From the Mouths of Dolls

How to lay siege. First you encircle, then you control the flow of goods (¿information?), meanwhile subjecting the populace to regular barrages of incendiaries (¿mind-bombs?). Are we [humanity] under siege?

The below image, by it’s cartoonish nature should dull and tranquilize the mind (presumably, by intention), but resonates reality in a thought provoking manner. Right to left: Two average fat stupid emasculated American males. Followed by, your insider (CIA) who not only disregards media rubbish, but manipulates it (and is exempt from laws that bind the “citizenry”). Lastly, the future?

future of mankind

Continuing with the theme of the mind manipulation of children, I made another revelation (or should I say another was made for me) while reading Hidden Agenda’s recent posts Playing With Symbols and Simpsons Style (which looks at occult synchronicities in Matt Groening’s Futurama and The Simpsons). By chance, my sis called me in between the two releases to remind me, “Hey you remember that Bart Simpson doll you had? I just remembered something he said.”

Aside from his standard catch-phrases heard on countless epsidoes of the show, such as “Cowabunga,” “Don’t hava a cow, man,” and “Eat my shorts,” Bart would occasionally say/warn: “Kids in TV-land, you’re being duped!


While I previously surmised that “revelations” in the Simpsons and such may be pure synchromysticism, the latest blogs from Hidden Agendas, along with my own recent observations are pushing me to reevaluate my perspective. {*1} Again, what I previously would have called “chance” leads me to overhear the television where Family Guy plays in the background. What? Did they just call the bartender “Horus?” Tst! That was the sound of the synchromystic soda-can popping open.

drunk clamlove clam

The place Horus/Horace works is called the “Drunken Clam.” The implied statement and visual imagery is fairly self-evident, so I don’t feel the need to expand on it. The clam also leads us to back to goddess/vulva worship (via Aphrodite). One avenue of exploration (a rabbit hole) would be to follow the Aphrodite, Venus, Clamshell, Royal Dutch Shell route.

Someone could well argue that his name is “Horace” and not “Horus.” Phonetically, they are the same. Some sites referred to him as Horace, and others Horus. Most importantly, my ears (while my eyes were averted from the screen) heard “Horus.” A synchromystic Egyptian journey could naturally lead me from Horus to Thoth. But, I will resist that path, despite the “evil monkey” demanding I compare him to the physical Thoth artifact on the right.

evil monkeythoth

Sometimes, I feel that some synchromystic rabbit holes are best kept out of, as one could literally get lost in them, before resurfacing and realizing that hole led to nowhere. Speaking of “hole” though, one would be hard pressed to deny that Family Guy is filled with vagina worship.

♥ The name of the town is Quahog (a type of clam). ♥ The Quahog clam festival. ♥ The town being “founded” (¿birthed?) by a clam. ♥ The “One if by Clam, Two if by Sea” episode. ♥ Said name of bar (aka “watering hole“). ♥ The Fuzzy Clam: A nude bar which Quagmire frequently visits (where sign reads “minors are welcome”). ♥ The Sweaty Clam: a gym/place where the males go to work out. ♥ In one episode the father/son (Peter/Stewie) both claim to destroy Lois’s vagina. {*2}

If all the clammy hints weren’t enough, two images below should more than help in case you missed still haven’t figured out the theme:

meg centermeg's vagina

OK! Enough already! We get it. Damn, it’s like trying to have a conversation with two teenage boys after someone said “vagina.” Enough fixating! Can we finally move on to something more serious now? I myself, have come to the conclusion that I’ve spent far too much time writing about/contemplating vaginas lately, and need to get back to the more important task of chasing them.

However, before I could close the lid on the laptop and get myself showered and out of the house, a commercial advertising Adam Sandler’s next movie came on. Oh, no! They didn’t just say “Israeli super soldier?” I think I’m gonna throw up.

So, this character, a former child-murderer and torturer of young boys is going to come to New York City and beat up on ignorant Americans? Sadly, I surmise many an ignorant American will pay money to see the spectacle. These people should just have their brain removed. Oh, never mind. Such a procedure may be superfluous. Here’s what the Zionists think of you America:

you don't mess with zohanliberty

Their poster! Not mine. {*3} While synchropioneer Jake Kotze presents a good argument for Adam Sandler taking us through the stargate, I was forced to take a different view of what symbol lies behind the Ashkenazi Sandler’s hair dryers. While this “suck my nuts” image says plenty about Zionist sentiments towards the popcorn-munching gentiles, the image on the right juxtaposed against Sandler’s cross-hairs, makes it quite clear what the Zionists have in mind for the Americans. I, for one, don’t find that joke too funny.

The sailors on the Liberty received no warning back in 1967. Today, we’re getting plenty. But, what has made us so ignorant of/nonchalant to all the warning signs? They (as in the above case) are obviously there. How dumbed-down have we become that we no longer heed the obvious?

My foray into the use of colors led to my understanding why those flashing red and blue lights cause such panic in me/us. The red band signifies danger, whilst the blue signifies safety/security. Hence, the alternating bands of red and blue, are having the exact desired effect. Part of us says run away, while the other part of us want to run to security. Naturally, we are left anxious. Which, come to think of it, is precisely the frazzled vulnerable state the police want you in.

I am starting think that we’ve been under media manipulation, and subvert mind control for a very very long time. Indubitably, television has been a huge part of it (and pop music, likely another). Contemplating how far back, I recalled the Partridge Family’s “Rainbow Bus:”

partridge bus

The significance of the rainbow came into my mental space while writing The Butterfly Legend. It was further explored while undertaking a synchromystic journey of cosmic hilarity and I’ll probably be looking at it again after learning of the Freemasonic offshoot known as “The Rainbow Girls.”

The Rainbow motifs continue through into the below images. There may well be a reason for the 5:1 ratio (of cheepers to hens) and I’m sure there is some significance in the choice of the partridge. {*4} Spending just a little time looking at the series and the “players” involved:

  • Dany Bonaduce’s life after the show qualifies him as a poster child for victims of trauma-based mind control. [I used to kid people that Ruben Kinkaid was buggering little Danny. Reflecting back: hard to say if that was intuition.] Interestingly, per wikipedia, his “reality show” premiered on 09/11/05 with the tagline, “You have every right to slow down and watch.”
  • Susan Dey has “devoted herself” to rape awareness/treatment. [Common for victims.] Per various sources:”[She] developed an eating disorder. While suffering from this disorder, she would eat only carrot sticks. People began to worry when Dey’s skin turned orange.” [Did that say “orange”? Another synch pops!] More on her later, but do check the odd/telling pic wiki chose.
  • In one episode, the family was brought into the Women’s Liberation movement (i.e., scam). Even the basis of one woman, five kids, no father figure (except for the seedy handler, which again, speaks to mind control) is central to the welfare (breakdown of black family structure) and male disempowerment/family dissolution agendas of that era.
  • Brian Forster is the great-great-great grandson of Charles Dickens (speaks to “star” selection and bloodlines).

I’ve got an odd feeling one could probably devote an entire article to hidden mysteries of the Partridge Family, but I’ll opt out of that rabbit hole as well. However, the calendar image on the right should, by no means, be avoided. The most striking feature is the 11 getting it’s own box and being represented as two towers/pillars. The other highlighted dates may yield a Numerological Field Day.

ridge familypart family

Back to Susan Dey, I do recall she was in some film that may be relevant (and likely, the reason it stuck in the remote recesses of my teenage mind, was that she appeared naked in it), but couldn’t remember the title. At first, I thought it may have been Eyes of Laura Mars, but that turned out to be Faye Dunaway.

However, this latter movie [under the surface] was obviously about mind control. {*5} The plot involves a woman who could see through the eyes of a serial killer while he’s killing, but being unable to stop him [likely herself] from acting. While the subtle implication [the multiple] “I”s of Laura Mars merely hints, the poster below confirms my suspicion (the lines/bars representative of how she is “trapped” within/by the prison of her own mind). {*6}

The Susan Dey movie was called Looker (link includes the trailer). The surface plot does reflect how the media programs women’s self-image issues (but ignores how in the meantime, same media sells them a diet that pushes them to the opposite end of that spectrum). And yet again, the poster is far more direct in warning us of the programming regimen we will all undergo.


That synch took me to another movie of that era, Videodrome. How much more direct can these warnings get? “First it controls your mind, then it destroys your body.” Remember the first image above? The number of Americans who are fat now exceeds 70%. Some around the world may snicker (and rightly so), but be forewarned, Britain isn’t too far behind. America is the testing ground of all these social engineering programs. The EU will be the sword (¿would “food-bag” or “truncheon” be more apropo?) by which the rest of Europe will follow Americans to the land of fat and stupid.

Aside: Some of my American friends may take offense, so I’ll unnecessarily apologize in advance. Another movie of that same era, Animal House, even produced an oft-repeated “catch-phrase”: “Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.” How many warnings does one need??? Perhaps, the message was counter-balanced by an extremely popular/hyped song of same era consoling: “Don’t be sad, cause two out three ain’t bad.”

Back to the trail of “useful” synchs, the “Laura Mars” movie led me back to a discarded “Veronica Mars” image that turned up while working on Family Guy. Maybe someone should warn Veronica of where that plane’s headed? Ugh, here I am talking about hole again! A term a younger me once considered a double entendre, may actually be a triple entendre. This mind-control rabbit hole may actually be leading somewhere. And hopefully, out!

I had no idea who/what Veronica was but noticed the synch with Laura and the red planet Mars (orange if you ask me). [Can they make the word MARS any more noticeable in both photos?] Again, I didn’t need to spend any time reading about it/her; the poster from the TV Show told me all I needed to know. Notice the subtle warning? Do you see it? Look again! Look at the negative space. See the shark fin sticking up out of the water? Don’t say they didn’t warn you of the mind manipulation coming your way.

I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that watching ANY television without awareness, is like stepping into a battlefield without a helmet. We really need to start heeding the warnings, and protect ourselves, before it’s too late. [¡click it!]

Disclaimer: This article was written at an earlier stage of my development, thus it may contain some minor points which do not necessarily reflect my present belief set.

*1: To those who still ask me about what exactly synchromysticism is, I’ve been seeing the definition, or better yet, the methodology of the tool, flow and ebb depending on perspective. Someone put together a good site compiling/linking all the Synchromystic Blogspotters out there. As I previously expressed, this foray has led me into realizing that I am part of something much bigger than myself. Oddly, most of these bloggers, like myself, began sometime in 2007 and most are on blogger/blogspot. Not so surprisingly, I’m one of the few at wordpress, where I to take a look back (in linear time) at my own life (our purest of teachers) for inference, that rebellious route would have been the conclusion I’d have expected. [LB]

*2: The significance of that statement coming from a father/son as in relation to a goddess could well lead us down the Osiris/Horus and Isis rabbit hole, or even a more nefarious route. Again, I choose to refrain, but have to laugh a little, remembering a scene from Mediterraneo (a wonderful down-to-earth non-Hollywood offering, so mostly free of brainwashing mind-control elements): when asked about how a sexual liaison went, the captain replies, “I destroyed her.” [LB]

“3: Opens on 6/6? Where’s the other six? The Seal of Solomon (aka the Star of David) has a 666 embedded in it (6 sides, 6 points, 6 triangles) and there’s another angle. But, I want to emphasize that 666 is an occult number of deep significance. Please don’t bring omnipotent old guys with white beards or little red dudes with horns and pitchforks to the table! [LB]

*4: According to heraldry, “the partridge is symbol of the Sacred King and said to denote cunning and guile.” There’s also the NBC Peacock and the infamous partridge within the partridge (perdrix = pear tree). Also, some myths say it’s “a symbol of sexual potency and as a token of divine miracle.” [LB]

*5: Coincidentally Sure enough, last night, while I was cleaning this piece up, Eyes of Laura Mars came on, followed by another relevant Faye Dunaway movie (different channel), Three Days of the Condor. Watching the movies with my own new eyes, I’ll confirm the former is so loaded with mind control symbolism, it merits an entire analysis of itself (as may the latter). Oddly Bemusingly, both films were literally awash in orange. Faye plays a photographer in both. [LB]

*6: Another new (to me) synchronaut, Pseudo-Occult Media, has been doing some great work exploring just how far media mind control may go (highly recommend his recent posts on the subject). Atlantean Journal has also been taking a parallel path wondering how far into our own psyche the manipulation extends (check his latest). [LB]

~ by celticrebel on May 22, 2008.

10 Responses to “From the Mouths of Dolls”

  1. underground stream has been around since March 06. Almost a full year before anyother. Ustream was started by Garfield and it was a spinoff of something else already going…

    Etemenanki and its players (who knows who they were, are or will be) are certainly some of the synchsters. Names and identities like the alchemical death can be staged…I know Ive been duped by two namers.

    Synchronicity was of course a Police song and album and was coined as a concept by Jung.

  2. Great One!

    After reading Pseudo-Occult Media and Atlantean Times recent posts I was browsing through videos on youtube. I found one by an artist named Kerli that had my mouth gapping. I was surprised I had not seen it posted about before. I am not sure how long this video has been out but the symbolism was so in your face I had to post about it. The record industry is definitely puting this stuff out there to be seen. Very disturbing.

  3. Great post Celt! Thanks for the plug by the way.

    I know television is terrible especially without your “symbol shields up” as I put it. The oddity is they know t.v. is “dying” so MicroCrap(Soft) is furiously attempting the next Vulcan mind-meld with “internet T.V.” so those of the “fat and lazy” genre’ can surf millions of channels from all over the globe and download pRon at the same time…Go nuts right?

    I saw MC symbolisms in the latest Indiana Jones Crystal Skull movie, it was very disappointing and my friends agreed (those without symbol shiels even said it was!) I think that will be the last film I go to the theater to see now that I know what they are really pushing (NWO Alien Agenda).

    Again, nice post, and your right, some synchromystic holes are best stayed out of, time to go pursue “reality” away from the computer.

    AFK indefinitely! LOL

    Thanks for the additional info bro! Later!

  4. Pretty much agreed with what you’ve said there, good stuff. I think I’ve got lost down a few synch rabbit holes lately, there’s just so much of this stuff in the media at the moment it’s hard not to imo. I have no idea which mind control show/movie I’ve watched in the past few weeks to post on (so damn many), maybe I’ll just sleep on it.

    All your talk of “holes” has me itching ;p to link your readers to my Mind Control Rabbit Hole post about Keira ‘Knight’ly’s first major film, The Hole.


  5. Eugene, thanks for the info. I do believe I said “most.” 🙂 Your note also helped me recall another Police song (?same album?) which repeated “We are spirits in the material world.”

    Mercurial, Kerli’s “Walking on Air” blew me away. NOT accidental / subconscious. And, that cute Estonian accent of hers pulls hard on my own personal control strings.

    Michael, thanks for feedback. Yes, sometimes I too let myself get sucked in. I may be using your “symbol shield” term in the future.

    Ben, I loved your post on The Hole. Had already included it: see “A term a younger me once considered a double entendre, may actually be a triple entendre.” Yea, sometimes the thought of hole gets me itchin too. 😉

  6. MYbe researching the names of ALL the Muses might be useful, pretty sure one of them is called Synchronia…

  7. man check this out or search google about rainbow girls:

    PS: hi! the is not up anymore as of april 17, 2010 accdg to 😦 i hope someone archived it or something…

  8. Thoth appears in many forms. The kind monkey who guides us. The fierce monkey who kicks us in the butt when we need it. Whether the monkey’s on your back or at your side, monkey see, monkey help do.

  9. Jonathan Nolan, couldn’t find that one, but OF COURSE, they would keep her name hidden. 😉 She’d prefer it that way!

    er, the Rainbow Girls has come up once again, and this “Rainbow” agenda, whatever it is, is not going to be a good one for humanity. Oddly, they were started by a guy named Sex-Son! 😐

    edwinmcrae, OK. Though, I’m starting to think it’s the monkey inside us. Seem to recall some Aussie film with the line, “It’s the monkey in me, that makes me wanna do it!”

  10. So what’s the key, mon? The monkey? Go ape shit…fuck anything that moves…fling your poo.
    And if 69 is a sexual position, and 66 is a sexual position, what’s 666? Hmmmmmmmm. 666 is also the merkaba, the 3-dimensional star of David. Maybe David was the dude in the middle of the 666 action?

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