Ventures Into My Own Mind

Outside of the scope of “research,” I rarely watch any television these days. That said, there is the exception of Sunday Night. Not in the mood to drink anymore after the weekend, it has been the one night I “allow” myself to be entertained, particularly by Adult Swim’s Venture Brothers. If I had to say there was one show I watched semi-regularly, that would be it. It is quirky, bizarre, immersed in oblique 80’s references and actually, quite funny.

Now, I like to consider myself a smart person. Yet, here it was lying under my own “smart” nose for how long now? How many times had I seen the intro by now?

venture industriesunited nations

How blatant! Compass and the Square. Check. Solar symbology. Check. The only thing missing is the “G.” Oh wait, right after the two brothers “high-five” each other, they shout, Go Team Venture.” Checkmate!

I’ll go easy on myself though. Like many, I spent most of life sleeping, knowing something was very wrong with the world, then unlike many, rebelling against everything, but never taking the time to find out why. A few years of “awakeness” in comparison to a lifetime of ignorance, well it’s gonna take some time. A little research [or really, just looking at the symbols with my eyes open] finds more:

venture industriesunited nations

UN like globe. Check. UN hued blue theme. Check. A winged disc? Overkill! Just in case there is anyone left out there who may still mutter that abominable word, “coincidence,” I am including the below left image for comparison to the background of the Masonic logo above.

I also stumbled across this image on the right [below]. What the hell is that? The Roman laurels [alternately, oak leaves, or wheat] are clear enough, but why is there a knife juxtaposed over the globe? Other than SOSVS being a special unit of the US Air Force (hence the imperialistic laurels are fitting), I could find nothing else on this “organization” [if anyone out there knows, please chime in].

venture sunsosvs

Can’t I just watch 30 minutes of TV and not be “molded” or “shellacked” with symbols? Dammit! Is nothing sacred? Actually, I should probably rephrase that. A more appropriate sentiment would be: “Does everything have to be sacred?”

I may have fiddled with some of the earlier verbs too. Perhaps, I’m still somewhat in denial that I too am not immune from mind manipulation. Though loathe to admit it, I’m sure some of the sexual ideals implanted in my head, particularly my fascination/proclivity for tall thin blonde Baltic fashion-models while living in Manhattan, may have not necessarily been … uhm, “natural?”

mind control

How could I miss the arch-nemesis of Dr. Venture being The Monarch. Did it really take my delving into butterflies and monarch mind control whilst looking at I Am Legend, and the days following where I could nary leave the house without exposure to random butterflies of sorts (more on that later). The Venture Brothers is replete with more Butterfly and Skull/Bones imagery than one could find … oh I don’t know … anywhere outside of should a trucked filled with Monarch specimens crash into the infamous Yale mausoleum. [sorry, best metaphor I could conjure on the fly].

As Doctor Girlfriend, the Monarch’s lover and super-sexual female character once confesses: “That was my mission. I seduce you. Turn you into a butterfly. And then The Monarch was gonna tie you to this huge bug-zapper thing.”


I had come to accept Monarch imagery as a triple entendre, referring to the actual butterfly, mind control and on occasion, metamorphosis. Thanks to this mental venture, I’ve found another meaning, which again, I can’t believe I had to watch this cartoon with my eyes open to get it [may clean and re-upload later]:

Aaaaargh! Royalty! How did I miss that? Quadruple entendre! Looking at the clip, you may also note the gray alien [alternately, Crowley’s “Lam”] look of the chief/controller [end of clip], the Guild/”Council of 13,” or how in the balcony scene, the shadowy members of the Guild bear an uncanny resemblance to the masked revelers looking down on Tom Cruise during Eyes Wide Shut.

One of the show’s quirks is the Monarch’s lair, which he calls the “cocoon.” He’s regularly harassed about it [because a “flying cocoon makes no sense”]. While this makes for good comedy, honestly, it looks more like a beehive to me.


That [the hive] would fit in a lot better with the mind control theme I (and others) have been exploring as of late. “Turning us all into butterflies” synchs heavily with the Borg “hive-mind” metaphor from Star Trek. Resistance is not futile [See how embedded messages are used to attack the will]? Note the coverage map of the United States (which I believe has been the testing ground for these social engineering agendas). Also, I didn’t know that Utah was officially the hive-mind state, though a long-ago visit there had given me that impression. {*1}

For any fans who’ve yet to fathom just how immersed in the occult Venture is, let’s look at magick. Yes, I chose the Alistair Crowley spelling intentionally.


One of the main characters is Dr. Byron Orpheus. He’s a magician, psychic and necromancer. That’s him below bringing forth the blue flame (the “blue flame” of creativity as seen in the Hellboy movie) and the horns of Mendes. Alas, what’s on the back of his cape? Nothing. Just a little pyramid.

I was at least aware enough to seriously contemplate another “interesting” character from the show: Dr. Henry Killinger. Yes, you read that correctly. The best way to describe him would be Henry Kissinger (whom he also sounds like) meets Mary Poppins [because he flies around by using an umbrella. He walks around with his “magic murder bag” and is apparently immune to wizardry.

byron orpheushenry killinger

Far more interesting, is that while Killinger is openly feared by most, and seems extremely powerful and evil; his “evil” acts always assist whoever he’s affecting find their inner self, and grow spiritually. WTF? Is this mind control or multi layered truth [syncs with an idea I contemplated previously, also touching here.]

Initially, the Mary Poppins connection just seemed like a good gag, and perhaps also a way of explaining the “nurturing” side of Killinger. Then, I read up on Helen Goff [aka P. L. Travers], the Mary Poppins creator, and learned she allegedly belonged to The Golden Dawn [hence, a synch back to Crowley]. {*2}

There are several other characters I could expand on, but I would rather get back to the 80’s thing for a second. In one of the episodes, The Monarch laments “Please don’t bring up that time I was making out with Stiv Bators and Lydia Lynch.”

I laughed heartily, and everyone watching it with me was like, “Who?” I have to reflect how narrow a segment of people in the general population would ever get that joke? Exactly what “mass” of people is this show aimed at?

david bowieklaus nomi

But, before I put on my own tinfoil hat and think this show is aimed square at my noggin, I’ll note one episode featuring both David Bowie and Klaus Nomi. The former appears as a hero. Since then, I’ve learned that David turned down the [black] Queen’s offer for knight-hood [topic from my last article] and played Nikolai Tesla in The Prestige). The latter, Nomi, played a villain [if you’re unfamiliar with Klaus, you must listen to/watch this clip].

Note: Said episode (Showdown at Cremation Creek) is highly recommended; it contains many of the characters and concepts I discuss herein, and Iggy Pop’s in it too.

While I’m not going to venture whether the show’s intent is benevolent or nefarious, I will point out one of my favorite characters [and I’d surmise, the favorite of most fans]: Brock Sampson. He is one mean son of a bitch and a man’s man. The three following images round him [and my enigma] out. Sexual innuendos. Is he kicking the UN’s ass? Pyramidal mayhem and destruction?

brocksampsonbrock sampson

The villains in the show are all answerable to an organization named The Guild of Calamitous Intent. Brock a former OSI [OSS/CIA reference] agent and Guild operatives have a mutual professional respect for each other. In the most recent episode, which is a flashback set in the 80’s, the OSI seeks to recruit some kid genius to spy on The Guild. He debates the agents:

“The Guild of Calamatous Intent? That’s like a businessman’s club or something.”

“That’s what they said about the Bilderberg Group son, and then WHAMO, the Berlin Wall comes tumbling down.”

“No it hasn’t!”

“Oh, it will kiddo! It was decided at the last meeting.”

This scene was followed by the agents trying to wake him up: “Open your eyes kid,” with Brock adding, The real one! That was … uhm … overt. Seeing that I’ve touched on the topic of sex again, I will have to point out that the show even contains (promotes) androgyny. Dr. Girlfriend, whom I mentioned earlier, while being fully charged with sexuality and idealized form, has a huskier voice than most NFL linebackers. The image below, needs little explanation:: {*3}


Is this humor or mind manipulation? I’ll leave that for you to decide. My recent research has convinced me that hardly any “entertainment” is free of the latter. {*4} How many South Park fans have you seen, who in lieu of thinking for themselves, run around endlessly repeating various catch phrases from that show [i.e., “expressing themselves”]. {*5}. That’s not going to happen with my Venture Brothers is it? Geez, I can be so delusional at times:


Webster’s [dictionary] helps out yet again. “Fan” is a stem of fanatic which means “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion.” While, as those who’ve been following me lately know, I’ve been trying to focus on the positive. However, the following animation, where one to conjecture my thoughts on the ritual act of revealing and intercising the soul, well then, a picture [and a few words] are worth a thousand words (give or take a few).

dr byron morpheus

I’m sure were I to go back and check prior episodes of the show, this article may never end. I had actually intended to use this as a lead-in to the aforementioned butterfly imagery I had been coming across, thus … to be continued.

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*1: Seeing that Mormonism, is basically a religion created out of Joseph Smith combining Christianity and Freemasonry (and a little artistic license), the resulting combination replete with occult ritualistic practices, mostly performed by followers who know nothing of the origins of what they engage in (yes, like Roman Catholicism, etc.), yet are still compelled to follow, makes the “beehive” state (hive-mind) symbol … choice! [LB]

*2: Be wary of anyone using aliases featuring initials. There’s R.C. Christian of the infamous Georgia Guidestones. J.K. Rowling of the Harry Potter series (if anyone buys that yarn about her being down on her luck before coming up with this character, they you’re, um, gullible). I’m sure there are dozens more should someone take the time to research. [LB]

*3: Playing within the confines of my own head at the moment is a song by The Replacements: “Here come Dick, he’s wearing a skirt. Here comes Jane, y’know she’s sporting a chain. Same hair, revolution. Same build, evolution. Tomorrow who’s gonna fuss? And they love each other so … androgynous.” Followed synchromystically by: Mirror image, see no damage. See no evil at all.” [LB]

*4: As I surmised during a recent conversation with a friend: “Do you really think they would let the common man have access to the greatest mass mind control tool ever devised [television]? Honestly!” He was ruing how in our area, new [de facto] rules have made it far more difficult to get on the Public Access channel than it was back when he got his license. [LB]

*5: One day, I will have to devote an entire article on South Park (as I’ve said before, and keep saying). Truther Thoughts recently wrote a fascinating look at the four main characters as archetypes of the world’s power factions, but my focus will be more on how the Parker/Stone team are likely just poster children for the series [not the true minds behind it], just like Bill Gates is the poster boy for “getting rich” (alternately, “software genius”) that IBM put on it’s own software division. [LB]

~ by celticrebel on June 18, 2008.

15 Responses to “Ventures Into My Own Mind”

  1. I laughed my orange juice out bud! That was great!
    I never heard of this show before, but I am sure (since it makes fun of the 80’s) I would have found it quite amusing! I look forward to your next part on this. I have a theory on the Borg Cube, chessboard, Rubik Cube, and William Henry’s “square Crystal Chariot” of god developing…might go somewhere with it, but for some damn reason, this all keeps pointing back at MK or MC whichever way you prefer it. It’s sad but I still think this stems to mass manipulation of consciousness for their own agendas…Anyways, great work Celt!!

  2. Amazing post, love the self-examening. looking forward to the South Park one.

  3. Thanks Michael, I tried to keep it light. Do watch the linked “Showdown at CC” episode when you get a chance. You may want to also consider Metatron’s Cube, the one from Hellraiser. Did you see “Rubik’s Cube In Center Of Earth” (interesting, as Plato’s solids associates the Cube with Earth)? Look forward to what you discover.

    Deodroidify, thanks for the support you send from your site. I”ve been finding that introspection sometimes yields more answers than looking at the external.

    May be a while on that South Park, I may have stepped into one of these dreaded rabbit holes with butterflies, leading back to Disney, fashion, the peace movement and even … must resist, must resist .. can’t resist … vaginas. 🙂

  4. Celtic rebel, I just recently had my eyes opened and in my search for truth I’ve stumbled upon your blog.. and are AWESOME! Keep it up! I am all over the place with my research and just watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, gee, I really loved that movie when I was a kid, but watching it last night with “new eyes” made me naseous. I just started reading your blog…so once I check all the articles I will comment more. But clearly, I am already a fan! 🙂

  5. SOSVS logo/badge:

    Grid map shown on world
    Two sets of laurel/oak/wheat (?) leaves – 36(0) on each side….total 72(0)…if i’ve counted correctly.
    Knife/dagger/sword-of-truth (?)

    A Trinity being specified here with two kings ???
    Maybe these kings need to acknowledge the (sword of) Truth ?!

  6. In the Tarot it’s THE WORLD card that has the laurel wreath, symbol of the victor at mount Olympus being crowned in laurels. The smell of laurels speaks of protection and purification, associated with the god Apolos. A favorable message of victory?!

    Glad you share the ventures in your mind because it encourages to ventures on our own – and that’s a good thing Celtic. L.

  7. sandstorm, glad you found me. It’s amazing how different old films look when our propaganda bifocals are removed isn’t it? That last “Infy” film was over the top agenda wise.

    will, thanks as always. I think you have counted right. Very very interesting then…

    lalan, following up with what will noted, it would seem whoever designed the badge for this, is quite aware of occult symbology (or, should I say “wizardry?” Ventures within, as I’ve been going to lately, seem the most fruitful.

  8. Never trust a dictionary- the creation of the first one was a key tool in the French revolution after all.

    Fanatic goes back further than that- to the eunuch priesthood of the Great Mother Cymbele… They ripped their own manhood off in an ecstatic frenzy to become priestesses of the Great Mother… Man to woman… Ringing bells yet?

    Shub Niggurath is a directly inspired version of the reality of the Cymbele / Mangae Mater cult.

  9. I love Venture Bros. but never tied it to occultist agendas. I guess every thing in “the box” is manipulative brainwashing. Thanks for the information. I now have an open third eye to everything.

  10. Venture Bros. is definitely a multi-layered show, but it’s a spoof of what it references and is. It’s a show for intelligent viewers who want more from their pap than mere flickering images. It’s references are there for anyone to see and investigate, if they so choose. It doesn’t attempt to hide what it is, but puts itself out “in plain sight” and in full awareness of the fact that it’s toying with you and in full awareness of what it is. It isn’t trying to keep anything hidden from people, it’s asking you to step up to “it’s level” and participate in the game. It’s a snake that eats it’s own tail that eats it’s own tale that steps on your foot to tell you how it’s eating it’s own tale tail. It’s a fun show that fucks with you as it potentially educates you to what it’s not hiding. Maybe it’s a show from the elite for the elite, but it asks you to get on the merry trolley of it’s rollicking fun more than it seeks to imprison you in it’s matrix.

  11. Jonathan Nolan, hey mate. You make a good point there (my related thoughts on topic). Would be interested to hear/read more of the Frech Rev connection. And, wow, some crazy shit there. Syncs to the Tarantula’s “castration ritual.”

    Danielle, sadly, it would seem that, to either get your show on, you have to honor the proper gods/symbols, or perhaps, when your show starts to reach enough minds, you find yourself having to take on executive producers/controllers there to adjust the show as necessary. Never allow yourself to be fully entranced, and always keep at least one eye open/dreaming.

    D, it’s definitely an intelligent show. The season finale “The Family That Slays Together Stays Together,” had me [literally] laughing out loud throughout and is a welcome change from the dull-witted programming disguised as humor you find near everywhere else.

    As for the symbols, particularly the masonic ones, if they were put there, as the creators are initiates or they know you don’t get on TV otherwise. A friend knows one of the forces behind the show and sent him this link, but I’ve yet to hear from them, or anyone else connected to the show.

  12. The adult swim and cartoon network logo is a skull and bones and checkerboard pattern respectively.

  13. The Venture Bros. S1-S4

  14. 13 responses FTW! (well… not anymore…)

  15. Venture Bros is a great show because it doesnt hide these things. It puts this shit right out in the open.Its mocking those asleep while at the same time validateing the theories of those who have opened all three of their eyes.As far as Television,Movies,and the majority of music goes theres not a bit of it that ISNT controlled to control.The thing is that if you know what youre looking at or listening to,the symbology will have NO effect on you what so ever.It goes a lot deeper than mind manipulation.Thats what it started as but over time it evolved into something differnt.Now its a test.A test to see reality as it truely is.The world is a stage and we are all simply just the players.We must all play our parts.Includeing those evil swine in charge of our planet.Terence Mckenna theorised that life is nothing more than preparation for the transition to another dimension.I think he might be on to something and if hes right I think the preparation involves the overcomeing of all the horrid realities that encompass our plane of existance.The Venture Bros was made specificlly for people like us.Not Benevolently to tell the truth and also not malevolently to manipulate.I think its a challenge,kind of a way of saying “Yeah you know whats up,now what are you going to do about it”? Shows like the Venture Bros are for testing us to see whos a sheep and whos not.And once agian,if you know exactly how theyre manipulating people youre not going to be manipulated.Its as simple as that.Children watching disney movies ARE going to be brainwashed with sex,but thats only because they dont know what they are seeing.Most adults continue this blind method of thought because of their indoctrination into the sociological hive mind,taught to them by schools and the brainwashed adults around them.As well as most media sources.And so the cycle continues.Only those who break away from conventional thought process can see with all three eyes and therefore not be effected by the swill that they try to force down our minds throats.May the force be with you all. – Dr.NightHawk P.S. Theres a LOT that you didnt touch on from season 4.For example: David Bowie is the Sovereign (Leader) of the Guild of Calamitous Intent.He is also a shape shifter.A freaking SHAPE SHIFTER!!!!!!! Need I say more? Also theres alot more egypt themed stuff than I care to mention.Just watch Season 4 for yourself and youll see.Finally take notice of the Order of the Triads symbol.Theres alot more but Im sick of typeing so check it all out yourself.

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