Shall We Play a Game?

My family’s had some relatives staying with us over the past couple of weeks, so when I visit my mother’s, I’ll occasionally witness a ritual I had not considered in a while. My exposure to network news has been limited to the occasional bar screen [where it plays with no volume] and I really don’t know how long it has been since I bothered reading a newspaper.

When I dropped in for a visit last night, the nightly news was on. The “news” story was about how everyone with a pool [fairly common in my area], should do the right thing and switch to the new multi-speed pumps. Seeing that our pump was on the fritz, I paid attention. The “story” said that even though these new pumps were more expensive (costing two to three times as much), they save energy (hence money) and are [“here it comes” I shuddered] greener! {*1} The night’s closing “news” item, was about how the new iPhones were being released the next day.

Naked AnchorCleavage MercialCourtney Friel

I grimaced: “Oh how far we’ve come.” News coverage is now just another clever form of advertising: whether it’s iPhones, hybrid cars, endless gadgets you don’t need, or propaganda and fear (alongside social engineering agendas), the “nightly news” has been reduced to a half-hour series of advertisements, precisely as newsman Howard Beale warned us over 30 years ago during Network:

“And when the 12th largest company in the world controls the most awesome goddamn propaganda force in the whole godless world, who knows what shit will be peddled for truth on this network.”

Suffering from overexposure [two stories was enough], stepped out to the back patio to take in the night air, and more importantly, get away from the noise of the dolled-up monkeys posing as “reporters.” Sitting outside, was the daily paper. Curious as to what kind of shit they were peddling in it these days, I began perusing it [and though it pains me to admit it, back when I was a businessman, I used to spend hours reading rags like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal].

Daddy ReaqdsNaked Means Ignorant

The image on the right more accurately reflects the experience [in contrast to the romanticized ideal on the left], because the word “naked” has multiple meanings, and one of them is ignorant (per Webster’s code book): unarmed; defenseless. {*2}

So, rather than wonder [as I do myself] whether this Celtic Rebel now finds it requisite to include “nudie” pictures, the first image of the naked anchor was also appropriate. These overpaid models on the screen, are just as ignorant as the viewers, and in most cases, I’d suspect far more so.

I recall an older gentleman I once heard on Red Ice surmise: “Thirty years ago, if someone watched the news, and read a couple of papers, they probably were informed as to about 3% of what was really going on in the world. Today, I’d say that number is about 0%.” But, I must say, last night’s experience [of reading the newspaper] was [kind of] enjoyable, and actually quite enlightening.

ronco crapperwar gamessucker jew nails

Do you wanna play a game? If one reads the headlines with a critical mind, and is somewhat informed [through alternative channels], they (the headlines) can serve as guide-posts of what may be transpiring behind the scenes. Play along with me. Read just the green section [headline, subheader, and occasion quote from source]. Reflect on it. Then, see if your summary agrees with mine [in normal text]:

NEW DNA EVIDENCE EXONERATES JONBENET’S PARENTS District Attorney Apologizes “They didn’t kill their little girl. A stranger did.”

Here’s how the world works: if you pimp out your daughter as a sexual plaything for the rich and powerful, and then give her up to be ritually sacrificed, you will be rewarded. You will not be punished. The only “thuthful” part of the entire article is that “they” (the Ramsey’s) didn’t kill her. I’d recommend Dave McGowan’s Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder for details on how the Ramseys were in no way “innocent.” Whether the mother was put out of her misery “just in case” her conscience got the best of her is anyone’s guess.

WHAT’S ON THE MENU AT [THE COUNTY] JAIL? “It goes beyond bread and water, but the cuts are dramatic and will save about $160,000 a year, officials say”

Going after marginal segments of the population. Prisoners are an easy target. Under the guise of “saving YOU money” we’ll reduce their food intake and cut down the “choice” of beverage to just water. They’re “bad people,” subhumans. Never mind that more than half the prisoners are in there serving mandatory minimums for non-violent drug-related offenses (including simple “usage”),

You can thank Poppy Bush. His greatest surviving legacy, other than our present Machiavellian idiot-boy leader, is the “War on Drugs.” Its main purposes were to (a) increase drug prices (more money for his old buddies in the CIA), and (b) increase demand for private prisons (huge profits for his old buddies at Wackenhut and Corrections Corp of America).

JALAPENOS LINKED TO OUTBREAK Salmonella Alert Expanded to Peppers

Another salmonella outbreak linked to yet another vegetable?? Argh! How infuriating! Here’s a little common sense: salmonella is related to animal fecal matter and decaying animal corpses. It is quite common in factory-farmed meat, such as chicken, of which 90% in America is infected with either the former, campylobacter, or other dangerous bacteria true!]

So, someone is either using the same processing facilities for dead animal carcasses or intentionally putting animal fecal matter (and lots of it) on the assembly line. If I had to guess as to why? At some point, the media prostitutes [i.e., news reporters] are going to start pushing the idea that GMO foods are a solution to the vegetable salmonella problem.


That actually makes sense. Big Pharma’s enforcement division (if you think the FDA is a “watch-dog” … you may want to stop struggling with the big words here and go back to reading the daily paper) shouldn’t be bound by borders. Just extending their reach to stomp out homeopathic and natural medicines world-wide [¡global!].

DEVELOPING NATIONS SPURN PLAN TO CUT GLOBAL EMISSIONS Growing Divide on Issue Revealed “Developing nations rejected key elements of a global warming strategy that was embraced by President Bush and leaders of wealthy nations.”

Two agendas are being served here. One, is pushing this global warming nonsense further on left-leaning individuals (yes, it’s absolute shite, and it’s myopic poster-boy Al Gore is full of it). Two, is pushing the “us versus them” division (blame the poor people in some other place) further on the mindless masses. It’s that old Hegelian dialectic.


Using that nonsense everyone learned at the indoctrination centers (i.e., school system) about capitalism, economics and competition against them. This is just more “in your face” consolidation. As a friend said to me after the mafia takeover of Bear Sterns: “One day there will be just one Ministry of Investments and one Ministry of Banking.” Add to that: the Ministry of Telecommunications.

MCCAIN RIPS SOCIAL SECURITY FUNDING He Says “Disgrace” Has Got to be Fixed “Americans have got to understand that we are paying present-day retirees with the taxes paid by young workers in America today, and that’s a disgrace.”

The old crooks in the senate, like John McCain (look into the Keating 5), took all the money that was supposed to be set aside for Social Security, and spent it, mostly on pork-barrel projects benefiting their campaign financiers (their owners). Now that the money’s gone, he’s telling young people to blame the old people who their taxes won’t be able to fund, unless they start dying sooner (already happening). The Hegelian dialectic again. Shift the blame away from yourself and your masters.

FINGERTIP BITTEN OFF DURING MEAT MARKET ARGUMENT Women Disagreed Over Place in Line “And then one got hungry.”

This would never ever happen with vegetarians. Ever! Refer to article above. A taste for blood and urine [basically, meat’s primary sources of “flavor”], combined with a steady diet of hormones and toxins does stress the body, hence a person out. As Ingrid Newkirk [of the now suspect PETA organization] once said, “When it comes to having a central nervous system, and the ability to feel pain, hunger, and thirst, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.” {*3}

DRIVER ACCUSED OF DUI SUES Breath Test Showed Signs of No Alcohol

As she should. As should everyone who ever gets a DUI. Those breathalizers are about as accurate at registering states of intoxication as my grandmother’s big toe was at predicting how many inches of rain we’d get. If you honestly think DUI’s are about protecting public welfare, you really need to spend some time researching statistics instead of parroting the Mad Mothers sales pitch the media shoved down your throat. DUI’s are about reducing personal rights, criminalizing everyday behavior (I’m speaking of casual drinking, not over-indulging), bankrupting the middle-class and increasing the police state [¿maybe I should write an article?]

Dumb HumanSmart Poodle

That last story put me in the mood for a glass of wine, so I went inside to uncork a bottle. Feel free to do so at this point of our “game” as well. 🙂 A Wal-Mart commercial was on the television (obviously, synchronicity has decided to play with my mind), the whore mother on the commercial was saying:

“My daughter loves her Hannah Montana shirt so much, she sleeps in it. And my son, his favorite shirt is Optimus Prime … [deliberate pause, turns to screen, looks directly at you] … or, is it Octopus Prime?”

Wow! After that, I’m really gonna need that glass of wine! [You may also need one, after you try to wrap your mind around this!] OK, I’m back outside, away from the idiot box. Fido’s going to have to wait a little longer to use the newspaper for its most practical purpose. A game hint: fight the programmed urge to suppress your intuition. Let’s play on…

SMITHSONIAN SET TO UNVEIL MYSTERIOUS CRYSTAL SKULL Unknown Donor Sent It 16 Years Ago “The skulls were carved from blocks of quartz and show markings of modern carving tools. That means they were not made before the 19th Century.”

They must be getting ready to release Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls out on DVD soon. Might as well push the Alien Agenda while they’re at it. This is part of a much bigger agenda, playing with regular frequency even on the alleged “science” and “history” channels, that of blurring fact and fiction. As I’ve heard Josh Reeves say on occasion: “You fictionalize the truth, so then the truth sounds like fiction.”

Note the Smithsonian quote “dismissing” the idea the that skulls may be ancient, and a curious phrase that speaks for itself: “unknown donor.” If you don’t think the Smithsonian is also an elitist-controlled part-and-parcel organization, just look at the connections in this article. Red Ice has a nice page of [useful] links related to the crystal skulls.


Ha! Considering that oil was going for less than $20 a barrel at the start of the Iraq War, and the average low-income American is now facing weekly decisions over whether to drive or buy food, the word “stable” is highly subjective. But, we went into Iraq to get their oil huh? Well, where the f*ck is it? The Iraqis (world’s 2nd largest oil producer) were pumping too much oil. That had to stop. It did. Now, the Israelis want us to go fight their war against Iran (world’s 3rd largest) for them. Guess what you will be paying for gas should that happen.


Would that be “good” news? Didn’t find the phrase “planned economic collapse” anywhere in the article. Probably got truncated due to “space” limitations. Yea!


And he shouldn’t. Congratulations to this man (L.F. Eason), for having dignity and the balls to stand up for righteousness. Honoring that despicable excuse for a human being (Helms), is a disservice to mankind. To stand over his grave and “Tramp the Dirt Down“, as Elvis Costello once said, would be a more appropriate method of paying our respects. If only more public officials would stand up for themselves (and humanity), there might be hope for America yet. {*4}


On the lighter side, the state was apparently “outraged” there was no law on the books against the act, after some man got caught digging up some corpse and having sex with it. The state assembly was pushing to spend time and money outlawing the act, but the State’s Supreme Court ruled he was in fact guilty of the crime of “rape” because the corpse did not give him its consent.

Um, wasn’t there a whole series of crimes this person could have been charged with to satisfy “public outrage:” like trespassing, public indecency, lewd & lascivious behavior, etc. without wasting the assembly’s time? Hell, the guy who had sex with his picnic table (regularly, it would seem) was facing four years in prison, and Ohio didn’t force a special legislative session to create a law for his perversion [¿hobby?]. {*5} My point: there’s some outrageous shite going on in America presently which the public should devote their energies to, such as the next story…

SENATE EXPANDS SPYING POWERS Phone Companies Get Legal Immunity “The measure [was] approved by a vote of 69 to 28.” Per Sen. Bond (R-Min): “Nothing to fear in the bill, unless you have [the fictional] al-Qaida on your speed dial.

Every single one of these 69 [¿?] Senators should be shunned by their communities and voted out of office (in the good old days, before “civilization,” they’d have literally been tarred and feathered, or run out of town on a rail). Heck, they should be locked up for treason. Now, this qualifies as an “outrage.”

VATICAN RAN $13 MILLION DEFICIT IN 2007 Weak U.S. Dollar Was Key Factor

Um, excuse my geographical ignorance, but isn’t the Vatican located somewhere in that country named Europe or something? Didn’t the Euro do pretty good last year? Is the Vatican that heavily invested in the U.S.A? Doesn’t significant ownership imply some kind of control? What about their significant world-wide land holdings and massive portfolio of other investments?

Regardless, let’s see the article for what it is: a public relations piece used to implant a hardship story in the public mind. You can’t just have them reading only of scandal after scandal about priests buggering young boys.

AL-ARIAN SEEKS TO BE FREED ON BAIL He Awaits Trial on Contempt Charges “Al-Arian has completed his sentence for helping a terrorist group.”

Another true “outrage” is the wringer this poor man’s been put through, after being found completely innocent of all terrorism financing charges by a jury of his own peers. [Surprise, the article in the paper is lying.] After all the bad press, in which the media was 100% complicit, the best they can do is go after this former professor for “contempt?” We should all be in contempt of the Saturnalian court system that harasses and victimizes innocents.

Short of the story is, he chose to finance Palestinian Aid organizations and speak on behalf of human rights and Palestinian statehood. Israel just can’t have that. Coincidentally, the most scathing press pieces labeling him a “terrorist” have been written by American Jews. I doubt there’s any connection. And, if the Israelis want the “anti-semites” [another bullshit term] to stop accusing them of exerting undue influence in The States, then may I suggest they stop meddling in our affairs?

JUNIOR TERRORIST “Accelerate the destruction of America, Britain, France and Denmark … God, be pleased with those who want to go for jihad.” — a poem, by Hanza bin-Laden (Osama’s 16 year old son).

OK. If you, even for one second, believe any of that nonsense, it may really be too late for you. I’m honestly trying to not fall into an ego-based superiority complex, but this propaganda is so blatant and patently offensive to even the least of critical minds. Are you actually worried about some 16 year old boy instead of the crooks and thieves that surround you posing as your “leaders”; men and women who are systematically destroying your economy, your family and your constitution?

If your answer is yes, then you are the reason they are getting away with it. Yes, you! You are the “useless eater” that Kissinger and company mock. You are the reason humanity has been reduced to an inter-galactic joke.

TV Sleeper

Do I sound a little angry? It’s because I AM! Social situations have forced me to attend a few large gatherings as of late, and I am completely fed up with hearing people express [and sometimes, vociferously] opinions that are not “opinions,” but implanted ideas masquerading as knowledge. One ignorant soul, after arguing to no end about anything (e.g., the notion that the US was actually in Iraq to “liberate” those people), admitted he never reads books, because he considers them “a waste of time.” So, fool, how do you know ANYTHING then?

Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!

OK. calm down Rebel. Breathe deep. [Done!] I have to appreciate what I heard Bill Cooper say a long time ago: that once you begin down the path for truth [I’m paraphrasing from memory]: “You inevitably will come face to face with the realization that cocktail parties, or even simple social functions, will seem ludicrous to you.” So, who’s the fool? As my grandmother used to say, “The real fool, is the person that argues with a fool.” I may have to attend less such events.

alex orangepool pump

I’ll close this article up, by going back to the first story, the one about pool pumps. Today, I went to my Mom’s to help the pool guys who were delivering and installing the new pump [and yes, I’m happy to say, we got one of the standard non-green cheaper one-speed models, and it works great]. As they were finishing up, I asked them what they thought of the multi-speed models.

“Oh, no. You too? You’re like the fourth person that’s asked us about them today?”

[Playing dumb.] “Really?”

“Yea. We told them there was no point in them, cause they cost at least $1000 dollars more, and seeing that the motors last 4 or 5 years max, by the time you replace them, you haven’t saved anything.”

“Well [my expanding on the news story] .. so, that’s why. They’re pushing that bullshit “green” agenda on people. And, of course, they [the media] didn’t mention the cheapest solution; that people buy a low-powered pump.””

“Yea. One guy said he just wanted to be environmentally correct, so we told him to get rid of his pool then.”

Wow, a few honest businessmen are still left in America. I wonder how many other pool stores in the area were visited by other mindless morons over the course of the day. I wonder how many will buy pool pumps they can’t afford, falling victim to the green propaganda their kids are indoctrinated with, and infomercials posing as “news” their “brains” [and I used that term loosely] are subjected to.

clean pool water

I hope this game was as “fun” for you as it was for me. I am in no way claiming to be omnipotent. If I possess a “skill,” it would be listening to my intuition and relying on common sense. If you have a different opinion (your own, of course), about any of the headlines, I encourage you to comment.

Disclaimer: This article was written at an earlier stage of my development, thus it may contain some minor points which do not necessarily reflect my present belief set.

*1: I’m not knocking the concept of environmental awareness. I’m just fed up with the GREEN label and the way it is being pushed on us. The same people (corporations and governments) who are trying to make us feel responsible for earth changes, are dumping nerve gas in the ocean and polluting on a massive scale. [LB]

*2: To give credit where credit is due: I first heard this explanation from Michael Tsarion, in reference to the naked Adam and Even in the Genesis story. For the first time in my life, the “naked” term finally made sense. When I was little, the idea of them running around, private parts flopping about, and then suddenly becoming embarrassed about it, just seemed stupid. Hence, taking an alternate view, the tree of knowledge was the cure for nakedness. [LB]

*3: Ever since PETA started putting out statements supporting Al Gore and furthering the Global Warming propaganda, I’ve officially given up on them. [LB]

*4: Send e-mails of support for Eason to Governor of NC. Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is another great American. Him refusing to welcome George Bush was noble. If you haven’t seen the Fox News segment, do watch it. The two prostitutes team up on him in a despicable manner, showing him no respect, lying, attacking him and cutting him off regularly. [LB]

5: Whatever this guy’s problem was, you have to at least respect his consistency (seemed to have sex with the table at around the same time every day) and that he was gentle and caring enough to come clean the table afterwards. That’s a lot more than the average MTV trained young person of today would do for another human being, much less a table. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on July 14, 2008.

11 Responses to “Shall We Play a Game?”

  1. Celt! This was downright needed! Great insights and points made–I certainly hope you opened up the eyes of some of the newbie readers! When your intuitive and aware of the game, scanning the headlines quickly can reveal so much more then reading the whole story many times…sometimes though, when I start reading the brainwash I have to stop and sneer and I do shout out “freakin liars” and disregard any of what they tried to peddle as news. With posts like this my man, I think there is hope for helping people see through the shit.

    Well done my friend!
    Be well.

    P.S. Oh I forgot to mention, I had a different interpretation on the Meat Market lady biting off the finger tip…I saw that as a build up of the mind control media/t.v./movies and a lash out due to that rather than because she ate meat. I made a switch from hormonally altered/antibiotic fed beef to humanely treated non-altered, non-antibiotic meat and saw a HUGE difference in the way I felt and the way the meat tasted. The cheat stuff that is produced for the masses is tainted just like everything else they give the “useless eaters”.

    Not that I am all for eating animals that feel pain, just their methods on how they treat them too, they can give them a humane life, but if those in charge cannot even give the masses a humane life, what chance is there of everyone getting along. The whole eat less meat to save the planet deal is what I see, an agenda to make people less likely to rebel/revolt. So yes your right too about the ill effects, but i.m.o. it’s due to the fact that the animal is raised inhumanely and given growth hormones/antibiotics hence the way some are acting. But going vegetarian is not the only answer. Moderation with anything is the best way to go. 🙂

    Love the article man, great one!

  2. No we shall not: [global warming]

  3. Celtic Rebel,

    I think that Michael said what I would add my self.

    Synchro-wise I grabbed a alcoholic beverage “Fat Tire’ beer to be specific, just before you mentioned to have a drink/wine.

    Out here in Oregon one MUST SUBMIT to “Implied Consent Law” you will consent to a breath, blood, or urine test, if a ploice officer asks you to take such a test. Now as the brewery capital I bet most take the breath test…poor saps.(No driving for me tonight)

    Once again you present a wonderful article, thanks, I truly enjoy your insights and perseptions.

    Peace, Joshua

  4. Michael, it’s my turn to slap my skull in disbelief I missed that. I had already written an article about people going crazy by design and should have cross-referenced it. I guess we’ve already been exposed to plenty of biting/eating via the wave of [fun yet] soulless remakes of Romero’s dead films.

    Perhaps emotion and my mind overruled my intuition on that one. Even when I was deeper into animal rights, I had no problem (and even respect for) people who either raised and killed their own animals. However, I [still] have a strong issue with those who blindly consume creatures damned to short lives of unmitigated misery.

    P.S. I will try to share your hope this article reaches a few of those who refuse to open their eyes. 🙂

    Dassin, I removed your link because that site contains sponsored links and no original content, not because its theme is global warming. All the evidence I’ve seen speaks of us entering a cooling period. Until I see a solution to “warming” that doesn’t involve taxing the middle-class to nonexistence, I’ll call it for what it is: BS.

    Joshua, thanks for the accolades. I think the “drunk driving” agenda, like that of condoms, is one most people never bother thinking about. I probably will expand on it at some point. There is, of course, a reason the word SUBMIT is so often used in conjunction with the agenda.

  5. you crazy, you make me laugh
    The Day the Earth Stood Still + PREVIEW
    movie comes out 12/12/08
    movie is FOX
    i seen some crazy idea about fox, there has to be something wrong with this idea but here it is:
    F=6 O=15 1+5=6 X=24 2+4=6

    conspiracy theorists going to go crazy over this movie.

    i have a side question for you: why is the depopulation of the earth from 6 billion to 500 million not a good idea? is the point of life to be a consumer, have you found the answer to what there is beyond being a consumer?

  6. Well done, spot on! The more you intuit the more insane it gets. Respectfully. Dennis from Oregon.

  7. That was bloody well spoken Mr Rebel & I loved the much needed anger outburst. I have avoided the media for many a year now, it had an adverse effect on my health.
    You have also re-inspired me to finish a short post on the media which has been lying round for too long.

  8. Guy, I am glad I amuse you (but, judging by your other comments, won’t take offense). Thanks for pointing out the FOX 666 link. My thoughts on all the “spooky devil number” were discussed in a radio talk. I fully expect the Day the Earth Stood Still to be full of predictive programming and disinformation disguised as revealing.

    There is no short answer for your question, but the entire overpopulation agenda (and disinfo) came from the eugenicists, which are basically the same people who used the media to turn us into the pathetic materialistic creatures you refer to. I believe we are much more than that. I touched on the topic in my analysis of the They Live movie.

    Dennis, thanks for dropping in.
    Long-time listener, first-time [commenter] caller?

    Wise Woman, anger suits me? 🙂
    I’ll keep an eye out for your “Angry Woman” post.

  9. I love that one of the major benefactors of the Opium Wars, and the guy who got Afghanistan to start kicking out Opium again, goes by the nickname POPPY Bush. They really are laughing at us.

  10. Not angry woman post (this time) – it’s a media post & it’s posted if you care to view

  11. On the subject of salmonella in produce, methinks the agenda is to irradiate all food, much like the California almonds. Without vibrant food there is no vibrant health.
    Our liberties are constantly being curtailed with the goal of further cowing us into submission and breaking our spirit. I’m looking forward to a post on criminalizing harmless behavior.

    Guess I’m just part of the choir, preach on.

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