Senator Byrd and the Bees

In the days of yore, master magicians, at that time known as Druids, would cast spells on the masses using their staffs, carved of wood from the “Holly” tree [per one Jordan Maxwell]. Allegedly, whenever a crowd would get unruly, the druid would hold his “holly wood” staff over the head of the crowds and sedate them. Obviously, we’ve come a long way since then, or have we?

Not a holly tree to be found in the hills of Los Angeles, yet the letters associated with glitter and glamour are firmly rooted in that city, and into our national (and arguably, the entire world’s) psyche. And, the modern magicians continue to cast their spells over us, tranquilizing our psyche and lulling our minds into oblivion.

holly staff

I’ve already covered the means and methods employed to achieve desired results, as well as predictive programming. {*1} Additionally, I have demonstrated how movies like Independence Day, are used as ritualistic precursors to major forthcoming events (in its case 9/11).

All the above in mind, I find myself in one of those rare instances, where I am visiting my parents, and thus, have access to cable TV and a myriad of movie channels. Since I started down the path of enlightenment, I’ve noticed and uncanny knack for stumbling across things I’ve been contemplating.” So, I find myself wondering if anything “interesting” is going to come on? And surely, it does.

x-files fightx-files fight

The X-Files movie. {*2} I definitely have to watch this again. [I watched it once, a long time ago, back when I was less aware] Chris Carter, the creator of the X-Files series, owns 1013 Productions (a direct reference to the Knights Templar).

He is also the producer of the Lone Gunmen, a TV pilot which was aired before 09/11/2001, the plot was that a shadow government operating inside the USA, was plotting to fake hijacking a plane, remote control it into the World Trade Centers, and blame it on terrorists as a justification for war. To borrow a phrase from pop culture, I shit you not! {*3}

So, now, with a new set of eyes, [somewhat] awake & [somewhat] aware, I sat down to watch the movie…. Would I “learn” anything?

Well, I’ve missed the first few minutes, but I flip to the channel, there’s drunk Mulder, in the back alley, leaning against a wall to take a piss. In his stupor, he looks up at the posted on the wall in front of him in his stupor, where his hand is resting. It’s a poster for the Independence Day movie. Very interesting…

independence crap

Also “interesting” is the coincidence that Mulder and Scully work for the FBI. At the beginning of the movie, they try to foil a bomb plot at a Federal building, but fail. The aftermath of the explosion is strikingly similar to that of the 1995 explosion of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma. It has been fairly well established now that Timothy McVeigh was being directed by Larry Potts of the FBI.

The movie continues with the main “plot.” An alien invasion is coming. Shadow groups operating within the government are trying to keep this all secret. Utter nonsense! Contrived plot elements for the popcorn-munching masses and disinformation to further the “alien agenda.”

Back to the movie. Will any real revelation actually take place?

There is a scene where Mulder and Scully happen across a gigantic field of corn. In the middle of these fields sit these huge white man-made mounds. Investigation of the buzzing/humming of the mounds reveals they are housing for vast bee colonies.

bees leavingbee keeping

The movie interpretation of this plot element: through the use of gene splicing technology, the corn has been genetically modified so that bees who consume the pollen will become carriers of alien DNA. Thus, when the bees sting humans, they will inject them with the alien DNA, which acting as a virus, will transform the cellular structure of their bodies, and slowly, turn them into aliens. Alas, one day, the aliens will take over.

Here we go again. Aliens! [Back-linked 02/01/08] Utter contrived nonsense. Disinformation upon misinformation upon [bad] children’s fantasy…

Yet. What has happened since the movie’s release? Bee populations are declining. In some areas, they have fallen as much as 60%. The reasons as to why are presently viewed as a mystery, with varying theories pointing to cell towers, pesticides and even the “global warming” hoax. Yea, that line of bullshit!

global harming

Yet, the most credible of the theories points to the use of genetically modified crops. And what crop particularly? Corn! Basically, the bacteria spliced into the corn (meant to kill various corn-eating pests) is eating away at the bee’s stomach lining and killing them. Ominously, as Albert Einstein once said: {*4}

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”

Alien takeover? Nonsense! A last resort weapon in the arsenal of the elite, should too much of humanity “wake-up” and seek to overthrow their oppressors? A reach, but plausible. Wiping out life on earth as a means of starting the human experiment all over again? A remote possibility. Yet, something to ponder.

scary shit

Another scare tactic of combining rumors and news with movie scenes and predictive programming to instill feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness and despair in the victims [us]? Is that the spell the magicians are casting?

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

*1: For those unfamiliar with Predictive Programming, I will recommend the following article, which focuses on the use of Science Fiction to achieve that end. [LB]

*2: Michael A. Hoffman believes that the X-Files ultimately served as “noise” to distract legitimate conspiracy researchers and truth seekers, and ultimately mislead them. He mentions it, among other fascinating subjects, in this interesting interview. [LB]

*3: The 10/13 date is a very important date to Freemasonry, as it refers to that day in 1307, when the Templars were hunted down in Europe (a Friday). Interestingly enough, Cris Carter was born on 10/13 and the Lone Gunmen series had only 13 episodes. [LB]

*4: There’s been some discussion lately that the stories of declining bee colonies are untrue. Regardless, in the scope of fear-mongering, “wars and rumors of war” both produce the same result. [LB]

*5: Lastly, the “Byrd” reference in the title is to Senator Robert Byrd, a name alleged to be heavily associated with the Monarch mind-control experiments, according to Cathy O’Brien’s [highly improbable] book Trance-formation of America,

~ by celticrebel on January 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Senator Byrd and the Bees”

  1. Wow, this article was an eye opener. Interesting thoughts on the whole Bee disappearance. I found it interesting how they were disappearing and the whole explanation was “Global Warming.” Thank you!

  2. Corn is wind-pollinated, isn’t it?

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