ReExamining Your Racism

Many of us have asked ourselves, how so many Germans of the 1930’s could have been so prejudiced to go along with anti-Jewish measures, or even a sizable minority could have supported the the round-up/extermination programs of European Jewry. It’s simple. It is called propaganda, and Joseph Goebbels, was a true master of it. Meanwhile, here we are in America, undergoing a propaganda regimen, which is far more prevalent and far more insidious, but most of us, and our neighbors, are in living in denial of its effects upon our personal bias.

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The clip below covers one of the angles from which the propaganda has been fed to the gullible American public for years upon years. I can’t help but note the irony of misguided Jewish Hollywood moguls, so willingly and eagerly participating.

The truth is, that the teachings of Islam and the mores of its followers, are as foreign to most Americans as the dating customs on the isle of Fiji. However there has been no well-financed Hollywood campaign to devoted to instilling the “evil-ness” of Fiji dating customs into the public mind.

Here’s a well-spoken young Muslim that you won’t ever see interviewed on CNN:

And speaking of those who you will see on CNN, if you actually still watch the mainstream media, you probably remember the new Al Qaeda lieutenant, who was recently broadcast demanding Americans “convert to Islam” in order to save themselves. Surprise, he is actually an American Jew [and ADL-heir], and suspected Mossad/CIA operative: Al Qaeda’s Adam Gadhn is actually Adam Pearlman.

ashkenazi propashkenazi propashkenazi prop

Sadly, most Americans are too dumbed-down to realize they’ve been duped into fighting wars on the behalf of others. The Israeli leaders are smart enough to know that it’s far more effective to let others fight and die against your enemies, all you have to do is convince someone that your enemy is their enemy. Hence, brain-washed American kids [or, “goyim,” i.e., “cattle” as the Talmudics disdainfully refer to gentiles] are off dying on behalf of Israel’s agenda in the Middle East.

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* Updated on 01/27/2009: Prompted by Israel’s recent 22 day round of cold-blooded child-murder in Palestine, I came back and added all the images to this post.

The above DVD was mailed, at great expense, to almost every home in America in the past few months. “Qui bono” you have to ask? To whom would it be worth it if [even some] gullible sheep fell for the propaganda contained within?

~ by celticrebel on May 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “ReExamining Your Racism”

  1. Have you seen the “How to cook a gentile” Cartoon? Are they telling us they are ready to peel off the mask and not hiding like cowards anymore? Please be true, I can’t wait for an open and honest war for good against bad!!!
    Eagle Eye

  2. I actually addressed that cartoon in my video entitled Happy 60th Birfday Israel [audio now pending dispute resolution], from this article.

    Good versus bad? If it were only that simple. There is NO good war, and we have to realize there are forces pushing us towards war at the moment. See my latest…

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