it was. i felt like i was watching the village people in combat. also, i saw an ad on a bus for a certain clothing line which showed one shirtless guy with three scantily-clad women draped all over him in orgy-fashion on the couch. what caught my eye though was, sitting on the floor, a bit withdrawn from the group, another shirtless guy staring all googly-eyed at the guy. it was sooo gay!! i don’t know? maybe it was just priming from reading your blog? unfortunately, i feel it was legitimate subconscious, subversive programming. damn you, celticrebel! you ruined my media-indoctrination/programming experience forever!! 🙂

  33. bobblebot, I recall seeing an image of Bart writing “HDTV is worth every cent,” and thinking, YES, but FOR WHO? I found the crows and beheadings in the first few secs even more interesting.

    lanaz, glad to have you back hon.

    raffi, you’re welcome! 😉 Once you realize it is an agenda, you just can’t escape it. I go into it in a little more detail in Shape of Things to Come [not sure if you caught]. One of my friends is in the business and she sees it happening in front of her, the director saying “Can we shoot it again with the Dad looking at his daughter’s boyfriend’s ass?” Another friend tells me of watching his fav crime show recently [and hating me for opening his eyes] and one buddy saying to the other, “Are we having a Bromance?”

  34. “Maggie turned into a toy car (a jeep,) and your comment “As for Maggie [♫ “One of these things is not like the others” ♪]” reminded me of this RKelly (child molester, young girl pisser on-er and marrier of the under-aged ) song.”

    You Remind Me of Something

    You remind me of something
    I just can’t think what it is

    [Chorus] You remind me of my jeep; I wanna ride it
    Something like my sounds, I wanna pump it
    Girl you look just like my cars; I wanna wax it
    And something like my bank account, I wanna spend it

    It’s something about your love that’s got me going crazy
    Baby you know I want you real bad
    And girl I really like your freaky style
    How can I be down with you?
    So get a little closer to my ride
    I wanna get to know you lady
    And hip me up on how to get inside you – listen pretty baby
    I wanna roll it, roll it, roll it is all I wanna do for you baby
    Girl it’s something kind of sexy goin’ on about you


    Now I would like to take you for a ride
    Girl you know we’ll have so much fun
    And give you everything your body needs
    Satisfaction guaranteed
    So pull up to my bumper and
    let the system sound
    Girl, I bet cha’ I can drive you crazy
    And let me be the one to drop you off –
    babe listen to me
    I wanna roll it, roll it, roll it is all
    I wanna do for you baby
    Girl it’s something kind of sexy
    goin’ on about you

    Re: “just a little reminder that all the children being born into the new programmed collective, will end up being far more machine than human.”

    When Maggie gets older she’ll be a perfect RKelly-ish subject.

  35. I’m thinking of everyones posts about how we don’t see what they are training us not to see. I remember a few years ago an article in Oprah titled something like “If you spot it, you got it”, meaning that if could look at someone and “know” they were a pedophile or drug addict that it was because WE were or had those tendencies.

    I think an agenda like that being pushed would further keep people from really seeing things for fear they will have to wonder if that is what is really in their own hearts.

    This is an AWESOME blog, I can’t stop reading it.

  36. kenley, keen observation. A very nice addition to the Maggie as Car picture. Yea, this new breed of children who’ve since become adults [chornologically speaking] have a very mechanical approach to intimacy.

    In retrospect: related thoughts in a later post.

    Faery, the media through the use of [by some stretch of the imagination] intellectual prostitutes like Oprah, have worked diligently to con-vince the sheep that when they open their eyes wide enough to see the handiwork of the pederasts … it is because there is something wrong with them [the awake one]. Pretty f’n pathetic, but pretty damn effective.

  37. Mr. Celtic i couldn’t agree more with your article it seems to me , like you and many others have said before that it is all the same, but the methods (that is except for the ever-effective torture and penetration of the eye and needles *shiver*) are always changing. I thank the earth for people like you who help defeat the horizon!;) Or maybe i should thank your mother… Who is there to thank anymore?

  38. Hey celticrebel, really enjoying your blog. I only recently came across it but I keep finding myself coming back not only to read new articles but also to re-read ones I’ve read before (I find that I take something new from it each time that I might not have thought of the first time around).

    I was wondering (and I hope you don’t think this a stupid question or that I’m taking the piss) what the motive of convincing people they are gay is, apart from population control? (Population control was the only think I could think of). I do believe that people who are L/G/B/T are born that way and that’s just how they are, but then again I think it’s entirely possible that more people who aren’t any of those things could be programmed to think they are by those higher in the pyramid so to speak.

    On an off-topic note, I read your “Sex and the shitty” article, and I wanted to say a heartfelt thankyou to you for not supporting fur, and for being a vegetarian (I’m vegetarian myself, and I won’t buy fur/leather/products that are tested on animals etc.) so thankyou very much for caring about the welfare of the other creatures on our planet 🙂

  39. Excellent note there, Alex. “Interracial” relationships are hard for this very reason. I recall growing up during the ’90s was hectic enough in and of itself, what with all the talk about how we “black” men wouldn’t make it to age 21. Then there was the notion that the “good” ones were “gay” or “with white women”.

    But of course, you have to push black solidarity with a million or so men in D.C., while spewing out lame hit from Hollywood in the form of “Save The Last Dance”. Potent one-two combination. All “interracial” relationships are suspect now. That’s “fairness” for you. I spent most of my life growing up in Fort Washington, MD across from a neighbor with a “white” wife.

    I wonder what it felt like being the only such couple on the block in wealthiest predominantly “black” (these asterisk are tiring, no?) County in the country. Couldn’t have been that bad. There are always a few. Who cares.

    But that’s it, right? The fact that the question exists indicates that there is an agenda. Otherwise the medes wouldn’t have pumped our soft heads with it.

    As for the Sly Fox, I quit them when I quit Tv over a year ago. Caught a two particular episodes of American Dad last summer. In one, the son was suddenly popular and abandoned his friend. At the end, they make up in a cornfield and kiss on the lips.

    In another, the father and son actually bonded throughout the show. I can’t quite remember, but I think the son was going to tell the father that he loved him, but the episode abruptly ended.

    Degradation of the father figure (saw this one quite a bit, being “black” and all. All my friend’s [biological] fathers, save a perhaps two, were present) coupled and the gay agenda you pointed out.

    It’s only 24 minutes of shit and it ruins an excellent high for hours.

    I like this sort of chess. Keep them coming, Alex. It’s addictive; Mental Jeet Kun Do.

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