Satan’s Little Helpers

This past Sunday, I sat down to watch the Eyes Wide Shut meets Bohemian Grove episode of Cartoon Network’s Lucy, Daughter of the Devil [owned by Turner]. And, what an illuminating evening [yes, pun intended] it turned out to be…

lucy satan

The episode itself featured some weird direct references to mindless drunken elites and human sacrifice, though I wouldn’t say “disturbing.” The pre-episode Outlaw News article does a pretty good job of explaining the significance of such information being “revealed” to the public. I found it somewhat interesting that one of the Grove revelers had an eerie resemblance to Hillary Clinton.

Also interesting, was the mention of Bono as one of the attendees, in order to lure the DJ Jesus character [research Bono’s connection to the Rothschilds, and his involvement with all the African “AID” efforts, aka injecting Africans with AIDS].

james asshole

Previously on this same night, an old friend stopped by. One of the topics we discussed was the use of popular movies as a programming tool for the masses. My friend pointed out how in the last Bond film, Casino Royale, James Bond eagerly and willingly accepts the implantable microchip so that MI6 [i.e., Big Brother] can track him and “keep him safe.” Later, when the “terrorists” capture Bond, the first thing they do is rip the chip out of his arm [programming for uninformed masses, terrorists HATE the chip, terrorists are BAD, so the chip then must be GOOD].

He further informed me, of how this film, like many others of late, has a graphic torture sequence [conditioning the public to acclimate to the idea of it as common, rather than an aberration]. I could go on and on (we did), about the function of mass-market movies as vehicle for social engineering, but will save that for another post. [Back-linked 12/12/07]

The truly disturbing part of the evening, didn’t come from the aforementioned Lucy: Your Daddy the Devil is Home show, but, was the program bits & pieces I gathered while channel-surfing before and after the show.

drawn apart

The show Drawn Together, on Comedy Central [brought to you by Viacom, one of the companies most responsible for the degradation of our society] was probably the most horrific part of my viewing experience. The episode, on the surface, was a parody of the movie Hostel [Back-linked 12/12/08], however there was a lot more going than a sophomoric attempt at toilet humor. The scenes of the various cartoon characters being tortured, featured graphic depictions of nails being pulled out, fingers being ripped out, bones breaking, disembowelment, and burnings with the added bonus of screams added. There was not even a veiled attempt to pretend to instill any type of humor into the episode.

On top of this, a sub-plot in this same episode was the Christian character falling under the false impression the Rapture had occurred and passed her by, and she hence commencing on a Satanically-inspired murder spree. I could elaborate greatly on how the notion of a “Rapture” has nothing to do with Christianity historically and is in no way part of the gospels, and the fact that it was introduced two hundred years ago, as “trojan-horse” concept into Christian dogma, but that too will require it’s own write-up [to come later too, i guess]. Suffice for now to say, that of course, in this one bizarre episode, this piece of propaganda was also introduced.

drawn together

Additionally, and I choose not to say “coincidentally,” because I am starting to believe that truly coincidental events are few and far between, there was an interesting scene were they were witnessing a park of human suffering, even depicting “Thalidomide” Lake, a specific issue me and my aforementioned friend had been discussing earlier. [Was this macabre scene a collage of human suffering brought to you by the forces behind the New World Order?]

Flipping through South Park later, I found an additional barrage of insidious degradational propaganda. Albeit, I’ll admit very clever propaganda aimed at the pseudo-intellectual “rebel” element of our society. I guess an additional write-up may be warranted]. [Back-linked 12/12/08]

What is going on? Has television changed so much in the few months since I unplugged myself from it, or is there an accelerated program taking place?

history channel

I surf through the history/discovery channel array [yet another level of programming / brain-washing aimed at those who consider themselves to be educated, or above the sitcom/reality show crowd]: shows about bird flu pandemics, outright lies about the Saddam regime, promotions of unmanned weapon systems (i.e., taking humans out of the chain-of-command), disinformation about secret societies, disinformation about the cold war, scare-mongering about dirty bombs and unknown terror groups living among us.

For anyone who has bothered to read (research may be a better word here) any material regarding any of the above topics, it should be obvious that these are all tenets of the grand plans for one world government.

denver mural

My mind races through all possibilities. Am I going insane? {*} Am I seeing patterns where none exist? Why the rapid acceleration of propaganda? [those of you who still think it’s all harmless “entertainment,” just ask yourself, why do they call it “programming?’] This goes completely against the concept of gradualism which people like Bearnaise and all the architects of the New World Order have preached.

Is it because so many of us have woken up now and are no longer believing their lies? And, do they feel they are so close now, that the entire mass media system of social engineering has been kicked into over-drive?

Click. It’s that simple. Turn if off. Just turn it off. Rational thought begins to return the moment the interference from the idiot box stops. Turn it off!

Kill Your Television

And, no, I‘m not insane. Are you? It’s all there in front of our face, and all we have to do is not turn our eyes away from it, and face up to reality:

This article may not necessarily reflect the present views of The Celtic Rebel, and has been left in the archive to show stages in growth and development of The Rebel Path.

*1: I assume, that some of you who read this, and have not spent time looking at the use of television/film as a means of social engineering, may conclude I may already be insane. But, ask yourself one question. When the Communist Chinese laid out their major plans (back in the 70’s) for what they hoped to accomplish by the year 2001, what was their number one goal? It wasn’t power plants. It wasn’t modernized factories. It wasn’t a stronger military. It wasn’t advancing technological capabilities. It wasn’t access to oil fields or mineral resources. It was to put a television (“the most awesome goddamn propaganda force in the whole godless world”) in every single home.

*2: The above quote is from the movie Network (1976). I know, kind of odd, to use a reference from a movie here. Though, the movie was made back at the same time that Congress was about to dismantle laws preventing monopolistic control of the media, and I believe, was made as a warning (unfortunately, unheeded) to the American people.

~ by celticrebel on October 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “Satan’s Little Helpers”

  1. RE: “Casino Royale, Bond eagerly and willingly accepts the implantable microchip”

    i dont watch James Bond movies, but this discribtion here reminds me of the movie ‘demolition man’ (1996)with sylvester stallone and sandra bullock.
    Dont know if you have seen this mind programming piece of shit, but in this filth they tell you what is happening, its the whole freaking storyline itself that is showing you what was/is planned for what is actually happening NOW and what’s yet to come… (completly with terrorists, building demolition (by police man/and ‘terrorists’), coorporism/dictatorship, use of ‘terrorists under protection of goverment’ overextending health rules, violent and sex conections, cameras all over the city, chip in hand, mention of Arnold S as president, and even a mention to a BIG dissaster in the los angeles area.)

  2. The titillation aspect (puns intended) of Drawn Together make it pornography in the classical sense. It is low, intended to fuel base instincts and it is not attempting to provide another message. In the vain hopes of seeing bare toon nipples teens stare through the show, in the process sucking in the poision the show is so keen to provide. It’s also virtually 100% Jewish in production.

  3. Erwin, I “saw” that film [Demolition Man] a long time ago, back when my eyes were only slightly open. I recall someone mentioning the Arnold future in it, and now, with mainstream pundits even suggesting the Obama citizenship issue, that looks like it may bear fruition.

    We keep seeing this meme of Los Angeles destroyed in so many films, don’t we? But, unless the total control grid was in place, I just can’t see them taking out the world’s #1 mind control operation [holy wood].

    Jonathan, your analysis of that show is spot on. On one hand, anyone who brings up the issue about the Jews is dismissed by the mAsses, but Jewish names do seem to turn up in a almost every single degenerative production ever made, don’t they?

    Was watching American Dad (another show with a Jewish co-creator), and they had a daughter gloat to the mother that she had found an AshkeNazi to marry. You bring up the term “ashkenazi” to anyone who’s Jewish and they’ll accuse you of being a “conspiracy theorist.”

  4. “Is it because so many of us have woken up now and are no longer believing their lies?”

    My optimistic side would like to believe so, But then again all of the blockheads and 12 year old hookers I witness seem to argue with my hopes. Still, a lot of people are sick of the filth, maybe not the majority, but those starting to take interest and are searching for self will have many pieces of false information thrown as decoys. Turn it off, yes, you are right. I believe answers will present themselves without ANY form of media as long as a person has a pure intent and open perspective to learn. The rest is lower-chakra distraction. There is almost no commercial art anymore because it has to be ‘approved’ If it is not there to sell you a product, it is there to sell an idea.

    Yes, you are in sane. it is the unsane that are startling. Always, it is those interested and worried in how his/her fellow people are throwing themselves off moral cliffs that become antagonized for it and later feel maddened for being so out of the ‘loop’ of ego and carelessness of self or humanity.

    The term ‘programming’ is an obvious one. Language and manifestation seem to be circulating at a greater pace, my theory at least, which is why so many ‘synchronicities’ are unfolding. We’re trying to understand at higher levels and are receiving what we put out. Maybe that is also why in programming everything is so lower-chakra oriented, that way all that most people will ‘get back’ is soulless creations that won’t allow them to evolve or gain enough to perception to see they’re being had or that they have control of self.

    Have you ever considered the terms ‘episodes’ as well? Or as far as magazine media goes with the word ‘issues?’ Episodes and issues, I see quite a few as symptoms of mass-entertainment!

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