Your Disgusting Little Bush Smells Fishy

Wherever you sit on the political spectrum and regardless of what you believe, these three little FACTS, should, at a minimum add up to “rather disturbing,” though, with any contemplation, are quite damning.

1) Henry Lee Lucas, America’s most prolific serial killer, whose victim count is estimated at between 300 and 600, was sentenced to death in Texas. Then governor of Texas, current president George Bush, was well on his own way to setting his own record, the number of state executions for any governor anywhere.

henry serial killer

Bush Junior never pardoned anyone, ANYONE, not even a 60 year old woman who killed her own husband after enduring years and years of proven abuse. Well, Bush ended up commuting the death sentence of only ONE person during all his years. Guess who? HENRY LEE LUCAS!

2) Ottis Toole, confessed cannibal and convicted serial killer, met up with Henry Lee Lucas in Florida after Henry was inexplicably {*N1} released from a Texas prison where he was serving time for the murder of his own mother. The pair, allegedly then went on a spree of 100 to 120 murders. Ottis, was caught and convicted in Florida, another state notorious for a tough state execution policy, with another “tough” governor, JEB BUSH. Yep, Ottis death sentence was revoked by “bro” Jeb.

reagan shot

3) John Hinckley Jr. presently sits and prison for the attempted murder of Ronald Reagan [he may actually be released soon]. John explained his assassination attempt with a convoluted story of fascination for Jodi Foster and the film, Taxi Driver. {*N2} For those who’ve bothered to research, such themes and stories are common for victims of clandestine CIA projects like MK-Ultra or Montauk, though that is another subject. What is INDISPUTABLE, it that the Hinckleys and the Bushes are friends and that, John Hinckley’s brother Scott, was scheduled to have dinner at the home of yet another Bush brother, NEIL BUSH, the DAY AFTER the assassination attempt. {*N3}

These Bushes do indeed smell veryfishy…

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*N1: Per Henry himself, the questioning at his first parole board went something like this: “Now Mr. Lucas, I must ask you, if we grant you parole, will you kill again?” Henry: “Yes, sir! If you release me now, I will kill again.” The entire American serial killer phenomenon, and all the disinformation surrounding it, are well covered in the book Programmed to Kill by David McGowan. [LB]

*N2: Covert CIA mind-control projects such as MK-ULTRA, Monarch, Montauk, Phoenix and others are covered in multiple books. Trance-formation of America is a good source, but there are many less-controversial sources out there for novice researchers on the subject. [LB]

*N3: An article confirming the Bush/Hinckley dinner plans appeared in the mainstream newspaper, the Houston Chronicle. Many credible individuals believe that Bush Senior pretty much ran the white house, after the assassination attempt on Reagan. [LB]

bush or bundy

*N4: Post-publication Item. Found this amazing picture [above] that while it may not directly correlate to the theme of the blog, does make one stop and reflect. The resemblance between the notorious Ted Bundy and the younger Bush is uncanny.

~ by celticrebel on July 11, 2007.

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  1. is Bush the one in colour?

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