Oliver Stone 911 Truther [1]

[Continued from Oliver Stone 911 Truther: Part I] We’re then presented with someone I believe to be the more significant of characters in the movie, the marine, Staff Sergeant Karnes [Michael Shannon]. {*1} As he stands behind a row of cubicles, where his white-collar co-workers stand transfixed by the television, he displays an instant ability so see through the propaganda (behind the cover story).

Karnes: “I don’t know if you guys know it yet. This country is at war.”

Yes! The 9/11 attack had nothing to do with the USA going into Afghanistan [and needlessly, should I even need to say to anyone, except to the most brain-dead of zombies, Iraq either]. The orders to attack Afghanistan were on George Bush’s desk at least a day or two before the “attack” took place. The rgds’s correct.

Following the “interesting” marine around, we find him sitting inside a church, looking for guidance. He seeks the counsel of his priest, because his instinct and training [programming], are compelling him to “act.” The camera pans across the church, starting on a bulletin board, cluing “Pentecost 719 754,” followed by a shot of a Bible open to the “Revelations” chapter. Not too subtle!

Acts 7:19 “It was he who took shrewd advantage of our race and mistreated our fathers so that they would expose their infants and they would not survive.”
Acts 7:54 “Now when they heard this, they were cut to the quick, and they began gnashing their teeth at him.”

The above, is, of course, open to interpretation, and I guess, also dependent on which Bible translation one looks to. My view is that the first passage hints that war is being waged on us and our children, by the ruling elites, who actually consider themselves to be superior to [and possibly even, a distinct race from] ourselves. Afterward, by media manipulation they misdirect the anger of their victims [us] towards other humans, who like ourselves, are innocent, yet have also been propagandized into hating us [via a different program]. The Hegelian dialectic.

proof osama twc

Later, the same character, is sitting at a barber shop. The television, as in almost every location in America (and maybe, the world) on that day, is on and continuing with the day’s news “coverage” (yes, intentional word choice). Rudy Giuliani (the criminal puppet) is shown talking about number of casualties, while the Marine is engrossed, and growing angrier. I would assume, that this would have been about the time of day they were getting ready to release the “official story” [rancid pile of crap] about who was responsible.

Sure enough, about five minutes later into the movie: “Terrorists did it!” Hook, line, sinker. Don’t trust your common sense. Trust us instead! You ignorant little twit, that’s just your imagination. C’mon, who’s your daddy? {*2}

Back under the rubble, as if things weren’t bad enough for our two cops, both buried and clinging to dear life, another building starts coming down. Judging by the time of day (via angle of the sun) this would have to be WTC7 (aka the Salomon Smith Barney building). A couple of minutes later, the scene of a news report confirms this. {*3} Again, to all of the “truthers” who criticized Olicer Stone for trying to make an “agnostic” movie [on the surface, at least), I’ll remind you that WTC7 didn’t even make it into the official “911 Commission Report.”


Between collapse and report thereof, there is a flash-back scene from one of the opening sequences of the film. It is Cage at his home, as he prepares to get up that morning. The camera work and the present scene [the alarm clock time being 3:29], convince me that this is likely yet another Biblical reference. My best guess would be from Proverbs, as it implies an “inside job” of sorts. [If anyone out there has an alternate notion, I encourage you to comment below.]

“Devise not [do] evil against thy neighbour, seeing he dwelleth securely by thee.”

The marine, directs his retaliatory impulse into a positive avenue, and shows up at the site, to help find survivors. Again, as I see him walking around the ruins with no mask on, I reflect on how the elites, after years of psychological studies at Tavistock and the like, have figured out ways to take advantage of almost all the human aspects of our nature, and to use them against us. This noble character, will undoubtedly, suffer the consequences of that day on his health.

A brief shot shows a rescue dog he passes, already suffering the toxic effects. This character of significance, then speaks more words of wisdom:

Karnes: “Looks like god made a curtain with the smoke, shielding us from all we’re not ready to see.”

Yet again, the Marine displays common sense and shares it with us [the audience]. I mentioned the “smoke-screen” earlier, but in this scene, he is speaking beyond the events leading to the collapse of the towers. The implications of his statement, could also cover the financial heists already taking place, the planned profiteering to come, the already written pending Patriot Act, and range all the way to the little known and not well-understood esoteric agenda of that day. {*4}

11 O'Clock

The movie goes into a memory recollection from the second cop, and as his “vision” begins, the minute hand on a wall-clock strikes “11” The two towers themselves resemble an 11]. I guess the esoteric cornucopia is unavoidable now. There’s the significance of the selection of dates for the attack. There’s the choice of the targets themselves. To stop this article from spinning as out of control as the entire 9/11 debate has (which, I would have to conclude, is by design), I will focus on just one aspect, which occurred to me while watching this movie, and realizing that one of the flights was the same as the year of the first WTC “terrorist” attack [one of characters said, “after the attack in 93”]:

  • Flight 93, by chance, coincides with the year of the first attack. And, also, intimately with Alistair Crowley’s “Thelema.”

  • Flight 11, coincides with the date of the attack, the 11th, and the stylized image represented by the two “twin towers” themselves. Numerologically, it also represents “sin, transgression and peril” and breaks down (1+1) into 2, which represents duality (by inference, the towers again).

  • Flight 77, struck the Pentagon, which by chance, is located alongside the 77th meridian. Oddly enough, 7X11=77. The London Bombings occurred on 7/7 four year later, and as I pointed out in a prior blog, the upcoming 7/7 might be interesting. Finally, 77 in Tarot, is the Ace of Pentacles, which has a pentagram on it, and can represent “money, gain, profit, riches” if upright (which the Pentagram inside the Pentagon, is not).

  • Flight 175, seemed like the one enigma, until I reduced (1+7+5) to 13, which encompasses the Templars and numerous other items. If you add it to the flight which hit the other tower, then 175 + 11 = 186, then divide by 2 (the number of planes), you end up with Crowley’s 93 again. {*5}

wtc jesuswtc jesuswtc jesus

Back to the movie, as Peña’s memory fades, his “vision” begins. An amorphous light appears. The shape of a pyramid (Illuminating?) emerges from the light and morphs into Jesus [the alleged “capstone,” according to some beliefs]. Christians would need ask themselves, why is Jesus wearing a Cross [¿old-times sake?] and what is the shield/standard under that? [Is it Egyptian?] Alas, the light of God’s loins turns into the Sun/Son. Yet another representation of Jesus as the Sun God:

  • This presentation of Solar Cult symbolism, especially in regards to Christianity, is occurring with such regularity in the media these days, it has gone beyond synchromysticism. Chris Knowles wrote an interesting article on this observation.

  • If we’re outside the realm of coincidence, and into that of agenda, then I am forced to wonder if Ollie might be an “Aquarian conspirator.”

The above scene, in conjunction with having watched Rob Ager’s analysis of Cape Fear, left me wondering on the significance of an early scene. When Peña was spooked by yet another loud explosion, a policeman comes from out of the background (startling Peña, who thought he was alone) to calm him (figuratively, he came out of nowhere). This mysterious black man, exudes tranquility, has an “aura of goodness” about him (for lack of better words), and reassures him, “You’ll be alright kid. Lot of good people up here.” Seeing that it would fit in with Peña’s belief system [per the film, Catholic], I am inclined to think that the mysterious black cop was an angel; the same who would protect Peña in the coming aftermath.

wtc angel

Cage, goes through his own metaphorical Jesus like death/rebirth, similar to the alchemical role he had in National Treasure. There was a lot more symbolism in the film, that I either missed, or chose not to devote this article to [e.g., the Dante’ish Hell imagery underneath the rubble, as contrasted by the immediately preceding depicted visions of Heaven].

I also found it intriguing, that Stone chose not to show a single plane throughout this entire movie, yet he did show the shadow of one [Plato’s allegory of the cave].

death and rebirth

The two heroes are rescued. Stone plays the emotional manipulation strings on the surface level. This is a tool of the trade, and would be expected in the “personal tale” the movie is made to be. To Stone’s credit, he at least doesn’t stoop to the lowest level as exemplified by schlockmeister Steven Spielberg.

Stone, however, isn’t. He provides two additional clues that there’s much more to the story than meets the eye, and that the official story is bull-shit:

  • At the hospital, a grieving black woman, speaks frankly: “Just wanna know. No bullshit,” adding “Saw that building go down like a pancake.” Interesting! This would be days before the preposterous pancake theory was offered to explain the physics-defying collapse of the towers. The mentally handicapped public, oops I’m sorry, I meant “brain-washed public” swallowed up Nova’s explanation. The woman in this film knows far better. {*6}

  • A short while later in the film, one of the rescue-workers speaks: “Thousands of people in there died. Where the hell are they?” Exactly! Where did the bodies go? Where did all the furniture go? Anyone recall the fire-man (Joe Casaliggi) commenting on how the biggest piece of anything he found was half a keypad?

The day closes with the camera panning along one of the many impromptu walls of missing persons that sprung up all over New York. I remember seeing those around Manhattan for the days that followed. To me, it was the most difficult part, knowing of all the human beings who were slowly losing hope their loved ones would ever be found. {*7} Empathy and compassion, are the common thread that makes us human. The criminals who pulled this off, live in a different world than we do, and by these standards, are not human. But, they live here among us.

The closing scene, spoken through Cage, I feel, is Oliver Stone’s prepared statement, addressed to those whom he knew would attack him for not making the 9/11 “Truth” film that they would have had him make:

“9/11 showed us what human beings are capable of. The evil, yeah, sure. But, it also brought out the goodness we forgot could exist. People taking care of each other, for no other reason, than it was the right thing to do. It’s important for us to talk about that good. To remember. Cause I saw a lot of it that day.”

As for the one heroic figure in this movie, the marine, we learn he went to fight in Iraq for two tours. Iraq? What the hell does Iraq have to do with 9/11?

Earlier, surveying the scene, he said, “They’d need a few good men.” The tragic flaw of the hero is exposed, his sense of duty (along with military training), allow this wise man to be used as their pawn [the ambiguous “they” of his own statement]. They, being the corporate interests and Zionists, who caring little for his welfare, or that of others, would send him off on their imperial missions, to kill innocent people far away. People who are not his enemy.

Disclaimer: This article was written at an earlier stage of my development, thus it may contain some minor points which do not necessarily reflect my present belief set.

*1: I’ve noticed a pattern of directors choosing one character to convey the deepest of embedded secrets in some movies. As I surmised with “everyman” in A Rare Treasure, I get the feeling that when the marine in this movie talks, those looking for meaning better listen. [LB]

*2: Please don’t confuse my crassness for pomp. I too, abandoned common sense and fell victim to the media mind-control program that day in September. [LB]

Disclaimer: This article is not meant in any way as a review of the film, but as an analysis of the embedded elements. While I may agree or disagree with Stone’s interpretations of events, or use of coded messages and symbols, I would like to remind the reader, that hardly anyone who presents a viewpoint to you is without agenda. Whether anyone’s agenda is part of a bigger one, and whether it is for your betterment or detriment, is for you to decide.

*3: It would have been too sweet to see the BBC News Report where the report of WTC7’s collapse was reported 20 minutes before it happened (it’s called media scripting). Yes, some intelligence asset screwed up. [LB]

*4: Solomon’s temple, which was allegedly found by the Knight’s Templar, required one to enter between the two pillars, Boaz and Jachin (strength and wisdom), to where you would find yourself standing in the middle of a pentagon at the center. Freemasonic halls have since been styled in such fashion. Is the implication that the wound was self-inflicted or an attack on the Freemasons by their enemies? I’d highly recommend Graham Hancock’s Talisman, even though I disagree with his conclusions. [LB]

*5: The numerological possibilities can seem endless. Stone may have been hinting at this tangent with the dialogue “8-1 is something going on with Tower 2″ (prior to the collapse). 8-1 = 7 (number of buildings @ wtc complex) / 4 (number of planes) = 1.75 (thanks to Wrong Way Wizard). Rosicrucian Max Heidel‘s 175th letter deals with ““the trials that beset the occult student.” For those further intrigued, here’s yet another interesting perspective. [LB]

*6: I’ve found that Black Americans, more so than any other group of people, are open to hearing about the “truth” (i.e., what many programmed minds tend to dismiss as “conspiracy theory”). I’d surmise, that as a group, they’ve been more oppressed and the victims of more experimental government programs than any other (e.g., Tuskegee Airmen syphilis experiment, CIA crack distribution, Family Breakdown disguised as “Welfare”). May have to devote an entire blog to this topic. [LB]

*7: In one of the most disgusting acts of disregard for the victims and the families (please note how the whores in the mainstream media attack 9/11 Truthers as being disrespectful of the victims), the remains of that day’s victims were used to fill pot-holes in New York (yet same media whores paid this story little coverage). The more “fortunate” remains were either sent to India as scrap metal, or ended up buried at the appropriately named “Fresh Kills” land-fill. [LB]

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