Brother “O,” Where Art Thou?

Well, the spectacle known as the United States Presidential “election” is coming this Tuesday, and it promises to be a good one. A good “stage show” that is, as in staged, i.e., contrived, directed, scripted, and most importantly, acted/performed. It’s a fairly safe bet, at this juncture, to assume the “chosen” one will be Obama.

obama hopeobama dopeobama love

I’ve already looked into Barrack Mohammed Hussein Obama, aka the Aytolah of Rock and Rolla, aka the Charmed Prince of Change, aka the Hip-Hop Messenger of Hope, hence don’t wish to retread here. I have to say though, that I am still surprised at how many people out there are actually eating from this trough of stinking shite [i.e., the prepackaged “product” known as Obama/Hope/Change].

While the pics above are meant to inspire “hope” in fools, the doves remind me of another movie I watched part of recently, Mars Attacks, where the release of a dove is precisely what sparked the war between Earth and Mars. While this may have been a simple jab at humor by the writers, should one be aware of the dive-bombing pentacostal dove, then the Martians reacted appropriately. {*1}

change rocks

When we were getting ready to go through this four years ago, an “open letter to America” was being circulated on the internet, allegedly written by someone in Europe. It pleaded with Americans to make the right “choice,” reminding them that “the president they select will not only be your President, but the most powerful man in the free world as well” [or some nonsense to that effect]. That was back when the “change” candidate was hardhat-wearing servant of the middle-class, cousin of Bush and fellow Bonesman John Kerry was up for, ahem, election.

oba loveoba loveoba love

Well, the Merry-Go-Round is passing the same quadrant again, and since we are ignorant little children, we [well, most of us] are gonna act like it’s a big-deal and that we haven’t gone through these exact same machinations before. “It’s time to take part in the great democratic process, and cast our vote” [Elluminati posted a good vid featuring a bunch of prostitutes actors in a reverse psychology promo].

The following analogy tends to falls on deaf ears mostly, but I’ve been telling whoever will listen that walking up to the vending machine and choosing either a Coke or a Pepsi, does not necessarily reflect exercising one’s “choice,” or even the faintest machination of some type of democratic process. I’m sure the bi-annual routine of voting for the blue party or the red party is lost on same souls.

homer sweeps

The timing of this article, has less to do with influencing voters [cause, that would a) paint me as a foolhardy hypocrite, and b) indicate a severely delusional estimation at the size of my audience], and more to do with having recently watched the Coen’s O Brother, Where Art Thou. The movie’s “change” candidate, Homer Stokes, marching around the stage with a broom syncs right to Obama.

I recalled having seen a photo of that other change candidate, Arnold Swarzenegger from his campaign to become der Governator. Then, the connections and possibilities grew exponentially, and that is just how the synchromystic tool works. The answers are out there, floating about in all strands of the aether. Those with an open-mind can see right through the haze of disinfo meant to blind us.

My apologies to any offended by the male form, but this physical specimen you see before you here, could very well be President of America in 2012, and that, is no laughing matter. Arnold’s head under a halo of roses, forming a chance backdrop with the number 22 is probably also of significance. As I’ve been discussing in my last few blogs (notably my look at the Happening), 22 can reflect a double duality of sorts, showing not just the choice between the two colors, stooges, booths, towers (hence 11’s) we see in the realm of our five senses, but those in the aethereal world beyond our site. That, which might lie on that other side of the mirror, dare we look well beneath that mask of persona staring back at us.

While probing the 22 number, I neglected to consider there are 22 cards in the major arcana of the Tarot, hence am now feeling a bit the fool [card zero]. Regardless, while I’m not the first to state Obama is a necessary stop on the track to Swarzenegger, I may be the first to create such a video:

This is the PG-13 version of the vid YouTube banned after complaints
from Obamans. The original version is available at DailyMotion.

Once you start looking for it, the amount of overt solar symbolism in movies is overwhelming. Aside from Universal’s solar opening, another company responsible for O Brother, is Touchstone, a name one wouldn’t think has any type of solar implication on it. Yet, the rolling credit, morphs and flashes as a sun. {*2}

touch stone

As I pointed out in the video, and if I did my job properly, the media is in overdrive painting Obama as a Sun King, or better yet, the King of [sun] Kings, Jesus Christ. “America, your savior is a comin!” And why is it that when people are “saved,” they spread their arms out in the form of the crucified christ? How can being nailed to the cross be resonant with any type of liberation [¿butterflies on a corkboard?]?

saved, amen

I suspect it’s just the opposite. Looking back on how an unfolded cube, going from three dimensions to two, makes the shape of a cross, then the “ritual” of making the sign of the cross, shows a certain consent/desire to stay within this realm [¿prison?] of the five senses, no [see Octopi, Phalli, Cubes of Life]?

Be careful what rituals one engages in, even under the guise of pleasing neighbors or family, for the sake of that dreadful excuse to participate in all sorts of heinous rituals, tradition. Not understanding their true origins or significance of actions, offers no respite. Ignorance is not bliss, when it leads to spiritual derailment.

arnold crossconan cross

We also have a connection between Arnold and Jesus, the Christenegger [as I’ve heard Jake Kotze @ The Blob refer to him on occasion]. Do note, however, that Arnold played a sunk king far different than the Prince of Peace. Yes, Conan arose from the dead three days later, but the King of Thieves was far more dangerous to one’s well-being than the self-sacrificing Jesus.

Sure, the Conan legend may predate Jesus by a few thousand years, or could have been Robert E. Howard’s spin on the Norse legend of Odin crucifying himself upside-down to learn the secrets of the Runes. {*3} Hm, that may not bode well for some were we to attempt interpreting the order of kings to come.


Homer mentioning that he belongs to a certain [hush-hush] society strikes a resonant chord with Obama as well. While Homer was a “Grand Wizard,” Obama’s alleged to be a 32nd degree Freemason. “Alleged” may be an understatement, because he flashes signs with regular precision to let it be known where his true allegiances lie. Does anyone honestly think he’d have gotten this far if he didn’t?

It is worth noting that the KKK and American Freemasonry were both started and likely, led by, the same man, the infamous Albert Pike (who’s Morals & Dogma is a MUST READ for everyone). I’m sure Obama’s first act as America’s first black President will be to personally wipe out the disgrace and have the statue of the “meddling” Civil War general [the only of a Confederate] and founder of the KKK removed from it’s prominent spot in the nation’s capitol. Yes, that was sarcasm.

albert pikebrother in distress

As my video makes quite clear, the blacks in America are undergoing some serious mind manipulation right now. Many feel that “their time” indeed has come. I’m not making a prognostication here, but it should be abundantly obvious that were something sinister to befall the messiah of his people, then chaos would ensue in almost every American city with a large urban black population.

Would not then the average ignorant fat white American not gladly welcome martial law to “put down the darkies?” One needs look no further than the MTV Gospel being force-fed to youth across this country with an open-mind and see how behind the thin supercilious veil of “unity,” the net result is divisiveness, mistrust, envy and most importantly, violence. {*4} The media can ignite that fuse at any time.

cross roads

This nation is definitely at the crossroads of something. As the movie reminds us, the crossroads is where we go to meet the devil and sell him our soul. It’s also where Brittney Spears checked in to straighten out her mind control issues [more on that]. Also, where the fool/joker, Bob Dylan, takes us in his album [more on that].

Symbolically, it is also an intersection which forms a cross. Hence, aside from the option of joining the dark side, are the remaining options liberation or crucifixion? It’s also the place where one can be nailed to the cross. Perhaps, a flaming cross?


I myself sometimes marvel at my own prior ignorance from my days of deep slumber / symbol illiteracy. To think I at one time thought the KKK was some natural outgrowth of racist Southerners determined to keep blacks “in their place,” yet missed all the blatant repeating symbols indicating their true origins.

Note the Templar cross [or variant thereof]. Has anyone else been noticing these crosses showing up on t-shirts and belt-buckles for the trendy lately? Grand Wizards. Red robes (see the last video from my They Live trilogy). How could we have been so obtuse??? Hm, can’t say “obtuse” without thinking of the Shawshank Redemption. Ah, entertainment … that is how we became so obtuse.

paw gun

Another possibly meaningful sync from the film is the period it takes place; during the midst of the great depression. Here we are on the precipice of an even deeper depression. Foreclosures, bank failures, economic chaos … let the good times roll! O Brother Savior, where oh where art thou? Where oh where can you be?

who's your mamahappy family

Before any “Republican” reading this gets too comfortable, I’ll just say a few words about the bimbette they’ve paired up with the old dude who’s getting ready to take his dive on Tuesday. An allegedly far-left “news” site, Daily Kos, had put out an article detailing how Palin’s most recent baby was in fact, her daughter’s. Unremarkably, that article disappeared within days along with most of the photos from it. I’m sure that took all of, oh, about one phone call.

You don’t really need an official “story” to figure the situation out. Who looks seven months pregnant in the two family photos taken at about that time? Do older or younger women bodies show signs of pregnancy earlier? Most damning: the coincidence of her daughter dropping out of school for eight months with mono while Mommy was pregnant. You don’t need some idiot on television telling you what to think. Look at the photos and use your intuition and a little common sense.

daughter is pregnantmason sign

Does claiming the baby as hers make Sarah Palin a bad person? No (unless of course, she’s as mind-controlled as Pseudo Occult Media suggests and it wasn’t her choice). It would seem logical, dare I say motherly, to protect her daughter’s future prospects if she hopes to marry her off into the bloodlines she’s been squeezed out of. Her daughter’s likely not much different from the average vacuous MTV-watching and Madison Avenue enforced lack of self-esteem teenager. {*5}

Note: See the masonic placement of the hand by Palin’s husband above?

You have to wonder why a known CIA source (Kos) would even put that out in the first place? Were I to hazard a guess, I’d suspect that like most news sources, the control is at the top levels, and most of the people working within the organization are just useful idiots who actually still believe in the free press, and that they’re lives have some meaning.

More likely though, is the gap between Obama and his ringer was now big enough, such a revelation might eat away at the reliable base of the most brain-dead of conservatives who still think the party actually gives two shits about them.


The biggest scam, in my mind, is convincing the public that the election process is real. I think that even by putting out documentaries like Hacking Democracy get put on HBO, or that Recount movie, all it’s really doing is focusing attention on how elections are stolen. “Stolen” implies that there may actually be some sort of democratic process going on. I’m sure at the local level, differences can be made, but these docs/movies/books/exposés focus on the Presidential race. {*6}

Do you honestly think that if we could select and elect our own leaders it would be allowed? All one really needs to do is trace the bloodlines of all the Presidents. Heck, even more important, is by even looking at such, we shift the focus away from something besides affecting what corporate buddies will be given carte blanche to defraud the slaves of America further, like the President really has any power.


It’s an overwhelming web of family trees, intersecting organization charts, flowcharts and snakes and ladders to contemplate. Palin’s connected to Ladi Di, hence to the ignominious Spencer/Churchill klan, hence the Jack the Ripper murderers (see’s Illuminati III: Murdered by the Monarchy), and going back to the Scottish Stuarts. Watching Elizabeth: the Golden Age [where the closing solar scene of my video is from], I was surprised to see an admission of how the pirates were, as I’ve said on numerous occasion, the unofficial navy of the Queen.

Hence, the XXX we see on cartoon and movie liquors, syncs us to the pirates, those whose sons and daughters formed America’s official “blue-blood” nobility, and syncs us to XXX movies, also known as “blue movies,” and alas all the way back to that seedy House of “Windsor,” where as Rick Clay [R.I.P.] was pointing out, the once and future king, William, will be turning XXX on the XXX Olympiad [2012].

I’m sure there will be some shenanigans come Tuesday. Were John McCain to actually be given the nod over Obama, I will be floored. But, if there’s some controversy regarding New York or some state place [as I contemplated in a prior article, when looking at the Eastern seaboard in correlation to a human body and the chakras], I might have to think about moving the fuck out of here.

obama got gameobama boxerobama star

Of course, were an actual “election” to take place today, Obama Bomaye would wipe out Grumpy McCain with about 80 to 90 percent of the vote. The mainstream media, of course, has been putting out all these polls (aka, “lies, damn lies and statistics”) making it look much closer. Gotta sell tickets to the show! Gotta keep the illusion of competition going. Gotta keep the public interest up.

I’m sure it’s gonna be a good show. I’d recommend sitting back and having a few drinks for the spectacle, but if you don’t want to contribute to the coffers of the pirate heirs, you could just opt to drink beer (and pump up your estrogen levels). At least with the election over, the stream of images like the above may end.


On the positive side, should the plan not change dramatically, we may be in for a brief respite. Ask your women friends … usually before suitors try to stick it in you, they wine and dine you for a while. So, we should see some falling gas prices, perhaps some more manipulation of the markets to the positive, and the dollar inexplicably rising to other currencies. But, don’t get too complacent, they WILL stick in us. And, as my video suggests, it’s gonna be the small hole.

I found it interesting that in the movie, two of the most significant characters were blind. I know that the Coens were using the Odysseus story as a template, but as the video shows there was a lot more going on within the movie. The first of which, while he couldn’t see Negroes, had a very strong racist viewpoint towards such.

blind man

How can a blind man be racist? Racism is based on skin color. Blind men can’t see colors, hence in it could be a metaphor of how racism is by no means a natural process, but one we learn, and more importantly, learn from the biggest influence in our lives, the media [coincidentally a machine this racist blind man is a part of].

The second (or first chronologically), is a black man himself, but he has not simply resorted to relying on his other four senses. Instead, he has expanded his consciousness outside this three-dimensional realm and can see into the future itself. He sees beyond color and listens not to even the passengers on his train. His focus is far beyond, perhaps on the other side of the mirror which he can’t see.

blind man blackone eye john

The last of the partially-blind characters is the cyclops played by John Goodman. What is the old saying, now regularly showing up in movie after movie, about how in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man being king? Have you looked at the zombies around you? We are living in the land of the blind.

What I feel I may have not properly communicated in the video is the idea that by establishing the Jesus/Obama connection and then showing the scene where from the movie where the one-eyed man crushes the frog, followed by the crucified frog .. parallels what the forces behind the solo illuminated eye (at the top of the pyramid) may have in mind for the Frog Prince they’ve painted as Christ.


Aside from being compared to the the former king of Camelot, JFK here we have fans painstakingly detailing Obama to a couple of other kings, a couple of other slain kings. Let’s not forget the original king of Camelot, Arthur [assuming it is the original, instead of a bastardized British version of a stolen Gaelic tale], was slain by the dark prince with the solar-armor Mordred.

Aside: That raises a couple of interesting syncs between the Dark Prince William or the Eagle Power Hatched from the Black Egg (literal translation of Ahnold’s name).

In all seriousness, should I bother making out of the house this Tuesday to “cast” my vote, I will be writing the name “CTHULHU” in. I suggest anyone reading this do the same. Aren’t you tired of this slow erosion of the American spirit?

Do you really want 4 more years of watching our children slowly turned into robots, our seniors turned out to die lonely deaths in convenient places out of sight while the drug companies feed them a steady diet of drugs designed to drain their wallets and deteriorate their minds, our women shifting from any semblance of esteemed matriarchs into manic materially-obsessed shameless over-sexualized strumpets, and our men from warriors who defend the tribe, to mindless, sports-obsessed, for-hire effeminate killers on-loan to corporations, ready to kill each other over the most mundane of trivia, but acquiescent to all authority figures? Wouldn’t it must be much simpler to have our enemy rise up and meet us and get this all over with?

cthulhu for pres

When I was in Manhattan once interviewing for a position at a major bank, I resisted the [conditioned] sense to be politically correct with the black man sitting opposite me. Even though he had long since mentioned the university he attended, I interrupted the interview to ask a question pressing the back of my mind:

“Excuse me. But I have to ask. Why would a black man from New York choose to go to college in the deep south?”

“That’s a good question. A lot of my relatives asked me the same thing. You see, down there, the people who don’t like “coloreds,” as they call us. they make sure to let you know it right away. Be it by their words, or the stare of disgust they cast at you. Up here in the city, everyone tries to be politically correct. So, the most racist of people smile at you while despising you. I’d much rather know up front exactly where someone stands, so I don’t end up wasting my time on the wrong people.”

To me, that makes perfect sense. Wouldn’t we, mankind, rather see the true face of our enemy, rather than these sick smiling minions that smile and talk about “helping the common man” while they rape us for their masters?

Vote Cthulhu! Write him in. Write him in!

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

*1: I only briefly watched some parts of the movie, but seeing the Martians plant a flag consisting of a pyramid and eye on top of the dead president tells me someone involved in the movie may have chosen the “dove” with full knowledge.

The photo depicts Jill Sobule on the Change Rocks concert tour, while I at one time thought her clever, I’ve now changed my mind. Pseudo-Occult Media wrote a great piece about Katy Perry, the little harlot Disney used to take Jill’s song and make it a lesbian lifestyle promo aimed at your daughters. [LB]

*2: Another red-flag, despite the Coens making movies aimed at those left in society who are of above-average intelligence, check out what Michael Tsarion has to say about the name Cohen, Kahn, Kahane and its relation to the priest-class and the Brotherhood of the Snake. [LB]

*3: I may or may not take a deeper look at Robert E. Howard and his writings on Conan. A reader, Charles, once shared this amazingly insightful piece with me: [LB]

“To each city its gods and priests, and all fools. Of what account are gods whom the fortunes of men lift or lower? Behind all the gods of men, behind Ea, Anu and Enlil, lurk the elder gods, unchanged by the wars or ambitions of men. Men deny what they do not see. The priests of Eridu, which is sacred to Ea and light, are no blinder than them of Nippur, which is consecrated to Enlil, whom they deem as the lord of darkness. But he is only the god of the darkness of which men dream, not the real Darkness that lurks behind all dreams, and veils the real and awful deities.”
— The House of Arabu, Robert E. Howard

*4: I was hoping to get into it here, but will have to save it. The promotion of black male sexuality as marketed to white women (via MTV, the music and sports gladiator industries) is meant to be divisive. In the meantime, anti-intellectual “gangsta” culture is being marketed to young black men. It’s all part of a premeditated plan, and going exactly according to schedule. At one time (pre-Obama), being the victims of years of overt racist social engineering programs, I found American blacks much more receptive to understanding the bigger picture, and may have to delve into the hows and whys in the future. [LB]

*5: One of my friends raised an interesting point which deserves a footnote. With the baby having Down’s Syndrome, there is also the possibility of incest to consider? That may seem out there, but who knows [see video]? [LB]

*6: HBO is another seriously controlled social engineering outlet. Nothing would be put on HBO (especially that loathsome idiot, Bill Maher), unless it served some agenda-driven opinion-shaping function. Many many years ago (pre-broadband days), Cinemax was set to air The Panama Deception. I had heard of it and was excited to see this alternative view of what happened in Panama. About five minutes into it, Cinemax, and only Cinemax, went off the air across this country, and then, miraculously came back on the air two hours later. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on October 30, 2008.

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  1. Brother ‘O’ got me a-thunking o’ Professer O’Blivion from VIDEODROME – ‘Death to Videodrome, Long live the New Flesh’.

    Then remembered the Zappa song ‘Father O’Blivion’, here’s some of the lyrics –

    Oh! Won’t you eat my sleazy pancakes
    Just for Saintly Alfonzo
    They’re so light ‘n fluffy-white
    We’ll raise a fortune by tonite
    They’re so light ‘n fluffy-white
    We’ll raise a fortune by tonite
    They’re so light ‘n fluffy-brown
    They’re the finest in the town
    They’re so light ‘n fluffy-brown
    They’re the finest in the town
    Good morning, your Highness
    I brought you your snow shoes
    Good morning, your Highness
    I brought you your snow shoes


  2. I have a good idea where you are heading.
    (Being “Bard of the Abyss” and all)

    Looking forward to what you come up with next.

  3. Sharp video! … so all ready 2 8 the kake? AWWW ¡ I know words are so tricky, and lazzy mass is image oriented, but i like your verbosity 🙂

  4. Once again, an excellent video. Obama as a sacrifice for Arnold’s reign. Interesting. As I listened to the music of the clip I was reminded of the late 90’s film, ‘Primary Colours’, described on its imdb page as ‘the barely fictionalized account of candidate Bill Clinton’. A scene in that film has them all gathered at candidate’s (ie the Clinton) manor singing ‘You are my Sunshine’. This song seems to take on a new meaning in this light. (Pun not intended, mostly.)

  5. What a montage, well done. What tomfoolery will tuesday bring? Hope is not a negative word, nor is the act of kindness/faith in the future to be better than today. Shine forth brave souls!

  6. ohh… not even one pic of our ‘hot on your heels’ election here in NZ! I’m more familiar with your candidates than my own – yours are just a hell of a lot more scary.
    Great video – a picture says a thousand words, so you said a lot!

  7. Thanks ALL for the early feedback. I know it took a long time between pictures, vid and words…

    afferismoon, odd timing on your comment. Some girl I’ve been trying to get to hang out, randomly called and said I should get Videodrome for when she comes ?!?!?!

    bardoftheabyss … wait a minute. Did you used to go by another name?

    Oh, seeing that I’ve added the video and the text, have to ask: is it what you expected?

    Charles, that’s a very useful factoid. I missed that when I saw the movie a long time ago. I had read Secret Sun’s take on overdose of solar symbolism in 40 Year Old Virgin, then saw the same on Robot Chicken’s spin “The 33yo Virgin” … once you START looking for it, it can be found literally everywhere.

    DANA, you and aferrismoon seem to have a penchant for picking words apart, you may want to check his site out. Hope you’re happy with the amount of verbosity I’ve since added. 🙂

    Denzo, hope I didn’t give the impression of placing a negativity alongside the word ‘hope,’ but just the idea of being resold the same old box of shite, except this time it’s got the words “hope, change, new and improved” on it.

    Wise Woman, sorry, but you well know that here in America, we think our [s]election is the only one that matters. Last I heard Greg Hallett, he said you countries political system was already in the shitter, not as bad as the police state of Australia, but gettin there. 🙂

  8. I agree with you celtic. I’m black and I don’t get why black folks follow obama so blindly and if you say anything about their savior obama they’ll attack faster than mouse in room full of cats. A lot of them know obama isn’t really going to change things. They just want to see a black face in office when the shit hits the fan. Oh, we have a black president though. SMH it’s ass backwards if you ask me.

    PS: Yea, the election is like WWE fake as hell.

  9. a quick note: the dove comes from columb, which is who they named columbus after, which is also a constellation net to Sirius, and doves are also associated with “their” goddess worship, hence Columbia everywhere you look.

    amazing post!

  10. The Media seems to push Mr.Obama as an African-American and black, but surely , whether he’s aware or not, he may become the first miXed race president – which may move us away from the black or white or Yellow etc etc , that make one think that people are just one ‘race’, and therefore in a race.
    hautesauce – what might ‘black folk’ have though were it Condoleeza .v. Barack, Condoleeza having lots of experience though allied to Bush, and Barack without a lot of experience but with spare ‘change’. Which leads me to another point – choice of black president.


  11. Good stuff man. The video came out great and the text help put everything together. I’m impressed as usual.

    P.S. That video you linked to, posted by Elluminati about voting… did you catch the skull and crossbones on Jamie Foxx’s scarf he was wearing? I’m wondering if that was ‘coincidental’? haha

  12. hautesauce thanks for YOUR feedback. Out of pc programming, I myself sometimes feel I shouldn’t talk about race issues. Your comments embolden me to write referred to article about the social engineering programs designed to neutralize the real grassroots black power movement that began in the 60’s into the “here comes our savior” Obama fanatics we see today.

    The most important result of this election so far is to renew the idea that Pro Wrestling [i.e., the election] is not fake.

    pygmy, I’m familiar with the dove / Columbine / Columbus / Columbia angle, but am making an effort towards brevity in the posts. Thanks for mentioning it here in the comments though, because it’s important for anyone unfamiliar.

    afferismoon, Obama’s black??? 🙂 In my prior blog I mentioned he was a cousin of George Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, James Madison, Dick Cheney, Sir Winston Churchill and General Robert E. Lee. CHANGE!!!

    Anesti, thanks. Damn YouTube gave into the Obama fanatics and banned my video. Criticism of Black Jesus WILL NOT be tolerated. I’ll post everyone on my appeal.

    I missed the Jamie Fox bit the first time. You know there is NO “coincidence”

  13. Celtic Rebel typed: Did you used to go by another name? … Have to ask: is it what you expected?

    Why, what ever do you mean? 😉

    Thankfully I was able to view the video before it was removed. Was it what I expected?
    Yes and then some! Great piece of editing there Celt. I really enjoy video work in the style you used for this piece, good music, visuals and clips.
    Strange how many I’ve talked with recently concerning Obama think something is gonna happen to him. Tonight in fact one of the cooks (who happens to be 1/2 black and 1/2 white himself) at work said “I hope he plans on wearing a vest 24-7”


  14. Have you read about the history of Bahia Brazil on Wikipedia? Very interesting. Integral to the sugar economy was the importation of a vast number of African slaves; more than 37% of all slaves taken from Africa were sent to Brazil, mostly to be processed in Bahia before being sent to work in plantations elsewhere in the country. The oldest Roman Catholic cathedral and the first medical college in the country are located in Bahia’s capital, which also has one of the highest percentage of churches of any state capital in Brazil. Also, Charles Darwin visited Bahia in 1832 on his famous Voyage of The Beagle.

  15. Obama, is technically the 8th black president.

    PS: I see they took your obama video off youtube. SMH see you can’t speak on anything against the messiah or you’ll be punished.

  16. B.Ob ‘Hope’

  17. Bard, I would think some of the general puclic would be picking up the meme (as they are supposed to). Last night as I was flipping around the major networks after the VICTORY announcement, within an hour I heard him compared to JFK, MLK and Abe Lincoln. Hm … what do those three guys have in common … what was it … hm, tough one.

    ithinknot I actually spent quite a bit of time in Bahia. The capitol, Salvador, for me, was a frustrating place, because regardless of my inflection, my skin color gave me away as NOT Brasilian.

    What I found particularly interesting, was that even there you had one “culture,” a mixture of what the slaves brought, some native [indian] aspects and of course, those of the various European settlers, not the black culture/white culture you have in USA. I’ve been thinking the divisiveness is by design in the grand plan for turmoil in America.

    hautesauce I thought he was the 5th? Maybe he should be called the darkest-skinned president of the usa then? 🙂 Having the video pulled on election night was annoying to say the least, coincidentally it got “pulled” for “adult content” almost immediately after some Obama supporter posted a comment calling me “crazy f’n conspiracy theorist who should go die” [or something to that effect]

    I checked youtube’s policy and believe my video met them. If it was the nipple or any other body part, per youtube’s own guidelines (see sex and nudity section), there’s no problem. I wrote them twice and have received no response. Obviously, the reason for the video’s removal is ‘political message.” Anyone highly motivated, feel free to write them:

    ferris B[ard]O[fthea]B[ys] Hope? Bob Hope? PALIN-drome Hope? 🙂

  18. Yea we have to now be careful about what we say about the almighty messiah obama. If I really believed in the bible I would think that he’s the anit christ and why do I believe this? because the term Christ= consciousness and he’s only put there to keep things same for his puppet masters/elite. So, he would be against real change. If he ever disobey the person who has their hands up his ass. Well you know what happened to MLK and JFK. If you say anything about black jesus you’re going to be crucified or better yet taken to those fema concentration camps. It’s amazing that some of these folks want to tell me my ancestors died for me to vote, when this is first “Selection” I didn’t vote, but why so many folks in their 30’s,40’s,60’s etc are first time voters for this “Selection?

    Here are some quotes about Barack Obama from an article that is from yahoo news.

    “Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place,” South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela, said in a letter of congratulations to Obama.

    “This is the fall of the Berlin Wall times ten,” Rama Yade, France’s black junior minister for human rights, told French radio. “America is rebecoming a New World.

    “What an inspiration. He is the first truly global U.S. president the world has ever had,” said Pracha Kanjananont, a 29-year-old Thai sitting at a Starbuck’s in Bangkok. “He had an Asian childhood, African parentage and has a Middle Eastern name. He is a truly global president.”


  19. And to quote the old Australian band, INXS, from their song ‘New Sensation’…

    Sleep baby sleep
    Now that the night is over
    And the sun comes like a god
    Into our room
    All perfect light and promises

  20. hautesauce, the days following the election were seriously disgusting/disturbing, as your quotes show. Half of the so-called “truth” movement has gone back to sleep, proving they were nothing more than an anti-bush movement. Among the half of those still awake, anyone who’s caucasian suddenly has to look over their shoulder or speak in hushed tones when criticizing their government, for fear of being called a racist. Brilliant move NWO!

    Charles, great sun sync! Thanks for adding!

  21. Omg tonite’s south park is to die for. It’s about Obama and Mccain and it’s full of propaganda. Yea, trey parker and Matt Stone know something.

    PS: Also, did anyone else notice Michelle obama’s black widow dress during the victory speech? Do it symbolize that the elite are setting obama up to be sacrificed?

  22. Some randomness…..

    1. Obama is actually a distant relative of Dick Cheney, which a lot of people don’t actually know. He’s mentioned this on the campaign trail. I watched a vid of Obama giving a speech to the University of South Carolina last fall, where he used it as humorous fodder in his speech, referring to Cheney as “the black sheep of the family” to the crowd’s enjoyment. Something for the conspiracy theorists to file away with regards to the whole bloodlines thing. In this case we have somebody who’s been paraded before us as a beacon of “hope and change,” seemingly as different from the current administration as one could get due to being a multi-heritage, charismatic Democrat, but in actuality he’s apparently related to Dick Cheney. Amazing.
    2. Regarding the number 22 – Obama will be the 44th prez, as everybody knows. Amd 44 is 22 + 22. Also found this headline: “Obama Wins Virginia for First Time in 44 Years” And Sarah Palin is 44, as noted below. Interesting 44 synchs, reminds me of the TV series “The 4400.” Whatever it’s supposed to mean.
    3. On the subject of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, I’m a little confused there only because no sooner did Sarah’s supposed fifth child appear in April 2008 then Bristol Palin turned up pregnant as well. It seems like there was an overlap going on. The only way anybody will be able to confirm for sure though is when Bristol gives birth – then trace it back 9 months to see if she was in fact pregnant at the same time her mom was, or, if the “second pregnancy” came afterwards, a back to back situation. Back in ’93 I had a 16 year old coworker/acquaintance who was pregnant yet mis-diagnosed as having “mono”…same exact situation as Bristol . My coworker was even put on meds for it, until the pregnancy was discovered at 5 months. So that sort of thing does actually happen, believe it or not. In looking at the photograph you posted – while I agree that Bristol’s stomach is chubby/fat, I wouldn’t say she looks 7 months preggers. But, who knows. The fact that Sarah’s fifth child has Down’s Syndrome would actually match the fact that she gave birth as an older women. The chances for Down’s jumps after the age of 40. And Sarah’s age…..*44.* Although I realize none of this is important ultimately, it’s just fun conspiracy to pass the time at my boring job. ;D

  23. hautesauce, finally got a chance to see that episode. Interesting how quick it came out. One way of accounting for it: they made two versions of the same episode, interchanging the roles of McCain and Obama. On the surface, it looks like a simple rip-off of some movie, but as I pointed out in TLWSD II, there may be more going on.

    WOW! I finally saw that Michelle Obama Black Widow dress. That is shocking. No way that’s “coincidental” accessorizing.

    Carissa, incisive feedback. What I find really disturbing is how the “genealogy” considered the realm of conspiracy theorists is now in-your-face mainstream admission. I’m tired of writing about Obama AND Osama, but may have to revisit.

    Something very weird was going on in Virginia that night. As I was watching the returns, it started with McCain owning about 69% of the votes in that state, dropping to 60% and then hovering at about 53% with over 80% of the votes counted. SOMEHOW, he ended up with 49%. They’d “call” other states with 0% of the votes in, but refused to call Virginia as the night progressed. It made NO sense why the would steal it, until I saw your 44 syncs.

    Finally, to add to the mix and confusion AND syncs surrounding the most recent Palins, now and to be, have you seen the video of the young black man claiming to be the father of the 2nd Bristol Baby?

  24. “As I pointed out in the video, and if I did my job properly, the media is in overdrive painting Obama as a Sun King, or better yet, the King of [sun] Kings, Jesus Christ.”
    Forgot to mention in my previous comment that Obama’s birthday is August 4th. He’s smack in the heart of Leo. Leo the lion, which is ruled by *the sun,* as any astrology source will confirm. and, the lion is “king of the jungle.” 😉 So yes, Obama is quite literally the Sun King.

    Another astrological/numbers synch that somebody emailed me:

    “On election day Saturn opposed Uranus, something that had not been done for 45 years….a very harsh alignment,”

    I did research into that and found this quote:

    “1964 – 1967

    The most recent opposition between Saturn and Uranus was from 1964 to 1967. This aspect lasted a little longer than some of the others due to retrogrades, and this aspect was also different because Pluto lined up with Uranus. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, and many issues were dealt with in a passionate way at that time. John F. Kennedy was assassinated just a few months before this aspect began, and Martin Luther King Jr. was on his way to becoming a major voice for African Americans….” from here: [LINK]

    So it seems 44/45 is a number surrounding this election. Again, Obama being the 44th prez, Sarah Palin being 44, Virginia voting Dem for the first time in 44 years. Then some weird astrological alignment that hadn’t happened in 45 years…….the last time it happened when JFK was assassinated, and of course people keep likening Obama the messiah Democrat to JFK, the messiah Democrat. They also liken Obama to being akin to Abraham Lincoln [LINK], and there’s that whole well known “JFK/Lincoln” parallels thing: [LINK]

    Synchromysticism overload! 😀

  25. VIDEO:


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