Happy Belated Birthday Israel!

Oh my god! I am such a schmuck. I can’t believe I allowed Israel’s 60th birthday to pass without so much as a gift, or a card. [You could have called!] Yes. Yes. I should have. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I can be such a putz!

If I’ve swallowed enough guilt, then perhaps you’ll at least allow me this belated labour of love? I was so moved [exact word I was looking for, really] by the Times Square video birthday card, my conscious would not let me sit still, unless I tried to top it. So, here you go. Hugs and kisses Israel! Happy 60th Birthday:

Israeli Trolls Hate the Truth

The parade of celebrities fools [in order of appearance]: Brooke Shields, Ben Stiller, Michael Douglas, Dakota and Elle Fanning, Billy Crystal, Jon Voight, Robin Williams, Tom Cruise, Kirk Douglas, Lorraine Bracco, and finally, Donald Trump.

Thank you guys! Thank you so much for letting us know you have no soul, cause the little things like apartheid, child murder, economic strangulation, humiliation, torture and mass homicide are obviously of little consequence, should they get in the way of potentially advancing your careers.

Angelina Jolie Dysfunctional FamilyJoin Voigt Bad Father

As for Jon Voight, since he was so kind to devote some of his time to “the cause,” I will now devote some of mine to him. Let’s see: Estranged with daughter. Daughter won’t let him meet his own granddaughter. Daughter and son are close. Real close. Really really really close. I don’t think we have to go so far as to consult the bones or even ask Angelina “what happened” to figure that dysfunctional family situation out.

Angeline Jolie Incest Brother

The video includes bonus footage of Jewish celebrities who weren’t included in the Times Square promo, namely: Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin and Sarah Silverman. {*1} Personally, I could care less WHAT religion someone chooses to believe in or be part of. However, when you’re living in a country where 99% of the people are not your religion [ethnicity] and you decide to get on television and make fun of your hosts for being so stupid as in to believe their own religion … well, you’re fair game.

I wonder how many Christian celebrities there are on Israeli television who tell Jews how dumb they are to believe what they believe. My guess? Zero. Only American Christians are stupid brainwashed enough to allow that.

A friend of mine, prior to seeing the end product, advised me that perhaps I really didn’t want to undertake this effort. Naturally, it will piss some people off and add to the increasing hate mail/comments I’ve been getting as my readership grows, and the more I let the “angry rebel” persona out. I did mull it over for a whie, but even he reconsidered his advice upon seeing the finished product (above video).

All it takes for evil to triumph in the world is for good men to do nothing.
–Edmond Burke

But, the above words, pressing me from somewhere in the back of my mind demanded this publication. Though, I do suspect I too may be falling into a trap. There is definitely a grand plan in the works, and it involves making the rest of the world hate America, and the entire world hate Israel (hence Jews). {*2} Perhaps, I have been unwittingly duped into playing the pawn in someone else’s game.

However, the bait consisted of two items, (a) the murder of innocents and (b) lies, that I, being so virulently opposed to, found hard to resist.

Rachel Corrie Murdered by Israel

I never knew Rachel Corrie, but can surmise she was not one to devote her energy to idolizing worthless “stars” who prostitute themselves to the highest bidder. My anger was drawn out by looking for her details on the web and finding site after site that was trying to portray her as a terrorist, a lunatic, suicidal or worst of all, a “stupid bitch.” Her detractors words sadden me, not for they come from mental deficients, but their portent of a general subhuman trend for society as a while.

For someone to watch this little girl aspire to change the world for the better, and then grow up to actually make the effort, and be killed in the process … to say such things … well, I need not waste words on you. But, for Rachel, I do it gladly, and am tempted to modify Mr. Burke’s words somewhat, adding or women to his quote.

There may be no need to. Rachel was more of a man than most of today’s [mentally and spiritually] emasculated facsimiles of men could ever hope to be and more human than her detractors could even begin to contemplate.

A Couple More Arbitrary Celtic Rebel Posts on Related or Similar Subject Matter
Mar 2009: The Bar Napkin News May 2007: ReView Your Racism

*1: Those who accidentally come across this article and are now tempted to push the COMMENT button calling me an “idiot” because Bill or Kathy (or even Chuck Norris, the latest celebrity 9/11 Truther) is not Jewish, please use Google first. While there, don’t forget to look up “Ashkenazi.” [LB]

*2: I am not of the mind that Jews run the world, or even that Zionists do. The only issue I’d have with the former group is some all too willingly go along with the “program.” These celebs being case in point. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on October 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “Happy Belated Birthday Israel!”

  1. Amen brother…no wait, I said that wrong, isn’t it “that had a lot of hutzpah?” or something to that effect? Say what you gotta say bro, I have been feeling the same way. Perhaps we are just pawns in some gigantic game. Its pretty obvious that the PTB are using the “pranksters bible” for play by play action on helping the world hate America/Israel. What for? Hmmmmm.

    How did Farnsworth put it in one Futurama episode? “All VHS tapes were magnetically erased during the 2nd coming of Jesus…” or as I think is more fitting “Sweet Zombie Jesus!” The brainwashed Christians do so love to be martyrs and trampled on. Glad you wrote this bro.


  2. I agree with the Skraggs. Well done for writing this Rebel. Very interesting file footage regarding ‘El’ as a name for Saturn.

    To each city its gods and priests, and all fools. Of what account are gods whom the fortunes of men lift or lower? Behind all the gods of men, behind Ea, Anu and Enlil, lurk the elder gods, unchanged by the wars or ambitions of men. Men deny what they do not see. The priests of Eridu, which is sacred to Ea and light, are no blinder than them of Nippur, which is consecrated to Enlil, whom they deem as the lord of darkness. But he is only the god of the darkness of which men dream, not the real Darkness that lurks behind all dreams, and veils the real and awful deities.
    – The House of Arabu, Robert E. Howard

    Look after yourself.
    – Charles

  3. I had to Google Rachel’s name to remind me of who she is(was)….verb tense intentional on spiritual(material) perspective.

    You, once again, have noted another facet of which this world discriminates against…..and I don’t mean just the fact that you state ‘woman’ as being discriminated (and persecuted and killed) against but, specifically, a woman who comes into the world and shows action in trying to get the ‘TRUTH’ to others. This truth, as I’ve mentioned before, being a message to help one another rein against the denial that humanity sets itself at.

    Bravo !!

    ….but remember anger is a low tone – admittedly difficult to overcome when just beginning to realise one’s spirituality – which will keep one here in the material…..experience and learn !

  4. Thanks Michael, as always. I knew there was a word I was missing there. Hutzpah! That was it!

    Charles, you guys are right, I shouldn’t have even stammered. AMAZING passage from Howard. I really need to familiarize myself with him more. Love that part about the dead gods/unseen ones. Will need to look into him further when [IF] I do the Conan/Christ.

    Anon, I guess society would rather have future Rachels out shopping rather than making men feel even less secure about themselves. AND yes, I do try to vibrate higher, but it’s hard at times like this (and I guess that is the whole point)!

  5. Hi again to the Angry Rebel
    Muchas gracias for supplying my daily quota of the ‘Human being speaks truth’ vitamin – I find it really helps with a condition I have been suffering from for far too long called my chronic bs-itis.
    And I agree with you & Michael that we may all be pawns in some bigger game, but I just can’t fault the intent & integrity that lie behind the words & I think they may be the key.

  6. It´s so creepy to see them kissing, I didn´t know there were that many pictures of it 😦
    Fantastic article btw!

  7. if truth telling has become “wrong” even when the truth is unadorned and simply delivered as is– what a world we live in.

  8. Wise Woman, as always, appreciate the comments. If I can somehow relieve your bs-itis, than I have served a useful function. 🙂

    Halkatla, the mainstream media is not allowed to denigrate the image of a CFR member like Jolie. Remember how quickly the story of Palin’s baby being her daughters was dropped by the “alternative” media?

    Thank you for the Icelandic traffic you send my way. I tried looking at your blog with a translator, but they do a very poor job (lots of words translated to “rivers” and “hugging”).

    Jonathan, you are correct to take it one step further. It is indeed disgusting when those who point out the perpetrators of injustice have to take an apologetic stance.

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